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All I Want Is Everything

BOOK: All I Want Is Everything
Gossip Girl 03 - All I Want Is Everything
Gossip Girl 03 - All I Want Is Everything

Gossip Girl 03 - All I Want Is Everything

Warning: all the real names of places, people and events
were curtailed to protect the innocent. I mean, I do.


Hi, guys!



Christmas in New York is truly magical, especially in the
uptown. The air smells like snow falling, the wood burning and assando cakes. From our roof,
the Central Park looks like an enchanted kingdom of silver, the ParkAvenue is a parade of
lights, Christmas tree and the size of Rockefeller Center seems to promise that this
Christmas will be the most wonderful of all - though most of us will be drinking champagne to
understand others. Along the Fifth Avenue, all the shop windows of department stores are
decorated for the holidays and all the girls who go out for shopping use of Cashmere coats
beautiful azure Marc Jacobs who bought in October and barely saw the time of use. And the night
leaving all to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Nothing to study for exams in mid-year and nothing of those
last-minute attempts to get to college and nothing to help mom to buy gifts for the
employed, the cooks, drivers and girls of the laundry. Get your black satin dress drapeado of
Prada, the shoes of needle jump of pure acrylic Christian Louboutin, the Hermes Birkin bag
orange, the more expensive lindinho that know and follow me!

Flagra D and V lips glued to the pier in the 79th It is tragic half
the time it took to realize that they are loved. N J to buying red roses - and do not
think he has a soft heart that beautiful body Chapadão. B and S to Bendel's going to get
dressed for the prom night of Black-and-White. Knew Flow - former model and now beautiful
singer and guitarist, whose band, the 45, just won the MTV Music Award for best album
for his disc of debut, Komunik8 -

will do the honor to announce how much money raised. The
ball is in favor of Be Kind, a group that argues for the rights of animals, of which Flow
is the spokesman. But who calls it? We all know that only come on to take a look at his
perfect face. See you there!


Do they really are friends now?


That's right: If B decided to resume the friendship, and was
not about time. I mean, how long you can stay angry with someone who took bath in
primary school?

B may not be as lean or too blond or too
“experienced” as S, but that does not mean that you must hate it. ES never be so dishonest or so ensimesmada as
B, but that does not mean that you have to be afraid of it. So the two decided to leave the
differences aside and be nice to each other, at least for now. The question is, now they
come back, what kind of crazy crap they will finish?

They may believe, be the first to discover and you will know
soon after. I'm not exactly good at keeping secrets.


For you who love me,

gossip girl the dance the dance - If it were, like so, some fifteen centimeters higher, he
could support the chin in her lap - Blair Waldorf as noted by the ex-boyfriend, Nate
Archibald, dancing with Jenny Humphrey, a student of eighth grade and short peitudona that Nate was
the reason for inexplicably jilt Blair a few weeks before. - But then he would have trouble

Fortunately, Blair had waived the dinner that night,
otherwise it would have gone straight to the bathroom to vomit of women sick.

Serena van der Woodsen, the oldest and newest friend of
Blair, said the hair swinging clear.

- I understand - she said. - I have nothing against Jenny,
but always thought you and Nate were so kind, the perfect couple. You were fully intended to
spend the rest of their lives together.

Serena said it was strange to hear that. After all, she and
Nate had lost their virginity together, without the knowledge of Blair, when they finished
the eighth grade. If two people were destined to one another, but they could be. But, as in
any relationship where Serena has been involved, with its farrinha Nate was just a quick
fied. Blair and Nate were serious thing. And they were always a presence, as reliable as the
doorman in the lobby of the building at Fifth Avenue Serena - which was impossible to
imagine how the future would be without them as spouses. Because of them, Serena would be
felt as part of a relationship seriously, and it was daunting to see how things had been

Blair sofregamente drank of his cup of Cristal champagne.
The two girls were sitting alone at a round table and large, covered with a towel taffeta
black and white muslin, the opulent ballroom of the Hotel St. Claire,

ballroom where the annual Black-and-White was good bunch.
Girls take the fall-to-long and black of Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, with white plumes
in the hair, danced with boys in scintillant smokings black and white Tom Ford for Gucci, and
a giant ball made of black and white roses hung from ceiling. Blair had a strong déjà vu.

Her mother had married a month before with a Mané, suarento
named Cyrus Rose, fat and receipt of the marriage happened in that room. The marriage
also occurred on the anniversary of 17 years of Blair, the day she planned to go to the end
with Nate. She spent hours if store and tested repeatedly in the head every moment of it.
But then she was hampered by Nate is holding with that little girl in the lobby of the
hotel and realized that in the end, no matter how nice you were on your bridesmaid dress
from Chloé brown, or how her hair was theater, or the height of jumps of her Manolo Blahnik
stiletto, Nate was busy apalpando the breasts of that balloon head felpuda
of 14 years to realize something.

It was the worst birthday that Blair has. But she would not
be hammering it. It was not that type.

Oh, yeah, okay then.

- I believe more in fate - she said to Serena, lowering the
crystal flute with a thud on the table and almost breaking the rod. Blair spent the fingers
in the long dark-brown hair that had been trimmed by Antoine that day, his new favorite
hairdresser Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon.

Serena laughed and goggle blue.

- So, how do you always said that their destination was

- This is different - Blair insisted.

Blair's father had gone to Yale and Blair always dreamed to
go there too. She was the first of the class in Constance Billard and extracurricular
activities was leaving the cover, then try the early admission seemed an obvious choice. But during
the interview, she collapsed and Blair became the Queen of Drama at the Cinema. Told the
interviewer a touching story of how her mother had been divorced from her father was gay and
about to marry a man she barely knew, and was dying to get into college and start a whole
new life. And then she kissed the interviewer - in fact, was tiptoe and kissed on the cheek haggard and Erica hair!

Blair has always imagined the heroine of a movie black and
white of the 1950s, with Audrey Hepburn style, his idol. That time had been his ruin. Now
she was required to apply for regular admission to Yale with all others, and came to talk
with his father to donate a study program to Yalena France as a way to give a forcinha
for her. But their chances to get in there still were,

at most, skinny ones.

Blair took a bottle of Cristal in the bucket of silver in
the middle of the table and filled the cup.

- Destination is for manés - she said. - Just a silly excuse
to let things happen rather than destroy them to happen.

If at least she knew exactly how to make things she wanted
the case even without completely screw with them.

The attention of Serena was shorter than that of a newborn
puppy and elajá was too drunk to have a serious talk.

- No more going falardo future, okay? - She lit a cigarette
and blew the smoke in the air above the head of Blair.Sabe that is, that blond guy who is
talking to you is seeing oAaron total there are about ten minutes. - She covered the mouth
with long, slender fingers and laughed. - Epa. Here they come.

Blair has turned and with his half-brother of vegetarian
skytech, Aaron Rose, and a guy with very high spindly blond hair and brown eyes, clear, wearing
an Armani tux wonderfully well-done, going to table them. The boy beat her fingers
nervously supercompridas legs and look at Christian Dior black shoes and bright as if you were
worried about tripping on them or something. Behind the two boys, the dance floor inchava of
beautiful girls and boys beautifully dressed adorably elegant, in the arms of a neck
of another, with a rocking music of Beck.

- Say something legal for Blair - the Aaron said Serena. -
She is estressando with the future.

Blair goggle.

- Who is not?

The lips thin and red of Aaron has now down a mug of who
apologizes. He, Blair and Serena had come to the dance together, and since they arrived,
Aaron left the two girls drinking and smoking cigarettes while he would find friends. But
Blair went anxious middle and sentimental lately with the marriage of the parents, the
interview at Yale repulsive and everything. She needed all the moral support he could get.

- Sorry. I have been a good companion. Want to dance or

Blair ignored the. She was with the guy who wanted to dance?
She looked at the tall, blond friend of Aaron.

- Who are you?

The poll gave a giggle. His teeth were even more than the
white shirt.

- I'm Miles. Miles Ingram.

Son of Danny Ingram, owner of the famous restaurants and
clubs, owner of the fashionable places such as Gorgona Trixie in New York and in Los Angeles, to name a few.

- He is my colleague in the class Bronxdale - Aaron added. -
We are building a band. Miles plays drums.

Blair bebericou the champagne, hoping they would say
something that was not completely boring.

Miles gave a giggle and monkfish Blair to the fingers on the
back of an empty chair.

- You are more beautiful than I thought - he said.

He was cute, but fingers batucantes that business could be
seriously annoying.

Blair did not return the smile. She took a drink. Aaron
Miles probably said it was a total witch, and he hoped that she had warts on the nose and a
broom in the ass.

Not exactly. Aaron did not like to talk about his new
half-sister because I wanted to save it for yourself. But do not pull the network yet - we will
get there later.

Aaron pushed the skytech behind the ears.

- And this is Serena - he said to Miles. Miles has only a
quick peek at the perfectly chiselled face, the deep blue eyes, long and thin in the
body and the great black Gucci dress for Serena. His eyes fell on it for a moment - it was
hard not to fall-, before turning to Aaron.

- How weird. You have not told me that Blair was so

Aaron has to shoulder and seemed uncomfortable.

- Sorry.

Blair and Serena kindled new cigarettes, still hoping that
something crazy happened.

Considering the observation that Blair had just done on the
destination, was to make them happen.

Aaron pigarreou.

- Are you sure you do not want to dance? - Asked him to
Blair again.

Blair realized that he was wearing tie-butterfly and that the tuxedo shirt was unbuttoned and unfolded the collar. Apparently, he was saying something. She gave a long shot in the cigarette and blew
the smoke in his face.


- No, thanks.

The music of Beck ended and people returned to flocks to the
tables to get drunk more.

- My feet are dying! - Gemeu Kati Farkas, throwing
themselves into a chair in front of Blair and making shoes.

- My already-dead echoed Isabel Coates, sinking in the chair
beside her.

In the last two years, while Serena was in Hanover Academy in New Hampshire, Isabel and Kati had dressed in Blair. They bought the Sephora makeup
together, drank cappuccino at Le Canardjuntas and, yes, they even went to banheirojuntas.
Blair dominated the social scene.

Then, when both were with her, they felt almost famous,
using the red carpet everywhere. But shortly before the Day of the Discovery of America, Serena
was expelled from school and reappeared in the city to steal from both Blair and Kati and
Isabel returned to the old and cheap Kati and Isabel ever.

- How do you are not dancing? - Kati asked.

Blair has to shoulder.

- I am not in the mood for it.

Isabel sighed.

- Only we have to do the tests in the coming weeks she said,
mingling with the touch of boredom tiredness in the voice of Blair. -And then we will
have a break because of Christmas.

- You are so lucky to go to a place that is too Kati said. -
I will have to do that crap to ski in Aspen idiot again.

- Well, is not as bad as my country house in Connecticut chatérrima-Isabel replied.

- Vai be sensational - tore Serena with a smile animated.

Blair and Serena would spend the Christmas together in St.
Barts. Blair's mother and father of Aaron were on honeymoon on a cruise in the Caribbean, and got to Blair, Aaron and brother of Blair, Tyler, pass the holidays in the exclusive resort
of Isle La Paix in St. Barts.

Each of them could bring a friend, if I wanted. Thus, after
they reconciled in the bathroom during the wedding reception of the mother, Blair invited Serena.

Of course it would be back in town for the Year-new. No girl
in connection with more than 12 years like that of a ballad-passes the Year with new

- Vai be madness - Blair agreed with a smug smile. She could
well be imagined, slip of sunscreen, with the new Missoni bikini on a beach of white
sand rustic, his face masked by huge Chanel sunglasses, shorts while some of the cats
brought surfing exotic drinks in coconut shells. She would forget to Yale, from Nate, and the
mother of Cyrus and bake until brown as coffee with milk under the hot sun of the island.
Of course she knew that Kati and Isabel were a total envy because she had not invited any of
the two to go to St. Barts with her, but to be honest, Blair did not give the slightest.
Just one more week.

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