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“I need you,
Samantha, I want to make love to you,” I moaned, almost begging.

“I know
, Nicholas, I know you do. Let’s take a breather. I need a glass of wine and we need to talk.”

“Can I have a glass
of wine along with you?”

“Do your parents know you drink?”
she asked.

“I drink beer and wine
with them at home occasionally,” I replied, thinking that I just experienced the thrill of a lifetime.

, what the hell, what’s a glass of wine after what we’ve just done to our lives?” she chuckled. “Here, let’s go outside and talk,” she said, placing her arm around my hips as we walked out.

“Nicholas, I feel week after that last kiss. I
had no idea that I had that much lust and desire pent up in my body, ready to explode. My knees feel wobbly, and I’m out of breath. My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it is going to explode. All of this from just one passionate kiss!” she exclaimed. “How in the hell did we go from having a little innocent flirtation in class to practically having sex in my house in less than four hours?” she asked.

“I don’t know
, Samantha, but I think that our chemistry must be right for each other. I think that our bodies have known it, and they have wanted each other for some time now. I don’t think that you were willing to listen to your needs or desires because you have suppressed them for so long,” I said, taking a small sip of wine and then I kissed her softly.

“Your lips taste
so good with wine on them, Samantha.”

“So do yours
, Nicholas. Have you thought this completely through, what happens if we make love? What do you do then? What do I do then? I’m so afraid that we will be found out. Do you know what happens then?” she asked.

, I do, Samantha. I would get a slap on the wrist and then an unwanted high five from my friends thinking that I was a hero. You would receive the brunt of the criticism. My reputation won’t suffer at all while yours will be obliterated. I have thought this completely through. That’s why when I say that no one will ever know about this, it is the truth. I could never do anything to hurt you; don’t you see that? My whole body, my being and my soul, burns for you,” I pleaded, reaching out and taking her hand in mine. I gently rubbed her knuckles with my thumb as I looked longingly into her eyes.

, you are right on with who’d get the blame. This is too much too fast, Nicholas. I need time to process this. I need time to make sure.”

after tasting each other’s lips, what would it be like if we could never taste each other again?”

, Nicholas, I don’t know. I think I would hate it, especially after just now. I practically poured myself all over you just a few moments ago, and it scared me. How would you act in class the next day? Assuming, that is, we were to make love.” she asked.

“I would not flirt with you at all.
I would not do anything to draw anyone’s attention to us. I would barely look your way.”

“Could you actually do that
after the way you have been flirting with me in class? Could you, would you stop?”

, especially knowing that we were going to be together. Samantha, the only reason I have been flirting with you is to get your attention. There would be no need for it then.”

“What happens when one of us breaks off the relationship?”
she asked.

f that day ever comes, I would hate it. But I also know that we would still be friends, friends for life, and you have to know that I would always care for you and continue to keep my promise.”

“I keep thinking about the age difference
, Nicholas; twenty three years, that’s a lot. You will soon grow tired of me, then what?” she asked.

I don’t have an answer for that, Samantha. All I can truthfully say, for now, is that I am not looking for a quick thrill, or a conquest. I am looking for a long-term relationship with the woman of my dreams. What if you tire of me, Samantha? Which I fear is more likely? You know that there are guarantees or time limits on relationships.”

ha sat and stared into her wineglass for a few minutes while I gazed at her. I knew that she was thinking about everything that I had just said. I also knew how difficult the decision would be for her. My biggest hope was that she trusted me, and believed what I had said whether she agreed to be my lover or not.

After what seemed
to be forever, she stood up, turned to me, and kissed me tenderly on my lips and whispered, “Okay.”

he led me back into the house and upstairs to her bedroom. When we were inside her room, she turned and wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I’ve wante
d to make love to you for several weeks, Nicholas. Perhaps it’s time that we both get what we want.”

hugged each other knowing that the difficult decision was behind her, and the joy of finally experiencing each other was at hand. We kissed deeply as our mouths opened and the pent up passion exploded between us. Our tongues probed and searched, sliding over the other’s lips as our need for resolution heightened.

She quivered
as I reached for her left breast and cupped it in my right hand. I squeezed it gently as she moaned her approval. I moved back and unbuttoned her blouse letting it slide to the floor. She did the same for me and then pressed her breasts into my chest and sighed. We held each other and continued kissing as our lips became more needy, and more wanton.

“Nicholas, it scares me. Because I am afraid that I will never be able to get
enough of your tenderness,” she moaned.

I smiled. “I’ll give you all I have for as long as you want it.”

I reached behind her and undid her bra. The straps fell loose, she held her breath, and looked up into my eyes as I slid her bra off her shoulders. I could see the apprehension in her eyes knowing that she was about to expose herself to me for the first time. She watched me closely as her breasts first met my gaze. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were incredible. They were more than incredible. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Finally, I looked up into her eyes and I could see the pleasure in them at my reaction to her beauty.

, Samantha … Samantha, I’ve dreamed about your breasts hundreds of times. I’ve pictured them, loved them, but never was I able to visualized them nearly as beautiful as they actually are. I didn’t even get close, they’re perfect in every way,” I said, with deep emotion and sincerity in my voice.

Her skin was creamy white. Her breasts were rou
nd and full, much larger than I had expected. Her areolas were a pinkish-brown color and flat. Her nipples were large, taking up about half of her areola. They were long, and stiff. They were fucking incredible and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on them.

I don’t know what to say. I’ve never seen breasts this beautiful. Your breasts are something else, Samantha, but your nipples are simply incredible and mouth watering,” I groaned, as I reached out and softly ran my fingers over one of her erect nipples.

She moaned as I
took each of her breasts in my hands. I caressed them, lifted them slightly, squeezed then gently, and finally, I rubbed my thumbs over her sensitive, incredibly long nipples. What I was doing, actually, was making love to them.

“I’m sorry
, Samantha, I can’t wait,” I said, as I bent down and kissed the tip of her rigid nipple. I grazed it with my tongue and gently sucked it into my mouth. I moved my tongue over its hardened surface and rolled it around in circles.

“Your nipples are incredible. Th
ey’re so long and stiff,” I moaned.

pushed her nipple from the side with my tongue. It was so long and hard that I could feel it bend at its soft base. It slide under, and then pop back up on the opposite side of my tongue.

am in heaven. I have to be,” I said.

She was already moaning
when I gently bit down on its rubbery core.

“Oh, G
od, Nicholas, that feels so good. Harder, baby, bite me harder. Oh, fuck yes, that feels good,” she cried out, moaning with a shudder.

moved to her other breast and repeated the same wonderful process.

I’ll never get enough of them. I simply love sucking them,” I whispered, with a mouth full of rock hard flesh.

She tugged at my
belt and threw it on the floor. She then unbuttoned my jeans and slid them to the floor as I stepped out of them. Now in a hurry, she unbuttoned her skirt and slid the zipper down as she slowly lowered it over her round ass letting it fall to the floor. We were now naked except for our underwear. We stood there, looking at each other. My breath quickened as the lust I felt for her smoldered.

smiled. “You’re even more beautiful naked.”

“I’m not naked
… yet,” she whispered

“I know, and I can’t wait
,” I said, with a throaty voice as I lowered my shorts to the floor. As I did, my cock popped out fully erect, and she gasped.

“My God
, Nicholas, it’s large. I … I, had no idea,” she said, as she took me in her hand and began slowly stroking it. She slid her tongue down the length of my shaft and licked a little bead of my arousal off the slit on the end.

Hum,” she moaned, as she slid me into her mouth as far as she could.

started sliding me in and out moaning deeply. I could tell that she really liked it. She wasn’t doing it because she thought she had to. I groaned and began moving my hips in rhythm with her mouth. I moaned at the sight of her full, red lips sliding over my cock. As she withdrew, it glistened with the moisture from her mouth. She pulled off all the way only to bury it again as deep within her mouth as she could.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock in my mouth.
I can’t believe how much I’ve missed it,” she groaned, as she slowly slid her lips back over me. She began sliding up and down the length of my shaft more rapidly. She wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and stroked it in sync with her mouth.

She was doing wonders for me
. “Samantha, I’m getting close. Your mouth feels too good, and I don’t want to come yet, not like this,” I pleaded.

She looked up at
me. “Don’t you want to come in my mouth?” she asked.

Yes, I do, sometime. But now, I want to be inside of you, Samantha. I don’t want to come like this, not for our first time,” I said, as I grabbed the elastic band of her panties and slid them down over her round ass. I helped her step out of them and lifted them to my face, smelled her odor and moaned with satisfaction. I lifted her onto the bed, climbed between her legs and took a moment to admire her gorgeous form. She had a small patch of natural, untrimmed, pubic hair that just covered her mound. Her arousal was obvious as the hair around her opening was saturated. I slid down between her legs so my face was at her pubic mound.

With my
face just inches away from her mons, I moaned. “You are the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen, Samantha,” I said, as I brought my lips to her moistened hair and inhaled deeply. “You smell so good,” I whispered, as I kissed her wetness.

e quivered and cried out when I ran my tongue up through her saturated nether lips and slipped it over her rigid clitoris.

Nicholas, that feels so good, but I want you inside of me now. I can’t wait any longer to feel you. Please put it inside me,” she pleaded.

kissed her wet lips one more time and moved up so that I was at her opening. She held my face in her hands and kissed me passionately. She moaned as she tasted her own arousal on my lips. “Put it inside me,” she pleaded. “I am so fucking wet,” she whispered.

amantha gasped. She needed a breather. She took the transcript into the kitchen where she poured herself another glass of wine and then went upstairs to her bedroom. She was hornier than she could ever remember. She took off her clothes and lay naked on the bed. She took a sip of wine, a deep breath and got ready to continue reading as she placed her right hand on her wet mound.

, this really is getting to me,” she said, aloud wondering if she was so hot because it was her that he was getting ready to fuck, or was it because the storyline and writing was that good? She reached down and ran her two middle fingers from her wet hole up to her clit where she began to rub it slowly around it in circles, occasionally tweaking the hardened nub.

, I could come in about two seconds,” she said, aloud as she removed her hand because she wanted to finish the story before she climaxed.

She quivered slightly knowing that she was about to read how Nicholas was going to fuck her. It’s a good thing he is not here right now, she mused, because I would probably let him fuck me. No, I would probably rape him, she thought. She reached down and touched her scorched vulva once more before she returned to his manuscript. “Hum, I’ve never been fucked on paper before. Well, here goes; I hope it’
s good, she chuckled with a grin

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