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She felt flush knowing what he wanted to do to her.
Her panties were actually getting wet during her lecture. Get a grip, she said, to herself, trying to get the thought of her taking his hard cock in her mouth, and swallowing his seed out of her mind. Think about something else, Mark fucking Twain, anything.

“Okay class
, that’s it for today, I don’t think that it will hurt if we break five minutes early,” she announced. The fact was that she couldn’t take any more.

She was relieved as her students started
filing out of the room. She turned after cleaning the blackboard to see that Nicholas was still sitting at his desk. Oh boy, here it comes, she thought, as she felt her knees getting weak.

, Nicholas, is there something that I can do for you?” she asked, afraid that he was going to blurt out something to the effect that he wanted write a short romance story about him fucking his creative writing teacher.

… yes, Mrs. Jones, I … I was wondering if there was somewhere we could talk, in private, that is,” he asked, barely managing to get it out.

, we have to leave this classroom because the next class will be arriving in a few minutes, and I don’t have an office because I only teach part time,” she replied.

, Mrs. Jones, I was just thinking about something, it’s not really that important. Thanks anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said, waving to her.

She fel
t terrible. After all, it was Cristal who told him to confide his feelings in her, and she should have the guts to carry it through.

“Nicholas, wait,” she yelled out.
He turned around and looked at her quizzically. “You wanted to talk to me, so let’s talk. Perhaps we could try the library,” she stated, as she motioned for him to follow her. When they got to the library there was only one table that wasn’t occupied, and it didn’t look as if they were going to have any privacy there.

“I forgot about study hall
, Nicholas, but perhaps we could have a little privacy here at this table,” she said, as she sat down indicating for him to sit across from her. About that time, several other students come over to her as asked if they could talk with her when she was finished. Naturally, she said that they could, so they hung around about a table away. Samantha knew that they would need more time and privacy than this for him to breach the subject that she knew was on his mind.

“I tell you what
, Nicholas, here, take this. It’s my cell phone number. Call me after school and we’ll meet somewhere so we can talk, okay?”

“Well, okay
. Are you sure, Mrs. Jones?”

“Absolutely, call me.”
she said, with confidence. There was no way that she was going to chicken out after Crystal brazenly told him to confide in her. It just wasn’t fair.

“Okay, I’
ll call you at four o’clock then, and thanks, Mrs. Jones.”

The prim and proper Samantha Jones drove home, fixed herself a sandwich, changed into something more comfortable
, more erotic, and became Crystal Summers as she sat down in her library to continue with a book that she was writing.

The t
hing about writing erotica is that you really have to concentrate and delve into the characters, their lives, their needs, and of course, their sex. It’s easy to write about going to the store or on a vacation, or perhaps describe a room. When you attempt to describe two people having sex, it’s something altogether different. You have to live it, experience it. What that means is that you have to feel it, smell it, taste it, and sometimes swallow it. When you describe the first penetration of a sweet wet pussy, you must sense your own hips undulate and thrust upward with his first penetration. You feel the stretch as he slides through your tight opening. There is no way that a writer can describe sex without getting physically turned on themselves.

had just spent the last three hours describing in explicit detail, the first time a young couple had sex, and she was very turned on. She was, in fact, white hot for an orgasm. She was reaching for her favorite toy when her cell phone rang.

She had lost track of time.
Glancing at the clock, she realized that it must be Nicholas and she needed to calm down, somehow


“Hi, Mrs. Jones, it’s Nick. Do you still have time to meet me somewhere?”
he asked, trying to keep up his courage.

Yes, I do, Nicholas. Do you know where I live?” she asked, with a slight quiver in her voice. All of a sudden, she wasn’t quite as sure as she was earlier.

“Yes, Mrs. Jones, I know exactly where you live.”

“Good, Nicholas. Why don’t you come over to my house? It is fairly close to the school and, if you would like, I will make us some tea when you get here. Besides, if you need privacy, this is probably the best place.”

“That sounds great, Mrs. Jones. I’ll be there in about five minutes.”

“About five minutes? Okay, that’s perfect. I’ll see you in a few minutes, bye, Nicholas.”

“Crap, my
bottom is dripping and aching to be stretched by this big rubber dick and I have to set across from Nicholas and listen to how he wants to write an erotic romance,” she said, aloud. Then she thought about the clothing she was wearing and laughed. She had on a skimpy top without a bra and sexy panties.

What would Nicholas think if I were
to answer the door dressed like this, she wondered. “Okay, Crystal, I think that you need to go upstairs and change back into Mrs. Jones,” she said, laughing aloud again.

Nicholas pulled into the long serpentine drive that lead up to the
house, which sat quite a way back off the main road. He hadn’t been this close to her house before, and it seemed a lot bigger than it appeared from the street. As he walked up to the front porch, Mrs. Jones opened the front door.

, Nicholas, please do come in,” she sai, in a sweet southern manner.

, Mrs. Jones, you look great,” he managed to get out. He was nervous. His knees were a little wobbly, something he hadn’t expected.

“Why thank you
, Nicholas. Why don’t you come into the kitchen and I’ll fix us some hot tea? Would you care for some?” she asked.

“That would be nice
if it’s not too much trouble.”

“None at all.
I was just about to make myself a cup when you called,” she said, feeling the wetness between her legs as she walked toward the kitchen. I should have taken them off and put on a pair of dry ones, she thought. She turned around and motioned for him to sit at the counter while she made their tea. They made some small talk. Mostly about school, and what he thought he was going to study in college. They didn’t talk about anything serious. Neither one of them wanted to start the real conversation until they could devote their full attention to the subject matter. They both knew that it was, most likely, going to be stressful for both of them.

, let me carry that for you, Mrs. Jones. Where would you like it?”

“Here, se
t it on the coffee table. We can sit here on the couch and take all of the time we need for you,” she said, as she poured a cup of tea for each of them.

“Do you care for some lemon or sugar
, Nicholas?”

No, thank you, Mrs. Jones.”

, Nicholas, what is it that you wanted to speak with me about?” she asked, as if she didn’t already know. She took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves.

“It’s kind of hard for me to come
right out and say it. I know it should be easier, but I need to give you a little background first,” he said, as he went on and told her that his mother liked to read erotic romance. He told her how he had asked his mom about the book she had been reading. He went on to say that since he and his mom had such a close and open relationship, she had told him all about erotica and how it excited her when she read it.

“You must have a very modern mother
, Nicholas, a lot of parents wouldn’t think of telling their children something like that. Most parents like to pretend that they don’t even have sex any longer,” she laughed.

, Mom said that Dad liked it when she read them because she was more than ready for him when he got home,” said Nicholas, as Mrs. Jones laughed.

“Nicholas, have you told anyone else about this?”

“No, no one. Mom said that it wouldn’t be a good idea even though there isn’t anything wrong with it.”

“Your mother is right.
It is a rather personal thing. Why are you telling me about it?” she asked.

Well, I asked Mom if she would let me read one of them and she gave me one from her favorite author, and I really liked it.”

“Most young men your age would,” she said
, smiling. She was reminded of the wetness between her lips when she crossed her legs. She looked up at him and felt a little queasy with how close they were. She thought briefly about the taboo that would be associated with it if anything were to get out of control.

“Since that first book, I have read pretty much all the ones that mom ha
s and a few of the ones that are available on line.”

“And?” she asked.

“And I think that I could write erotic romance, and with some practice, I think that I could compete.” he answered.

,” she asked again.

“I wanted to ask you
, if it would be possible for me to write an erotic romance for my final paper?”

“I don’t think that it would be appropriate
, Nicholas. They are pretty descriptive aren’t they?”

, they are.”

“I don’t thin
k that the school would appreciate it, and what do you think that the other students would think? Many of them have never been exposed to anything like that. Their parents would be outraged and I would most likely get fired,”

“Mrs. Jones
, you said that we could write about anything that we wanted to write about and preferably something that we were interested in. Besides, why do any of the other students or the school need to know? I would really like to get your impression of how I handle the subject matter, and whether or not you think that I might be able to market my stories if I decide to try.”

There was a very long pause
. Samantha took a sip of her tea as she nervously bounced her crossed leg up and down.

“Let me get this straight, you want to write an eroti
c story for your final grade in my class, and you say that the other students wouldn’t have to know about it? Do you promise that you would never tell anyone else about it, not even your mother?”

“Yes, I won’t tell anyone else about it.
Only you would know.” After pondering what he said for a short while, she decided that she would let him do it if he would be discrete, and she thought that he would.

, I’ll let you do it as long as you tell no one, and you email the story to my personal email address,” she said.

“That’s great
, Mrs. Jones. I really appreciate it.”

, what are you going to write about, Nicholas? What is your story line going to be?” Nicholas knew that this would be the hard part because he was not sure she would tolerate him doing something this personal.

“It’s about a student
, and his infatuation with one of his teachers. Their interaction in class, his feelings toward her, and his imagination as he describes their relationship,” he said.

“Don’t you think that this is getting a little personal?
You are talking about us, aren’t you?” “Well, yes. I have to admit that’s how I got the idea.”

, in this story of yours, do they have sex?”


“Do y
ou intend to describe this sex that you imagine they have in any explicit detail?” she asked, feeling herself becoming more aroused that she had been before.

“Yes, that’
s what erotica is all about,” he answered, trying to be as confident as he possibly could.

She thought about this for a long while.
She should have seen this coming. She should have known from the email that he sent to Crystal what he intended to do. She just didn’t think that he would actually go through with telling her how he felt.

“Nicholas, since this is getting so personal, and I think that describing what your imagination sees as sex between the two of us qualifies as
being personal, I need to ask you a couple of questions.”

Neither of them c
ould really believe how far this conversation had taken them in just a few minutes.

, I’ll answer anything you want to know,” he replied.

“Nicholas, are you sexually active?”

“If you are asking me if I am a virgin, the answer is no. I really don’t consider myself as being sexually active because I don’t have a steady girlfriend. So, I’m not having sex right now.”

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