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He eased back.  “Let me look at you.”  After a moment he let out an agonized groan and said, “You’re so beautiful, Jenna.  The most beautiful woman in the room.” 

In that instant, when she met his glance, her entire world spun before her eyes and something blossomed deep inside her.  There was something about the mix of tenderness and heat in those dark eyes.  It made her feel like the most alluring, seductive woman alive. 

Once again his gaze surfed over her curves.  Confidence growing, Jenna stood there proudly, allowing his gaze to pan her curvaceous body with longing in his eyes.

He drew her mouth to his and kissed away her reserve.  “Let me see you, Jenna, all of you,” he coaxed.  “Your body is beautiful and should be showcased,” he reassured her.  She was so caught up in the moment, her hand went to her blouse.  Senses on overload, she undid the top button, exposing the lace on her red teddy. 

Dean swiped at his brow, his breath coming in ragged bursts.  He gazed at her with pure desire.  “Look around, Jenna.”  She did as he requested, taking note of the many eyes on them…
on her
.  She trembled with excitement.  “You’re beautiful in every way.”  He brushed his thumb over her lips and added, “On the inside, and on the outside.  Every man in here wishes he could be in your sweet pussy tonight.”  He pulled her back to him, crushing her body to his. 

Jenna swallowed, realizing that it wasn’t all the men in the room gazing at her that gave her confidence and made her feel seductive and bold, it was this man, and this man only.  He made her feel special, beautiful, and

With Dean murmuring soft words of encouragement, she felt herself grow bolder with each passing second.  She’d never been comfortable in her own skin before, so she was surprised at just how confident Dean had made her feel in such a short time. 

“No one here knows you, Jenna.  You can be whoever you want tonight and do whatever you want.” 

She wanted…no,
, to do this for him.  For her.

With her inhibitions ebbing away, she pushed through her insecurities and embraced her sexuality.  “Dean,” she managed to get out, too far gone, too caught up in the moment to think straight. 


“I think I’m ready.”

His hand stroked her breasts, his thumbs brushing her nipples, causing them to harden and swell.  “Ready for what, sweetheart?”

In a flood of bolstered confidence, she waved her hand around the dance floor.  “For more than I bargained for.”  She widened her stance and her hands went to her buttons. 

As soon as the sexy, bold words left her mouth, air rushed from his lungs.  “Jenna,” he whispered in a soft tone, his eyes burning with desire. 

She inched her blouse open farther, affording him a view of her sexy red negligee.  Wild with need, she said, “Dean, I want you. I want you on top of me.  Underneath me.  In front of me.  Behind me.  Inside me.”  Her shirt spilled to the floor as her gaze dropped to his crotch.  “But right now, where I want you most, is in my mouth.”

She felt his body tremble and watched his throat work as he swallowed.  He put his mouth close to her ear.  “You want a lot of things, Jenna.”  She shivered beneath him.  He inched back and looked into her eyes.  “So tell me, can I have the one thing I’m asking for?”

Her tongue made a slow pass over her lips.  In whispered words, she said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”




Chapter Five


Dean was no longer able to fight down his cravings.  He shackled Jenna’s wrist and practically dragged her across the dance floor. 

While keeping pace with him she asked, “Where are we going?”  The lust in her voice urged him on.

“I need to get you alone.  Fast.”

Dean rushed up to the bar and retrieved a card key to one of the upstairs lofts.  A few minutes later, they found themselves locked away in a private bedroom.  Richly decorated in soft colors and plush fabrics, the room was designed for seduction.  A huge king-sized bed dominated the space, urging them to live out their every delicious fantasy. 

Dean shifted his attention to Jenna and watched her walk to the lamp.  Eyes alive with anticipation, she flicked it on, bathing herself in a golden glow.  With the lamplight pouring over her half-dressed body, she came back around to stand before him.  Her mouth thinned provocatively, before her fingers went to her zipper.  His hungry eyes left her face and traveled lower, to watch the seductive way she slipped her pants to her ankles and kicked them away.  She stood there, radiating confidence, embracing her sexuality.  Dean’s heart slammed in his chest. 

As he took in her voluptuous curves, he began trembling from head to toe.  He stood perfectly still, observing her.  The thrill of self-discovery was apparent in her expression. 

She crooked her finger, her gaze dropping to his crotch.  While he continued to bask in her sexual awakening, her pretty tongue slid over her lips, signaling her intent.  “I want you, Dean.  All of you.”  The soft, seductive whisper of her voice drew him toward her. 

With a predatory advance, he was on her in seconds.  “I want to taste you,” she murmured into his lips as they closed over hers.  He kissed her, long and hard and with all the passion inside him. 

Jenna inched back and slid down his body.  He tore his T-shirt off and tossed it away as her fingers went to his zipper.  She released the button and drew his pants and shorts to his ankles, releasing his throbbing cock.  As she took in his girth, her eyes widened in delight.  She closed her hands over his shaft.  Her fingers felt warm and smooth and so damn good on his naked flesh. 

When she spotted the juices pearling on his slit, Jenna moaned deep in her throat.  Her hands continued stroking the length of him, caressing him with the utmost care.  Overcome with desire, he wobbled and blinked the room back into his vision.  He could barely keep his focus, let alone remain upright.  Marshaling his control, he let his hands go to her head, where his needy fingers raked through her hair as he fought to hang on to his composure.

The wet tip of her tongue brushed his engorged cock, lapping at his cream.  Her furtive touch evoked myriad sensations and emotions inside him.  A moment later, she teased his throbbing cock between her lips. 

Her warmth closed around him like a silken sheath.  She rocked forward until his bulbous head hit the back of her throat.  The onslaught of pleasure weakened his knees. 

Dean threw his head back and growled.  “Jenna…” he choked out with effort.  “I’m never going to last if you keep that up.”

She tilted her head back to look at him.  “I’ve been dying to taste you, Dean.  It’s all I’ve been able to think about.” 

Small hands slipped between his legs, cupped his balls, and gave a gentle squeeze.  Dean drew in a sharp breath.  She filled him with such raw need.  Unable to help himself, he began to undulate forward, fucking her hot, slick mouth with much force.  He wanted to control himself, he really did, but her moans of encouragement and the way she worked her hands over his cock had his libido raging out of control. 

He pitched forward and pulled her hair back, watching the way his cock slid in and out of her hungry mouth.  He’d never seen a more beautiful sight in his entire life.

Pressure brewed inside him.  His body ached for release.  Senses exploding, he fisted his fingers in her long hair.  Christ, he had difficulty remembering how to breathe.  A moment later his stomach tightened, his cock thickened, and his world turned upside down.  He stilled his movements with a growl and released his seed inside her mouth. 

She spent a long time between his legs, milking his every last drop, continuing to lave him with her tongue.  Her soft moans of delight and the way she took great care in pleasuring him nearly shut down his brain. 

Licking moisture from her lips, Jenna stood.  Dean drew a calming breath.  “You have one hell of a mouth, Jenna,” he said, his hands spanning her waist.  She melted against him, pressing her breasts to his chest and murmuring against his throat. 

He needed to touch her, to taste her, to fuck the hell out of her all night long.  He glanced toward the bed and noted the bottle of champagne and bowl of fresh fruit. 

Mmmm…strawberries.  His mind raced.  Oh yeah.  Now it was his turn to remedy a longing that had been plaguing his dreams.  His whole body shook just thinking about it.  He swallowed a tortured moan. 

Needing to get her naked, to do delicious things to her body, Dean reached behind her and, in one swift move, ripped her teddy from her back.

She gasped in surprise.  “Dean-”

Without taking his eyes off her, he let his hand go to her panties.  What he felt nearly drove him to his knees.  He loved knowing how wet he made her.  “You’re drenched, Jenna.  Did sucking my cock make you wet?”

Nodding, she gave a breathy, intimate moan and moved shamelessly against him.  She shot him a smoldering look.  “Are they too wet to peel off?” she asked, her voice hopeful. 

Understanding her needs,
her fantasies
, Dean snapped the elastic and ripped off her passion-soaked panties.  Pleasure danced in her eyes.  His chest tightened.

Once he had her sufficiently naked, he commanded in a soft tone, “I want you on that bed, with your legs spread for me.  There’s something I’ve been dying to do, too.” 

She quickly obliged.  He studied the seductive sway of her ass as she crossed the room, pulled the sheets down, and positioned herself on the mattress.  Heart racing, Dean advanced purposely and perched on the bed beside her.  He took in the sight of her gorgeous naked body.  His mouth went desert dry and once again his cock began to thicken with need.  His fingers trailed over her skin, touching her body gently, stroking the underside of her breasts.  His hands journeyed lower, to her stomach, to her hips, between her legs.  He dipped a finger into the moisture between her thighs and moistened his parched lips.

Jenna writhed restlessly and spread her legs farther.  Her uninhibited responses to his touch nearly dissolved his composure.  Everything in him urged him to surrender to his desires, climb over her, and fuck her.  Hard.  Until they were both sated and drained.  But he marshaled his urges.  He needed to make this great for her. 

Dean reached into the fruit bowl and grabbed two strawberries.  He popped one into Jenna’s mouth and bit into the other.  He trailed the chilled berry over her flesh.  Goose bumps exploded on her skin as he dragged the fruit over her lips, and her neck, then moved lower until he reached her breasts.  He poised the strawberry over Jenna’s nipple and squeezed.  Sweet nectar dripped over her smooth, milky skin and pooled between her heavy mounds. 

She tossed her head to the side, her fingers gripped the sheets.  “Oh my,” she whispered.  The pleasure in her voice excited him. 

Bombarded with primal hunger, Dean bent forward and circled his tongue around one puckered nipple, the soft blade lapping at the succulent juice, rehydrating himself while washing away the stain of red from her heated skin.

His thirst temporarily quenched, he pulled her hard bud into his mouth and sucked until her nipple swelled and throbbed in bliss.  As he turned his attention to her other breast, offering it the same attention, Jenna cried out and quaked beneath him.

Eager to taste her sweet feminine cream, he climbed onto the bed, nestled himself between her legs, and shifted his focus to her drenched sex.  He parted her twin lips, exposing her ripe pink clit, and squeezed more juice onto her pussy.  When the cool red nectar touched her heated clit and trickled downward, tickling her, she bucked forward. 

“Oh, Dean, that feels incredible.” 

Leaning into her, he made a slow pass with his tongue.  That first sweet taste of her honeyed heat had him salivating for more.  “Mmmm…you’re the sweetest thing I’ve ever tasted, Jenna.”

Her flesh suffused with color.  She pitched her hips forward and a moan caught in her throat.  Dean inhaled her delicious scent as the urgent need to feast on her whipped through his blood and set him into motion.  Without preamble he buried his face in her sex.  He pillaged her with his tongue, the warmth from his mouth stoking the fire inside her.  Circling his thumb circling over her inflamed clit, he drove his tongue inside, making sweet love to her with his mouth and fingers until she whimpered with pleasure. 

He could feel her tension mount and felt an orgasm pulling at her.  Dean increased the pressure on her clit, knowing just what she needed and just how to give it to her. 

Dipping into her wet pussy, he pushed two fingers up inside her, stirring her heat.  Stroking deep, he controlled the pace, depth, and rhythm until she writhed and cried out for more.

Impatience laced her voice.  “Dean.  Please.  Now…” she begged, her words fractured.

Ready to let her tumble over, Dean sank a third finger inside her.  “I…I…” she murmured, her voice trailing off as a shudder ripped through her entire body. 

He continued to indulge her with his tongue.  “That’s it.  Give me everything you’ve got.”  As soon as the words left his mouth, her sweet juices flowed like a broken dam.  She bucked forward, giving herself over to her orgasm, as his fingers and tongue took delight in her powerful climax.  He paid homage to her clit by drawing it into his mouth, nurturing her orgasm, prolonging it, stretching out the rippling waves of ecstasy for as long as possible. 

Her nails dug into his shoulders.  She took deep gulping breaths while her muscles tightened and clenched around his fingers in climactic ecstasy. 

Dean held her for a long moment.  Once she finished riding out the last fragments of her orgasm and her waves had fully subsided, he slid up her body and put his mouth close to hers.  Her warm smile turned his heart over in his chest. 

He smoothed her hair from her face.  His eyes locked on hers.  “Tasting your sweetness has made me hard all over again.  I believe I need to fuck you, Jenna.”  Hunger consuming his thoughts, he pressed his cock between her slick thighs.  She wiggled until his tip probed her opening. 

BOOK: Siren-epub
10.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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