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“And later?” she squeaked out.

“Later is up to you.”

Before she could formulate a response, Dean climbed between her legs, and in one swift movement, sank his cock all the way up inside her.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried out as his thickness filled her completely.  She heard Christian let out a low growl and watched the way he shifted for a better view.

Pleasure like she’d never before experience welled up inside her.  She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as Dean pumped harder.  His hunger for her seemed so carnal, so raw.  Groaning, he buried himself inside her, driving every delicious inch of his huge cock into her wet pussy until his movements reached a fevered pitch.  She moaned and palmed his corded muscles.  Their aroused scents filled the air. 

With a hungry gleam in his eyes, Christian rubbed himself, making no qualms about how much he loved watching
sexy show.  She shivered with delight, knowing how excited their fucking made him. 

The stab of pleasure between her legs gained her attention.  Her muscles bunched as Dean’s cock hit her hot button.  Her erotic whimper filled the room. 

“That’s it, baby.  Drip all over my cock,” Dean crooned to her.

She bucked against Dean, forcing him deeper.  A moment later she shuddered with an orgasm ripping through her.  The second she came, Dean pulled his cock out and pressed his mouth to her pussy, lapping her sweet cream.  “You taste so fucking good.”

She saw Christian lick his lips. 

Impulse flooded her.  Entirely caught up in the moment, she reached for Christian.  He slid in beside her.  “Do you want to taste?” she asked. 

He nodded and bent forward.  In tandem, the two men licked her.  One tongue was rough, one soft.  One worked her clit while the other dipped into her swollen opening.  She angled her head to watch.  She reached down and touched Dean’s shoulder, needing to feel him.  Someone slipped a finger inside her.  Her body trembled at the sensation.  Another finger joined the mix, and she could feel the rippling waves of another orgasm take hold.  She sucked in a tight breath.  Unhinged, a climax tore through her and she shattered over them both. 

“God.  Dean.  Yes,” she cried out in ecstasy.

Dean glanced up at her.  The passion in his eyes filled her with warmth.  Her heart tightened.  She was falling so fucking hard for him. 

“You take her breasts, Christian.  I need to finish fucking her.” 

Christian wrapped his gorgeous mouth around her distended nipple and sucked while Dean drove his cock back into her pussy.  Christian’s hot mouth felt like fire on her flesh.  Her dry throat cracked as he flicked her with his tongue and cupped her in his palms. 

“Jesus,” Dean said, ramming into her, “you’re so tight, I’m not going to last.”  He slammed into her a few more times, stilled, then pumped his come up inside her. 

When Christian pulled back, Dean collapsed on top of Jenna.  She wrapped her arms around him and fought to think. 

“Dean, that was…

His mouth curved and he shot Christian a glance.  The two exchanged a knowing look before Dean turned back to her.  “Oh, did you think we were done?”

Just then Christian stood and pulled off his jacket.  Her pulse leapt. 

Dean brushed his lips over hers.  “Because if you did, you’d be wrong.” 




Chapter Six


Morning was upon them as Jenna pulled off her shoes and crept through Cassie’s kitchen alone.  She’d given Dean a kiss at the door and her lips still tingled in delight.  The sound of Megan’s voice stopped her before she could make it to her room and collapse in a heap of one sexually satisfied woman. 

“Just getting in?”

She glanced up to see Megan hovering over the coffeepot, a knowing sparkle in her big blue eyes. 

“Uh-huh,” Jenna said, hardly able to wipe the smile off her face.  She still could not believe that Dean had fulfilled her deepest, darkest fantasies and had turned her into a wanton seductress in record time. 


“Love some,” Jenna said, taking a seat. 

Megan put a cup of coffee in front of her, sat across the table, and narrowed her gaze, assessing Jenna.  She threw her arms up in the air.  “What’s with you and Sara anyway?  A few good rolls in the hay and now you’re smitten.”

There was no point in denying it.  Jenna was crazy about Dean.  Plain and simple.  Who wouldn’t be crazy about a guy who went to drastic measure to pleasure her? 

Jenna scoffed and waved her hand right back.  “Like you wouldn’t be?”

“That’s right.  I wouldn’t be.  After my messy divorce, I don’t plan on ever falling for anyone ever again.  Sex, yes.  Anything else, forget about it.”  She softened her voice.  “I knew Dean had it bad for you in the bedroom department, but has he fallen for you, too?”

“It’s doubtful.”

Megan leaned back and sipped her coffee.  “Why?”

“Because he’s a playboy, Megan.  A playboy who takes women to private places.  A playboy who does
things.”  She shivered just thinking about it.  “This wild affair is just about fulfilling fantasies.” 

“By the look on your face, I take it he’s been doing a fine job fulfilling yours.”

“Oh yeah.” 

Megan’s eyes lit up hopefully.  She quirked a brow.  “Would you like to share all the juicy details?”

“Maybe later.”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“Yeah, tonight we’re going to dinner.”  Jenna took a few sips of her coffee and then stood, knowing she needed sleep more than she needed caffeine.  “But right now, I need sleep.” 


“Yeah.”  Jenna stopped at the doorway and turned to her friend. 

“I bet he feels the same way about you.”

Jenna exhaled loudly.  Too bad she wasn’t a betting woman. 

Hours later, after awakening from her nap, Jenna set into motion.  She enjoyed a fun day of sight-seeing with her friends, did some last-minute wedding preparations, and finally found herself in the bathroom, giving herself a once-over in the mirror. 

The sexy silky blue dress Megan had helped Jenna pick out that afternoon hugged her curves and made her feel feminine and sensuous. 

There was no doubt about it.  Deep inside her a siren existed.  It just took the right man to unleash her.

She looked at her watch at the same time the kitchen door opened.  She glanced up to see a very handsome Dean.  Dressed in a pair of casual pants and a sweater, he oozed masculinity.  His dark hair looked damp from a recent shower.  Dean panned her body in return and then advanced toward her, closing the gap between them. 

He put his mouth close to hers.  “You do know we’re going to dinner, right?”

Jenna furrowed her brow. “Yeah, why?”

He gestured with his head.  “And that’s what you’re going to wear?”

Her stomach tightened.  “You don’t like it?” 

“Just know this, Jenna.  If you’re going to sit across the table from me dressed like that, I can’t be responsible for my behavior.”

Jenna chuckled, pleased at his reactions and the way he made her feel.

He gave a low whistle.  “If I ravish you under the table, it’s entirely your fault.”

She shivered and took a moment to consider things.  There was no denying they were physically attracted to each other.  But that didn’t mean he wanted more, right?  Then again, why would a guy like Dean go through so much trouble by taking her to
and helping her overcome her insecurities if he didn’t care?  And why would he arrange to have Christian join their little party so the two of them could fulfill her secret fantasy?  Was it possible that his interest in her went deeper?

Did she dare bet on it? 

Pushing those thoughts to the recesses of her mind, she said, “I’m all set.”

“Good.  I’m starving.”  The look in his eyes told her it wasn’t food he hungered for. 

Less than twenty minutes later, she found herself seated in a cozy corner table at Chez Frontenac, Lucien Beaufort’s restaurant.  She glanced around.  “I love this place,” she said.  “Megan is going to be so jealous.”

Dean smiled.  “Lucien is a fabulous chef.”

“So is Megan.  I just hope she gets her big break sometime soon.”

Just then the waiter came to take their drink order.  Dean ordered a bottle of wine, and after the man left, he turned his attention to her.  His eyes darkened and smoldered as they locked on Jenna. 

“You look beautiful tonight, Jenna.”

“You make me feel beautiful,” she said in return. 

Dean reached out and closed his hand over hers.  The warmth of his fingers scorched her skin.  Her entire body came alive.  Her sex muscles fluttered.  Dean shifted his chair closer, his hand going to her knee. 

He cleared his throat.  “What we did last night.  It was pretty fabulous.”

“Yeah, definitely fabulous.”

“And the night before, at
.  You were wild.”

She closed her eyes for a second and shivered in remembrance.  “It was quite a place.”

Dean nodded in agreement.  “If I had known how great it was, I’d have gone there sooner.  Then again, you’re the only girl I ever wanted to take there.”

Her heart leapt.  She was thrilled to know that Dean wasn’t a regular at
, and even more thrilled that she was the only girl he’d ever taken there – the only girl he ever wanted to take there.  It amazed her how special he made her feel. 

He sidled closer, a torn look in his eyes.  “I want to be a gentleman, Jenna, and engage you in meaningful conversation while we share a romantic dinner.  But at the same time, all I can think about is taking you home to my place and spending the rest of the night between your legs.” 

She shivered.  “I don’t want you to be a gentleman, Dean.”

“Good.  Take your panties off for me.”

She widened her eyes.  “Are you serious?”

“Yeah, do it and hand them to me under the table.”

Reaching down, Jenna slipped her panties off and slipped them into Dean’s waiting hand.  He shifted in his seat and tucked them into his pocket. 

“I think you’re getting a nice little collection of my designer panties,” she teased.

“Soon I’ll have a pair from every line,” he returned, offering her a lopsided grin.

Before she could respond, the waiter arrived with their wine.  As the wine was being poured, Dean’s hands climbed higher up her thighs.  Jenna felt her face flush and her whole body quiver with need.  Dean exchanged words with the waiter, but Jenna couldn’t comprehend them, not with Dean’s fingers brushing over her damp curls.  When she widened her legs, Dean dipped into her heat. 

Oh. Good. God.

After the waiter left, Dean glanced at her.  His playful grin turned wicked, his fingers pressed deep into her.  Within seconds, she was on the brink of an orgasm.  The man sure knew his way around her body. 

“You’re a very naughty boy, Dean,” she managed around the lump in her throat.

“I told you that I couldn’t be responsible for my actions with you dressed like that.”  His gaze went to her cleavage.  He licked his lips.  When his thumb found her clit and circled slowly, the world around her faded.  She gripped the table and orgasmed right there.  Her sex muscles clenched and pulsed around his fingers.  She heard his soft growl of delight.

“God, that feels so good,” she said breathlessly. 

“Well, well, what a surprise to see you two here without the rest of the bridal party.”  The sound of a woman’s voice snapped her back to attention.  Dean’s hand slipped from between her legs.  Jenna straightened and smoothed her dress. 

“Hello, Kate,” Dean said, annoyance in his voice. 

Jenna glanced up to see Kate Saunders, the lingerie model.  “Hi, Kate,” Jenna piped in and worked to keep her voice steady.  “I’m so glad to see you’re feeling better.”

“Thanks.”  Kate shrugged her thin shoulders.  “I only had a mild case of food poisoning.  Some of the other guests at the dinner party were much worse off.”  Her mouth twisted like she’d sucked a lemon.  Her hand went to her chest.  “But after what
had to endure, the health inspectors had better stick to their word and shut down All Seasons Caterings.”

Jenna paused, wondering why that name sounded familiar. 

“Do you two know each other?” Dean asked.

Kate eased her long, lithe body into the chair next to him.  “Not really.  I saw her hanging around
The Hose
with Cassie and the other bridal party members, and I was supposed to do a lingerie show for her the other night.”  Kate flashed her lashes at Dean.  “Would you like to formally introduce us?” 

Dean glanced at Jenna.  “Kate, this is Jenna Powers, my date.  Jenna, this is Kate Saunders.”  He angled his head toward Jenna, offering Kate his back.  “Now, if you’ll excuse us, Kate, we were-”

Kate cut him off.  “What he failed to say is, this is Kate Saunders, my girlfriend.  Or rather, ex-girlfriend.”  She put her fingers over her mouth.  “Oops, excuse my slip.” 

A pang of jealousy whipped through Jenna’s blood.  Even though she had no claim on Dean, she still didn’t like the way Kate mauled him or threw around their past relationship, wearing it like it was some sort of badge. 

Jenna stood, needing to go freshen up, needing a moment to pull herself together.  “Actually, if you two will just excuse me for a second…” 

“Jenna, wait,” Dean said. 

“It’s okay.  It sounds like you two have a few things to work out.”  With that, she made her way into the washroom.

After splashing her face with water, and taking a few minutes to compose herself, Jenna dried her hands and turned to leave.  With any luck, Kate would be long gone by the time she made it back to Dean. 

As she pulled open the door, she came face to face with Kate.  “Kate,” she greeted her, attempting to step around her. 

Kate backed up, but didn’t let Jenna pass.  Hands on hips, Kate panned her eyes over Jenna making her feel self-conscious in her revealing, body-hugging dress, with no panties beneath. 

“No baggy pants and sweatshirts tonight?” Kate asked, a derisive twist to her lips.  “Dean sure did a fine job with you.” 

BOOK: Siren-epub
2.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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