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He dragged her into his embrace, and in that instant, when her arms tightened around him, Dean realized just how much he liked her and how much he wanted to know everything about her, her likes, her dislikes, her dreams, her desires, and what incident in her past had caused her to feel so insecure about herself sexually.  Perhaps it was the psychologist in him that reached out for such answers. 

Or perhaps it was the man.

Either way, tonight he was on a mission, and nothing or no one would stand in his way - not even Brady’s voice ringing loud and clear in the back of his head, questioning whether his interest in her went deeper than one night of wild, animal sex. 

With Jenna tucked under one arm, Dean pulled open the huge oak door and stepped into the spacious foyer.  A few feet away another set of double doors stood before them, blocking the world out and guarding the patrons’ privacy inside.  The sound of music and voices just beyond those security doors reached his ears.  He glanced up to see a camera poised on them.  A man’s voice came in through an intercom system.

“Can I help you?”

“Dean Beckman, VIP.” 

“Present your card to the window to your left please.” 

Dean flipped open his wallet and held his card up to a two- way mirror. 

Jenna pressed against him.  “Why all the security?” she whispered.

He put his mouth close to her ear.  The way she trembled beneath his touch filled him with pleasure.  “Security ensures privacy,” Dean whispered back. 

“Please sign in,” the man said.  “And don’t forget your mask.”

After signing them in, Dean reached into a treasure chest and pulled out two masks. A jeweled gold eye mask for her and a silver Casanova Mardi Gras eye mask for him.  Once they donned their disguises, a buzzer sounded and Dean pulled open the security door.  When they stepped over the threshold, Dean felt Jenna’s body tighten in his arms.  He twisted sideways to gauge her responses to the erotic scene before them.  She stilled, with surprise registering in her eyes, and her jaw dropped as she darted a quick glance around. 

Shocked silence lingered.  He remained quiet, letting her absorb her surroundings.  As though she was taken aback, a sound caught in her throat.  Her tenuous grip on his arm tightened and he could feel her tension.  She drew a deep, shaky breath, let it out, and then turned to him. 

“Dean, what is this place?”  Her voice sounded alarmed, but the excitement in her eyes didn’t go unnoticed by him.  It told him all he needed to know.  Somewhere deep inside her existed a sexy siren, and with a little bit of coaching, maybe he could get her to come out to play.  Once again Jenna panned the room, awareness dawning on her face. 

Dean followed her gaze, taking in the sight of numerous disguised couples, all in various stages of undress, dancing, kissing, and engaging in other, more intimate activities, while making no attempt at discretion. 

With its invitation-only membership, the classy establishment catered to the elite of the elite.  Chicago’s high-society members paid dearly to maintain their confidentiality while engaging in…
private affairs
.  Dean had been gifted with a courtesy VIP card to ensure their privacy remained intact after the fire. 

The area was tastefully decorated in warm cranberry hues and plush upholstery, with soft lighting that gave a modicum of privacy.  For those wishing for complete seclusion, the upstairs loft housed fantasy theme rooms. 

Dean felt a shiver race through Jenna’s body.  “I’ve never seen-”

After looking over the crowd, her voice fell off and suddenly, out of nowhere, he felt his whole world shift.  He tightened his hold on her.  “Come on, let’s get a drink.”  With determined strides, he cut a path across the dance floor until they came to a private booth in the back. 

Jenna sat.  Dean slid in next to her and summoned the waitress.  Shifting in her seat, Jenna adjusted her mask and eyed the dance floor. 

A few feet away a barely clad couple made no qualms about their desire for each other.  Exhibitionists that they were, they danced to the music, their bodies rocking together, her back to his chest, soft ass to hard groin, hands roaming freely as they moved sensually to the seductive beat. 

Dean studied Jenna’s reactions.  Equal measures of surprise and delight crossed her gorgeous face.  She spent a long moment watching the couple, lost in the erotic show.  Dean gathered her in tighter.  She fairly trembled in his arms.  Obviously the sexy act had flustered her as much as it had him. 

She swallowed, her face taking on a ruddy hue.  Her voice sounded hoarse, labored, aroused.  “Clubs like this don’t exist in my small hometown.  Good God, I feel like a voyeur.”

He shrugged.  “You’re supposed to.  People come here for lots of reasons.  To watch.  To be watched.”  He wondered which one she liked more. 

“So why do
come here, Dean?” 

Before he had time to answer the waitress arrived with a bottle of champagne and two glasses.  Dean filled their flutes and handed Jenna one.  She took a big gulp.  Dean bit back a chuckle.


“That’s one way to put it.”

He pulled her impossibly close.  Her green eyes sparkled with sensuality as they locked on his. 

Unable to help himself, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers.  Her eyes dimmed with desire.  Her mouth opened in invitation.  With hunger consuming him, his tongue swept inside her mouth and tangled with hers in an animalistic mating dance.  She tasted sweet, seductive, and sinful, like fine champagne.  His whole body trembled with pent-up passion.  A need he couldn’t seem to assuage whipped through him.  Jesus, he ached to return to the valley between her legs, to taste her liquid silk, to push his cock into her and fuck her until he ingrained himself on her and erased the memory of every other man she’d been with.  She made a sexy sound and shifted, her hands going to his shoulders, touching him with intimate familiarity. 

A moment later, she pulled back, breathless.  “Whew,” she murmured. 

He grinned.  “I can’t seem to control myself when I’m around you.”  He cupped her chin, then let his hands wander.  He pulled her against his chest, unable to get her close enough. 

She glanced up at him and waved one hand around, redirecting the conversation.  “So you never did tell me why
come here.”

He fingered the soft material of her blouse, ignoring her question, and deciding to get right to the point.  “Tell me something, Jenna.  Why do you design sexy lingerie but hide your sensuality behind baggy clothes?”  He felt her body stiffen.  She looked past his shoulders.  Dean shifted, forcing her gaze back onto him.  “I want to know.”

She didn’t bother to deny it.  “Why do you want to know?”

“Because it’s important.” 
was important. 

After a long moment she folded her hands in her lap and gave a resigned sigh.  “You’re a pretty perceptive guy, Dean.”

“I like to think so.  After studying for my psychology degree for the past four years, and finishing up my thesis, I like to think I know a little something about human nature.” 


“Yes, I want to go from active duty to counseling fellow firefighters emotionally scarred on the job.”  He turned the conversation back to her.  “So talk to me, Jenna.  Why the insecurities?”

She rolled one shoulder and tried to make light of things.  “After being teased relentlessly as a child, I’m just not comfortable with my body.”

He touched her cheek and softened his tone.  “Why were you teased?”

“Because I was chubby, and I had braces and glasses.  Not a beauty-pageant candidate, for sure.”

“I see,” he said, with everything beginning to make sense.  He squeezed her hand in reassurance.  “You’re not that girl anymore, Jenna.  You’re a strong, smart woman, with a body any man would die to touch.  And something tells me beneath all those baggy clothes exists a sexy siren just waiting to break free.” 

She arched an inquisitive brow.  “So that’s why you brought me here tonight?”

“Yes,” he admitted honestly.  “With your disguise on, you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want.  No one will ever know.”

“You’ll know.”


That earned him a smile.  She looked past his shoulder and moistened her lips.  He could tell her mind was racing a million miles an hour as she contemplated his sexy plan. 

He stood and caught hold of her hand, ready to take her on a journey of self discovery.  “Come on.”  He gave her a minute to entertain the idea, to get used to it, and then said, “Are you game?” 

She pointed a finger toward the dance floor and crinkled her nose.  “You want me to go out there and get naked?”

He grinned.  “For now, we’ll just dance.”

“And later?”

“Later is up to you.” 

She sucked in air and let it out slowly.  “These are definitely drastic measures, Dean.”

He cocked his head.  “Sometimes drastic measures need to be taken, Jenna,” he reassured her. 

She became quiet for a long, thoughtful moment and then something in her expression changed. “Dean.” 


She met his gaze unflinchingly and he could tell she was gathering her courage.  “I’m game.”


* * *


Jenna was ensconced in Dean’s embrace when they stepped onto the dance floor.  She could hardly believe she was doing this, but she had to secretly admit seeing all those other couples engaging in various sex acts really excited her. 

Sidestepping other couples, they moved to the center of the room.  Dean’s actions tonight had touched her down deep.  He could easily have fucked her with the lights off and walked away, both getting what they wanted.  But Dean refused to take her that way.  No man had ever cared much about her pleasure, or had taken such drastic measure to see her naked before. 

Which left the question, why had Dean?

Not that she thought his “
drastic measures”
would work.  As much as she’d like to let go of her insecurities, after twenty-nine years of hiding her body, she just didn’t think she had that in her. 

Thick muscles bunched as Dean’s hands snaked around her body and splayed over the small of her back.  He tucked her in tight against his body, his lips close to her mouth.  Her pussy came to life when he gave her a look that conveyed his hunger, his desire…
for her.

A shiver racked her body and a throaty purr resonated in her throat.  Blocking out the crowd, they held each other for a long moment, bodies moving in sync, both lost in each other’s touch. 

“I like the way you move,” Dean whispered.  His hot breath on her neck made her dizzy with desire. 

A short while later, a couple sidled up beside them, their moans of pleasure drawing both Jenna’s and Dean’s focus.  Jenna angled her head.  Dean followed the motion.  Wearing a black Lone Ranger face mask, the man seductively peeled off his partner’s blouse, exposing her gorgeous body.  His hands went to her breasts.  She moaned and thrust her chest out as he kneaded her supple skin.  Heat and desire tightened and moistened Jenna’s flesh, cream pooled between her thighs, proving how much she actually enjoyed the sexy performance.

As she watched them perform, she wondered what it would be like to fuck a guy while others watched.  As she considered it further, her nipples quivered and her body trembled.  How deliciously interesting.  Was it possible that she had exhibitionist tendencies but was too inhibited to embrace that side of herself? 

Dean must have felt her response.  “You like that, Jenna?”

When she nodded, he growled and melded their bodies together by pulling her up against him. 

He nodded toward a table near the corner.  “Look at those two.” 

She licked her lips and angled her head to watch a man ram his cock deep inside some woman’s pussy.  Mercy!  A groan crawled out of her throat. 

“Does watching them fuck make you hot?” Dean asked.

She pushed her pussy against him.  “Uh-huh,” was all she managed.

“Maybe you’d rather be watched than do the watching.”

She drew a deep breath in response to the heat that ambushed her pussy.  Her legs wobbled slightly, but it was enough for Dean to notice.  She knew her body’s reactions answered his question.

“I see,” he said, grinning.  Joined hip to hip, they began rocking to the beat, the hardening of his cock alerting her to his arousal.  He dipped his head, his dark hair falling forward, fringing his mask. 

“You feel so fucking good, Jenna,” he whispered into her mouth. 

Ignoring all those around her, she shifted her hips and gyrated against him, desperate to feel him inside her.  “You feel good, too.”

Dean groaned and pushed his knee between her thighs, spreading her legs wider.  The gleam in his eye turned wicked.  He nodded toward the couple beside them and narrowed his gaze on her.  “Be careful, Jenna, or you just might get more than you bargained for out here.”  He was testing her and she knew it. 

Lust settled in her stomach.  Her blood pulsed hot.  Fueled by her need to touch him, she ran her hands over his biceps, loving the way his muscles bunched and clenched beneath her eager fingers.  The sudden, overwhelming need to rip off his clothes and feel his naked body pressed to hers made it damn near impossible to stand.  As though reading her mind, Dean inched back and peeled off his sweater to reveal a form-fitting T-shirt.  His arms flexed, showcasing his finely tuned body. 

With excruciating slowness, he grabbed her waist and pulled her to him.  Anchoring her body to his, he began to palm her curves, the warmth of his hands scorching her skin. 

“I want you so much it’s killing me,” he said, his voice nothing more than a strangled whisper.  “Tell me you want me, too,” he demanded.  She’d never heard such need, such intensity from a man before.  It was both frightening and exhilarating to her.

“I want you, Dean,” she murmured honestly, desire claiming her full attention.

His lips closed over hers so that his mouth could devour her with hunger.  Her body convulsed, crying out for so much more.  Consumed with need, she ravished him in return, her body language indicating exactly how much she wanted his touch.  He pushed his tongue into her mouth, in a demand that she give herself over to him as he feasted on her.  His erection pressed hard into her stomach.  She quaked, aching to take his cock into her mouth, to lick, suck, and taste every inch of him. 

BOOK: Siren-epub
3.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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