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Authors: Miranda Emerald

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The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies) (3 page)

BOOK: The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies)

“Oh fuck!” he managed through gritted teeth.

He squeezed her hips tightly and she held his chest with one hand, and squeezed her hair with the other as she bounced up and down on his massive manhood. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her, starting in her perfectly filled pussy and traveling to the top of her head, making her hair tingle with errant jolts of electricity. He fucked her harder still, and every time she rose up, her beautiful  breasts bouncing in his hands, his cock would rise up and plunge into her with new force.

“Harder! Harder!” she screamed.

And then she couldn’t even scream anymore, her mouth was an empty echo of climax. His hand came up and took her cheek and she bit into it playfully. She bucked, and rocked and glided over his cock and the waves of pleasure grew to a cacophony as she lost all control of her body. Her back arched, she moaned loud, not caring who might hear or know. She was a vessel of pleasure, unaware of any other emotion or feeling.

The orgasm was beyond anything she could have imagined, and when she looked in his eyes she knew he wasn’t far behind.

He grabbed her hips and started to slide her back and forth over his cock in a perfect rhythm.

“I think I’m gunna-“

“Yea?!” she screamed

“I’m gunna!”


He moaned louder than she thought he could and she felt his cock explode. His hot seed filled every single part of her already stretched pussy. Its warmth filled her up, and new unexpected pleasures washed over. He squeezed her close to him as his cock squirmed and came, and when she tried to move her hips he held her tightly! It was too much for him to bare!

A long moment passed between them.

He twitched a few final times, and then slowly she felt his body start to relax. His breathe was rasping, and we were both drenched in sweat! His powerful chest looked like something from a magazine in the light of the fire, and she watched it rise and fall with each breathe.

He loosened his grip on her even more, and his cock started to soften. His hands, shaking less now, explored her body once again – massaging my shoulders, teasing breasts with tiny pinches and cupping her cheek so he could stare into her eyes. 

“That was amazing.” He said. 




The Billionaire’s Desire

I hate flying. I would rather spend an entire day in the car than fly for just a few minutes. It’s terrifying. You can explain it to me all you want, but there’s something not quite right about a giant tube of steel magically floating through the air 27,000 feet above the ground. It sucks.

But I always make an exception for business, especially when that business brings me to Hawaii.

Half the company moved out there 5 years ago, and I got stuck in Atlanta with the other unlucky ones.

It’s total crap too, they had lured us in with promises of shining skyscraper offices, promotions and “Career” growth.  Suddenly they decide to abandon the main land and disappear to some tropical paradise, and I have to stay here and deal with all the bullshit.

But this was my break. I had been surprised when my manager pulled me into his office and handed me the tickets. Normally one of them took any excuse to go, but apparently they we’re so swamped with some acquisition that none of them could afford the time. If I could get there… prove myself, maybe someone would actually take a look at one of my transfer requests.

As I sat there listening to the engines warm up, the flight attendants bustling around with their security briefings and helping hands. I never got that, a security brief. They should just stand up and say: if anything goes wrong, just put your hands on your knees and kiss your ass goodbye. It seems like that would be a lot healthier than giving people a little bit of hope and busy work. I know I don’t want to die trying to figure out how a useless air mask works.

Imagine if people just
Think of the things they do. Hell, the guy sitting next to me was nothing amazing, but if this plane was going down you
what I would be doing.

I thought about the trip as the plane began to taxi.

I was going to assist the Vice President of the company with a presentation with Mathew Kyle. Kyle was the president of his own company, that made ours look like a really small fish in a really big ocean. Typical wall street type, apparently devilishly quick and completely happy with doing whatever the hell he pleased most of the time. He had what people call “Fuck you” money. Kyle was mysterious. Almost larger than life, he seemed to exude the energy of a movie star who, I didn’t know how tall he was, but on TV he always seemed 10 feet tall.

The flight itself went pretty well. I got to chat with a nice guy who was flying out to meet his family. He was an assistant at a company in LA. We compared notes and talked about the life – what we had expected, and what things were really like. It sounds like he was having a whole different type of fun than me – and it made me a little curious. I never thought I’d make it out there, though. A black girl like me, with all my curves and attitude, out there with those bimbos? I had seen the OC and the Hills enough times to want to throw up. We hit turbulence at one point, and I even found myself eyeing his hand, imaging a more confident ‘me’ who would just reach out and grab it. I had been so crazy with work the last few years that I hadn’t had time to
about a relationship, much less a little fun. Lately the itch had really gotten out of control… I had these dreams.

I fantasized about a
confident ‘me’ who would just grab his hand, take him to the bathroom, and get a little hands on experience with all that fun he had been talking about out in LA with the clubs, and the movie stars running around.

Not that confident I’m afraid. Not even close.

He did give me his number and offered to show me around the island when we landed. I took it happily, and made my way to the baggage claim with little fantasies starting to play out in my head. A date on the beach. A first kiss. Maybe more?

I was tired of being the nice girl.

I got my stuff from the baggage claim and went outside. It was warm and humid, and a dark thunderhead rumbled in the distance, casting off gray sheets of rain onto the green cliffs. Hawaii was a stunning place. It had all the exotic magic of some tropical island, but with the comforts of America: street lights, McDonalds, Target; stuff like that.

I pulled out my phone to fiddle around, but hardly entered my password before I heard someone calling my name!

“Alisa, over here!”

It was Dawn. She was the resident “queen bee” of the company, in charge of Human Resources and all of the bustling assistants, mailroom clerks, attendants and paralegals. She was waving excitedly, rushing towards me for a hug as Tom, the vice president, stood stoically behind her. I gave her a cautious side hug and she took one of my bags to carry.

“How was your flight? Everything go alright?”

“It went fine!”

“No hiccups?”


“Oh, good. Come on!”

“Did you bring the presentation files?” Tom asked, not bothering with the welcoming pleasantries. I tapped my bag.

“Right here.”

Great, let’s get you down to the hotel to get changed – we’re meeting Kyle at 5.



“Yea, let’s go!”

I had expected a little more time than
to get ready, I wasn’t even familiar with the presentation. You’d think we’d at least have a rehearsal before a meeting with a wild card billionaire.

I was at the hotel in a flash, changed and back in the black sedan driving along the coast highway nearing sunset. The storms had fallen off the island and huddled near the horizon, flashing the sea with occasional bolts of lightning.

It was nearly five o’clock on the dot when we pulled up the double driveway to the private, and surprisingly humble, island estate. 

I stepped out of the sedan awkwardly, patting down my skirt and gathering up my attaché case. Tom mumbled something, but I didn’t hear him over the sound of trees alive with birds, and the ocean waves crashing against the rocks below. I turned frustrated…and I got my first look at Kyle, standing there, hands in his pockets. He had a close beard, and piercing eyes that considered me with a curiousness not unlike that of a lion.

I would never have admitted it at the time, but I felt a jolt of electricity that first time I saw him again. I always imagined him as this intimidating man’s man – but something about him now was…alluring?

Maybe that’s not the right word. I don’t know.

He waited for us to come to him.

“How are you Tom? Lauren?” he asked in his smooth, but deep voice.

He offered me his hand, and I took it watching his tanned fore arms flex as he squeezed tightly.

“I’m good, I’m good! Glad to finally get here.”

“I’ll bet, come on. Car’s parked around the corner.”

Car? We just got here.

“Car? Are we going somewhere?” Tom asked.

Kyle looked at him like he was crazy “Why wouldn’t we?”

“I just thought the presentation might be a little easier at a projector-“

“Give the presentation whenever! Why can’t we have fun at the same time?”

Tom looked baffled, and the odd billionaire smiled as we rounded the corner to find a monstrous old convertible. It was dinged up, and cherry red, the bottom half covered in mud. We came to find out that Kyle likes to drive around his own property like an absolute madman – apparently the laws of the road only apply to public streets? At least he seemed to think so.

“We think the proposal you read would really benefit both of our companies Mr. Kyle!” Tom shouted over the wind and booming engine of the old car.

“What was that, Tom?” he shouted back, thumbing the volume on the radio and flashing me a wicked grin. Classic rock started blaring, and to my own shock I found

“There’s nothing like a sunset drive!” he shouted “I mean, what’s the point of all that money if you don’t actually enjoy it!”

“Well that’s why this is so serendipitous – with our experience in the Asian markets and with their finance laws, your money will be safe so you can keep—“

“The sound of screeching wheels on dirty drowned him out as Kyle made a hard right turn that pointed the red hood of the giant convertible right towards the ocean.”

Tom clutched his briefcase tight, and I couldn’t help but let out a laugh as a car finally screeched to a halt on the edge of a dramatic cliff overlooking the sea, a cloud of dust flying past us and biting our eyes.

In moments everything grew silent except for the ticking of the dead engine and the distant sound of the waves below. The sun was just beginning to set and streaks of orange light shot out from the horizon, catching clouds in a painting of red, purple, pink and blue.

“It’s beautiful.” I said.

“Yes. It is.” Drake answered.

I turned and his eyes trapped me. So much intelligence, intensity and wit sat behind them. For a moment I felt like we we’re entirely alone, maybe the only people on the entire planet, and my chest rose and fell in a near panic. My heart raced and adrenaline shot through me. A few weeks ago I had almost forgotten I needed men at all, and now I was face to face with a handsome, charming billionaire – and the worst part was he couldn’t possibly want anything to do with a junior assistant from Atlanta. This was the man who could have anything. Anyone.

“Plus, we haven’t even walked you through our strategy for—“

“You’re really killing the moment here, Tom.”

Tom was turning red, he looked like he was ready to explode.

“Come on, tell me how life is going. Been in any fights lately, Tom?”

“What? Well, no? I mean like with my wife?”

“You punch your wife, Tom?! Jesus!”

“No, I didn’t mean! I don’t fight! We argued.”

Kyle seemed to be reveling in Toms discomfort. I imagine he see’s dozens of these propositions every week, and at a certain point you just stop taking them seriously.

“What about you?”

“Me? I can’t punch Tom’s wife, I’d get fired.”

Kyle laughed and it sent a wave of butterflies around my stomach. Tom looked furious.

“See, I like you! Why don’t they just send you? What do you think I should do?”

I looked at Tom, then back at Kyle, biting my lip.

“I think you should do what you want. If the numbers look good, I think we’re a pretty honest group and we’ll work hard.”

Tom didn’t look embarrassed anymore, he looked furious. Kyle let him squirm a second longer, then said something that confused

“Alright. You got a deal.”

He held out his hand to me.

I looked at Tom, and he nodded franticly – so I took the hand of Mathew Kyle for a second time. His grip was softer this time, and it lasted longer. I could feel the warmth in his hand, his pulse… and it made my own race.

“Oh, and since Alisa made the deal, I’m sure she’ll be getting a bonus and a little time off to recoup from her hard work?”

“Uh… Of course.” Tom said, holding out his hand.

Kyle didn’t take it, instead he stuck an old key into the ignition and started the roaring engine of the convertible. It was getting dark.

The billionaire saw us back to our sedan and said his farewells.

“Oh, and Alisa! If you have any time off, you’re more than welcome to come by for lunch.”

He winked.

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