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Toby pressed his lips to Jensen’s, licking along the seam of his mouth, begging for entrance. Jensen moaned and Toby took advantage of that to sweep his tongue in. After teasing Jensen a little, Toby bit Jensen’s bottom lip then sucked on it to ease the sting.

He gasped when Jensen pulled away then dropped to his knees in front of him. Arching his hips away from the counter, Toby ran his hands through Jensen’s hair while Jensen shoved Toby’s sweats down to his knees.

“I’ve been wanting to do this again,” Jensen admitted right before he wrapped his lips around the head of Toby’s cock then sucked.

Letting his head drop back, Toby kept from shoving more of his length into Jensen’s mouth. He started to tremble with the effort, but then Jensen tapped his hip, slowly lowering his head to take all of it.

“Can I?” He asked permission and when Jensen hummed his consent, Toby stroked in and out, fucking Jensen’s face like he used to do. Jensen had always loved to give Toby head and he was really good at it. It certainly seemed like he hadn’t lost any of his expertise.

Maybe Toby should’ve been jealous at the idea that Jensen hadn’t been celibate since he’d left, but then that would make Toby a hypocrite since he had slept his way through the clubs and bars of New York himself.

When Jensen pressed the tip of his tongue into Toby’s slit, Toby groaned and sped up. Jensen didn’t protest, just opened his mouth a little wider to make room for one of his fingers. Toby knew what that meant and he clenched his hole at the thought of Jensen topping him again.

Just the idea and the pressure of Jensen’s finger at his opening had his climax rocking through him. Shocked at how it had snuck up on him, Toby cried out.

“Jensen. Please.” As he rocked between Jensen’s mouth and his finger, Toby begged even as he came, spilling cum down Jensen’s throat. Shaking, he locked his knees to keep from collapsing onto the floor next to Jensen.

He smiled down at Jensen, who licked him clean before surging to his feet. Toby’s breath rushed from his lungs when Jensen whirled him around to bend him over the couch. He braced his hands on the edge then pushed his ass back and up, offering it to Jensen. The rustle of a condom wrapper brought a twitch from his limp cock.

There was another sound of something being opened and he glanced under his arm to see Jensen pouring lube into the palm of his hand from a single use pack.

“Prepared, huh?” He joked.

Jensen shot him a wink. “Hopeful, that’s all.”

“I’m glad. I don’t really want to wait for you to take me.”

He turned away and sighed as Jensen pushed in. He hissed at the slight burn, though he was still a little loose from the night before. Toby clenched his muscles around Jensen’s cock, doing his best to encourage Jensen to move.

Toby felt Jensen’s grip on his waist tighten, warning Toby. He clasped the granite in front of him while Jensen slammed in and out of him. He was at the right angle for Jensen to hit his gland with each stroke and Toby grew hard again.

“That’s it, baby.” Jensen bent over him to brush a kiss over the nape of his neck, which brought them even closer together. “Are you getting hard again?”

Nodding, Toby couldn’t believe he was. He rarely had two climaxes in a row, usually needing an hour or two to rest up before he got it up again. But there was something about knowing it was Jensen in him and the way he was pounding his ass that was driving him to that edge again.

“Good.” Jensen bit down on the swell of Toby’s shoulder and that bite raced through Toby to his groin, causing him to come again. The spurt of cum was smaller, but still pleasure shot through him.

“Jesus, Toby!” Jensen shouted as he filled the condom.

They collapsed to the floor in a sweating, panting lump. Toby flipped over, wincing as Jensen’s softened cock slid out of his aching butt. Jensen took care of the rubber before tugging his pants up. He did the same for Toby then snuggled with him on the carpet.

“Obviously I’m going to give you a chance, but only one. If you disappear again, Jensen, that’s it. I can’t do it again.”

“Thank you.” Jensen pressed a kiss to Toby’s cheek.

“Let’s take a shower.” Toby ran his hand over a scar that ran under Jensen’s left nipple. “Did you get this climbing?”

“Yeah.” Jensen pushed to his feet, pulling Toby with him. “It was my first climb out in Yosemite National Park. They have awesome formations that are good to learn on, though a climb there can get insane if you’re not careful.”

Jensen picked up his bag then carried it to Toby’s room. Toby followed Jensen to the bathroom where they stripped off their clothes then climbed into the shower.

“I was in rehab for about seven months. It was a little longer than most because of all the addictions I had to break. Once I was out, Jigger actually was the one who convinced me to try climbing. All I knew was I couldn’t do what I’d been doing because it would’ve killed me, you know. So I went out to Wyoming with him and Cat. They’d fallen in love while Jigger was going through rehab with me. It was cool, though, because Cat got a different job somewhere else.” Jensen had removed the brace on his wrist so he wouldn’t get it wet and he waved his hands as he spoke.

“What do you feel when you’re doing it?” Toby soaped his body then rinsed off.

Jensen’s grin held excitement and happiness. “Have you ever seen it? Maybe saw something on TV?”

“I remember seeing a commercial with a lady dangling from the underside of a rock formation and thinking she was crazy,” Toby admitted.

Chuckling, Jensen shut off the water before grabbing a towel. “Oh yeah. It can get insane, man. Dangling a hundred feet above the ground with your SLCD, or spring-loaded camming device, which I use as an anchor into the cracks, as the only thing keeping you from plunging to your death. Well, that and the rope you attach to the SLCD with belays.”

Toby shuddered at the thought, but he could see the thought of a thin rope and pieces of metal being the only things keeping him safe didn’t bother Jensen at all. Jensen brushed his teeth before padding out into the hall then across into Toby’s bedroom.

Once Toby got there, he found Jensen climbing into the bed and he joined him. Once they were settled, Toby told him, “Go on.”

“What?” Jensen frowned then his face cleared when he realized what Toby was talking about. “I’m not sure I can explain it really, except it feels like freedom. I’m up there and there’s no one else to rely on. Not really. I mean I have my climbing buddies and all that, but in the end, it’s my body and me. My strength of body and mind.”

Toby found his attention constantly caught by Jensen, watching him move and how he sounded. His confidence was obvious in the way he carried his head and shoulders. It was something he couldn’t remember seeing in Jensen all those years ago. Now it was like Jensen had learned something about his soul and it made him like himself.

“When you stand on the top of a mountain that you climbed with your blood, sweat and tears, it’s like being next to Heaven. I’ve stared up into the brightest blue skies, with no one else next to me, and I’ve known peace for the first time in my life. It only gets better each time I do it.” Jensen leaned back against the pillows.

“How did you handle everything like your job and apartment? I went searching for you when you didn’t show up the next night at the bar. The building manager said you’d left.”

“My stint in rehab had been set up, but they didn’t have a spot for me right away. I had everything arranged because I knew it was going to be some time before I could come back. I didn’t want to pay rent on an apartment I wasn’t using. So I’d broken my lease, handed in my resignation. It had all been planned for a week or more. Well, everything, except my leaving as soon as I did.” Jensen shrugged as he reached over to take Toby’s hand. “I had planned on asking if I could crash with you for a couple days until the spot at the rehab opened up.”

“And I screwed that up.” Toby shook his head. “I’m sorry.”

Jensen squeezed his hand. “No, Toby. It’s not your fault. I accept all the blame for what happened to me. You didn’t force me to drink or do coke or shoot heroin. That’s on me. From this moment on, neither one of us looks back. Revisiting the past doesn’t help anyone.”

Toby pursed his lips as he thought and realized that Jensen was right. Looking back only helped foster the anger and hurt for Toby. It helped undermine all the good steps Jensen had taken to get his life back.

“You’re right. I won’t apologize as long as you don’t.” He set his fingers to Jensen’s lips. “I know you feel you should keep saying you’re sorry about what you did, but you don’t. I forgive you, Jensen. I’m just not entirely sure how much I trust you not to do the disappearing act again.”

Jensen’s dark eyes glittered with tears. “I understand and all I can do is prove to you that I’m not going to cut you out of my life. Whenever I leave, I’ll come back to you. I promise.” Leaning over, he kissed Toby swiftly on the mouth.


Jensen ran his hand down over Toby’s chest to wrap it around his cock. He grasped it tight, letting Toby fuck the tunnel his fingers made. He kept the fingers on his other hand moving in Toby’s ass, stretching and relaxing him.

“Jensen, my God.” Toby rolled his head back and forth on the pillows, sweat beading on his forehead and lip. “Are you done torturing me?”

Smiling, Jensen leaned down to lick Toby’s head, gathering some of the pre-cum pooling there. He hummed as he swallowed then looked at him. “I guess. Are you ready for me to pound you in the mattress?”

“Fuck yes.” Toby growled.

He picked up the foil packet. “Do you think there’ll ever be a time when we could get tested and do this without a rubber?”

He kept his attention on rolling the condom down, not wanting to see the expression on Toby’s face.


Not lifting his head caused Toby to pinch his thigh.

“Ow! What was that for?” He pouted when he lifted his gaze.

“Look at me when I’m trying to say something life-altering here.”

“Yes, sir.”

Toby curled up to kiss him hard. “We’ll go on Monday and get tested. I want to feel you inside me without any barrier. I want you to fill me with your cum and feel it trickling out.”

Just the thought of that had Jensen aching with need. He kissed Toby back then raised Toby’s legs to rest them on his shoulders. He positioned the head of his shaft at Toby’s hole before slowly sliding in. He didn’t stop until his pubic hair brushed Toby’s butt.

Pausing, he took one big breath then started to stroke in and out, hard and fast. He knew if he went too slow, Toby would start bitching him out. Jensen pounded into him and the room filled with their grunts and the slap of skin on skin.

“Touch yourself,” he ordered Toby.

After reaching down, Toby fisted his length, knowing just the right amount of strength in his touch to use. Jensen’s rhythm helped him achieve the pace he wanted.

“I’m close,” Jensen warned Toby, having felt the pleasure build in his balls and cock. He wanted Toby right there with him when he came.

“I know. So am I.”

He let Toby’s legs fall from his shoulders, feeling him wrap them around his waist as he rushed to kiss Toby. His long firm thrusts turned into shallow strokes, yet he still rubbed over Toby’s gland.

Their cries of completion mingled together as Jensen came, dragging Toby over the edge with him. The wet warmth spilling between them eased some of the friction. He continued to jerk until his climax eased then drifted away. What was left behind was exhausted pleasure.

He managed to retain enough energy and brain function to get rid of the condom then wipe them both down with a T-shirt. Once he’d done that, he lay down beside Toby, throwing his arm over his stomach while burying his face in Toby’s damp curls.

“That was the best way to end a day,” he murmured.

Toby patted his hand. “It was.”

Jensen knew there were still wounds in Toby’s heart that needed Jensen to heal them. The only way he’d be able to do that was to be solid and build a new foundation with him. No wandering off on his own whenever he felt like getting away. There were people who loved him and wanted to know where he was.

He just hoped Toby wouldn’t get too freaked out by his climbing. He had several mountains he needed to summit before he called his list finished, and Mount Fuji in Japan was the next one. Jensen closed his eyes as he thought about his upcoming trip. Cat, Jigger, and him had sat down and plotted every move out. Now he was going with a different couple that he’d climbed with before, but the deep-seated trust wasn’t there.

Shaking his head, he whistled silently to get his mind off all the things that could go wrong on his trip. Nothing would happen and he’d be able to summit Fuji

“You know the highest point in Japan is the Kengamine peak on Mount Fuji. That’s where I’m heading when we start our climb,” he told Toby, not sure if he was still awake or not. “Then I’m going on a

“What is that?” Toby’s question was soft.

Jensen was happy to hear that Toby was listening to him.

“That’s what they call walking around the edge of the crater. We’ll start climbing and end up spending the night on the mountain. We’ve already made reservations for it. Then leave before it’s light out because people say the best thing in the world is watch the sunrise from the summits of Fuji.”

Toby stiffened in his arms. “At night? Isn’t that dangerous?”

“It can be, but I’m not doing it alone. Plus we’re going during the climbing season, so there’ll be other people out.” He grunted in annoyance. “Probably more than I like dealing with, but that’s what I get for wanting to conquer Fuji.”

“You’ll be all right, won’t you? Promise me you’ll call me when you get down off the mountain.” Toby twisted so his gaze met Jensen’s. “I just got you back. I don’t want to lose you so soon.”

Jensen kissed Toby, unable to contain his happiness at hearing him say that. After he finished mauling Toby, he pulled back to say, “Yes, I’ll call you. It’s going to be weird having someone waiting for me.”

BOOK: What's His Passion 1 - Mountains to Climb
4.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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