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Chapter Three



Smoke pulled himself free of his last conquest, the musky smell of sex rode thick in the air. Another Lycan took his place, filling the writhing female. Smoke spent his seed inside as many pussies as his cock could handle. So did all of the males in his pack, each one un-mated and high on sex. The inoculations of Startem, Dr. Linden’s wonder drug, helped keep the women stimulated for hours of play. Some women no longer required the drug. They loved participating without it, but not willingly with him.

Lindsey was the only woman who didn’t mind his deformity, part of the reason he kept her out of the fray with the other Lycan. He relished having a woman who didn’t wince every time she looked at him. Part of him longed for a normal relationship with a female he’d never had before Lindsey. Also the reason he wouldn’t set her up for the transformation into wolf.

She was the first female that mattered, he didn’t want to lose her if she wasn’t strong enough to make the first shift, and he definitely didn’t want her any part of the upcoming research agreement. He could almost trust her not to run. Smoke figured the longer they were together, the less she would remember or care about her past life. He held high hopes for Lindsey.

The seven male Lycan left in his pack had collected the fifteen human females. It took weeks to perform the blood ritual on all of them, which wouldn’t have taken quite so long if he also had the four Lycan that Chance and the LIIA had taken out. In three days, with the full moon, all of the females, with the exception of Lindsey, would go into their first shift and become Lycan. To Hell with the Lycan Elders and their ridiculous permission slip.

If the women survived transforming into wolf-form, then he and his Lycan pack would move into the next stage, impregnating them all. They’d make their own little army and take over the eldest pack. New pack, new laws…or would that become “no laws, no rules”?

Smoke’s new research scientist, Dr. Jamison Rymes, came on board with the promise he’d have Lycan female specimens to further his research. Smoke agreed to give Dr. Rymes exactly what he needed with the guaranteed assurance these human turn-overs would produce some litters. For years, the only litters came from Lycan mating Lycan, until the discovery of human primal-mates, but the possibility of a human changeling surviving a birth was slim to none. His own half-Lycan mother barely survived his birthing and hadn’t survived the birthing of his younger brother.

Pillows and blankets lay strewn across the floor for their amorous entertainment. Moans, groans, and whispered growls consumed the room, naked bodies undulating in unique rhythms, breasts and cocks of all sizes, glistening with sweat or sweet juice. Smoke’s cock thickened watching the woman kneeling in front of him, her round ass bent toward him as she sucked on the Lycan standing before her.

The tight ring of her rear entrance winked at him each time her hips bucked the air, until his cock stood like a flagpole. He moved like a blur, sliding his cock between her spread thighs, back and forth across her drenched folds. The Lycan standing in front of her looked over her head at Smoke and gave him a thumbs-up signal, as if that made a difference. Smoke slapped her hard on the ass, and her head jerked, drawing a yelp from the Lycan filling her mouth. It stopped him for only seconds before he gained his rhythm again.

Smoke drove a couple fingers inside her wet passage, pulled them out, and rimmed her anus with the slick juice. She thrust herself back into his fingers, impaled. A gurgling groan escaped her, and her thighs quivered. He stretched her with another finger, his cock ready for the tightness of her ass. Smoke could tell the Lycan in front of her was on his last lick, the guy’s growls deepened and his quickened pace snapped her head like a bobber with a hooked fish.

Smoke shoved his cock inside her, pushing deeper, her muscles convulsed around him, pumping and milking him. She immediately climaxed, driving him toward his. The Lycan in front of her uncorked, howling like his wolf. He held her head against him as he plunged in and out of her mouth.

Smoke matched the other Lycan’s pace. It only took moments of her muscles working him and he slammed over the edge, joining his sex partners in an erotic culmination. He barely finished spurting his fluid when he pulled out of her. Sex was sex. It wasn’t passion with these females, only pleasure.

He walked over nude bodies in all forms of positions. The whole floor of flesh moved in some way, almost like one large unit. Smoke stepped into the bathing area, a curtained room with tubs, basins, and extra water jugs, and washed with a basin of warmed water. He dressed and headed out.

Once outside, his gaze drew skyward again. This time he didn’t sense anyone watching. He knew his spies, Chance, and Smoke’s new nemesis, Trevor, came at him like gnats, annoying and always around. Smoke had hoped his pack would have a few months without detection, get some females impregnated. Maybe they’d go farther north or maybe they’d go back to France. He didn’t want to think about another move.

Time for Lindsey. He’d give her a little Startem, and she’d meld into the best lover he ever experienced. Smoke thought of her in the long haul and sensed their days together were numbered…just a hunch.



Chapter Four



Chance ran as wolf, hard and fast from the club house, anger tore through him like a four-sided dagger. He couldn’t escape the deepest, darkest question Smoke stabbed into Chance’s brain at Olivia’s only shifting incident. How had his brother survived that fall from the cliff? Indications pointed at his brother surviving, not only did he live, but he was the most notorious, murderous, evil Lycan in their history. No wonder he stayed one step ahead of Chance and the LIIA agents. Smoke was actually Savage, his brother, and would have the ability to read him and his pack’s telepathic communication if he was close enough.

Morning light seeped into the forest and he realized he’d run through the night. Then Chance remembered the Elders, and his conversation on the phone with them. They wanted him and Olivia in France. Not an average request. They already agreed to accept Olivia as Lycan, but now they insisted on seeing her immediately, which meant something else sparked the Elders interest in her.

He kicked it into high gear toward the Club House, not allowing himself any more thoughts regarding his brother, not yet. Those would come after he answered the Elders’ call.

Chance gave her a telepathic bump.

“Good gods, you got your mate freaked-out over your behavior. It’s taken all of us keeping her from shifting and running after you. I know you’re the boss, but you sure ain’t actin’ like one right now.”

Chance deserved her barbs and chose not to call Jasmine out on her insubordinate behavior.
“I need two airfares, Olivia and me. Destination France, more specific, paying a visit to the Elders. Set it up for as soon as possible—we should already be there.”

“You want to use the private plane? No one’s using it, and Damen can pilot it.”

“Nice way to get rid of Damen. Yes, he can pilot. Have Olivia pack for both of us, enough for a few days. We’ll leave as soon as I get there.”

“Gotcha, we’ll be ready for you.”

* * * *

Chance waited until Olivia fell asleep in one of the lay-back seats of the agency’s private plane. She looked as tired as he felt for eleven o’clock in the morning. During the first few hours Olivia remained quiet, only responding when he asked a question. She didn’t make any inquiries or offer any conversation about why they needed to see the Elders, surprising Chance. He wondered if he should have shared more with her, and then decided she’d be more relaxed if she didn’t know the visit had to do with being accepted into the Elders Lycan community. Finally, he settled back in the seat beside her, draping his arm across her waist, joining her in sleep.

Damen got them from Sawyer International Airport to Roaen, France under eight hours, arriving a little after midnight according to France time. He picked up the car Jasmine arranged at the airport rental and then drove around to the terminal main entrance for Chance and Olivia. They both sat in the back seat.

It took another two hours before arriving at Chateau de Marque. Once through the guarded and gated entrance, the winding drive appeared enchanted with knee-level glowing luminaries spread along both sides of the narrow road. Beyond the dim lights grew short flowering shrubs backed by the shadow of a dense forest.

It awed Chance in darkness as much as it did in daylight. His acute night vision gave it a soft-light effect. The great castle towers grazed the night sky, saluting its majestic presence. Olivia’s eyes grew large and her mouth dropped open, making Chance smile. She rolled the window down and stuck her head out, staring upward at the huge fortress.

“This is where the Elders reside?” Olivia pressed her body against the door stretching out of the window a little farther. Chance grabbed her and pulled her inside.

“You’ll see it all soon enough, love. I don’t want some Lycan running along beside the car and plucking my mate away from me.” He chuckled at the thought, but knew an underlying truth to it. There were some opposition Lycan who would do anything for attention and recognition against the Elder Council. Even though the facility was guarded and gated, it didn’t mean it was impenetrable against all riffraff.

Two of the Guard stationed around the castle exterior stopped the car at the front entrance. Damen and Chance rolled down their windows. The guard bent forward and looked inside.

“Chance, Damen, good to see you both. The Elders are expecting you.”

“Nice seeing a familiar face, Grieves. I’m sure none of them are awake at this hour though.” Chance gazed at the tall, slender man in the traditional red and blue uniform of the Elders Lycan Council International Guard Unit.

Grieves’ focus moved from Chance to Olivia, and he studied her while sniffing the air. He looked back at Chance and nodded. “Nice addition to your pack.”

“I’m in total agreement with that statement.” Chance wrapped his arm around Olivia and pulled her closer. He liked how her warm body melted against his.

“The Elders are actually waiting for you in the Council Meeting Hall. I believe all of them will be in attendance. They’ve asked that you all join them there upon your arrival.” He looked at Damen. “I’ll take the car from here. You should also go inside with Chance and his mate.”

Chance’s muscles tightened and tension pulled at his jaw. Something wasn’t feeling right for the whole Lycan Council to be waiting for them in the middle of the night. They departed in silence, entering the grand arched doorway into the castle. Inside the huge foyer a brilliant crystal chandelier set off prisms of color against shiny marble flooring and tapestry walls. Olivia gasped, mouth dropping open again and gaze darting around the room. Her shoulders shook beneath Chance’s arm. He squeezed her in reassurance.

Another set of guards greeted them and one led them directly to the Council Hall. The closer they got to the huge gilded doors, the more Olivia trembled.

“Something’s panicking everyone in the next room.” Olivia stopped before the guard reached the door, and she looked up at Chance.

“I assume there’s a good reason we were summoned, love. Let’s wait and see what they have to say before you go getting upset.” Chance concealed his concern and bent over, kissing her forehead. He knew how easily Olivia read emotions and did his best to remain calm inside and out. “I know they are looking forward to meeting you.” He wasn’t sure of that fact, but hoped it was blatant curiosity of meeting Chance’s primal-mate, since it had taken him over three hundred years to find her.

The guard nodded at Chance and then cracked the door enough to slide through, while Chance and the others waited in the hall. They listened as the guard announced them.

“Send them in straight away.” Chance recognized the crisp deep tone, laced with a French accent. Marcel Marque, the Master Alpha, living eldest of all Lycan. The guard opened the door wider and Olivia sucked in a breath, her body trembling even harder than before. The enormous room held a number of large couches and chairs surrounding a monstrous hearth. Flames roared inside it, sending flits of red curling up the chimney. Everyone shuffled up from the couches as Chance, Olivia, and Damen entered.

“Chance, Damen, come forward. Let me see how you’ve fared the last few months.” Marcel, easy to recognize with his snowy white shoulder length hair, brilliant sapphire eyes, and tall majestic build, took a central stance near the fire. Chance squeezed Olivia’s shoulder and then dropped his hand to hers. He twined his fingers through hers and stepped closer, Damen on one side and Olivia on his other.

“Greetings, Marcel. You look well.” Chance watched his Alpha studying Olivia, a smile stretching across Marcel’s face and warmth emanating from his glowing icy-blue eyes. He walked closer, standing in front of her.

“This is Olivia.” Chance suddenly became overwhelmed with possessiveness, muscles tensing and jaw clenching, his wolf prickled beneath his skin.

Marcel never moved his eyes from her. Olivia seemed mesmerized by him, returning his gaze and all the while her body continued shaking. Marcel walked around her. Damen shuffled his feet into a protective position.

“I’m only curious, dear Damen. No need to get your ruff in a fluff. Chance, call off your guard-dog.” Marcel stepped around, ignoring Damen’s challenging stance, and stopped on the front side of them. “Breanne, sweetest, come hither. Test your foresight, premonition, or whatever you call your soothsayer ability.”

The Lycan female Elder, Breanne, stature as tall as Marcel’s, walked over and also closely studied Olivia. Chance knew her as Marcel’s lover, but never needed to have much contact with her, other than her presence at every meeting he’d attended. She rarely spoke, usually only to Marcel.

“I’m going to touch you, Olivia, but I won’t hurt you.” Even though her words soothed and calmed in tone, Chance’s spine tingled in apprehension. She placed her palm first on Olivia’s forehead and then lowered it over Olivia’s abdomen. Breanne closed her eyes and smiled, which unsettled Chance. She held her hand on Olivia for what seemed like minutes, until Chance coughed, breaking the spell.

BOOK: Savage Smoke
5.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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