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Pet Torres

Copyright © 2013 by Pet Torres books

Copyright © 2013 by Pet Torres


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This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organizations is entirely coincidental


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uly 31, 2013


Tiger’s Obsession


Author: Pet Torres


Original title: Obsessão do Tigre


Translation: (2013) Pet Torres books


Electronics edition: (2013) Pet Torres books





To my parents

To my sisters

To my nephews






To my dear readers


The Florence and the machine


I got enthusiastic about its music.

“I do not consider myself a writer; I'm just a person trying to express my sensibility and fantasy onto the paper through my writing.”





Although the
Tiger's obsession
tries to defeat the true
ardent affection
between two people.


Tiger's Obsession, Pet Torres







Emily is a young woman who becomes current coin in a debt of her own uncle.

In one night, the girl is abandoned on one roadside.

Larsson TIGER, a young man who is obsessed with
finds her sitting on the shoulder and takes her to his luxurious mansion.

Emily is grateful to this man and gradually she begins to
submerge into his world of
Tiger's obsession.


Chapter 1


July 9, 2013


From my bedroom, I can clearly hear the punches on the front door. Someone seems desperately wanting to enter into the house.

However, I remain lying in my humble bed.

My room's lights are out and I see a reflection of light coming from under the door of my room, and I hear soft noises of footsteps going toward the front door.

Soon after, I hear the voice of my uncle.

"Cesar! What are you doing here at a time such as this?"

My uncle is a man in nearly sixty years of age. He has gray hair, ruddy skin and his eyes are nut-brown. He is wearing a worn pajama and rubber slippers.

"I came to receive what you owe me for three months ago." A man with a strange voice says him. "Your time is over."

"But Cesar, I do not have that money right now."

"Make it on your own! You bastard old man!"

I lift my head from the pillow, when I realize that the conversation is getting tense.

My uncle raises his hands on his mouth and supplicates him in hopes.

"Please, Cesar! Give me a longer time-limit!"

"Enough Donato! I will not give you more time-limit! I also pay bills and I need that money!"

"Where I'll get
five thousand dollars?"

Donato asks, staring at the living
room ceiling and his despair almost perforates the white lining of the roof.

"Meet a way! After all you are old, but not dead!"

Cesar looks at my uncle and pulls out a silver pistol from his waist. My uncle is terrified to see that gun being pointed at him.

"Cesar, do not do it! I'll pay you! I swear!"

"Shut up you bastard old man!"

"Cesar do not kill me!"

The words
'kill me'
drive me out of my bed, I throw my blanket to the side and sit on the bed, get up frightened and run towards my room's door, however the door is still closed and I fight with my despair to open it before it's too late.

When I find myself out of my own bedroom, I run through the hall and stop in the middle of the living room, where are my uncle and a moneylender.

At that moment, my uncle turns back and looks at me, though, the strange man looks soon after at my direction.

"What is going on here?"

I ask them, trying to become myself more calm and repress the weakness of my legs.

So I stare at my uncle's frightened and
pale face and then I stare at the dark brown hair man, brown eyes and pale skin. He seems a man in his thirty-seven years.

However, his appearance does not sustain for too long time my startled look over him, because my look stops just at the sight of his silver

The moneylender runs their eagle eyes through my body, starting from the bottom up,
and then he realizes that I'm barefoot, with my loose and tousled hair.

But his main aim is my silhouette under my cotton nightgown with prints of small flowers.

"Who is this?" Cesar asks to my uncle; however his eyes are still watching me with interest.

"This is my niece."

"Your niece!" He stares at me, while his reasoning seems to be faster than his gaze on me.

I look at my uncle and I come back to look again at the guy, standing in front of us, holding a highly dangerous firearm.

"I will take your niece with me as payment method."

He says and approaches
me; however, I realize that my uncle agrees with his proposal, due his motionless posture.

"Uncle! What is going on here?"

I ask him as I look surprised and scared when I realize that I will be his debt's quittance.

The man holds firmly my arm and drags me with
him; I move my body in the opposite direction to him, trying not to go with that strange man.

"Uncle, do something!" I cry while I'm being taken as a wagon toward the front door.

All I hear from my uncle is.


Cesar stops at the front door, turns back and says to my uncle.

"Your debt is repaid."

I look down at the floor and close strongly my eyes, my tears begin to fall down. I do not believe that my own uncle have traded me, as a commodity with no value, in his debt with a stranger. After all the things I have done for him, after the death of his wife, that is, my aunt.


So, Cesar pulls me with brutality and walks me by the arm to his silver car, he lowers his pistol and opens the back door of his car and throws me on the back seat.

"Stay quiet! Or I will be forced to shut you up with my sweet pistol shooting."

I look down at his right hand, holding the gun and I decide by silence in favor of my own life.

That's all I can do at that moment.


Chapter 2



“You'll be quiet here. I'm going to resolve a personal matter and won’t be long.”

Cesar says to me, while he
opens his bathroom’s door and closes it after that, leaving me imprisoned in his bathroom.

I come back to be desperate again, When I find myself captured in an unknown bathroom for me.

I gaze down at a water-closet, a shower and a white washbasin. This is the bathroom of his leisure
area, that's just it.

Then, I kneel down on the bathroom floor and try to gaze under the bathroom door; however, I just get to see green carpet grass and soon then, I  listen to a noise that comes up of an engine going far-off.

Likely, Cesar is going distant.

Chapter 3



Cesar throws me onto the back seat of his car again; he turns on his silver car engine and drives to a deserted road. There is no car coming behind us. He nervously drives a certain distance.

I look back and see only darkness.

The car park at the side of the road, Cesar quickly opens the door of his car, gets out and walks beside the vehicle. Then he opens the back door and pulls me out of his automobile.

"On second thought, you have no utility for me!" He says looking at my face and throws me away at the side of the road. I fall sitting on the floor and mumble when I feel like my knees are wounded.

Great fear invades my chest when I look around and see nothing but darkness. Cesar's car moves forward and at this moment I'm sure I'm helpless and abandoned on a road completely deserted.

My hands are resting on the dark gray floor of the shoulder. Tears come down
easily from my eyes as I ask myself in silence.

"What did I do to deserve all this?"

I've always been such a good person throughout my life. I've always been obedient, helpful and polite. I never had the courage to do bad to a cockroach and now someone is making a terrible harm to me, a moneylender who came into the world to collect debts from innocents.

My thoughts are interrupted when I see lights of the headlights of a dark car approaching

This same vehicle stops
further on. It is a new opal.

Someone opens the car backdoor and gets out cautiously.

I keep my head down and my long dark hair is hiding all my face.

The footsteps of someone in their black shoes are speechless when he stops in front of me.

On my shoulders I feel two hands down, and at this moment I am lifted up. My eyes go through the black shoes, dark jeans, a
black male overcoat and a defined and ruddy chest, but partially uncovered.

Legitimate Gold of his necklace shines intensely before my eyes, there is a gold pendant in the shape of a tiger face hanging on

I finally lift up my eyes, I see the color of his eyes, they are water pool green.

His hair is black, straight, at the height of his shoulders. His skin is rosy.

He looks intently into my honey color eyes and his lips expresses surprise at me as there is a small opening between them.

I realize that his eyes quickly go through the shape of my face, my eyes, my lips and a dark spot I have below my nose on the right side.

"Are you alone?" He finally asks me with his hoarse voice, there is a vestige of concern in it.

I shake my head positively and look down at the ground.

"I will take you home."

Carefully, he walks behind me and rests his hands on my shoulders. I am guided by my shoulders towards his dark car. He opens the car backdoor and induces me go into it only with courteous movements of his hands.

The car door is closed at my right and immediately the car door at my left is open and he enters into his car too.

"Let's go to my house."

He orders to his particular driver. However I keep my head down, but the great fear in me is insistent, principally when I hear that we're going to his house. Then I think that is a route totally unknown to me. I do not know what awaits me there.

After all, I do not know this man in his thirty-three years of age, I

"Is he married? Has a wife and children? Is he single an
d lives with his parents or he lives alone?"

BOOK: Tiger's Obsession
9.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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