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“How can you even think about food? All I wanna do is—”

“I know, I know. But we’re at a party here. She’ll think it’s very uncool if we start making out with her up against the fence, dickhead.”

“Ah. Okay.” Rob stuck out his bottom lip, making him look younger than he was—years younger than the age Pam thought he was. Steve smiled to himself. Rob might be bigger than him, stronger and better looking, but he lacked experience. That Steve had in spades.

He was going to give Curly a run for his money in the quest to win Pam’s heart.

Er, body. Steve only wanted her body, wanted to draw orgasms from her that she’d unfavorably compare all later orgasms to. If Rob wanted her heart after the three of them were done exploring the sexual possibilities, he could have it.

Thinking of Rob and Pam together long-term sent those weird, anxious tingles down Steve’s spine again. Ignoring them, he moved to join the short line that had formed around the food table, where Corey had just laid out a plate of sizzling steaks and sausages.

Half an hour later, Steve’s control was gone. Pam had spent the entire meal sitting across the deck from him and Rob, taking an inordinately long time to eat one sausage. She must have taken a hundred tiny bites off the end of the thing before she finished it—either that or Steve kept replaying the same slow, sensual scene over and over again. From the faint smiles she kept flashing their way, she knew the effect she was having on them too.

The woman looked normal, but she was clearly a sexual deviant. Steve smiled.
Three could play at that game.

“Do us a favor, Rob. Get up and go inside, make like you’re going to the bathroom or something.”

“I do need to go to the bathroom, but I’m not sure I can walk there.” Rob shifted meaningfully in his seat.

Steve laughed tautly. “I know what you mean, but you’ll manage. Just go. My guess is Pam will follow you.”

Rob’s eyebrows hiked. “Yeah?”

“Do it and find out.” From the way Pam kept lifting her hair off her neck and puffing up her flushed cheeks, Steve was pretty sure her little game was turning her on as much as it was them. It was a warm night, and he could only assume she hadn’t taken off her cardigan because she was afraid of flashing the entire gathering with her headlights.

“All right, wish me luck,” Rob said. “I’m going in.”

It was the same thing Rob said whenever he was about to walk into a building made unstable by fire. The same mixture of adrenaline and excitement—mixed with that pinch of worry that kept bugging him—pumped through Steve’s veins as he watched Pam follow Rob’s departure with her grey-green gaze.

It didn’t take long. Less than fifteen seconds later, Pam excused herself from the trio of ladies she was sitting with and went inside. Steve forced himself to wait ten more seconds before he followed, affecting a casual demeanor when all he wanted to do was run after her.

He found her in the hallway that lead to the bedrooms, pretending interest in Erica’s fully stacked bookcase. She didn’t glance his way, but she must have heard him approach. “You know, I teach English and even I haven’t read most of these. I was never much of a bookworm, which I guess is funny. Why would a non-bookworm get into teaching English? Funny story that. I started out wanting to be—”

Her monologue abruptly ceased when Steve took a hold of her hand and all but dragged her to the nearest door. He pushed it open and hauled Pam into the darkened bedroom. Once there, he pushed her up against the wall and leaned in so their faces were mere inches apart. “You’re babbling, Pammy.”

“I was making conversation. Trying to be subtle.”

“You weren’t being subtle outside when you were deep throating that sausage.”

She scowled at his accusation, but in the light coming into the room from the door he’d left ajar, Steve could see her cheeks darken.

“I was

Steve moved her hand until it settled over his straining crotch. “You still hungry?”

“Wow.” Pam’s eyes widened and her cheeks flushed an even darker shade of crimson. But she didn’t pull her hand away. “And you accuse me of lacking subtlety.”

Steve grinned. “I thought we were redefining the word.”

A laugh puffed out of her, causing her warm breath to brush his chin. That turned Steve on as much as her hand curling around his denim-clad dick.

“What are we doing here, Waller?”

Steve angled his hips, thrusting his erection into Pam’s touch. “If you need an instruction manual, I think you might have bitten off more than you can chew.”

“You know what I mean. We don’t even like each other.”

Speak for yourself.
The thought made Steve’s breath falter. There were a lot of things he liked about Pam, things he’d picked up on over the past year or so of seeing her at parties and at the Sovereign. She always had a witty rejoinder at the ready, she didn’t get offended by dirty jokes and she played a mean game of pool. She dressed nicely but without all the excess frills that a lot of women used. She was naturally pretty and down to earth, a woman who could hold her own in a room full of guys without relinquishing an ounce of her femininity.

Pamela Spencer was quite something, really.

“Steve? Are you okay?”

Steve shook his head, as though the act would settle his reeling thoughts into a suitable arrangement. It didn’t. “I like the way you’re stroking my cock,” he growled. “What else is there to understand?”

A lot of things, apparently. Things he didn’t want to expend energy trying to analyze while Pam had her hands on him.

Pam’s lips curved, but the smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. “I suppose you’re right. This is a bit new to me, that’s all.”

“To you and me both, sweetheart.”

This time when she smiled, her nose and the corners of her eyes crinkled. “Are you serious?”

“Deadly. I don’t usually share.”

I don’t want to share now
, came the thought, which nagged at Steve as he dipped his head, suddenly ravenous for the taste of Pam’s lips. Before he could even take a sample, the door nudged open wider and Rob’s shadow cut out the light.

With a gasp, Pam turned her head towards Rob so Steve’s lips brushed her ear. Her hair smelled amazing, like freshly picked peaches. Steve buried his nose in it and inhaled, the aroma of her intoxicating him, making his disappointment at having missed out on a kiss more acute. Gripped by a fierce need he didn’t deny or question, Steve speared his hand through Pam’s silky hair and turned her face towards his again.

If her hair smelled like peaches, her lips tasted like the sweetest peach nectar, mixed with a potent shot of rum. She opened to him and let him drink from her mouth. She arched and pressed her breasts to his chest. Steve felt twin sharp points brush his pecs even through the clothes they wore and knew he’d been right outside. Her nipples were hard, had probably been hard ever since Rob had kissed her while they’d been waiting for Griff to arrive.

The thought sent Steve’s libido into overdrive. As he deepened the kiss, began to lose himself in the mind-blowing heat of it, he let his hands drift upward until they cupped the soft underside of Pam’s breasts. She whimpered into his mouth, pushing her flesh into his hands. Steve took that as permission to cup her fully in his palms.

“God, that’s so hot.”

Rob’s comment registered somewhere in Steve’s mind, as did the soft click of the door as it closed. It wasn’t enough to stop him from kissing Pam, kissing her, devouring her and caressing her until he ran out of breath. Only then did he pull back, feeling punch drunk and confused and so horny it was debilitating to his mental function.

What the hell had that been? A kiss or a firestorm?

Steve opened his eyes and stared, only to find the room had grown too dark to allow him a clear view of Pam’s face. He saw her shadow, heard the rough drag of her breathing as she heaved oxygen in and out, just as he did. Was that kiss as brain-melting for her as it had been for him?

“Why…why is it so dark?” she asked, sounding as disoriented as Steve felt.

“Blackout blinds,” Rob explained. “They help when you have to sleep during the day. This must be Corey’s room.”

They all knew the big room at the back of the house was Griff’s. But now they were at the front of the house, far enough away from the party that they could have a little privacy.

As though understanding that implication, Pam said, “I didn’t actually mean for this to happen…not here, not right away.”

She might not have meant it, but now that Steve had kissed her, he didn’t think he’d be able to stop at that. He was so hard there was no way he’d be able to operate a motor vehicle. He’d be arrested for driving under the influence of Pam, a concoction more potent than any cocktail.

“We don’t have to do everything,” Rob said, contradicting Steve’s inner thoughts. “But I want to kiss you too.”

Pam’s voice trembled a little. “O-okay.”

Steve’s eyes had adjusted to the dark enough that he saw it when Rob dipped his head, when he sealed his mouth over Pam’s. No blackout blind was one-hundred percent effective, so a glimmer of moonlight shone through the cracks at the edge of the blinds, allowing him to see the way she responded. She slipped a hand around Rob’s neck and held him to her, sinking into the kiss with a visible melting of limbs that made Steve as jealous as fuck.

And it aroused the hell out of him at the same time. He had to admit it, watching Pam kiss his friend was hot. It probably didn’t help that she still had her palm pressed to Steve’s cock. As she kissed Rob, she started stroking Steve’s erection in a hypnotizing up-and-down rhythm. Helpless to do anything differently, Steve rocked his hips, encouraging her ministrations.

Then both he and Rob started undoing the buttons on Pam’s cardigan.


If she stopped to think about it too long, Pam knew she’d be shocked at herself. Possibly even appalled enough to stop what was going on. Which was why she decided not to think about it—about the fact she was in someone else’s house, someone else’s bedroom, with a yard full of party guests not far away, being kissed and fondled by two men.

She couldn’t think about it, because she couldn’t stop. Not now, not even after Steve’s kiss had completely disorientated her and made her wonder what the hell was going on. Rob was the sweet one, the one she could see herself actually dating if not for that pesky age difference. Steve was brash and annoying and went out of his way to challenge her every time they met.

Yet it was Steve’s kiss that had fried her brain, that had affected her like no other. Now, in comparison, Rob’s kiss seemed sort of…tame. Lovely, like the first time, but not as wild and unpredictable as Steve’s.

The truth of that made her gasp and pull back with a guilty start. It was a horrible thing to compare the man you’re kissing to another and to think him wanting. Perhaps she ought to stop this after all.

Rob leaned back and took off his shirt, revealing what looked like acres and acres of ripped muscle.

Well, maybe she wouldn’t stop it after all. Pam practically salivated as she admired the defined planes of Rob’s chest in the darkened room. As Steve released the last buttons on her cardigan and parted the material, her own fingers itched to touch Rob’s gloriously smooth body. She reached out and encountered hard abs that bunched under her hands. At the same time, Steve plucked at her hardened nipple through her silk camisole top.

Pam jerked in response, her already heightened arousal spiking. Steve did it again, this time to the other nipple, and Pam closed her eyes on the pleasure, letting her head drop back against the wall. While she blocked out all but the sensation of Steve’s hands on her, she felt the heat of their stares and knew both men were watching her lose control. The thought made her pussy throb with wet need. Her hand, still pressed to Steve’s fly, clutched convulsively around the hardness behind his zipper.

Rob’s lips brushed her temple. His body heat wrapped around her as he leaned close and whispered, “Do that to me. Please.”

He grasped her wrist and shifted her free hand downward to show her what he wanted. Pam moaned as she encountered Rob’s bulging hard-on. Damn, he was easily as big and hard as Steve, maybe even bigger. As she rubbed her hand up and down, her mouth watered at the thought of taking first Rob and then Steve into her mouth.

“Damn. So good,” Rob groaned as he thrust his hips. They were both rocking into her touch as though helpless to stop their base physical reactions. It was incredible having two such strong men powerless against the merest brush of her fingers. She hadn’t expected to have any control in an encounter like this, when she was outweighed and outgunned by an overload of muscle and testosterone. But somehow, she felt as though she was the one calling the shots here.

It was a heady feeling.

Damn, Erica is lucky.
It was the last coherent thought Pam had for a while, because at that moment, Steve tugged the spaghetti strap of her top down her arm to reveal her braless breast. Then he dipped his head and clamped his lips on the turgid peak.

“Oh, God!”

The new angle of Steve’s body made it difficult for her to keep stroking him, so Pam gave up and thrust her fingers into his hair instead. She held him to her, encouraging his soft, insistent sucking while Rob rubbed his hard cock against her hand and kissed a trail down the side of her face. It was too much, all the wonderful sensations hitting her at once. Pam was sure she couldn’t take much more.

Then Steve slid his hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. Even with the barrier of thick denim in place, his sure touch was enough to make Pam’s panties flood with damp heat. Her body quivered and her nipple grew even tauter in Steve’s mouth. She was so close to having a spontaneous orgasm it wasn’t funny.

As though sensing how close to the edge she was, Steve lifted his head and pledged, “I’m going to make you come.”

At her other side, Rob protested. “I want to go first.”

“Tough luck,” Steve told the other man with a smirk. To emphasize his point, he unsnapped her jeans and drew the zipper down, the metallic sound bouncing off the walls of the bedroom.

BOOK: Burning Up
4.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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