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Authors: Violet Williams

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A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2) (4 page)

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
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He glanced back at them. There they were,
both still flushed and alive with arousal. Jess’ tight little peaks
were fully visible beneath her sheer shirt. Sara stole glances at
her, her lips still quivering. She was a goddamn hypocrite.

I need you to leave,


Davis took a breath. “Get. The. Hell.

Sara frowned. “Beg your pardon?”

I want to speak to Jessica

Sara opened her mouth to protest, but when
she saw the look of pain in Davis’ eyes, she let out a resigned
sigh. “Fine.” She glanced at Jess. “I’ll be down at the beach if
you need me.”

What’s that supposed to
mean?” Davis scoffed. His face was hot as he shot daggers at his
sister. He struggled to keep his eyes on her face and not her full
tits. “I’m not going to hurt her.”

You practically raped her
the last time you saw her,” Sara said quietly.

You fucking-”

Jess held up a hand, interrupting him. “It’s
okay, Aunt Sara. I’ll be fine.”

Sara gave a small nod then breezed past
Davis, only stopping to swipe a beachbag of supplies. When Davis
heard the door click shut, he tried to calm himself.

What the hell are you doing
here, Jess?”

Jess jutted out her lip. “I think a better
question is what the hell were you thinking just bailing?”


One of the perks of dating
an older guy is supposed to be that I don’t have to deal with that
MIA, immature shit that guys my age pull.”

Davis cleared his throat as his heart skipped
a beat. Briefly, before things got out of hand, he’d entertained
the thought of dating Jess. Reality had given him a good dose of
common sense. “We aren’t dating, Jess.”

Her face fell. “So I’m just a fuck to you

No!” Davis exclaimed,
taking her soft arms in his. “God no. It’s

Jess extricated herself from him. Her fair
face was contorted with anger and hurt. “Well let me uncomplicated
it for you real quick. The baby is a moot point. I got an

Davis staggered backward. He had to grip the
island to steady himself. “W-what?”

You heard me,” she snapped.
“You left. I took care of it.”

Davis’ eyes welled with tears. Jessica…his
Jess. He’d put her in this mess, letting them cross the line then
left without a word. She should have been the one yelling at him.
“I should have been there, baby. I’m so sorry.” He held out a hand.
“Can I just hold you?”

Jess nibbled her lips. Her eyes swam as well.
“It was so scary, and you were gone and-” The levee broke and she
sunk in his arms.

He stroked her golden hair and clasped her
shaking body to his. “I’m so sorry, Jess. I’ll make it up to you,
baby. I swear I will.”

She pulled back, sniffling. “You will?”

Davis nodded. “I will. Anything. Anything in
the world.”

Jess smiled between the tears and Davis felt
his dick thump in his flannel pants. “I want you to…um, eat me

A smirk of delight played at Davis’ lips.
“You do?”

Oh yes,” she said with a
moan. “I’ve missed your mouth inside me and I feel so

Davis took her lips into his, smothering out
the rest. He would have lassoed the sun and moon and give it to
her. His naughty little minx could lobbied for a new car, a
vacation—hell, she could have blackmailed him for all he was worth.
But his baby wanted him instead.

He eased her down to the hardwood floor. It
definitely wasn’t comfortable on his knees, but the pain paled in
comparison to the passion that consumed him.

Jess shed her clothes in an instant and Davis
let out a sigh. Her body was so nubile, so perfect.

His eyes trailed down her lean neck and
stopped at her hot little tits. She teased her pink nipples,
nibbling her lip suggestively as she tugged and twisted.

Davis leaned forward, wanting his mouth to
replace her fingers, but she cupped her breasts, shaking her head.
“I want your mouth in my cunt.”

You’re the boss,” Davis
said huskily.

His hand traveled down inside his pants. He
wrapped his hands around his swollen dick and jerked the length of
it. His eyes widened as she pulled his hand out of his pants then
lied back on the floor.

Get to work,” she

He licked his lips as he took her in. She was
a beautiful buffet laid out on the mahogany, her body all tight
curves and softness.

When she spread open her toned thighs, the
layers of her pussy opened and he could see inside her honey pot.
It was wet with desire and his lips quivered as he saw that her
perfect knob was already rock hard.

He lowered his mouth to her and let out a
sigh as he took her clit between his lips. He swirled around her
flesh button, eliciting moans of pleasure from his hot little

Next, he trailed his long tongue down the
length of her perfect slit, teasing her opening. She was so goddamn
wet…her nectar was tangy and sweet and he lapped it up with

His tongue found its way inside her pussy and
he could feel her folds pulsing and responding to his touch. He
couldn’t believe he’d left her…he couldn’t believe he thought he
could survive without her juicy cunt. He didn’t need water, oxygen
or food. All he needed was his Jess.

Don’t stop,” Jess begged.
“PLEASE don’t stop.”

But Davis did. Eating out his daughter was
amazing, but his dick was so hard he thought it’d break a hole in
the floor. He had to be inside her.

He pushed his pants off. “I need you baby,”
he moaned, his eyes closing as he slid inside her hole. “I have to
fuck you.”

He plunged his dick into her depths, each of
her pussy’s vibrations rippling across his body. He wanted to fuck
her all day, all night, but he knew that he couldn’t hold back much
longer. Her tight cunt just felt too good.

Davis grabbed one of her lean legs and bent
it, ramming his meat even deeper in her pussy. Jess’ pussy started
clamping as her whole body quaked. Daddy’s girl was coming…right on
his dick.

He released it all, letting out a bellow that
filled the room as he filled her sopping pussy. He kept pumping,
wanting to savor every precious moment. He wanted to feel every
contraction, he wanted his juices to overflow from her hot

He sunk into the nape of her neck, their
bodies hot and sticky with the glow that followed a good

W-wow,” Jess stammered,
letting out a chuckle. “Maybe I should get abortions more

Davis reared back. “That’s not funny, Jess.”
She talked about her abortion like it was no different than
changing cell phone companies. She was fickle and impulsive. Hell,
thirty minutes ago she was smooching his sister.

Jess squeezed his thigh. “I’m sorry. I didn’t
mean it.”

There was something in her voice that made
him doubt that. Davis glanced at her, taking in her beautiful face.
She was so youthful, so naïve. He was suddenly acutely aware of
their age gap. “I’m gonna go hop in the shower.”

Her baby blue eyes brightened. “Want me to
join you?”

N-no,” Davis said quickly.
“You should unpack. Get settled in.”

But I-”

Just give me a minute
Jess,” he said, a little louder than he intended. “I can’t think
when you’re near me and I have a lot of thinking to do.”

He breezed from the room, trying to ignore
the desire to turn around and take her up on her offer.

Chapter Eight

Awkward Dinner (Jess)


Sara had pulled out her best Ramsay and
whipped together T-bones, green beans and apple pie. She’d been so
excited about having a proper dinner for all of them that Jess felt
it was only fair to wear something nice.

Jess cleared her throat and smoothed the
front of her white linen dress. She probably should have just gone
with a simple tee and shorts. Next to Davis’ polo and jeans and
Sara’s plain cotton dress, she felt vastly underdressed.

So Sara says that you liked
her novel,” Davis said, cutting through the awkward

Y-yeah,” Jess said
brightly, shooting a look at her aunt. “I’m really into the whole
vampires/werewolves thing, so it works out.”

Davis snorted and downed his
fifth glass of wine that night. “Paranormal romance is such a joke.
Everyone’s just trying to be the next

Davis!” Jess exclaimed,
dabbing her mouth. “Aunt Sara’s work is good and it’s certainly

No,” Sara interjected
gently. “It’s okay. It’s what I get for not cooking you guys lunch.
Wine and an empty stomach just don’t mix.”

I know we both appreciate
what you’ve done, Aunt Sara. And dinner is delicious.”

You had your tongue down
Sara’s throat. I think you can drop the auntie act.”

Jess scowled, her lips becoming a thin line.
“Don’t be a jerk, Davis. Aunt Sara made this beautiful meal and I
put on a nice dress. Let’s just enjoy what’s left of our evening.”
She rolled her eyes as Davis refilled his empty wine glass to the

Here, here!” he said with a
dopey grin. “Here’s to a delicious dinner with two delicious

Jess shot her aunt a look and Sara slid from
the table, slipping the wine bottle.

How about some water?” Sara
said brightly. It’ll get us nice and lubricated for

Davis let out a guffaw like she’d just
dropped the funniest joke he’d ever heard. “Lubrication.”

Jess sipped her lemonade in silence, trying
to not go back to her last experience with a drunk Davis. She’d
been so depressed about the baby that she’d ignored the red flags.
She’d just wanted to fuck him.

She reached across the table and squeezed his
hand. “Take it easy, okay?”

You’re the boss,” he

She’d put money on his dick being good and
swollen if she rested her hand in his lap, but she didn’t want to
reward his behavior. He was being rude to Aunt Sara, the sister he
only saw on special occasions. When he got a little liquor in his
system, he became a complete stranger…or was this the real Davis
underneath it all?

Aunt Sara came back to the table with a
pitcher of water. “So it’s your first year at Creighton,

Yeah,” Jess said, eager for
a topic change. “And I-”

You remember the summer
before your first year at Creighton, Sara?” Davis

Jess was about to slice her steak when she
caught the ghostly pale look on her aunt’s face.

Sara leaned forward and Jess had to strain to
even hear her words. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Davis shrugged, tracing the rim of his glass.
“I’m just making conversation.”

Jess lowered her fork. Clearly she needed to
get them back on track. “So yeah, it’s my first semester. I took a
couple of summer classes before August, but-”

I had too much to drink
that night too,” Davis cut in. He was really good at that tonight.
“Mom was railing on about spoiling her non-existent grandchildren
or something another. You were smart and went out to the beach
before dessert.”

Davis,” Sara hissed. Her
eyes were round and dark, like chocolate drops. “Don’t you

I escaped after my fifth or
eighth glass of wine. I walked out on the deck and made my way down
to the beach.

Before I knew it was you, I lusted after the
girl who spun in a circle near the tide. Her dark hair flapped in
the wind. Her fingers were stretched out like she wanted to take
life by the fucking balls.

It was kind of cool that night, so I found
myself wondering if I could see her nipples through her thin dress.
I wanted to see her, well, your, nipples.”

Jess pushed back from the table. “So I think
I’m gonna head to bed.”

But it was you,” Davis
continued, ignoring the interruption. “It was my baby sister. She
was the same age as you, Jess.”

My eyes went round. He didn’t…they didn’t. I
mean I couldn’t judge, and they weren’t technically related, but he
grew up with her. He practically raised Aunt Sara.

You fucked my brains out,”
Davis finished, tracing his lips. “I said no at first but she knew
what she wanted.

I sure as hell wasn’t her first though. She
moved and bounced and shook like a pro.”

Jess sat enraptured as a crack sliced through
Davis’ confession. Aunt Sara had slapped him across the face.

His eyes registered pain and shock. Was it
because he couldn’t believe he’d just spilled the beans, or because
he couldn’t believe she’d struck him?

Jess dug her fingers into the tablecloth as
her aunt tossed her napkin at Davis’ face. “You fucking

Before Davis could say more, she lunged from
her chair and stormed from the room.

It was just Jess and Davis. And the elephant
in the room.

Davis rubbed his jaw. “Ouch.”

Jess shook her head. “You deserved it.”

What?” he slurred. “It was
only once.”

Jess knew he was too drunk to grasp what he
said, but she scolded him anyway. “It wasn’t just your secret to
tell, Davis.”

Davis just stared back at her with glassy
green eyes. “Maybe something good could come out of it.”

BOOK: A Family Affair (A Taboo Tale #2)
7.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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