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Authors: Miranda Emerald

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The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies) (6 page)

BOOK: The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies)


Her gentle jaw wrapped itself around him and he let out a groan as the warm pleasure flowed over him.


              Her tongue wrapped itself around the juicy shaft and explored its entirety. He licked all the way down and up again before dropping even lower and nibbling on his balls ever so gently. Just when he thought things we’re going pretty well, Kiara pulled his cock out of his mouth with a *pop*.


              He moaned and his hand shot out, grabbing her by the back of the head and pushing her, gently but with force, back onto his cock. Eyes wide Kiara took him into her mouth, fighting her instinct to gag as the huge shaft stretched her jaw.

She grabbed it and began to stroke in long, deep arcs. She could feel how hard he was, and let out a little moan – mostly for show, but not entirely. Warmth started to build in her own body and with vigor she took him into her mouth and began to play and twirl with her tongue.


Harrison gasped, and placed one hand on Jack’s head as his legs wobbled. She was bobbing back and forth, stroking his shaft and massaging his balls before sliding a tongue slowly downwards where she played for a moment.


She could already feel the first tiny contractions and squirm of pleasure as she orchestrated her idea of the most perfect blowjob. He was close to cumming and she knew it.


She redoubled her efforts, but when her hands started to stroke quicker he grabbed her chin and gently lifted her head.

Her eyes met his and heart nearly stopped. He was handsome, his eyes full of fire. He was a true leader, and if he had asked her to stand, open the window and jump she would have… cherishing the fall for the fact that it pleased him.


“We aren’t nearly done with your interview yet.” He said, lifting her. “I have to admit, you’re absolutely stunning. I haven’t seen any girls like you in here before.”


        He kissed her deeply and for a moment Kiara tried to speak but he grabbed her firmly and kissed her hard again.


        Harrison ripped Kiara’s shirt open and kissed her neck, roughly fondling her breasts as they fell out of the white blouse, dark tan with nipples hard from the cool air. It was a little sore, and she winced for a moment. She grabbed Harrison by the neck firmly and kissed him hard, scratching his back with his fingernails as she did.


        Harrison let out a gruff gasp and smiled. Lifting Kiara up he began to pull off his pants. Standing she undid her own pants, throwing them down and stepping up to Harrison.


         She looked up with doe eyes. The svelte, tall man in front of her wa
Harrison’s cock was throbbing at full mast. It angled upwards so high that it grazed his abs, and Kiara squinted at her own stomach trying to imagine how it could possibly fit.


         She had no time to speak. Harrison picked her up roughly with another kiss, and sat her down on the desk. Rolling on top of her, Harrison moved his cock with practiced precision, pressing it up against his new secretary’s pussy.


         Kiara let out another silent gasp. Her heart was still racing and a wave of emotion and pleasure washed through her, she could feel her breasts in the cool air, and they absolutely screamed with sensation.


Harrison smiled, and yanked things around trying to find the right angle. When he did they both gasped. Kiara beamed when she saw his eyes light up with understanding. His cock was resting on her lips, not even in yet, but Harrison was intoxicated by that warmth.


         He pushed, and it was Kiara's time to gasp.


         He pushed again, and Kiara felt the cock slide into her. Only an inch, but it was inside of her. Filling her up. It felt impossibly big, and only a trickle of pain floated through a thousand other feelings.


         She took shallow breaths and moans as Harrison pulled out, and then pressed himself in even further and she felt the pleasure start to build inside of her.


        Harrison pushed again, and now he was all the way inside. He began to stroke back and forth, pushing himself all the way before slowly pulling out and pushing back in again. Kiara moaned and bit her lip as she tried to hold on.


              He fucked her hard, staring down at her with those animal eyes. She couldn’t move for all the pleasure. The desk rocked back and forth under her, and it was all she could do to hold on.  He leaned in and bit her neck, and she grabbed his back, holding on tightly to the coiled mass of muscle and passion that was thrusting through every part of her.


              With a jolt he lifted her up and slammed her against a counter behind the desk. She looked over his shoulder at the majesty of the city, and the possibility that someone could be watching never crossed her mind. She was above them, submitting herself to untold pleasures at the pinnacle of the city.
Let them look up,
she thought, let them see how much higher she was.

              He lifted her again, and this time she was facing the desk and he was behind her. He slammed into her and his cock reached new places inside of her that she never knew existed. His hand rang out as it slapped her big ass, and the pleasure echoed through with pain as its escort.


Caught up in the situation she didn't feel the crescendo coming. The pleasure doubled, and she reveled in it, panting and moaning with absolute intoxication. Then she felt something rise, explode inside of her as his cock started to throb. Cum exploded into Kiara's pussy. She felt it pour out of him in waves. It filled her up and gushed out, dripping down her leg, it’s white color contrasting wildly with her smooth black skin. His body grew heavy, and he collapsed onto Kiara who was finally managing to catch her breathe. They sat there for a second, pressed against each other on his desk, the final light of day fading over the horizon.

Finally she managed to catch her breath.

“So do I have the job?”

“The interview isn’t over yet.”

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