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She flicked her tongue over his lips and moaned.  Passion grew in her eyes.  Her mouth curved enticingly.  “Yes, I believe you do.”  Dean heard the raw ache of lust in her voice. 

Fierce need ripped through him.  Jenna snaked her hands around his neck and pulled him to her, until his body crushed against hers.  Their mouths met.  Control obliterated, they exchanged hungry kisses.  Moisture broke out on their bodies and sealed them together. 

The need to fuck her made him fairly mad.  He quickly sheathed himself and then gripped one silky thigh.  Lifting her leg, he tucked it around his back until her calf hugged his hip.  The erotic position spread her sex wide-open. 

She pressed her mouth to his and whispered, “Fuck me, Dean.”

Groaning, he plunged into her hot channel.  His lips crashed down on hers, swallowing her gasp.  His tongue darted into her mouth, seeking her heat as he savored her satin warmth.  Pleasure forked through him as her body rocked against him, matching his every thrust. 

Tight pussy muscles gripped his dick and drew him in deeper.  He pumped harder and faster, his balls slapping against her backside.  With his cock stretching open her tight walls, he rode her hard, as though leaving his mark, claiming her.  It was almost frightening to him the way he needed her.

He rotated his hips, his thick cock caressing her sensitized G-spot, drawing out her next orgasm.  Driven by sheer hunger and desperation, he plunged faster, ramming her.  She shifted beneath him, driving him impossibly deeper.  Her shallow pants and cries told him she was close.

Desperate to give her everything she needed, he slipped a finger between them and pressed his thumb against her clit.  Her sex muscles clenched and vibrated around his cock as another rippling climax tore through her.  A whimper escaped her lips. 

His own orgasm was only a stroke away.  The pressure was building, coming to a peak.  When her mouth found his again and she kissed him hard, he felt the first erotic pulse of ecstasy.  Throwing his head back, he gave himself over to his orgasm.  His primal growl rumbled like thunder.  His body pulsed and throbbed with the hot flow of release. 

He stayed inside her for a long time, just needing to hold her.  Once he caught his breath, he climbed in bed beside her and gathered her in his arms.  Jenna snuggled closer to him  and rested her head on his chest.  The feel of her eyelashes fluttering against his skin caused him to shiver.  He grabbed the sheets and covered them both.  As he cradled her in his arms, he noted that he’d yet to sate the hunger inside him. 

An easy silence descended upon the room as they both retreated to their own thoughts.  Dean let his eyes drift shut.  He relaxed against her, listening to her breathing level off and soften.  A short while later, Jenna broke the comfortable silence. 

Lifting her gaze, she stared into his eyes.  “Thank you for bringing me here, Dean, and thank you for taking me on a journey of self-discovery.  I believe your “
drastic measures”
were successful.” 

Quiet confidence radiated from her eyes.  “I have no idea what you’re talking about, Jenna.  This wasn’t about you.”  He jabbed his thumb into his chest.  “This was all about me and my ploy to see you naked.  I should be the one thanking you.” 

She chuckled easily and wiggled in closer.  “Oh, okay then.  You’re welcome.”

Suddenly a deep contentment settled in his bones.  It occurred to him that, for the first time in his life, he had a feeling of completeness.  He idly stroked Jenna’s hair and tried to keep his voice light.  “What are your plans for tomorrow?”

Again, she tipped her head to look at him.  She pursed her lips in thought.  “Well, we’re still finalizing the bachelorette party plans, and then after that, the girls and I go for a dress fitting.  Later on, in the afternoon, I believe we’re heading out to do some exploring.”

“Oh, I see.”  He paused and then asked her, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“I’m having drinks with one of the clients I met during the fashion show.”

“After that?” he pressed, sounding like a possessive lover.  The one thing he’d always run away from. 

Imagine that.

“After that, I’m free.”

When she didn’t ask his plans in return, his stomach sank.  Really, wasn’t that what he always wanted?  A woman who wanted casual sex only and had no interest in dictating his every move. 

Even though she hadn’t yet agreed to go out with him again, he said, “I’ll pick you up at eight.” 

“Aren’t you on shift tomorrow night?”

“Yeah,” he said, not bothering to elaborate or tell her that they were far from over. 

Not only was it time to initiate the rookie into their brotherhood, but it was time to show Jenna that he was capable - and more than willing - to fulfill
her sexy fantasies. 

Especially her exhibitionist ones. 


* * *


After giving Dean a good-bye kiss at the back door, Jenna quietly stepped inside the house and made her way to her bedroom.  With her mind racing and her body still humming, she could hardly wait to see what tomorrow night would bring.  If it was anything like tonight she knew she was in for one hell of a wild ride.  Her body quaked in anticipation. 

She washed up in the bathroom, then flung herself on her bed, exhausted but excited just the same.  She felt a little guilty that she was here in Chicago for her best friend’s wedding only to find herself counting down the hours until she could be with Dean again.

Before drifting off, she gifted herself another moment to think about that couple fucking at the club and wondered what it would be like for someone to watch her.  Dean sinking his cock inside her while they had an audience enjoying
sexy show.  She trembled right down to the tips of her toes.  Until tonight, until she’d shed her inhibitions and embraced her sexuality, she’d had no idea how much that prospect excited her. 

After a night of great sex, her body shut down quickly, and she fell into a dead sleep.  Later, upon awakening, she was swept out of the house by the girls.  The daytime hours flew by in a flurry of pre-wedding activities.  Nighttime drinks with a future client went well, and Jenna now found herself alone in the house, pacing restlessly while she awaited Dean’s arrival.

Since he was taking her to the firehouse, to do God knows what, she wasn’t sure what to wear.  She settled on jeans, a T-shirt and a sexy pair of strappy sandals.  Underneath, she wore a thong and a bra from her Siren collection, just in case… 

Impatience thrumming through her, she stepped outside and inhaled the fresh summer air while she waited.  She walked around the pool and listened to the children playing a few yards down.  When she heard a car pull into the driveway, she rushed around the corner. 

The gorgeous sight of Dean coming toward her, looking all warm and sexy in his jeans and T-shirt, filled her with need. 

His smile was slow and seductive.  “Hey, sweetheart.”  He pulled her against his chest and planted his lips on hers.  “Are you all ready?”

“I’m all set.”  As they made their way to the car, she asked, “What’s going on at the firehouse?”

He shrugged.  “I thought you might like a tour,” he said casually, but the mischief in his eyes told another story. 

They talked quietly during the drive there.  A short while later Dean pulled into the parking lot and shot her a seductive grin.  “This is the station,” he said. 

She laughed.  “Wow.  Nice.  I never would have guessed.”

He chuckled, his eyes widening in mischief.  “Want me to show you around?”

“Sure, I’d love a tour.” 

Dean shot a glance at his watch.  “Come on.”  Hurrying, he climbed from the car and circled it to meet her. 

He placed his hand on the small of her back and led her inside.  After giving her a quick tour, he guided her out back, to where the fire truck was parked. 

His sexy grin made her toes curl.  He pulled her in close and brushed his lips over hers.  He gestured toward his truck.  “I thought you might like to see my hose.” 

She played along, noting the way her pussy grew wet in anticipation.  “I’d love to see your hose, Dean.”

“Actually, I thought maybe you’d like to climb onto the roof with me.  The view is great.” 

Excitement coiled in her belly.  He wanted to fuck her on the roof of his truck.  How totally scandalous!  Feeling bold, she slipped her hand between their bodies and cupped his cock.  “I’m not really interested in the view.”

His body trembled and she could feel his dick thicken.  Strong hands pulled her T-shirt out of her jeans.  “Tell me something, Jenna.  Are you wearing my favorite teddy underneath this?”

She nodded toward the truck.  “Why don’t we go up there and you can find out for yourself?” 

Wasting no time, Jenna went up the ladder first, Dean tight on her heels.

“Hmmm, I kind of like this view,” he teased, his face only inches from her ass.

Once she climbed onto the truck, she glanced around, noting that the tall brick buildings surrounding the firehouse gave them a modicum of privacy.

Dean threw a blanket down, dropped to his knees, and dragged her to him.

He pitched his voice low.  “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” he said as his mouth found hers.

Her palms raced over his body in her eagerness to feel his cock inside her again.  “Me, neither.” 

With gentle eager hands, Dean peeled her T-shirt off.  His eyes widened in approval when he glanced at her lacy red bra.  “You’re so fucking sexy, Jenna.” 

She had to admit she loved this new uninhibited side of herself.  In record time, Dean had made her feel so confident, so gorgeous, and so proud of her body.  She in turn tore his shirt off, needing to touch and feel his hard muscles. 

He laid her out on the blanket and leaned on his side to face her.  “So when you were thinking of me, what were you thinking about?” he asked, his thumbs brushing her nipples.

Jenna arched into his touch and moaned.  “Mmmmm, that feels good.”

“Were you thinking about me doing this?”

“Yeah,” she said. 

That and so much more.

Dean pulled the bra cups down to expose her breasts.  He leaned in and flicked his tongue over her hard bud.  “Were you thinking about me doing this?”

“Uh-huh,” she managed, all the while writhing beneath him.

Dean trailed his hand down her stomach until he reached her jeans.  He pulled them open.  “How about this, Jenna?  Were you thinking about me undressing you?”

She angled her head to see his smoldering eyes.  “Oh yeah.”

Dean lifted himself up, tore off the rest of his clothes, and climbed between her legs.  Her mouth watered when she saw his magnificent body and impressive cock. 

He pulled her pants off, leaving her panties behind.  “Mmmmm, nice.”  Warm fingers brushed over her soaked sex. 

“I can tell by your wetness that you were definitely thinking about me doing this.”

When she lifted her hips, he slowly pulled her panties off, the, tucked them into the pocket of his jeans.  He leaned forward and licked her.  The first sweet touch of his tongue had her spiraling out of control.

“Tell me, baby, were you thinking about my tongue on your clit?”

“Yes,” she cried out and widened her legs to give him better access.  He swiped his tongue over her pussy a second time and she nearly convulsed. 

“Were you thinking about my fingers inside you?”  He drove two fingers all the way up inside her, both his thumb and tongue lavishing her clit with attention. 

She found it was harder and harder to draw in air.  “Yes.”

“Were you thinking about me ramming my cock into you?”

She whimpered, aching for him.  Delirious with need she whispered, “More than anything.”

“Now tell me, Jenna, were you thinking about someone watching while I fucked you?”

Oh God!

She came.  Just like that.  Her muscles clenched; come flooded his hand. 

A noise on the side of the truck drew her focus.  Her lids flew open.  She gasped and tried to cover herself. 

“You have a beautiful body.  Don’t hide it.”  Dean pulled her hands away and placed them at her sides. 

A guy dressed in firefighter gear stood over them.  “Sorry, Dean.  You told me to meet you here for some initiation.  I didn’t realize I was busting in on you.”

“This is your initiation, Christian.  Have a seat.”

Surprise and delight registered on Christian’s face as he glanced at Jenna.  When he said, “My pleasure,” a shiver stole through her.

Jenna tensed.  Her gaze traveled from Dean, to Christian and then back to Dean again.  “What-”

“We’re a brotherhood, Jenna.  We work together, we play together, and sometimes we pleasure women together.”  He urged her thighs apart.

Her head was spinning and her entire body quaked.  Dean pulled open her lips and swirled his finger through her thick heat. 

“And sometimes, my sweet Jenna, it takes two firefighters to put out the flames.” 

Her skin grew tight, needy.  Fire licked over her legs and she damn near erupted a second time just thinking about it.  “Are you serious?”  She heard the raw ache of lust in her voice. 

“Of course.  Trust me, Jenna.  I
what you want and I
how to give it to you.  Tonight I’m going to pleasure you and I’m going to make all your fantasies come true.  Every single one of them.”  He reached for his jeans, pulled a condom out of his pocket, and sheathed himself.  “Even if it takes all night.”

Her blood ignited.  She gulped, her glance going to Christian, who looked so goddamn sexy in his gear.  He slicked his blond hair back.  His eyes darkened with desire when they met hers. 

“First Christian is going to watch while I fuck you,” Dean said, playing out her fantasy.

Her heart pounded with excitement.  Need spiraled through her, fueling her hunger.  She could hardly believe this was happening.  Every nerve in her body came alive.  She thrust her pelvis forward and began panting heavily. 

Dean knew.  He knew her secret fantasies, probably long before she did. 

BOOK: Siren-epub
7.89Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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