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Will Archer seemed exhausted to Skye, yet he chose to take the first watch. “There is a farmhouse about half a mile to the west,” he said. “Cody and I cleared it though. No signs of the undead.” He topped off his magazine and grabbed the spotlight.

Will snuck in a quick kiss across her cheek when no one was looking then lowered his voice. “I love you, Skye Radly. Get some rest. You have third watch in a few hours.”

He disappeared before she had a chance to respond. Love? It was a word he never used before. She never thought it was possible in a time like this—in a place as this. The words were calming and caused her spirit to soar for a few moments.


It had a nice ring to it. She could easily fall head over heels for a man like William Archer. He was devilishly handsome, brave, and was always there for her. He was also the best rifleman they had and one that was indispensable in days like these.

She sprawled out on the sleeping bag, and Neanderthal Vander was snoring with his mouth wide open. She nudged him in the ribs until he rolled to one side and the thunderous noise subsided.

Cody settled down next to her and softly cupped her hand. “Two more days,” he whispered.

“For what?”

“My birthday,” he said with a sideways grin.

Holy shit, that’s right. With everything going on around her it had totally slipped her mind. “I haven’t forgotten,” she lied, giving his hand a tight squeeze.

Cody entwined his fingers into hers and laid back to stare up at the twilight with her. “Can I say something?”

“Anything. I am right here.”

“I have never been with a girl before. I mean I never actually made love yet. There was this girl once, and her name was Brittany. She was very nice, and we made it all the way to second base, but that was it. She started seeing another guy after that.”

“What is second base exactly?”

“She kissed me with a tongue, and I touched her breast.”

Skye tried to contain a laugh. “I see.”

“Soooo, ummm—could you tell me what it’s like?”

“What what’s like?”

“Sex,” he said evenly.

Skye gulped, and her face burned. How could such a simple question feel so embarrassing right now? “Well, Cody,” she started drily. “The question could probably be better answered by Will or maybe Vander.”


“They are men, and you need a man’s view.”

“Okay,” he sighed. “Can I at least get your perspective on it?”

“With the right partner it is extremely fun. Now go to sleep, Cody.”

“Am I the right partner?”

She tilted her head and gazed deeply into his wide, hazel eyes. “Yes—now sleep, dang it.”

The corners of his mouth twisted into a grin. “Good. We will have fun then, right?”

“It’s going to be a home run or maybe even a grand slam.”

He kissed her cheek, then he kissed the back of her hand. “I can’t wait.”

Geez, she thought, watching Cody close his eyes. He was still a virgin, so she would have to find some way to make his first time special—memorable. How could she do that in a shit hole like this? And a virgin at this age?

It was crystal clear to Skye that all three men wanted her which wasn’t a bad thing. In fact it made things interesting and gave her a sense of power over them. Even though Vander acted like a teenage cave dweller on a prom date, he tried to impress her in his own barbaric way. His heated kiss more than made up for his momentary lapse of reason.

William Archer was handsome and brave—all a girl could ever really ask for. He was absolutely the marrying type.

Cody Jacobs was young but sinfully cute. He would be inexperienced with her, yet she felt the tingles down below, a rush of blood starting to swell a very sensitive spot, just by thinking about how she would teach him to make love to her. She was going to be a fine tutor for Cody, and they would have one hell of a good time. She would see to that, no problem.

Several hours later a soft shoulder nudge roused her from a deep sleep. It was Vander and obviously her turn to take the watch, patrol the perimeter for any wandering zombies. She threw on her boots and holstered her weapons.

“Good night,” she told him.

“Wait a sec,” he whispered back. “Can we talk?” He led her away from Cody and Will who were both asleep.

He sat her down on a boulder about twenty yards from the main camp. A warming night breeze ruffled the long grass behind them, and a lone wolf cried out in the distance. Vander seemed extremely nervous to her, and she watched as he licked his lips.

“What if I told you I loved you?” he said suddenly. “I have never been so blindsided by a woman. I ache every single day for you! Sometimes—most of the time I think I’m losing it. You drive me crazy, woman. I don’t know how to explain it.”

She inspected him closely, and there was no hint of mockery in his voice. He was serious, as serious as she ever saw him before. She then saw the bulge that tented the front of his pants.

“You say that you love me, and you have an instant hard-on. You are unbelievable, Vander.”

“I’ve been trying to hide the damn thing all night. It hasn’t gone down since I kissed you in the lake. It hurts like hell. Let me make love to you. Let me feel you, Skye.” He kneeled between her semi-spread legs and pushed her thighs farther apart. He ground his crotch into the front of her shorts. His cock was straining against the material of her clothing. He cradled the nape of her neck and drew her into a long, slow kiss, his fat tongue dwarfing hers as they connected again and again. She sensed the desperation in his kiss.

She could easily give herself to Vander even though he was far from the romantic type. But this could not happen right now. She had a job to do, and that was to protect the rest of the group. Added to this, Cody and Will would certainly wake if she and Vander were to have sex right here so close.

She shoved his ravenous jaw away, but he latched onto her hips and forced her pelvis to experience the hard length of his cock through their clothing.

“Vander,” she gasped.

“Do you feel how much I need you?” he moaned.

“I do want this to happen—really, but we can’t. Not now anyway.”

“Please,” he begged. “I can’t take the waiting any longer.” He unbuckled his pants, and before Skye could say a single word, Vander’s hard cock was fully exposed, so rigid it sprang upward to slap the front of her shirt. He then attempted to unbutton the front of her shorts, but she batted his large, pawing hands away. If he had succeeded in taking off her shorts, she would have given in to him.

Her right hand slipped down instinctively to grip the base of his cock, her fingers unable to wrap fully around his girth. “We can’t have sex right here,” she affirmed. “But I can do something else. Sit where I’m at.”

He did so without question, and they switched positions. His pants were down to his ankles, and she was on her knees between his open legs, still holding to his length. “Warn me when you are about to come,” she advised him in a husky tone.

He exhaled a sigh when her tongue flitted along one side of his shaft then the other. She kissed the tip and glanced up at him. His head was back, and he seemed to be in a blissful state of altered consciousness. She had to physically keep his hard cock angled down or it would have been melded against his torso. She laved over the crown of his mushroomed head, feeling the throb in her palms. She closed her lips around him for the first time and tasted the salty warmth wash over her tongue. She quickly realized, though, that this was the thickest dick she ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

She paused to look up at Vander, and a clear line of his pre-cum hung from her lower lip. His neck was craned back, and his eyes were shut tightly. “Please,” he whispered in a lusty voice. “Please don’t stop.”

She had no intention of stopping, but she needed a breath and a new strategy. The man was too well equipped for her small mouth. His hips jerked against her fingers, and she felt a massive, needy hand fist the back of her pony tail. He forced her mouth to his cock, and she opened for him, trying to relax her jaw fully.

She swallowed the head and much more than what she was prepared for. The result was a gag, but she was determined to satisfy the big man. She adjusted her grip around the base of his shaft using two hands as his pelvis rotated into her open mouth. With each thrust she felt his grip tighten around her scalp to force her lips over his girth. She tasted the essence of manhood, the muskiness of his arousal that vigorously leaked to the back of her throat. He was panting like a dog now all hot and heavy. He stood over her, using her mouth the way he wanted, stretching her lips again and again.

She knew the insides of her shorts were soaked. There was something very rustic and primal about a man taking what he wanted, and it caused her inner walls to run slick with desire.

His fingertips dug into her skull as his long bands of clear juices hung from her chin. She held onto him through the gagging and tried to appease the beast that was invading her throat time and time again.

“Shit! I’m coming,” he moaned, his muscles tensed and bunched. In that second his cock shuddered violently. Six distinct eruptions against her tongue sent copious amounts of hot seed spiraling against her throat. She tried pulling away, but he kept her head in place. Her fingers kneaded the sides of his shaft through the release, and her plump lips remained fastened to his purpled head.

She swallowed all of him. Not by choice, but his musky flavor was much better than anticipated.

He smiled wide and pulled her to his lap. Before she could protest the flat of his hand raked down the front of her shorts seeking out her pussy. Two fingers slid across her saturated folds. “You’re soaked,” he murmured. “That’s good.”

“And why is that good?”

“It means you enjoyed sucking my cock.”

“I am not that wet,” she teased.

“Oh, but you are, Skye.” The tip of his middle finger plunged between moist folds, and her body seemed to suck him in immediately. He sank deeper, clamping a callused finger pad directly over her G-spot, the heated palm pressing against her clit.

Her ass wiggled against his crotch as he fingered her delicately. She moaned wildly, and he clamped a hand around her mouth to keep her whimpers muffled.

She bit down on his fingers and writhed in his lap. He obviously ignored the pain as his other hand worked on her cunt. Faster and faster he stroked Skye, every sweep brushing over her G-spot. She wanted to scream out, but his hand was there keeping her quiet.

He pulled her back over the top of him, and she arched her hips into his fingers. She was so close to coming now it physically hurt. A muffled grunt escaped her throat when a second finger dove into her. The added pressure against her silken walls shattered her resistance and sent her careening over the edge.

“Time to come for me,” he whispered a hot breath against her ear. As if obeying his commands, her inner muscles choked the shit out of his two thick fingers. His palm pressed hard against her swollen clit at the same time sending jolts of energy down her spine. She bucked into the hand, riding out the sensation. He held her tightly until the pull and fluttering eased around his fingers.

He slowly removed his two wonderful fingers, and she went limp against his solid body. “I wanted to feel your tight pussy for such a long time.” He raised his glistening fingers up to his nose. He inhaled deeply and licked each one. “Mmmm,” he moaned. “Sweet and tangy. A flavor I will become well acquainted with.”

She stood from Vander and adjusted her shorts. “This didn’t happen.”

“What?” he said with a mischievous grin.

BOOK: Undead Tango
13.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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