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Through Lies and Heartache

BOOK: Through Lies and Heartache
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To my boys, I love


I want to dedicate this
book to all of you who had faith in me.

You all had more faith in
me than I had in myself.

For that I will always be

This wouldn’t be possible
without the help of three beautiful heartwarming women.

Jamie for pushing me when I
wanted to stop.

Dawn for well just for
being you and all the help you gave me through this.

MJ I want you to know that
because of you I took this leap of faith and wrote this.

I didn’t think I could do
it and now that it’s done I’m so very glad that I did.

This goes to the three of


Through Lies and



What once started as a
trio of friends has turned into heartache and secrets.

Gracie is stuck in a world
that she is not sure where she belongs. Ryan and Liam have always
been by her side, but all that has changed. Ryan keeps warning her
of Liam for reasons he has yet to share. Liam is finally coming
back around but is holding secrets she is unsure of.

Gracie is trying to
coexist with two men that mean the most to her. One she loves, one
she misses. Will she feel that way when secrets start to

What will Gracie do when
she finally learns that her whole life has been surrounded by lies.
Will she face the truth or will she run......will she even have the






Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

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Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Seventeen

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Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Twenty

Chapter Twenty One

Chapter Twenty Two






I sit here rubbing
ointment on my newest
tattoo I find myself thinking of all the times Ryan and Liam would
come over and hang out, most times we would find ourselves building
forts in the middle of my living room watching movies and eating
all the goodies our moms made that day.

I feel like I’m being torn the more
distant Liam gets and the more time Ry and I spend together. We
were best friends that we’re supposed to enjoy our senior year
together but we’re not. I feel like I’m drifting at sea, I want to
feel anchored; I don’t want to feel the sea all around me with no
shoreline in sight. Even a little wind in the sails to give me a
nudge towards the right direction would be better than how I feel
right now.


Mom and Dad never got married after mom
found out she was pregnant with me. Dad insist on sending money to
help take care of me. Personally, I don’t think she should take a
dime from him, mom has a killer job working at a law firm. She’s
not home a lot but now that I’m 18 I can get a job to help out,
maybe she wouldn’t have to work so much.

I wonder if dad sends money instead of
being here because this way can be off running around doing god
knows what, I mean sure he comes to see me about twice a month and
we do lunch or dinner. Like that would make things all better,
pfft, you’re not putting a Band-Aid on a boo boo here. Honestly,
all I want is for him to be here for dinner every night, my prom,
graduation, birthdays, sometimes I have a bad day and just want to
hug my dad.


I’ve known Ryan DeLuca and Liam
Abbatelli most of my life. When we were sixteen, something happened
between them and Ryan hasn’t let me see Liam since. I’ve tried to
ask what happened but mom pretends like she doesn’t know what I’m
talking about. Ryan just tells me that he’s not who we thought he
was and that he’s dangerous.

I never believed it. I started to pull
myself away from both of them causing me to struggle with all my
classes and keeping my grades up. When the year was over they made
me repeat my freshman year. That summer I started running, I got
really good at it. I felt at home running so I decided to try out
for the track team, it wound up being the push I needed to keep my
grades up. If my grades fell I didn’t run at meets and there was no
way I was missing them. My sweet little love affair with running
made re-doing my freshman year easier. It’s been my


Chapter One




fter two years, Ryan finally
put an
end to me putting distance between us, he needed help with his
cardio and asked if I would train him. So over the summer we
started running together and we’ve become closer, I wasn’t chasing
him if anything he was chasing me.

Ryan’s been training for MMA for as
long as I can remember a month ago was his first fight, he was only
supposed to be gone two weeks but I haven’t heard him sense the day
before he left for his fight.

Tomorrow is the first day of our senior
year and I’m wondering if he’s even going to be there. Looking over
at the clock I see it’s eleven. With a sigh I lean over, seeing
I’ve read the same sentence a few times I set my book down, set my
alarm and turn my lamp off.

I lay here and try to count sheep but
it’s not really helping. I’m not sure sleep will come anytime soon.
I pick up my cell phone to play a game but got a text at the same
time. Unlocking it, I see that it’s from Ryan causing my stomach is
lit up with butterflies. Taking a deep breath I open it.


Ryan – You

Gracie – Yeah…

Ryan – Did I wake

That makes me

Gracie – No you didn’t,
can’t sleep?

Ryan – No. You?

Gracie – I tried with no

Ryan – What’s

Gracie – I’m not sure
what’s wrong, I just know I can’t sleep.

Ryan – Maybe I can

Gracie – Yeah? How’s that

Ryan – Look out your


I shoot out of my bed as I read it and
sure enough there he is leaning against the side of his truck. I
slide my window open and lean out so that I can get a better look
at him.


It’s no wonder you can’t
sleep Ryan.” I say with a smile.

I can see his smirk from up here “Well
you know me.”

I’m beginning to think I
do.” I smirk back.

So you coming down here or
am I coming up there?”

Meet me at the front door
and you can come up.”


Running down the stairs I can’t help
but smile, swinging open the door it only gets bigger. The second
Ryan sets eyes on me his smiles as big as mine.

Come on, let’s go back to
my room so we don’t wake mom. She’s been working a lot lately. Some
new case.” I say grabbing his hand and leading him up the stairs to
my room. We’ve been having sleep overs most of our lives. I get a
tingly feeling that chases further up my arm the longer we hold


So what brings you here at
eleven thirty at night when tomorrow is the first day of

I couldn’t sleep and I’ve
missed you.”

Awe the all mighty bad ass
Ryan DeLuca has a heart after all!”

Ha, Ha my heart’s there,
just very small only holds room for a few people, and lucky for
you, you’re one of them.”

Your secrets safe with me I
promise not to tell… Unless you’re not nice to me…”

Blackmail... Awe Piccolina
thinks she’s so smart...” Ryan has a smile that says nothing but

You staying? If so I’m
tired and we have class tomorrow.”

Ok, let’s go to

Dirty boy, we are not doing
anything but sleeping!”

I say as I climb into my bed I pull the
blankets up over me and pull his side down and pat the bed. I
almost have to wipe the drool off my face as he pulls his shirt
over his head. He’s built like a tank his muscles are so prominent
and defined, I doubt my fingers would touch if I wrapped my arms
around his shoulders, he also has an eight pack that is outlined by
a very nice v that point’s to his groin. I’m a little nervous about
sleeping in the same bed as him it’s been a while, but at the same
time I can’t wait for him to lay next to me.



Chapter Two



BOOK: Through Lies and Heartache
5.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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