The Healthy Green Drink Diet

BOOK: The Healthy Green Drink Diet

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Why Go Green?

The Greens

Adding Fruit

Adding “Superfoods”

Sweeteners (If You Must)

Tips: Buying, Saving, Growing, and Storing

The Green Drink Diet


Making Your Green Drink: Equipment and How-To

Juicing vs. Blending


A Grape Pear

Apple Raz

The Healthy Green Drink

Just Peachy

Mango Mint-jito

Strawberry Patch


Black Melon

Green Java


Tropical Sun


Sweet Potato Pie

Just Beet It

Dumpkin Pie

Crazy Cran

Mintal Melon



Heavy Green

Hit Pearade

Jack Sprout

American Pie

Lettuce Rock

Tom Soy-er


Rad-ish Radish

Cool Slaw

4 Carrot Gold

Red Queen

Beetle Juice

Hot Rocket



Green King

Rocket Fuel

Green Clean

Ginger Snap

Blimey Mary!

Cold Killah

Gold ‘n’ Delicious

Mint Julep


Radicchio Active


Spring Sprout



Popeye Punch

True Collards

Greens Lover




every human being is the author of his own health or disease.

—Siddh rtha Gautama

This book is not for vegetarians. It is not for vegans, raw foodists, meat eaters, or Paleo eaters. It is for

people—everyone—far and wide, no matter your current eating practices. It is for people who

struggle, day to day, to find the “right” way to manage
. Mothers, fathers, children, athletes,

business people, the common folk, royalty, the infirm… this book is for all of you. It is a key step in taking

your health by the reigns and finally claiming responsibility and know-how for your own well-being. The

best way to do that is to give you something you can measure.

We eat healthy because we want to feel healthy—fantasies of living
should not trump the

importance of living
. Although there have been numerous studies outlining the therapeutic effects

of diet on illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and immune disorders, we cannot let that obscure our

motivation—the simple fact that eating good feels good.

Despite the title suggesting
, this book is more of a supplement to the diet you already enjoy. It is my

belief that adding “good” foods to your diet is a more efficient way of reaching goals than taking away

“bad” foods. Whether you want to lose weight, fight fatigue, combat disease, or just be healthier, adding

green drinks will slowly replace your bad habits and transform your health for the better. Not only that,

but this process retains healthy eating practices long after the motivation of trying a completely new

system has worn off.

With all of that in mind, this book has one very simple goal: eat at least one green drink a day, preferably

before a meal. That’s it. From there, it’s up to you how far you take it. optimally, I suggest two to three

per day, before your biggest meals. But once a day is a great place to start.

The Author

I am, first and foremost, just a nerd with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. I love exploring new ways

to push my body to extremes while still maintaining a healthy foundation. Over the years, I’ve studied and

converted to more diet fads and fitness programs than I can remember. I’ve also worked as a certified

personal trainer and slowly learned what works, and what doesn’t.

In early 2008 I started, with the premise of documenting the green drinks I

consumed on a daily basis. To be honest, all I really wanted to do was teach myself how to rank in search

engines for certain keywords. The website and web development in general, slowly became another one

of those obsessions that claims every speck of my free time. But, it paid off. My lifelong obsession with

health and fitness helped me turn my dabbling in web development into a way to share one of my other

passions, green drinks.

The process of picking a topic and squeezing every bit of information out of it as I can makes it easy for

me come up with ways to make the information digestible—and that’s what I’ve done here.

I’m dedicated to the never-ending process of learning and pushing the boundaries of that knowledge in

order to share what I have learned along the way. Nothing I’ve ever done has proven to be more

beneficial to my overall health than what is provided in the following pages. It’s easy, delicious, and

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