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“Great work, convict,” he said good-naturedly.

“Just remember it took a convict to save your sorry ass. Cody is four cells down, and I saw where they moved Skye.”

“Point me toward her direction.”

“Don’t think so, partner. You get Cody and find our Jeep, make sure it’s fully fueled and ready to go. I’ll get Skye. I am the only one that saw exactly where they took her.”

Vander was right as much as Will hated to admit it. “You find her and bring her back. Don’t let me down, Vander.”

They grabbed wrist to wrist in a warriors’ greeting. “I won’t come back without her,” he promised. Vander gave him a key to the cell doors along with a pistol he must have lifted from a subdued guard then marched down the hallway.

Will checked the rounds in the magazine and started for Cody. In the fading light of the sun he saw Cody lying on a cot with a content grin on his face, eyes closed. What the hell was he smiling about?

He unlatched the cell door and roused Cody from sleep. “Come on—time to leave.” He then saw two completely filled semen containers on the desk. “Are those both yours?”

Cody’s smile grew wider. “I had trouble at first then they gave me a ton of magazines. Good ones.”

“I bet they did.”

“Where are Skye and Vander?” he asked.

“On their way I hope.”

Chapter 7

Vander marched through the compound wearing a football helmet he palmed from the guards from the holding facility. No one appeared to be close to his height or weight, but in the fading daylight he hoped no one would notice. Apparently no one did because he made it to the domed building without a hitch. He moved inside to be halted in his tracks by two sentries lazily holding two sawed-off shotguns.

“Are you here for the breeding session?” the shorter one asked. He paused to soak in the giant. “Wait a sec—you’re not Martinez. I don’t see you on the roster.”

The second guard shuffled forward and eyed him over. “He’s one of the new ones they brung in,” he said while spitting a plug of tobacco on the concrete floor.

“I am…ummm, Martinez’s alternate for the breeding session,” Vander fumbled. “He had an unfortunate accident.”

“What happened to him?” the short one piped in again.

“His pants zipper nearly severed his penis,” Vander lied, trying not to smile at his own nonsense, but he was unable to come up with anything better.

Both guards broke out into a raucous laughter. “Serves the conceited bastard right,” the smaller one put in while pointing with his shotgun. “Down the main corridor to your left. Can’t miss it.”

He nodded and continued down the length of the wide hall. After making a quick left turn he swung open the double doors to find three men in dingy, faded lab coats. All of them had the look of dorky brainiacs wearing taped-on spectacles and pocket protectors.

“Where is Martinez?” one of them asked.

“He suffered an injury, and I am here to replace him.”

“This is bad. We don’t have you on the roster, and where are your lab results? I have not seen Dr. Nemitz either.” The lab technician seemed frazzled.

“Why is this bad? What is the issue?”

“The female is ready, but this is all wrong, all wrong I tell you.”

A slender man of about fifty stepped forward and nudged his partner. “We must proceed now, Dr. Plimpton. The Skye woman was less than cooperative, so we had to sedate her. The booster was also administered.”

“Booster?” Vander queried, looking to Dr. Plimpton.

Plimpton threw his hands in the air. “Where do they find such idiots?”

Vander suddenly found himself wanting to hammer a fist into Dr. Plimpton’s smug face, but he shrugged it off.

“Okay fine…it sort of works like a truth serum,” he explained. “But it also lowers their inhibitions—makes a woman willing or more receptive if you catch my meaning.”

The light flickered on in the adjoining room that was separated by a one-way glass. That is when he saw Skye. She was strapped down to what appeared to be a gynecologist chair with her legs spread wide. The sight of her naked form always sent waves of electricity spiraling through his spine to rest right at the tip if his cock. Skye was an instant erection.

She was in fact completely naked and helpless, looking like an angel restrained to some fuck machine. Her hips moved ever so slightly, and her pink folds glistened in the bright lights of the chamber. She looked incredibly moist. A clear line of her womanly fluid hung in translucent strings from the edge of her seat. Vander’s cock twitched.

He started for the room, but a small hand caught his arm to stop him. “You can’t go in there like that,” Dr. Plimpton snapped. “You will contaminate the environment.”

Vander was directed to a small shower in the corner of the lab where he was made to wash with an antibacterial scrub.

Naked and still wet from the buckets of water that had been poured over his head, he stepped from the shower curtain. All the lab assistants stood in shock as they witnessed his true girth.

“Don’t damage her,” Dr. Plimpton said. “Why on Earth would they send a man of this…this size? Nemitz is not making any sense.”

A thin-boned, lanky man nudged Dr. Plimpton on the shoulder. “Maybe Dr. Nemitz wants to breed a race of superhumans.”

Dr. Plimpton ignored the comment, and his gaze returned to Vander. “Go easy and go slow. Be delicate. If she complains of any discomfort, then you must stop, and the next one on the roster will be contacted.”

“Yeaaah, whatever. Can I go to her now?”

Dr. Plimpton gestured toward the door.

When Vander entered the chamber, her wide eyes instantly locked onto his, and she smiled brightly. “Oh my God, Vander,” she said in a liquid voice that was somewhere between drunk and overly medicated. “Damn, my pussy is on fire.” She wiggled her hips suggestively. “You have to fuck me like right now!”

Vander stepped closer, into the brightness of the lights, and Skye’s eyes opened farther. “I totally forgot how huge you were,” she commented, her gaze transfixed on his cock. “I’ve been wanting to feel that thing inside me for a long time.”

Vander smiled. He stood in between her spread legs and leaned down to look directly into those sparkling, blue orbs. “Did they harm you?” he asked.

“Hmmm. I don’t think so. The shit they gave me really heated me up though, made me really fucking horny.” She rolled her lean hips toward Vander, and her moist heat was stinging the head of his cock. “What are you waiting for? A written invitation? Take me now, Vander.”

He recalled what the lab coat technicians said about the drug acting as a truth serum. He had to find out how Skye truly felt about him and the other two companions. This may be his only real opportunity.

“What do you think about me,” he queried. She looked dumbfounded for a second.

“Vander, I am hurting down here for you. Can you ask me stupid questions later?”

“I must know your true feelings for me. Please, Skye.”

“Fine,” she sighed. “You are abrasive, ill-mannered, stubborn, and a convicted felon.”

All of it was true, yet hearing it from Skye hurt. It injured him much more than he was prepared for. But why? Knowing her true feelings, he could not take advantage of her here, in this condition.

But then her luscious, plump, red lips rose into a broad smile. “And that is why I love you,” she continued. “You are real, and I admire that. You don’t sugarcoat stuff with bullshit.”

“You ummm, you love me?” he gulped.

“Of course I do, silly. Did you think otherwise?”

It was the most wonderful thing that ever crossed his ears, and he stumbled forward. Shit! He could feel some moisture forming under his eyes. Was he actually crying? He hadn’t cried over anything since his boxer, Brown Bear, died when he was nine.

Stay focused
. “Just one more question.”

She cursed aloud and threw her gyrating hips forward. “I may love you, but right now you are pissing me off.”

“Do you love Will and Cody?” He cut through all the bullshit and asked what had been on his mind for so long.

“Duh,” she said, making a scrunched face. “You three are my…everything. I would be lost without you guys. I am lucky to have all three of you to myself.”

She loved all of them, and it was fine by him. He had to know the truth and found it.

“Now get that enormous cock inside me before I kick your ass,” she growled good-naturedly.

He was ready to explode even before the tip of his mushroomed head touched her wet folds. She was incredibly tight, but the need to fill this beautiful woman was too great, and he pushed through the restrictiveness. Her soaked cunt encased his cock in a heated net of fire, and he inched slowly deeper vying to reach her core.

“Ohh shit,” she blurted out. “You are so fucking huge.”

He paused halfway in her pussy and saw the pain infused with pleasure on her angelic face. Her eyes shut, and her mouth contorted to one side. “Does it hurt?” he queried in a deep, lusty breath.

“Hell yes! But in a good way. Don’t stop, baby.”

He slid deeper into her silken lining, through the tightness, through her whimpers, until he grooved against her womb. Her breathing was erratic, and her inner walls quivered around him.

“That’s it, Vander,” she coaxed. “Take me, baby. I am all yours.”

He took a commanding grip of her outer thighs and began slow, easy movements, back and forth, touching her core with each thrust. His thick, veiny cock glistened with her desire as he swung his hips into her faster and faster.

She moaned under her breath as he bounded into her hot cunt. She was tied and helpless, but Vander split her center again and again relentlessly. She swung into the almost brutal power, obviously seeking his full length and wanting more.

The friction and the snug fit of his cock bested him, and he came hard. His release was at her depths, and her inner muscles collapsed around him. It felt as if a velvet vice strangled him. The extreme pinch drew the cum from his body, and he fed her all he was worth. If he died right now, this second, he would have died a happy man.

“Mmmm,” she sighed. “That was amazing. The fire inside me has lessened. The pain has gone.”

He wanted to lay with this woman for hours—to bask in their mutual orgasms and to tell her that he loved her, but he had to get the hell out of Crazyville and fast. Cody and Will were waiting for them.

He tasted her lips, and their tongues instantly met. The kiss was sugary and delicate, verging on painfully sweet. His blood surged again, and he had to pull from moist center or he would be forced to take her a second time. He reluctantly slipped from her inner embrace, and she cursed softly.

“I must get you the hell out of here,” he informed her. “Cody and Will are waiting for us.” He undid the bolts beneath the gyno chair, and all the straps fell away. It was immediately apparent that she was unable to walk on her own two feet. He gently lifted her from the chair and carried her.

Once inside the second chamber all three scientists stared at him in wonderment. “What do you think you are doing!” Plimpton stormed. “This is not protocol. You…you release her at once.”

He did as instructed by setting her down gently then followed up with a straight left that sent Plimpton reeling backward. Next was a right uppercut, an elbow to the jaw, and two more technicians fell listless. Within three heartbeats all three lab coats were sprawled out on the cold floor, unmoving.

BOOK: Undead Tango
7.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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