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Authors: Miranda Emerald

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The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies) (5 page)

BOOK: The BWWM Billionaire Bundle (Three Hot Fantasies)

I smiled.


Billionaire’s Assistant


Kiara expected the competition to get into the internship at Oakwood & Fremont, the city’s premiere financial institution, what she didn’t expect was the competition
the company. It was an absolute madhouse of backdoor deals, gossip, rumors and sabotage. Everyone wanted a shot at the fall term opening positions, but only 5 candidates would get them. It was dog-eat-dog, and the management liked it that way.


Kiara thought it was strange. Having the backbone of your company made up of rivals, nemesis and absolute hatchet men seemed counter intuitive. It was even harder to come to terms with the fact that there were no neutral parties, no innocent bystanders. For her entire life she had done just fine hovering quietly outside the line of fire… but here the competition was too much. She had to play whether she liked it or not. 


She shouldn’t be working at all, much less in the mail room punching through a thousand letters a day, with all the paper cuts and dry hands that came with it – but her mom’s new husband, the animalistic and illustrious Harrison Oakwood had insisted it be that way.


So there she was. In the mailroom.


24 years old, beautiful features, dark brown skin, and more than one man had even called her gorgeous, if not a little too much for some … and there she was licking stamps. So many stamps her tongue turned yellow and her mouth tasted like the Elmer’s glue factory. It was bullshit.


A double amputee could count her friends on no hands, and she had through sheer accident gathered more than her fair share of enemies. Amy, who climbed out of the mail room by sucking a senior account manager’s cock, had blamed her for 12 hours overtime after a particularly unsavory accident with the bill folder. Katie, who was the queen bee and protective mother of the interns, had carved her name onto her own hit list after Sophie had accidentally eaten a member of management’s scone, of which Katie had the divine privilege of delivering…


Hell, even the office doofus, Carl-- only there on account of a favor to some Senator—seemed to dislike her. She hadn’t figured that one out yet, but he leered at her between slitted eyes whenever she took more than one bathroom break in an afternoon. She had walked in on him talking trash about her on more than one occasion, and while she did her best to brush it off, the balding 26 year old had contributed to more than one of her lunch time bathroom cry sessions.


Sure she could work harder – 50 hours a week was hardly cutting it, but 70 was beyond her sleep schedule. She could shack up with one of the higher ups, she was pretty enough, she knew that, but she couldn’t muster up the courage – or was it desire? Plus, the rich white guys always ended up with skinny white girls who looked more like their daughters than a hookup.


She had constantly looked down on the girls who settled for balding accountants, and sweaty salesmen. They marched the halls of the finest minds in all of finance. They sat only a few floors below genius playboys the likes of Mr. Fremont and Harrison Stanton. How could they settle for so much less, when greatness was so close by? It seemed like they were selling themselves short, and she knew if she ever tried she would fail out of sheer disappointment.


They weren’t all bathroom cry sessions though. She had spent more than one quick break secreted away fantasizing about the younger members of the board. They were like superheroes – with the ability to succeed both at work, and at play. How they managed to make it to the Country Club daily after 16 hours of work amazed her – she was still uneducated about the energizing benefits of cocaine and Adderall.


That was the fantasy though. Her parents had never really made it out of the city, and now that they we’re getting older it became all too real for her. She didn’t want them to have to live there forever, in the same tiny house they bought before she was born. She would find a man like Harrison or Fremont, and she would make them hers. No more stuffing envelopes, no more stamps… it would be champagne, poolside massages and sex that would make the Greek Gods jealous. Mom gets a car, Dad gets a boat.


And she wouldn’t blow her load sucking off some junior accountant either. The higher ups liked their girls unsullied and she knew it. They would never bare the shame of having the sloppy seconds of some junior man. Too bad all the girls running around the mailroom didn’t know that she would think to herself, wickedly.


It was a Wednesday when she finished up her shift pushing the large mail cart around the office, handing out envelopes to bustling men in suspenders and angry women in pantsuits. She settled into a grim plastic chair in the break room and inspected a plastic wrapped sandwich that had long gone soggy in the oversized employee refrigerator.


She picked out a few tomatoes and took her first bite when Samantha came pushed through the doors nearly in tears.


“I don’t know what I’m going to do!”

Kiara looked around and realized she was the only one in the room.


“What’s going on?”


“I have to go pick up my kid from school, he’s in trouble again, but Mr. Statton says he’ll fire me if I miss any more work!”


Her eyes were dark read, and tears were starting to pool.


“I don’t know what to do!”


Kiara took a bite.


“Can you please help me? Please! I’ve seen the way he looks at you, he’ll make an exception – you have to take my shift. Please!”


Looks at her? When? She had only ever seen him a half dozen times.
Kiara searched the file cabinet in her brain for an excuse and came up empty. She stared at the other women, wide eyed and mouth open.


“Please! I’m begging you!”


“Uh… Yea, no problem. What do I have to do?”


“Oh thank god! Thank you so much! You have no idea… here’s my keys, just go up to his office, and make sure that he gets whatever he needs. If the phone rings just take a message on the notepad, and don’t disturb him. Thank you so much!”




“Just tell him I traded you my shift because you wanted the experience!”


Before she could ask any more questions the hysterical girl was out the door, her high heels clicking down the hallway to the elevator.




She sighed, took another bite of the sandwich, and with two fingers dropped it into the brown paper bag, which she crumpled and threw into the trash.

Chapter 2


She fixed herself up in the ladies room, brushing down her lapels and patting the frizz out of her hair, gathering herself in the mirror before getting in the elevator and pressing the highest button on the panel. She took a deep breathe, and tried not to think about the fact that the only time she had been so high up in the building was when something had gone terribly wrong.


The open pit office area of the managerial floor was a hodgepodge of beautiful secretaries, wet bars, men in suits gathered around putters and glasses of scotch and hard wood. She walked down the hallway and it felt like every eye was on her.
She doesn’t belong up here, who is she? Just some intern?


She knew she imagined most of it, but the place was intimidating to say the least.


Turning a corner she found herself in the waiting area of the biggest office in the building, where she settled herself behind the desk and carefully inspected everything in front of her.


Notepads, calendars, a stylish computer, a phone with more buttons than it had any business having…She took a deep breathe.
No problem.


She grabbed a candy from an ornate tray and chewed on it nervously. Just as she was swallowing the door clicked open and Harrison went flying past her. He almost made it into his office when he did a double take, turned to face her, and shot a curious eyebrow up.


“Oh!” he paused, thinking “Kiara, Right? What are you doing here?”

He went into the office and she followed him, stopping in the threshold of the massive door.


“I was just… I…”


“No it’s fine! It’ll be great to have someone new for a change. Make a copy of this would you? And get Pete from Advision Incorporated on the line.”


He turned to face his massive office window, a phone tucked into his shoulder and his hands in his pockets. She stared at him for a moment, admiring the way his bespoke suit perfectly contoured to his fit body. Catching herself in the reflection of the window, she turned and left before he noticed her.


She did the copies, made the call, and collapsed into the office chair. 20 minutes had passed and she had hardly noticed it. She realized that this, even if it was hectic, was a hell of a lot better than the mail room.


That made her jealous. Samantha was a class ‘A’ fuck up, everyone knew it, but she got to work up here? She got to sit in this fine leather chair and service one of the finest businessmen of the 20


Then a hint of deviousness crossed her mind. Any of the other girls would do anything for this position. Samantha had fucked up, and like a weak gazelle they would have pounced like lions. Why didn’t she? Because she was a good girl? She had never been a good girl in high school, she certainly hadn’t been a good girl in the clubs before she had gotten her shit together and gotten this job.


she thought to herself
I couldn’t do it.


The intercom on her desk beeped and she pressed the white button. Statton's voice came through crystal clear.


“Could you bring us a drink, darling? It’s after five, pour one for yourself.”


She looked for the bar, and it was not immediately noticeable. She checked the back counter, in her drawers, eventually finding it inside an old antique globe. She poured a scotch for him and a gin and ginger for herself, rushing his glass into the office and offering it with a smile.


“Where is Samantha anyways?” he asked.

She started, looking down at her glass.


Drinking on the job?


She was stunned.




He stared at her expectantly and before she could pull them back the words left her mouth.


“She had to leave early?”


“What?! Again? That’s the third time this week. She gets paid a king’s ransom and has the best desk in the entire building. I’ve warned her once already.”


Kiara thought about speaking up, defending the distraught woman, but the temptation in front of her was too much to stand against.


“Well that’s the end of her I’m afraid, put in an order with HR… tell them I need another one by the morning. You can pack up her things before you go.”


She nodded meekly and went back to her desk. She sat there dumbfounded. Had she really just done that? Was she no better than all the other office politicians, willing to sell out someone’s livelihood for a shot at the top.


Yea, maybe I am.


She fingered through the department directory until she found the number for HR, but she didn’t call. She deserved the position after all, and HR was unlikely as all hell to place her in the position. She would have to fight for it…


              She packed up her things and struggled to come up with a plan. He was the head of the company! She could just ask him and the job would be as good as hers! Right?! This is what she had always dreamed off, why
take it?


              Closing time came fast and the door to Harrison’s office opened once again. He pulled his jacket off the wood stand in the corner and pulled it on with practiced charm.


              “Did you get that order into HR? I’m going to need someone first thing in the morning. Lot of meetings and Takanawa is flying in from Japan to see the portfolio presentation.”


              “I was thinking… well. What about me, sir?” she said.


              He laughed, finished pulling on his jacket, and took a few steps closer to her desk.


              “You have to be kidding.”


              “No I’m not! I could do it!”


              “You don’t have the training, you don’t meet the requirements.”


              “Training? I know I can do it, it’s not that tough.”


              “Still.” He said.


              His eyes lost their jovial brightness and for a moment she saw something predatory. The look of an animal closing in for a kill that had lent in a large part to his success as a financial “shark”. It made her heart race.


              “There are certain… things I require from a secretary that you couldn’t provide.”


              “I can do anything they can do!”


              “You really can’t,” he said.


              “I can type, multi-task, take messages. I know how to handle clients. I’m hot, I know the secretaries have to be good looking, but you
to admit I’m hot, Harrison.”


              “Mr. Statton, and it’s not just about being ‘hot’, you need to be
than that.”


              Realization struck her like lightning.




              All of the higher ups had something on the side, why would he be any different? The thought made her flush. She had seen him at home by the pool, six foot two of lean, tanned muscle. He was a specimen, and he knew always knew what he wanted – it really was appealing. It never crossed her mind how her mom would feel about it all, but she had to know it came with the package when you tied down a bronco like Statton.


              “And why couldn’t I fulfil those responsibilities?”


              He laughed again before raising an eyebrow, trying to gauge her seriousness.


              “I could, really.”


              “Do you even know what I’m talking about?” he said.


              Then and there she could see that he was considering it. Her heart raced, and her cheeks flushed as she considered the possibility.


              She didn’t think she could sell out another employee moments before and she had done it with impunity. Hell she had enjoyed it in a sick way, it felt
to be the predator for once.


              “Why don’t you let me interview?”


              He rubbed his chin and thought about it.


              “Okay fine. Come into my office.”


              They walked into the massive room – the sun was setting and the city lights shined like a million glowing pearls below. Orange and purple clouds streaked out towards the horizon, and far below she could see the ocean… sparkling with the last gleams of days light.


              Harrison settled down in his massive chair.


              “Okay, so I get a call from lower management about a complaint while I’m in a meeting with the Japanese. What do you do?”


              “Take a message and try to push them onto Mike or Dallas.”


              “What if the markets crashing and we’re down 30 points on energy?”


              “Buzz you immediately, no matter who’s in the room.”


              “Never buzz me in a meeting, am I working for you? What would people think?”


              “Ok…” she considered “Excuse myself, come into the room and whisper in your ear. Make sure to show a little leg.”


              He nodded.


              “Exactly. Nothing puts the power in my lap like having a beautiful women come to me.”




“What if you have an emergency at home, and you need to leave work?”


              “I don’t have emergencies.”


              “Good.” He nodded, but she could tell that he was starting to get bored.


              “What if I’ve had a long day, things are slowing down, and I’m ready to go home.”


              She thought about that one for a long time. She knew what he wanted at the end of the day… she just wasn’t sure if she had the courage to go for it. He was a king, he intimidated her.


She had to try.


She had to try. She crossed the room and leaned against his huge desk, pulling off her high heels with a *clop*. Then she undid her hair, shaking it lightly before hovering hand over the top button of her blouse. Checking his reaction, she waited a moment, her heart racing, and then she undid it. The shirt strained and she could feel the air against the top of her small, perky breasts.


              “What if I asked you to suck my cock, and never tell anyone?”


              She didn’t say a word. She got down on her knees, patted the crease in her shirt then placed her hands on his thighs. She slid them upward, not stopping on the long bulge that was growing with every moment, instead taking his fine leather belt and unbuckling it slowly.


              She felt his eyes on her and she couldn’t meet them. She knew they burned with animal passion, and she was afraid if she saw them she would be frozen like a rabbit in a spotlight.


              The bespoke pants were soft, and the zippers came undone inaudibly. Her breathe quickened, and tingles of electricity zipped and zapped from her finger tips in arcs of anticipation and fear.


              With a snap of the waist band his cock burst out. It was long and rock hard, the skin smooth and lightly tanned. She held it against her lips for a moment, savoring the scent and teasing him with the warmth of her breathe. She didn’t just have to
him; she had to make him

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