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The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies) (2 page)

BOOK: The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies)
Chapter 4


The event was a total shit show. Traffic was backed up for blocks, the street a swarm of flashing red break lights and pedestrians in smart eveningwear. Taxis honked their horns and Keisha swallowed. She could just make out the flashing of cameras and the light of a red carpet in the distance.

By the time their car pulled up they were surrounded by people. Journalists excitedly shoved their cameras against every window in the tiny Kia, but quickly lost interest when they realized one by one that they didn’t recognize Keisha or her friend.

“You ready?”

Keisha nodded.

“Call me when you need a ride. Have fun,
The last work accentuated with an ironic twang.

Keisha stepped out of the car and her world turned to chaos. Pushing through the crowd she nervously approached a handsome, yet stern looking usher at the front of the line.

“Excuse me. I’m here for the charity auction. I’m one of the...uh... auction-ees?” she said, nervously.

“Of course, please follow Mr. Hansen if you would.” With that he turned back to the raging crowd of guests and journalists. Another man, who she assumed was Hansen, pulled back a velvet rope with white gloved hands and gestured for her to follow.

They went around the crowds, and suddenly she felt self-conscious. They were bringing her in the back! Were people not supposed to see her? How embarrassing it must have looked, her clodding out of a cheap Kia onto the red carpet, only to be sent away… rushed in the back like a crate of produce delivered to the wrong address!

Hansen pulled open a door to the massive building and held it for her. She stepped in and all of her insecurities and expectations were replaced with awe. The room was huge and electric. Girls in all styles of beautiful dresses rushed back and forth between walls lined with massive mirrors and shining lights. Stylists padded make-up and made final adjustments to hair while busy looking men buzzed around with clipboards and crates full of supplies. Keisha looked up in a daze at the tall ceiling which suspended a maze of catwalks and lights that led to the main stage.

Hansen seemed to notice her amazement and smiled. He gestured at another man before dismissing himself.

“Have a lovely evening, Miss.”

All she wanted to do was sit down and catch her breath, but before she could even say goodbye another man appeared. He spoke in an effeminate voice and led her over to an empty chair.

Suddenly hands were all over her, touching up her hair and face under the new light… wiping away all the hours she had spent in front of the mirror, and making things… better.

In a few short minutes she transformed from pretty to beautiful. She couldn’t remember looking so good, and she had to fight the urge to take a picture and send it to all her friends.

When she was finished another girl took her place in the chair, and she stood in time to overhear a man shouting introductions. He was standing on a green crate and his coat tails whipped up and down with his every enunciation.

“The list is posted all around the dressing rooms and backstage area. Once there are only two people in front of you, someone will come find you and go through final prep before you go onstage. Try to be in the main area, so you’re easy to find. If you aren’t here we go on without you! Don’t be nervous, it’s all for charity. Just have fun out there! Once you’re sent through the curtain, just follow the white line on the stage and stand on the yellow star! Feel free to wave, or do whatever, but you won’t be mic’d so you can’t talk. Got it? The host will thank you, and then you will keep following the white line until you are off the stage where you can sign-out and get the contact info for your donor.”

When he was finished Keisha made several loops around the backstage, trying to calm her nerves. Was she really doing this? Catching her reflection in one of the giant mirrors, she couldn’t help but be reminded of her differences. All around her the girls were glamorous, thin and smiling. Their eyes almost looked empty, vacant – even dead! What was going on in their minds? Were they shaking as badly as her? Were they sweating, their mouths dry?

“Keisha Porter?” a woman with a clipboard called “Keisha P-“

“Yea, that’s me!”

“Hi, Keisha. Did you hear the orientation?”

She nodded.

“Okay, when I tell you just walk down that line, stand on the star, and wait for the bidding to end. Got it?”


“Okay, when you’re done just follow the same line, Steve will grab you on the other side.” She heard something on her earpiece and waved her hand at Keisha “Alright, hon, here you go.”

Keisha stepped forward and was overwhelmed, not for the first time that evening. She knew the room would be big, but she had no idea
big. It was like she had stepped into a cathedral, and every person inside was focused on her. They clapped, cameras flashed and somewhere in the background Keisha heard a voice.

“Keep walking!” she finally heard over the dim of the crowd.

Oh shit!

She pushed forward, blushing and desperately hoping she would reach the star before her heels and quivering legs gave out!

“Can we start the bidding on the beautiful Keisha Porter? I’ll start at 500!”

Here it is, the moment of truth!
She tried to calm herself, her thousand dollars was already in the bag, after all!

“500! Anyone, 500!”

Oh god, what if no one bids at all? Does that happen?

“Do I see 500?”

It didn’t matter how she tried to justify it, her whole world stood in the balance! She simply couldn’t handle it if no one voted at all! It would be the silly end to an even sillier attempt at proving she was something more than that small town girl. The job, the boyfriend, now this…

Somewhere in the crowd a hand shot up.

“500!” the auctioneer cried “Do I have 750? The price is now 750!”

Another hand.

“750! What about 1000?”

And then another hand! Suddenly Keisha could hardly keep up.

A thousand became two thousand, then four! The shaking in her legs stopped a little and she found herself smiling, waving a little bit in thanks back to the cheering and bustling crowd.

“Ten thousand!” someone shouted and her legs began to shake again, even more furiously.

Ten thousand? Could that possibly be right? Ten thousand dollars for what? A dinner with me?
Her mind raced. Everything became a blur. Outside her somewhere was the sound of the announcer, cameras flashing, music. She followed the tiny white line until she passed through the red curtains and fell back into the bustling, although comparatively quiet, world of backstage.

“You did great!” someone said, but it didn’t matter.

She was flabbergasted. Who on Earth would spend 10,000 dollars on a girl like her? Her excitement and shock quickly turned to anxiety. What would they expect of her for that much money? She knew her friend had been joking, but what if they
really did
want something more than dinner. How awkward was it going to be to have to say ‘no’!

Oh don’t be silly
she told herself. This was a charity gig, nothing more. These people were impossibly rich; to them ten grand was pocket change! They probably made that much in an hour!

She took a drink with a shaking hand and followed another of the countless assistants to a calmer area of the stage where they took down her contact information and handed her a folder with her paycheck and further instructions. She texted Nicole for a ride and went outside to wait.

“So? How was it? How much did you get?”  Nicole asked when she finally arrived.

Keisha paused, a stern look on her face.

“Oh no… that bad.” Her friend said “They…”

Keisha’s face remained stern.

“They bid
didn’t they? They didn’t just—“

“Ten thousand!” Keisha burst out.

Both girls screamed with excitement, cracking jokes and tugging at each other’s sleeves as they pulled away from the benefit and onto the busy late night freeway.

“I mean it’s not like I get the money, but still – just to be worth that much! And to earn so much for a good cause!” Keisha said once they calmed down a little bit.

“And the thousand bucks doesn’t hurt.

“No it doesn’t hurt one tiny bit!”

The car turned onto a quieter road and the bright city began to fade behind them as they made their way out of downtown.

“So when’s the date?”

“It’s not even a date! It’s just dinner!”

“Mmmhmmm, when’s your date?”

“In a few days.”

“Are you nervous?”

Keisha shrugged.

“What’s there to be nervous about?”

“What if he’s ugly! What if he’s a jerk!”

“So what? Plus, I’ve got plenty of experience eating dinner with jerks.

Chapter 5


“One moment!” she said, her heels clacking on the floor as she tried to put in her second earring. Sheunlocked the top latch, not bothering to look through the peephole, and opened the door.

Her jaw dropped.

“Who are

Her first thought was they must have sent a driver to collect her at the door. They seemed like they would be into that, the shadowy elite – hiring models to fill every role, that is.

“I’m your donor? From the charity auction?”

Her donor?
It had to be some sort of joke! A prank maybe? There was no way the guy standing in front of her had paid 10,000 for a date at a charity auction! He was young. Too young for that kind of money. Young and painfully handsome. He had shaggy blonde hair that would seem to fit in anywhere at the charity event, and a course stubble covered his flat cheeks.

“Are you sure you aren’t the driver or something? You look like—“

“I’m absolutely sure.”

“Oh, oh my god, I’m sorry! It’s just that you’re!”

“I’m what? Young.”

“Yes, I mean no!”

“Ugly?” he said skeptically.

“Oh, God no.” she stuttered, blushing “I’m sorry, I got off on the wrong foot there… my names Keisha.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Keisha.” He said, taking her hand in his warm grip. “Should we get going?”

“Yes!” she turned and her friend gave her the thumbs up.

The car he came in was short and black. Very beautiful and obviously expensive. The seats smelled like leather, and faced each other – the driver behind her mysterious donor, behind a tinted glass divider.

“You seriously haven’t heard my name?”

“Thomas Belfour? No… I’m sorry.”

He half frowned and Keisha let out a laugh.

“Ohhh” she said consolingly “You aren’t used to that! With your charity auctions and your fancy black car!”

The car didn’t take them to a restaurant. Instead it made a line for the coast, where the houses and cars slowly grew nicer and nicer until they reached the water where a spectacle of beauty stretched out before them.

The car came to a stop at the top of a tiny hill. There were no other cars around, but the path was well-lit and welcoming. Keisha had seen pictures of the place before – Piker’s Point. It’s where all the families and tourists went when the sun was setting and the weather was meant for picnics. It was supposed to be a gem of the city! Such a gem Keisha had never bothered visiting, since the rumor was that parking was nearly impossible. Not tonight.

“I thought this would be nice. After you’ve been to every restaurant in town a few hundred times, it sort of loses its luster.”

“So you’ve taken hundreds of girls on dates just like this?”

“Maybe not hundreds. And dates like this? I thought this was a dinner. The company was very specific that this is a
He made a very serious face and she smiled.

“I still can’t believe this. Where are all the people, it’s so quiet!”

“Money has its privileges” he said, winking “Come on!”

He led her up the winding path past trees and meadows of soft green grass. The horizon was a painting of a million lights, with downtown stretching out behind them, its silver building cutting long streaks in the sky.

              As they neared the top Keisha started to make out an object. Something glowing and twinkling in the night. It was a picnic blanket, lined with candles and centered with exquisite covered silver dishes.

              Tom kicked off his shoes, wriggled his toes in the grass and sat down, gesturing for Keisha to do the same. She joined him, smiling as he poured her a glass of wine.

“This is pretty good.” She said, looking around. “Who
fall for this?”

He flashed her a crooked smile “You’d be surprised.”

They ate and talked for hours. At first Keisha felt distant – like a women doing a job. She knew there was something artificial about the night, something fake. It was for charity after all! A business deal dressed up as a date, nothing more! Hell, Tom probably got a tax rebate for buying her!

But it didn’t take long for things to change. There was something about the look in his eyes that made it easy for her to slip into the fairytale. By their second glass of wine she hardly remembered the auction, or the thousand dollars… she was entranced by his serene mood and quick wit.

He seemed bigger than life, and that all his focus was placed so gently on her…

“So, you have to tell me.” She said.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Why did you pick me? Seriously.”

“Well, to be honest you’re different. I was joking earlier, but I really have experienced most of what this city, hell this planet, has to offer. I was blessed with money, or at least the mind to get it, and that is one of the benefits… but after a while. I don’t know.”


“Things get dull again.” He said, slapping his legs “The exciting becomes the mundane. What was unthinkable yesterday becomes boring tomorrow. That’s why these men do half of what they do,” he said, waving at the distance – the beautiful homes that line the cliff and shore. “No one honestly thinks the million dollar bottle of wine tastes
much better… they just need it because it’s a little better. Something new. Something different and that much closer to perfection.”

“So you bought me because I was expensive.” She said, a smile still on her face, but her voice chilled.

“No! No, that’s not what I meant at all. What I mean is I can have all of that. When I saw you… I don’t know I felt something different. You, you are different! All those girls are beautiful, but you’re beautiful in such a rare way…”

Keisha turned away from him. Suddenly it was all too much. It couldn’t be real,
what was this?

“What?” he said.

“Is this what you do? This has to be some sort of joke.”

“No, it’s no joke. I’m sorry. I can be more forward -- more intense--than other people.”

She laughed again, but her eyes were glassy. She started to shake her head, her gaze returning to the ocean but his hand stopped her. Taking her cheek and holding it gently. That touch sent tingles and lightening down her spine, and she hardly had time to process the emotions before he kissed her.

“This doesn’t feel real.”

He nodded.

“It never does. My whole life I keep closing my eyes and expecting them to open to something else… something harder. Uglier. Terrible. What did I do to deserve all this?”

This time she kissed him. Not softly, but long and hard. The kind of his that could launch ships. When she finally pulled back he was breathing hard, his eyes fixed on hers.

“Are you sure? The organizers were very clear that this—“

She kissed him again and he took her in his arms and they both fell into the soft grass. He climbed onto her, kissing her neck...then her dark shoulders… she could feel the hard outline of his manhood through his jeans.

The thing in his pants was huge and it sent a jolt of anticipation through her. In that instant she knew what she would do. Throw caution to the wind and follow whatever urge that crossed he.

She reached out and squeezed it. He let out a groan and bit playfully into her neck as she held it, exploring its shape with playful strokes.

His hand slid down her stomach and it tickled. She giggled, and squeezed her legs around him as tightly as she could. It felt like she was magnetically drawn to the bulge in his pants. A warmth was growing down below, and every inch of it ached to be closer to him. There were just a few inches of fabric between them but it felt like a mile.

His hand slowly slid under the waistband of her pajama pants and a line of goose bumps shot up her back. He kissed her neck and she whispered in his ear as his fingers slid past the line of her panties.

“So this definitely isn’t a joke--”

Finally, his finger found her place and her mouth opened wide in a silent moan. It slid in easily and transforming her entire world. His warm touch radiated outwards, filling her with joy and she grinded herself up against him hard. As hard as she could.

He started to draw little circles with his thumb, kissing her deeply! She did her best to kiss him back, but she couldn’t stop from moaning. She felt hot, her breathe short, in a few quick moments it was all she could do just to breathe at all. Not to scream out in pleasure!

That pleasure washed over her, and then doubled as he slid a long finger deep inside of her. He pushed it up against her special spot, and held it there for a long moment, letting her control where it went with the rhythm of her hips.

“Tom” she whispered between a broken moan “I want more…” she trailed off.

His cock was still under her – hard.

A hand slid down the velvet red fabric of his pants and found it.

She couldn’t believe how big it was! It filled her entire hand, and she stroked it back and forth. He opened his mouth to say something, but she didn’t let him, putting a finger quickly to his lips.

Then, a smile flashing across her face she climbed off him

She pulled her shirt the rest of the way off and settled down onto her knees, running her hands up and down his thighs – just to tease. It didn’t take her long to realize she was too impatient for those types of games! Like a whip, she undid his black belt, and worked the zipper of his pants.

She used both her hands to peel down the waist of his boxers, and when his cock finally bounced out her eyes went wide. Everything about him was so perfect, it seemed unfair!

She leaned forward, apprehensive. Suddenly it all came crashing down on her, exactly what it was she was doing! She was on a date with some billionaire! A billionaire who looked more like a stripper dressed as a billionaire, than, you know, an actual billionaire.  The wind rushed across her face and she could feel the grass rustled across her knees. Her cheeks went hot and suddenly she realized just where they were! Her eyes darted between the windows in the distance, the parked cars at the bottom of the hill, down to the boats bobbing up and down in the bay below!

Who knew how many people could be watching them.

And she didn’t care.

His beautiful cock was so close… she couldn’t help but take it again. Feeling it’s hard form, then pressing her hands up…feeling the lines of his tight abdominals, and smiling as he twitched and curled his toes as she grazed his manhood with her nails.

She leaned in… her heart beating so loud she could feel it in her throat. She could smell his bodywash, and warm masculine smell. She could see him, quivering for the chance to touch her more…Then she pressed him to her lips.

He gasped like she had dumped ice water on his head, but his throbbing cock told her how much he liked it. He wiggled and writhed, and she let out another little giggle before pressing it to her lips.

Teasing him just long enough, she let him into her mouth. His cock slid oh-so-terribly slow over her tongue, past the line of her teeth, until after a long moment she had almost all of it inside! It reached the back of her mouth and her eyes went wide!

His cock throbbed and bucked and she went about her work. She stroked him fast, twirling and teasing with her tongue as her head bobbed up and down.

His moans grew louder, and his hand held her cheek adoringly. She felt his legs shake, and as she stroked his cock even faster she realized something! She wasn’t ready for the fun to be over! She knew he was getting close, and there was still something she wanted.

Something she wanted very badly.

She stood up, and slowly started to pull down her skirt. His face was so beautiful in the orange glow of the city lights, and she felt a little nervous stepping out of her clothes in front of him.

He started to slowly stroke his cock, and his hand reached out for hers. She took it, and once again she pressed him down onto the grass–no pesky clothes between them this time.

“I knew you were unique.”

She nodded, biting her lip. Her turn to be in control was over – she could see it in his eyes.

He started slowly, lifting her up and guiding his cock towards her wet lips… she felt him there, and felt as if that place between her legs was drawn to him. Even if his cock had been miles away, she would have felt the pull and followed it.

She moved her hips and a new wave of pleasure shot through her as his cock slid into her wet pussy. Familiar thrushes began to build up, radiating desire to the farthest corners of her body. With his thumb he gently caressed her clit, and once that started there was no going back. Her mouth was open wide, but nothing came out. Shivers and a tingling. It was like every part of her was satisfied – like every little part of her body was now shared with the most handsome and wonderful man she had ever known. She didn’t moan, she screamed.

She rocked her hips back and forth , starting to really fuck him. She rose up and down and felt his massive cock slide in and out of her. His hands held her hips tightly, and when her legs started to shake from the insane pleasure he took over.

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