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Her mouth opened, but no sound came out.

Jaden held her chin. “Look at me, Emma.”

She lifted her gaze back to his from where it had fallen to his chest as her face flushed with this new realization.

No way could she take them both at once like this. She’d never had anal sex in her life, and certainly not with cocks as big as these men had, and doubly certainly not with two men at the same time.

She shook her head. “I can’t…”

“You can,” Jaden said. “We’ll go slow, and we won’t do anything until you’re prepared.”

Emma clenched her ass cheeks.
Slow? Prepared? What the hell is he thinking?
No amount of reduced speed or stroking of her skin was going to make her ass better able to take Liam’s huge cock.

A small popping noise made her flinch. Her arms threatened to give out. If she’d had any inkling this was what mating two men entailed an hour ago, she might have had the courage to slink out of the cabin and take off before things got this far.

Jaden pulled her down against his chest. Her tender nipples smashed into his firm skin. His cock nestled against her stomach. Jaden stroked her entire body as far as he could reach from her shoulders to her thighs and back again. He continued the motion several times while whispering into her ear, “I’ve got you…Trust us…We’ll make it so good, honey…Relax.”

She gripped his biceps with her fists, her fingers not even coming close to closing around his arms. His words and strokes soothed her slowly. Gradually, her breathing slowed under his touch.

“No one is going to hurt you, Emma. You are the most important being on the planet to us. Believe me when I say you will love being taken this way. It will feel so good.”

Suddenly she realized this wasn’t the first time these two had shared a woman. “You’ve done this before.” She struggled to lift her head, but Jaden held her steady with one palm against her scalp.

He breathed deeply. A pause ensued.

Finally Liam spoke. “Yes. But not with someone as important as you are to us. Not with a wolf-shifter. Not with our mate. Never with the passion we both feel right now without even having you yet.”

Somehow his words were just what she needed to hear. It wasn’t realistic to think they hadn’t slept with other women. Hell, she’d had sex with other men. But, somehow, it seemed so intimate to think they’d both fucked another woman at the same time. It shouldn’t. She relaxed as she accepted that their past was just that—past.

And what did it matter? She was about to be another notch for them anyway. She couldn’t stay. She couldn’t keep from letting them claim her either—that was out of the question. But mating with them would only make her resolve to leave them that much stronger. After they solidified their claim on her, she would want to protect them even more than before. And, to protect their lives, she would need to leave before anyone who might be trailing her found out there were others. Jaden and Liam would become targets just like her.

She’d not grown up around wolves, but she worried the bond she would share with these men might be powerful. If her perception was correct, she prayed she would have the will and ability to leave them.

Jaden resumed his path up and down her body for several more passes. Finally, his hands paused at her ass. He spread his legs wide, forcing her own knees open farther than she would have thought possible. Why?

She had her answer when Liam settled between Jaden’s thighs on his knees.

Jaden gripped Emma’s butt, one cheek with each hand, opening her farther.

A cool substance landed on her crack, and she flinched. Jaden held her steady against him though, his hands firm. “Relax. It’s just lube, honey. Let Liam prepare you.”

While Jaden held her tight against his body, Liam ran a finger through the slick substance coating her crack. When he breached her forbidden hole, she held her breath and concentrated on not clenching against his finger.

Liam rubbed her back with his free hand. “It’s just one finger right now, baby. Let yourself relax into my touch. We don’t want to hurt you.” He paused, his finger circling inside her tight ass. “I’m going to add another now.”

Emma gritted her teeth, but the pain she expected didn’t happen. He scissored her now, two fingers working to spread her open, rubbing the lube into the tight confines of her rear.

As she let herself settle onto Jaden’s chest, Liam’s fingers began to feel good. Instead of hurting, her arousal resumed, increasing with each stroke. The intimate way Jaden held her most private parts open for Liam made her squirm against Jaden’s cock. Her need to have him inside her pussy grew once again. And, now, added to that need was the desire to have Liam’s dick in her ass.

How had this happened so fast?

Jaden chuckled, his chest vibrating against her own, making her aware of her distended nipples where they brushed against his fine hair. “Your pussy is leaking onto me, honey. Are the mental barriers coming down?”

She twisted her head to look at him. His eyes twinkled, not laughing at her, but pleased that she was so pliant.

While she stared into his eyes, he spoke to Liam, “Add another finger, Li. She’s so close.”

She breathed heavy, not flinching this time when Liam breached her tight hole with a third finger. The tightness was welcoming. In fact, she wanted to feel that same tightness in her pussy. “Now,” she muttered, her gaze locked on Jaden’s. “Now.”

Jaden released her ass and lifted her several inches off his body to release his cock from its position between them. When he lowered her onto the very tip, he didn’t disengage his gaze from hers. “Take me inside you, Emma. Let me claim you as my own. Are you ready?”

The question was moot now. She was way past ready. She simply nodded.

“Out loud, honey. Tell us what you want.” Jaden smiled at her, but his grin was strained. He needed her at least as bad as she did him.

“Please,” she muttered. “Please, claim me. Both of you.” She would beg if she had to, whatever it took to put an end to this permanent state of arousal consuming her world. The ball in the pit of her stomach tightened. The only way to release that tension and energy would be to fill her with their cocks.

Emma wiggled against the tight grip Jaden had on her hips, willing him to loosen his hold and allow her to slam onto his length.

He paused, and then he did just that, lowering her over his glorious cock until he was fully seated inside her.

She sucked in a breath and held it as her body stretched around his girth. He was huge, bigger than anyone she’d ever had. It took a few seconds and several breaths to adjust to his size. Both men stroked her back and over her ass as she accepted the intrusion.

She hadn’t thought about Liam’s fingers while she’d been concentrating on getting Jaden inside her, but now he stroked the digits against the tiny barrier between his fingers and Jaden’s cock. She moaned. Her mouth fell open at the new sensation as a rush of heat flooded down her body as if all her blood supply needed to hurry to that juncture and examine the new feeling.

“Oh God,” she murmured into Jaden’s mouth as he stroked the back of her head, his fingers tangled in her hair. She was going to come. Jaden hadn’t moved yet, and Liam wasn’t even inside her, and she was going to come harder than ever. Her face flushed.

“It’s all right,” Jaden soothed, his words and his hands working in tandem. “Let it go.”

She didn’t want to come yet. She’d already done so once. If she came again right then, she’d be spent and not enjoy the experience. In fact, it might be over-stimulating. She shook her head, fighting off the need consuming her until it seemed as though she was falling under water, drowning in her own desire to explode.

Liam’s damn fingers kept stroking Jaden’s cock, and she didn’t have the ability to tell him to stop. Her mouth wouldn’t work, and the synapses connecting her brain to her vocal cords were frozen.

Liam spoke next, his voice deep and needy. “Come for us, baby. It will loosen you up and allow you to feel.”

She shook her head. It would ruin the moment.

Jaden pulled her head to one side of his and placed his mouth against her ear. His warm breath made her shiver as he spoke, his tongue reaching out to tease her earlobe. “Come, Emma, release the need. Stop holding back. We don’t ever want you to hold back on us. Let this one go. The next one will be better for it.”

The next one? Was he crazy? She couldn’t come a third time. Hell, any time she’d come even twice, and that had only ever been at her own hands, she’d been too sated to even move for an hour.

She must have stiffened because Jaden responded to her reaction, his tongue still teasing her ear. “Oh, you will come several more times, honey. Don’t you worry about that.”

Liam pumped his fingers now, pulling them out and slamming them back in as deep as he could reach, angling them so they dragged over the sensitive area she’d never known existed between himself and Jaden.

Only a small space still remained between her and Jaden, the only inch allowed by her position on super-spread knees. Liam took advantage of that opening, however, and wiggled his free hand between her body and Jaden’s. When he stroked over her swollen clit in sync with the rhythm of his fingers inside her ass, she exploded.

The loud groan filling the air had to be hers. She didn’t recognize it, but it sounded as though it leaked out in direct correlation to the pulsing of her pussy around Jaden’s stiff cock. Even her ass throbbed against Liam’s fingers. The release was all-consuming and left her dizzy, her mind fuddled. All she knew was that she was indeed not sated. She wanted more.

She lifted off Jaden’s length the scant inches he would allow and then slammed herself down on him so hard she trapped Liam’s hand against her clit.

“Hold still, little nymph,” Liam uttered. She could hear the mirth in his voice as he squirmed his fingers from under her to release himself.

Emma moaned again, her clit now snug against the base of Jaden’s cock.

Jaden spoke against her hair. “Hurry up, Li. I’m not going to last.”

Liam pulled his fingers out of Emma, leaving an empty feeling in their wake.

She squirmed. “Please,” she begged, though she couldn’t believe what she was actually craving.

Liam positioned himself at her back hole and stroked the tip of his cock through the moisture. “Push out while I enter you, baby. It will make it easier this first time.”

Push out? She flushed anew. No one could see her chest or her cheeks, but she knew they were red.

Liam’s cock nudged her entrance, pressing at the tight pucker of her ass.

She clenched. He would be much larger than his three fingers. The reality of what was happening slammed into her full force. She was about to be claimed. She couldn’t stop it. She even wanted it. All she had to do was let Liam enter her alongside Jaden, and her world as she’d known it for twenty-three years would cease to exist.

Liam gripped her hips firmly with both hands, steadying her body for his entry. “Gonna take it slow. Tell me if it hurts.” He pressed into her, just the tip, but it felt like an entire tree trunk.

She had to admit it wasn’t painful. In fact, she craved more. The idea of being so filled by these two men made her whimper. “More,” she muttered.

The tightness increased with each stroke. In and out. He took his time. The only noise in the room was their heavy breathing as they simultaneously concentrated on Liam’s entry. She knew she wasn’t the only one consumed by this ultimate act of surrender. It touched the men too. They both experienced tremors, which she could feel through their fingertips.

Finally, Liam pressed the rest of his length in to the hilt and steadied himself against her.

She shook, her arms quivering as she fought the urge to buck them off her. So full. So tight. So all-consuming…So right.

“Move,” she pleaded. She wiggled her ass, forcing Liam to dislodge a fraction.

“Liam…” Jaden’s voice was strained. The word was soft. What was he asking for? Or perhaps he was just expressing his feeling for Liam with that one word. It seemed to speak volumes.

And then they began to rock inside her. Liam pulled out, and when he pressed back in, Jaden pulled out. They were practiced at this. And she was not jealous this time, but grateful. The sensation was indescribable. Flashes of light made her think she was about to faint, but she didn’t. Instead, she relished the feel of her two men stroking her to perfection. She’d never been so filled. Even two vibrators used at the same time wouldn’t have created this feeling.

Perfection. Heaven on earth.

Her ardor built with each stroke.

“So tight.” The words came from between Jaden’s clenched teeth. “I’m gonna come.” His eyes rolled back as she stared down at his face, lifting her head higher to watch his expression.

“So sexy,” Liam stated. “Emma, you are…” He didn’t finish the sentence. He stiffened inside her and held himself deeply seated.

When Jaden did the same, filling her completely once again, she came hard and fast. Unexpectedly.

Jaden and Liam came right behind her, their cocks pulsing into her as she gripped them with both holes, milking them…and wishing for all the world she could hold this moment in permanent suspension forever.

She’d never been so…surrounded, consumed…loved?

After long moments of heaving breaths, Liam pulled out and collapsed next to Jaden. Emma couldn’t move. She didn’t dare. She hated the absence of Liam and feared if she lifted off Jaden she’d wake up and find the entire scene to have been a dream. Would she be alone and wet and hungry in the dark forest?

She shivered.

“You okay, honey?” Jaden questioned. He grazed his fingers up and down her back until goose bumps rose in their wake.

She nodded, but tears filled her eyes. She didn’t want them to see her vulnerability.

Jaden lifted her head. “Emma?”

“I’m fine. Just happy.” And she was. The tears were born of joy.

Chapter 6

Emma slept hard. After taking a quick shower, Liam climbed back into the bed next to her and stared down at her sated form and smiled. He itched to run his fingers over her skin, but she was in a dead sleep. After watching her sleep for days now, he knew she didn’t usually sleep well and assumed she probably hadn’t in fifteen years. Fear had chased her tail for most of her life, leaving her with one eye open and nightmares that shook the cabin.

BOOK: Wolf Trinity
13.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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