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BOOK: Unraveled - A Short Story Collective

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Unraveled: A Short Story Collective




The Appetizer:


Truth or Dare

CiCi and Layla are bestfriends
. They’ve laughed together, cried together, shared secrets together. When CiCi’s boyfriend, was cheating on her, Layla had her back and told her. Now Treasure, CiCi’s ex, wants his life and his woman back, the minor detail of her dating a new man, from a rival gang no deterrent. Layla is determined to keep them apart, having a few secrets of her own to preserve. CiCi just wants Treasure to leave her alone and let her live her life. Some people however, never get the message, resulting in a collision of wills with the most deadly of consequences.


The Main Course:



Lathan is a man who knows how to get what he wants; except when it comes to the love of his life. Chrissalyn is the object of Lathan’s affection and she’s dating his best friend. Alisha is Lathan’s  cut buddy who wants to be the wife. Chaotic madness ensues as Lathan wrestles with his feelings for Chrissalyn, Alisha’s jealousy, and his best friend’s suspicions all hurdling full speed at him, life as well as his job must go on. As with most things done in the dark, the secrets of all involved come to blinding enlightenment in one explosive confrontation that forever changes everyone’s destiny.


The Desert:


A Deadly Encounter (Preview

Dezi Gianni is a very much a man used to getting what he wants. Kayla DeWitt, the beautiful woman dining in the restaurant where he and his partner are having lunch is no exception.

Dezi finds himself in a constant battle keeping the true depth of his criminal activities secret from Kayla, as he seeks to keep her happy and unequivocally his.

Now Dezi’s empire is under siege by the FBI, another man has set his sights on Kayla and Dezi has had enough.


Extra Helpings

King of The Game (Preview)

Is it ever okay to lie to someone you love?
ARMANI PROCTOR, co-founder of TMK records, is a successful businessman with a dark past he’s trying desperately to leave behind. His deepest desire is realized when he meets a beautiful reporter and falls in love, only to have that love threatened when his old life begins to clash with his new.
SYDNEY HOLLINGSWORTH, senior writer with Mover & Shakers magazine, is the woman who captures Armani’s heart. Everyone loves her and her refreshing realness, but Sydney has a dark and clouded past of her own that she keeps and tries to outrun daily.
Join our cast and their supporting players and see for yourself if Armani truly is, King of the Game.




The Master Orchestrator (Preview)

Jared and Morgan Piper have a wonderful marriage. They're in love and happily planning to expand their family. Jared's best friend, Brian Holbrook, is a man on a mission. He's focused, driven, and determined never to let another woman hurt him the way, Shonna, his ex, had. Trinity Sorenson, best-selling author and Morgan's best-friend is dealing with hurt of her own in the loss of her husband, Michael, the love of her life to a fatal car accident. Hoping to bring them together, Jared and Morgan secretly arrange a chance encounter during a Magic's home game.


To Morgan's chagrin, there are no sparks. Disappointed she begins to plot new ways to bring the two together, convinced they are destined. Jared knows his friend Brian very well. He's seen something his wife missed and believes Brian is more than a little interested in Trinity, but knows he's slower than molasses to make a move.


Which one is right? Are the two really perfect for each other, or will they simply be two ships passing in the night?


Crossroads: An Anthology (Preview)

Welcome to the Morning Perk, the best place in the neighborhood to grab a bite to eat, network, meet and mingle. The hustle and bustle as the traffic from every walk of life passes through its doors gives insight into four intriguing stories of love, lust, revenge, jealousy, and murder. Meet Wednesday's Customer, Elijah Bower, a man who lives a charmed life, enjoying the finer things in life, who changes women like he changes his clothes, a man who, for a price, would eliminate any breathing human being whose name you wrote on a piece of paper.


Feel Stacy's pain as she recalls the innocent words: "It's only For One Night," she told her with a beautiful smile. For reasons she still can't explain she believed her. Now she's pregnant by a man she met one time. Her dilemma deepens because she doesn't have the slightest clue how she should break the news to her lover Janelle.


Maybe Brenda should have studied The Pre-req-ui-sites of Per-di-tion: something that is necessary to an end or the carrying out of a foundation, before utter destruction a little more carefully that day. Brenda has a secret that has started to unravel her mind. Danger is everywhere as the wrath of those she has wronged is hot on her heels. Will the truth turn her life into a wasteland she can't escape?


Today Tony was reaching out, In Desperation; to the last person in the world he thought could help him. Last night he was in heaven; asking the woman he loved to marry him. She accepted and he was on top of the world. The next day she disappeared and he found himself under investigation by the police. Then there was the Bald Man--mysterious, single minded, lethal. He wanted Tony dead.


Now You’re A Star (Preview – Adult Erotica)

Teja, executive assistant for the prominent Atlanta Talent Agency, is woman who knows what she wants and makes no bones about attaining it. To her delight, what she wants has just walked in the door.
Jesus, that man is fine as hell, she thought once again taking in the six feet, six inches, of warm chocolate standing across the room from her.


Teja was getting wetter by the moment as she stood looking and admiring every delicious, delectable, inch of him. I want to fuck this man, she thought honestly, wondering if she could pull it off.


Three The Hard Way (Preview, with Author Elizabeth LaShaun)

Sweep around your own front door before sweeping around someone else's is a proverb that best friends Kierre, LaTavia, and India live by. They are willing to put their lives on the line for each other, but sharing their inner demons is out of the question.


Kierre White is a woman that knows what she wants and goes after it, by any means necessary. Her past has invaded her present, but Kierre refuses to face it. She has the answers to all her problems, or so she thinks. When her past and a relentless man come knocking on her door, Kierre must finally sit down ,reevaluate her life, and do the one thing she has always feared; tell her secret.

India Wilcox is a young teacher who works overtime to keep her world picture perfect. A lovely career; sexy, successful man, and great friends. India is so busy trying to maintain the façade, that when the last person she ever expected comes and exposes her life for the empty existence that it is, she finds herself totally confused and exhausted from the thick blanket of denial she is slowly being forced to shed.

LaTavia Johnson’s life is perfect. Until her husband loses his job. LaTavia turns to the race track and lotto tickets hoping to soothe her angst and fear of their current situation, praying Lady Luck is on her side. With her new hobby LaTavia finds out firsthand how fickle Lady Luck can be as her world begins to crumble and her self-made web of deceit begins to tighten around her.

Join these three woman as they discover themselves, and the true meaning of not only friendship, but pure, uncorrupted sisterhood that only transparency brings.


Thin Ice –The Serial Series (Preview, book 1 of 12)

Welcome to the city of Atlanta, home of Hip Hop Moguls JD, Luda, TI, Outkast and more, where Magic has its own city and redemption from sin can be found at any number of Mega Ministries the city heralds. It’s also home to Ian “Ice” Bailey a man as dangerous as he is sexy.


Our story begins on the East side, where we meet Ice and our supporting cast. Kaitlyn “KiKi” Ross and Jaleesa “Tweety” Mitchell; two ladies who can hold their own in the game, making moves and plays as well as any of their male counterparts. Things are fine until Tweety crosses the line, unwittingly dragging KiKi along, and invade Ice’s territory. That’s when everything becomes complicated.


Throw in a romantic triangle or three and the fun really starts. Ice has a thing for KiKi, but she has a thing for Tariq. Tariq Taylor is the short order cook she sells smack to and thinks he’s a junkie. Tariq is into KiKi, but Landon, the guy who works for the arena league that KiKi meets at the club, is determined she’s going to be with him. Confused yet? No? Well there’s Tweety’s man Evan, Landon’s friend, who isn’t what he presents himself to be and who also happens to have hidden lust for KiKi.


Ice is not a man accustomed to hearing no, or being outwitted in his business. His reaction to both is force, sometimes deadly. Begin the ride with us and meet all the players in our serial drama, starting with the beginning, BEWARE: Thin Ice.



Truth or Dare

Karma gets its say




o what time is this party supposed to jump off?” Cyiarra asked her best friend.

“Girl, its on now” Layla responded chuckling lightly.
Cyiarra or CiCi as she was called by everyone was looking forward to the party. She needed to relax and unwind, and going with Layla practically guaranteed a good time. The two girls had been friends for years, forging a deep bond that withstood time and distance as they each traveled to different colleges, then returned home.
“You heard from Treasure?” Layla asked eyeing her friend closely.
CiCi sighed deeply and told her no, and that she didn’t want to either.
“Maybe he finally got the message then,” Layla added and CiCi nodded in agreement.

Treasure, or Kendell, as his mama named him, was CiCi’s ex-boyfriend. They’d dated for the last year and it’d been an up and down ride the entire time. CiCi still couldn’t figure out the nickname, seeing how he’d been anything but a treasure when they dated. He was good looking, with a rugged hard look to his six foot frame, creamy caramel complexion, with a breathtaking smile. Kendell was also extremely possessive and treated Cyiarra like property. He was generous, but he was also demanding. Once he took to cheating and putting his hands on her, CiCi knew it was time to end the relationship.

That however proved to be very tricky. Kendell ran with a popular street gang in the city called Illforgiven. They were vicious, deadly, and always at odds with the other two major gangs there. He’d tried to intimidate her at first, telling CiCi he would kill her before he let her go. She’d held her ground and eventually Kendell settled for the occasional harassing phone call. CiCi sighed deeply and returned her attention to the beautiful seafront view they were enjoying as they returned from the beach.
Jacksonville could be a beautiful city, but it could also be deadly if you ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.
“You gonna actually talk to someone tonight?” Layla threw at her, and CiCi had to laugh.
“I might,” she returned. “Depends on who’s there.”
Layla laughed again as they arrived at the apartment they shared and went inside.


“Who’s giving the party anyway?” CiCi asked as she finished her makeup.
They’d showered, changed and were just about ready to leave.
“Jerrick,” Layla answered and CiCi stopped her progress, giving her friend a look.

“As in, Westside Kings, Jerrick?”
Layla sighed lightly. “Yeah CiCi,” she answered. “And don’t you trip on me,” she added giving her friend a warning look.
Layla knew CiCi wasn’t trying to get with another gang banger, but this party promised to be off the chain.

CiCi sighed deeply and returned to her makeup.

They were finished moments later, checking their reflections in the mirror. The two women were beautiful, inside and out. CiCi was the shorter of the two, standing only five foot four inches, soft brown hair which hung loosely at her shoulders, expressive brown eyes, complimented by her infectious smile. Her figure was exquisite with each member playing its supporting role of the others. CiCi always garnered her share of attention from the opposite sex no matter where she went, as did Layla, who was five feet seven inches, fair complexioned, with a short fiery auburn coiffure, tiny waist and curvaceous hips.

“We look good girl,” Layla giggled and CiCi endorsed her declaration.

They both exited the house laughing as they headed over to Tradewinds, off of Blane Avenue. This was Jerrick’s new place and tonight was the housewarming. They both knew it would be a wild time, with plenty to eat, drink, smoke or snort. Whatever your pleasure, Westside Kings made sure you got it. CiCi took a deep breath and dismissed any preconceived notions she had about the guys who would be in attendance
. Damn, they can’t all be as bad as Kendell,
she thought as they rode.


The place was indeed jumping when the ladies arrived. The apartment complex was upper end, with a stone entrance wall and decorative wrought iron gates. The inside of Jerrick’s apartment was equally as lavish. The furnishings were contemporary with brass accenting throughout the apartment. The window and wall treatments were professionally done in earth tones, with the only hint of color being the burnt orange accent pillows on the couch.

CiCi and Layla were immediately inundated with male attention as soon as they hit the door. The ladies politely declined dance invitations as they made their way inside to the bar area. “Wassup Layla?” Jerrick greeted her; looking the woman over in the spaghetti strap, form fitting, ocean blue mini-dress she was wearing. He was glad she’d come, as he’d been trying to
talk to her for the last two or three weeks.

“Hey Jerrick,” Layla replied sweetly, very well aware of the man’s affection towards her.

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