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Neither he nor Jaden had mentioned it to her, but they had witnessed her restlessness on many occasions over the last several days. Some nights it appeared the hounds of hell were chasing her the way she moaned and writhed.

But not tonight. Tonight she slept hard, her body fully relaxed, her breathing even.

Liam glanced up at Jaden, who lay on the other side of her, facing him.

“We are the luckiest fucking bastards in the world,”
Liam communicated. The first thing the two of them had realized after Emma dropped into dreamland was they could now speak into each other’s heads. Emma would be able to also, if she ever woke up.

Jaden reached over her and stroked Liam’s bicep.

Liam tipped his head and grazed his cheek along his partner’s hand.

“She’s a gem. She has sucked me into a world I never knew I’d find. And I’m so lucky to have you sharing her with me.”

Liam held his breath. That was the closest Jaden had ever come to revealing his feelings toward Liam. He had Emma to thank for that. He kept his gaze on Emma, not wanting Jaden to see the tears in the corners of his eyes. He swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue. Jaden wasn’t ready to hear them yet. Soon. He hoped.

Emma squirmed between them and settled again. She lay on her stomach, her arms over her head hugging a pillow. Her face tipped toward Liam, her hair haloed out around her.

They gave her no space to move. Hell, there wasn’t enough space to spare. The bed was queen sized, and three of them were currently squished in it. Both Liam and Jaden were tucked up against Emma tightly. The sheets had long since been kicked to the end of the bed. And it was warm enough in the cabin to leave them where they were. Wolves ran a bit warm anyway, and the air-conditioning unit was barely soothing their skin.

Liam finally closed his eyes, his face settling inches from Emma’s, sharing her air. His cock was stiff where it rested against her thigh, but she would be way too sore and tired for him to rouse her now. Besides, he needed rest too.


It seemed as though only moments had passed before he smelled the heavenly scent of coffee filling the air, and bacon…

Liam pried one eye open. Emma was in the same spot, but her gaze was on his. And her face held a warm smile. Liam was still tucked next to her, his top leg thrown over her closest one. His cock was still hard. Had he slept the entire night aroused? He wouldn’t doubt it.

Emma licked her lips. “I didn’t want to disturb you.” Her words came out dripping with sweetness. Her smile mesmerized him. She was so content.

“You may disturb me any time, especially if you’re naked.” He grinned back at her and tugged her closer, as if that was possible.

She let him manipulate her into his embrace, her body fitting against his perfectly, her pussy warm and wet against his cock as he angled her onto her side, facing him.

“I’ve never slept that well.” Emma lifted her top leg over both of his. “You make me forget I’m supposed to be on alert,” she muttered as her eyes closed.

When her head tipped back, Liam leaned in to nuzzle her neck. Her leg gripped his hips, and a low moan escaped her lips. He’d do anything to help her forget to be on alert for killers. Her life’s challenges made him want to punch someone or destroy the fuckers who’d been chasing her across the country for fifteen years. What the hell was their motive? Surely they weren’t just purely vindictive after all this time. Fifteen years was a long time to hunt down a little girl just to eradicate a wolf.

Liam worried there was more to it. He and Jaden needed to question her on the subject. Cleary she didn’t remember it that way, but he wasn’t convinced. Maybe she knew something she didn’t realize, some detail that would explain why men still wanted her dead.

Emma’s belly rumbled. Liam chuckled. “We need to feed you.”

She moaned, her head rolling back against the pillow. She relaxed her grip on his hip with her leg, and he regretted that they ever needed to eat again. He’d much rather be pressing his cock into her hot center than climbing out of bed to acquire sustenance.

“Come on, you lazy creatures.” Jaden clamored around across the room, setting plates on the table.

Liam licked his lips as he stared across the room at the steaming platters of food. He chuckled at the irony. Usually he was the first one up. Usually he was the energetic one making coffee and breakfast. “Usually” had gone out the window when Emma walked into their lives.

Instead of pursuing his new pastime, making love to Emma, he propped himself up, scooted toward the edge of the bed, and then lifted Emma into his arms to carry her across the room.

Emma squealed. “Put me down, you oaf. My ankle doesn’t even hurt anymore. I think it’s quite healed.”

Liam ignored her protest and held her wiggling body tighter. “I don’t care about your ankle. I just like you against me.” He kissed her forehead and then set her on one of the chairs at the table.

“Can I at least get dressed?” she asked, crossing her arms over her chest and squeezing her legs together. “We can’t eat naked.” She stared at Liam.

He didn’t move.
Let her look all she wants
. He was confident about his body. His cock lengthened even farther and bobbed out in front of him as she looked her fill.

“Clothes are overrated,” Jaden said as he set orange juice on the table. He gently grasped Emma’s arms and pulled them away from her breasts.

Her nipples beaded while Liam took the seat next to her. He could skip breakfast and just feast on her chest. He hadn’t had a chance to explore her breasts enough last night.

Emma blushed under Jaden’s gaze as he continued to hold her arms out. “You’re gorgeous. We like looking at you.”

“I’m not used to such attention,” she muttered, lowering her gaze to the table. “It’s disconcerting.”

Liam leaned forward when he smelled her arousal. Her legs were clenched together, her knees tipped inward in an effort to conceal her pussy. “Baby, I hate to tell you this, but we can see your thoughts. We’re mated now. You might not have noticed yet, but we can all three delve into each other’s minds.” He smiled at her.

She sucked in a breath and groaned. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Obviously. But you have been sitting there thinking about how exposed you feel and how much that turns you on. Hell, I don’t really need to read your mind to know that. Your arousal is filling the room.” For emphasis, Liam tipped his head back and drew a long breath.

Emma jerked out of Jaden’s grasp and crossed her arms over her chest once more. “Can we just eat?”

Jaden leaned in and set his forehead against hers. “How are you going to manage a fork while keeping your nipples hidden at the same time?” he teased.

Liam was as naked as Emma. He watched Jaden leaning over her. The man wore boxers, but they didn’t hide his erection. He was enjoying the show as much as Liam.

Jaden sat with a smirk and dished out food for the three of them.

“A T-shirt?” Emma asked.

“Nope.” Jaden set her plate in front of her and handed her a fork, deliberately staring at her breasts.

Emma squirmed, her brow furrowed. Liam would have felt bad for her and perhaps even relented to make her more comfortable if she weren’t so aroused.

Her breasts weren’t large, but they were high and firm. Her nipples jutted out and made him lick his lips as she released them and took a bite.

“Damn dominant wolf-men…”

Liam laughed, Jaden following him in a chuckle.

The blush that spread across Emma’s face and down her chest was sexy. She glared at both men in turn. “Out of my head, guys.”

“You’re wide open,” Liam teased. “You have to block.”

“And why do you two know so much about this and I don’t?” She raised one eyebrow and shoveled more food into her mouth.

“Probably because you spent most of your life in isolation from shifters. We spent ours watching and learning.” Jaden handed her a napkin.

As they finished scarfing down their breakfasts, Emma glanced at them again. She fidgeted on her chair. “Don’t you guys have some plants to catalogue?”

Liam stared at her. What was she up to? She’d managed to block them now. “Not if it means you’re going to run away while we work.”

She blushed redder. That was exactly what she’d had in mind, and Liam couldn’t decide which emotion thundering through his system trumped—sorrow that she was worried about her life, elation that she placed her mates so high on her list that she didn’t want them in danger, or flat-out anger that she would dare leave them.

Liam stood and carried his plate to the small sink. “You can go with us,” he muttered. If he confronted her about his angst, he was afraid he would say things he didn’t want to and couldn’t take back. His emotions were in a jumble.

“I don’t even have clothes.”

Jaden stood next. “I told you we could buy you some things in town, but since you’re so hell bent on staying naked, then I guess that’s your choice.” He winked and stepped back when she reached to swat at him.

“If you think I’m going to follow you around outside all day naked, you’ve both lost your minds.” She looked from Jaden to Liam.

Oh, the idea was so tempting…Liam had to stifle a moan at the imagery. “I wish. But, alas, it’s not safe. There are all sorts of poisonous plants and animals out there. We don’t stay on the beaten path. We have to catalogue everything we see.” He thought for a minute. “I don’t think you would be able to wear our jeans, but we could make pajama pants work if we rolled them up. A T-shirt. And…oh shit, shoes. Hmmm.” He glanced at Jaden.

“Better idea. We need to get farther away from the cabin today anyway. Let’s all go in wolf form, and Emma can stay unshifted while we work.” Jaden turned to Emma.

She narrowed her gaze and stood. “You both act like I need a sitter. I’m a big girl. I can stay here in the cabin.”

“Not a chance.” Liam shook his head. He approached her as she backed up toward the bathroom. “You’re not sharing all your thoughts, but I can tell you have every intention of running the first chance you get. I haven’t decided yet if that makes me angry or sad. In the meantime, you stay with us.”

When she backed into the wall, Liam stepped into her space. He set a hand on both sides of her face and lowered his lips to hers. Just a taste, he promised himself.

But she moaned when he traced the edges of her teeth with his tongue. She gripped his forearms with both hands and melted beneath his lips.

For a woman he was sure intended to leave him and Jaden high and dry at her first opportunity, she sure buckled easily to all sexual advances. If he wasn’t so frustrated with her unfounded altruistic need to escape, he’d be wrapped around her tiny finger.

Liam jerked back. He couldn’t fuck her again right now. She needed some downtime after the way they’d taken her last night. She’d been so tight. It had been a long time since she’d had sex, and never with two men taking both holes simultaneously.

“Go.” He nodded toward the bathroom. “Take a shower before I maul you again against this wall.” He smiled at her.

She ducked beneath his arm, but under her current state of arousal, she couldn’t manage to block her thoughts.
“And that would be a bad thing, why?”

Jaden groaned as she shut the bathroom door. He’d apparently heard her too.
“Better lock that door, sweetheart. My hands are twitching to get ahold of you.”

Liam turned to Jaden, heaving for breath. That kiss had knocked his brain to one side. He leaned against the wall, still feeling the heat of her body where she’d just vacated the wooden slats. His hand reached for his struggling cock of its own accord, and he stroked himself while he lowered his eyelids to half-mast, never removing his gaze from Jaden.

Jaden stalked toward him. The cabin wasn’t big enough to put much space between them anyway. In three strides, he had Liam in the same position Liam had just trapped Emma, hands to the sides of his head, their deep breaths mingling.

As the water switched on in the shower behind the door, Jaden lowered his face and took Liam’s mouth. He nibbled at first, muttering between the kisses. “God, I’m so fucking horny. What they say is true about mating. I can’t get enough of either of you. It’s like we’re connected, and I’m trapped in a permanent state of arousal. I thought I was going to push everything off the table and take you both on top of it.” He slammed his lips against Liam’s when he finished speaking.

Liam squeezed his cock with one hand and took Jaden’s through his boxers with the other. Jaden swiped down and knocked Liam’s arms out of the way so he could close the gap between them and rub their dicks against one another. He wiggled his way out of his boxers with one hand, never breaking the kiss.

Liam couldn’t breathe. He didn’t even want to. He felt as though he was in a whirlpool swirling around in circles. He grabbed Jaden’s face and held on while Jaden controlled everything. He loved how Jaden kissed, deep and serious. A lot of thought went into every move Jaden made.

When Jaden broke free, Liam gasped for breath. Their eyes met for an intense heated moment. Then Jaden lowered himself to the floor and knelt in front of Liam.

Liam planted his feet wider apart. The wall wasn’t doing nearly enough to hold him up. His thighs trembled with need. His cock stuck out now that Jaden’s was no longer trapping it tight against his belly.

Jaden gripped Liam’s hips and eyed his dick, licking his lips and prolonging the sense of urgency Liam felt.

“Fuck,” Liam mumbled. He flattened his palms on the wall and squeezed as though he could hold on to the flat surface. “Suck me already, Jade. You’re killing me.”

Jaden’s dark hair was slicked back. He’d had a shower earlier. How had Liam and Emma slept through that?

“You still smell of Emma,” Jaden whispered. “Her scent is all over you. I’m gonna come just breathing you both in.”

“I don’t care how you come. Just…do something.” Liam gritted his teeth and grabbed onto Jaden’s shoulders, tugging him forward.

Jaden licked the tip, teasing Liam. Liam watched as precum trickled out, and Jaden lapped it up, swirling his tongue around the mushroom-shaped head. When he finally sucked Liam into his mouth, strong and firm, Liam groaned.

BOOK: Wolf Trinity
4.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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