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“You told me to call if I had any other emergencies.”

So he had.  Damned smartest thing he’d ever said.  Inhaling, he scrubbed his hand over his chin, praying they were on the same page here. 

“What kind of emergency are you having, Jenna?”

“I’m not sure it’s the type of emergency you handle.”

“You might be surprised at the types of emergencies I handle.”  He heard her breath quaver and then there was a noise, like she was licking those plump red lips of hers. 

“Well, I’ve sort of found myself in a terrible predicament.”

“Why don’t you just tell me what the problem is, what kind of emergency you are having, and how I can be of assistance?”  He could think of a million ways to assist her, but he wanted to hear her say it, to ask for it. 

Her chuckle was soft and low.  “Well, it’s a bit embarrassing,” she stalled.

“Tell me, Jenna,” he urged. 

Her hesitation only lasted a second, and then she said, “I’m having a clothing emergency.”

Dean drew in a deep breath as his mind took him on an erotic adventure.  One that involved Jenna, a sexy red negligee, and a bowl full of juicy, ripe strawberries. 

He shifted.  Jesus, he was in total fucking agony here.  He tried for casual but his voice betrayed him.  “What kind of clothing emergency?”

She gave an edgy laugh and he heard the bedsprings sound in the background.  “It seems I’ve gone and knotted the lace on my bustier, and now I can’t get it off.”

Dean bit back a moan as he visualized Jenna sitting on her bed dressed in a sexy bustier, her beautiful breasts pushed together, her nipples tight, her milky cleavage beckoning his tongue. 

“I see,” he said around a low, throaty groan.  “Is the knot too tight to untie?”


“Hmmm…” he murmured, sorting through his options, every delicious one of them.  “You were right to call me, Jenna.  This is definitely the type of emergency I handle.”

“I knew you’d be the right man for the job, Dean.”  Her voice was full of need. 

Sexual frustration welled up inside him.  Fingers trembling, he balled them into fists.  “I believe the only thing we can do is cut you out of it.”

Once again he could hear her lick her lips.  “That’s exactly what I was thinking, too,” she replied, echoing his sentiments. 

“So that’s why you called me, then?  To come over there and cut you out of your bustier?”  For some unfathomable reason, he needed to hear her say it, needed to know she wanted to fuck him as much as he wanted to fuck her. 

Arousal edged her voice.  “Actually…” 

“Yeah?” he rushed out, his cock pounding against his zipper, clamoring for attention. 

She blew out a shaky breath.  “Actually, it’s so hot in here, it feels like flames are licking up my thighs.  It’s quite possible that I set the house ablaze with all the burning candles.  You might want to bring your…

His heart skidded to a halt. 

His blood pressure soared. His mind shut down. 

Sweet mother of God and all good things holy! 

He bounded off his bunk.  “Jenna?”


“Sit tight.  I’m on my way.”




Chapter Three


Sit tight.

How the hell was she supposed to sit tight?  In a few minutes, the man of her dreams - or rather, her
- would walk through that door and cut her out of a very revealing, very seductive bustier.  And after she had acted like a sexy siren on the phone, Dean wouldn’t expect anything less from her in person. 

In all honesty, her boldness surprised even her.  Maybe Megan was right, and deep inside her existed a sexy siren, a wanton seductress just waiting to break free. 

Jenna’s flesh broke out in a sweat as she paced around the bedroom with her pussy quivering in heated anticipation.  Good Lord, her pussy was actually quivering – in heated anticipation. 


Then again, calling a sexy firefighter to her rescue was right up there in the unbelievable section, too. 

Jenna cracked her bedroom window, listening for sounds of an approaching vehicle.  Less than twenty minutes later she heard gravel crunching beneath rubber tires.  She flicked off her lamp and moved to her window. 

Camouflaged by darkness, she glanced at the street below.  Her pulse leapt when she spotted Dean climbing from his car.  As he shut the driver side door quietly, he angled his head upward.  Dark eyes sparkled and a wicked, self-assured grin curled his lips.  He had to be the most confident man she’d ever met, and his assuredness made her feel wildly out of control.  No man had ever made her feel that way before. 

Without haste, Jenna dropped the curtain and stepped back into the shadows, wondering what the hell she’d gone and gotten herself into. 

Heart racing, she took a moment to remind herself how much she wanted this.  How much she wanted to experience the lust, the passion, and the mind blowing sex other women experienced. 

Just once… 

Heavy footsteps on the stairs gained her attention. Dean inched open her door without knocking.  Light from the hallway spilled inside and fell over her scantily clad body. 

Dean took one predatory step forward.  His overwhelming presence dominated the small bedroom.  The desire reflecting in his eyes told her all she needed to know.  Megan was right.  Dean wanted this just as much as she did. 

Desire and need moved into Jenna’s stomach.  She drew a shaky breath and moistened her lips.  Heat pooled between her thighs when her gaze panned the length of him.  He was so goddamn hot that her pussy ached to swallow his cock. 

As she took pleasure in the sight of his tall, hard body, her skin moistened.  He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a knit navy sweater that showed off his toned body.  She watched transfixed as he scrubbed his hand over the stubble shadowing his jaw, his lusty eyes seeming to undress her.  She could see his pulse beating at the base of his throat, double time, as he continued his slow perusal.  It both thrilled and surprised her to know she had this effect on him. 

Restless, edgy for his touch, she shifted from one leg to the other.  Like a wild animal, he made a guttural noise low in his throat. 

By God, he looked so feral, so wild, so hungry.  He licked his lips, his gaze brushing over her body like he was going to eat her alive.

And heaven help her, she was going to let him.

She stood before him, warmth and desire stirring her blood, making her forget everything but this moment and this wild man. 

He pointed at her with his index finger and made a circular motion.  His voice was controlled. “Turn around, Jenna,” he demanded, taking charge of the situation as though he knew what she wanted and just how to give it to her. 

Jenna tried to keep her focus.  “Have you brought scissors?” she asked, with a desperate edge to her voice as she turned her back to him, and inched her body deeper into the shadows, uncomfortable with the way the bright hallway light exposed her body. 

Without answering he moved farther into the room.  Sexual tension hung heavy in the air as he closed the distance between them.  He stood only inches from her, crowding her, his body close but never touching hers.  His breath was hot on her neck, raising her passion to new heights.  She could feel his heat and his lust reaching out to her.  Jenna inhaled his warm spicy scent, letting it seep into her bloodstream and wrap around her like a silken cocoon until she thought she’d go mad with desire. 

Dean ran his fingertips along the back of her neck.  Jenna shivered in response. 

“It seems we have a problem, Jenna.”  His warm breath caressed her skin as he spoke in a hushed tone. 

She angled her head to better see him.  Soft rays drifting in from the hallway provided sufficient light to glimpse the lust, passion, and something else…something that looked like mischief burning in his eyes.  Jenna swallowed past the knot in her throat and willed her legs to keep her upright. 

“We do?” she asked, striving for some semblance of control as cream moistened her panties.  “What kind of problem?” 

Dean’s brow puckered into a frown, as his fingers traveled lower to play with the knotted lace as he addressed her concerns.  “You see, in my haste to come to your rescue, I forgot to bring scissors.”  He pressed against her and she could feel his rock-hard cock indenting her back.

Jenna gulped and worked to form a coherent sentence.  She nodded toward the open door and shifted, pressing harder against his erection.  Her telltale actions would let him know just how much she wanted this…wanted
.  “Maybe there’s a pair somewhere in the house.”

Hands trailing over her skin with the utmost care, he brushed aside her suggestion.  “No time to search.”

“No?” she asked, wiggling again.

A low growl caught in his throat as his groin pounded against her ass.  A tremor racked her body.  “Afraid not,” he bit out between gritted teeth.  “You see, your skin is on fire, and with your air flow so constricted, you could be in real danger of passing out.  There is no time to waste.” 

Jenna nibbled her bottom lip and worked to take in air.  Her deep, labored breath was emphasizing his point.  “I see,” she said.  “What will we do?”

“No worries.  All is not lost.” 


His voice turned serious and he sounded professional.  “No, I have one other option.”

“What is it?” she asked over her shoulder, playing along.

He paused for a second, as though considering the dilemma a moment longer.  “Well, it’s a bit drastic, but under the circumstances, I don’t see any other choice.”


He pressed his lips close to her ear and murmured, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to rip it off you.”  With his hands on either side of her bustier, he gave a quick tug which released the pressure and allowed her to breathe easier.  She heard a few metal clasps give away and sprinkle to the floor. 

When he groaned, her pussy clenched in euphoric bliss.  The nerve endings in her clit screamed for attention.  Lord, she’d never been more excited in her life.  A small gasp of pleasure rose from her throat, conveying without words just how much his take-charge attitude thrilled her. 

She clutched the bedpost, bracing herself.  “But surely there must be another way,” she challenged, calming her emotions.  “This just seems so…
”  Her heart leapt, and her breasts tightened to the point of pain. 

His voice took on a hard edge, exciting her even more.  “There is no other way.  If you have a problem with that, you’re going to have to take it up with my captain later.  Right now I’m the only man on the scene and it is my duty to do what I deem necessary,” he said, sounding impatient, on edge.

With her body trembling, she drew a calming breath and closed her eyes.  “I fail to see-”

Her words fell away when Dean sank to his knees behind her.  His face brushed over her backside, his hands spanned her waist, pinning her in place. 

The room spun before her eyes when his lips brushed over the small of her back and began a downward path, until he reached her quivering thighs.  His movements were sensual, seductive, determined.  Warm fingers slipped between her legs and urged them apart.  Lust stole through her as she handed her pleasures over to him completely. 

“I’m afraid these panties might hamper my efforts.  I’ll have to remove them first.” 

Her whole body shook with excitement.  “Are you going to have to rip them, too?” she rushed out, not bothering to mask her enthusiasm.  She arched her back, her actions and desires transparent.

His low chuckle made her body quake.  Deft fingers caressed the silky patch covering her soaked mound before curling around the thin lace.  His dark hair brushed against her skin and sent shivers skittering through her.  She bit her lips and felt her body flush hotly. 

“Hmmm…why are they so damp, Jenna?  Have you attempted to extinguish the fire yourself?”  With one sharp tug, he ripped her panties from her hips. 

“Oh, my,” she murmured in a whisper.

“Answer the question, Jenna,” he commanded in a soft voice.  Leaning back on his heels, he tucked her panties into his pocket. 

“Yes,” she admitted honestly, recalling the way she’d touched herself only minutes earlier.  Pushing her finger deep inside her pussy in a quest to take the edge off before she splintered into a million pieces.

ed, grabbed her hips roughly, and spun her around to face him.  The ardent darkening of his eyes elevated her blood pressure and prohibited her from thinking straight. 

Her entire body reacted to the pure desire shimmering in his gaze as he gave her a disapproving shake of his head.  “Don’t you know such things should be left in the hands of a professional?”  He exhaled slowly so that his warm breath bristled her damp hairs, making her next breath nearly impossible. 

Dean cast a glance her way and gently slid his finger over her pussy, teasing her sex lips open, dipping into her liquid heat.  Jenna whimpered as a fine tremor rippled through her.

“Now that I’m down here, it is apparent that I’ll have to deal with this emergency first.  The flames between your thighs are reaching dangerous proportions.”  He urged closer, his hands touching her in aroused eagerness.  Was it just her imagination or had she seen a flash of possessiveness in his eyes when he gazed up at her?  “You were right to call for
services and
services only, Jenna.  Not only am I the right man, but I’m the only man properly equipped for this job.” 

Before she could reply, Dean leaned into her and inhaled the tangy scent of her arousal as it filled the room.  A surge of warmth flooded her veins.  When he gripped her hips tighter, she angled her head and looked into his dark, passion-filled eyes.  Her pussy quaked and cried out for his attention. 

The tip of his tongue caressed her inner thigh and drew her focus.  The tantalizing sweep sent shivers of pleasure racing through her.  In no time at all, the room grew thick with the scent of her excitement.  The warmth of his mouth ignited her flesh.  Desperate for him to release the pressure brewing inside her, she gyrated against him.

BOOK: Siren-epub
13.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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