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When she was gone, Steve let out a long slow breath and ran his hands over his face. The woman had him tied up in so many knots he couldn’t think straight.

“Hey, Steve.”

Steve turned toward Rob. The other man was leaning on the wall inside the entryway, his arms crossed over his chest.


Rob gave him the oddest look, a mix of thoughtfulness and concern that made him seem so much older than twenty-three. “Should I be here?”

“What do you mean?” Steve frowned. “Pam invited both of us.”

“Yeah, but…the way you kiss her. The way she kisses you—”

“How does she kiss me?” Steve interrupted, his heart skipping.

Rob’s lips twitched ironically. “Like there’s no one else in the room. Maybe I should go.”

Regret pulled at Steve. He’d been wishing Rob away with his strange possessiveness of Pam, a possessiveness he had no right to. Now the guy had picked up on it and Steve felt bad. Rob was a nice bloke, decent and gentle in the way that big guys often were. Pam liked him and wanted him. And Steve ached to give Pam whatever her heart desired.

“Nah, you stay. It’s what Pam wants—both of us. A fantasy. She doesn’t want me on my own.”

Rob shook his head with a chuckle and looked about to say something when Pam walked back into the room. “So…where were we?”

Rob said quickly, “You were about to kiss me, I reckon.”

Pam smiled and walked over to Rob. Standing on tiptoes, she wound her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Steve watched, his gut clenching with a mixture of envy and lust. Part of him did want Pam to himself, as Rob had realized. But the other part—the very big insistent part—was aroused by watching her with the other man.

Rob groaned, obviously enjoying the kiss. He lifted his hand and settled it over Pam’s breast, stroking it through her top. “Do you like that?” he asked her. “Is it what you want?”

Pam wiggled with sinuous pleasure. “Yes. Touch me.”

“You’re sure you want both of us?” Rob flicked Steve a pointed glance before returning his gaze to Pam’s face. “You want me to watch while you fuck Steve? Or do you want to give him head while I fuck you? Because I want to do all of that. And I want to fuck your sexy ass too. If you don’t want any of that, now’s your chance to say so.”

Pam quivered visibly at the pure eroticism of Rob’s words. Steve held his breath, awaiting her answer. Wanting her to say yes, because the explicit way Rob had stated his intentions made Steve yearn for all those things too.

Pam stroked a hand over Rob’s chest and Steve felt a burn on his skin as though she’d touched him too. “I want all that.”

Muttering words of thanks under his breath, Rob swooped in for another kiss. Pam met him halfway, her enthusiasm obvious. Steve watched them make out like horny twenty-year-olds and had to adjust his jeans to try and find some relief from the agony he was in. It was a tall order to walk the few paces that put him beside them. He reached down and stroked Pam’s denim-clad ass, his blood heating at the way she thrust backward, inviting a more intimate touch.

His voice was a guttural sound he hardly recognized. “Where’s your bedroom?”

Pam pulled out of the kiss with Rob to stare at Steve with wide, smoky eyes. Her lips were kiss swollen, full and parted, so he got an enticing glimpse of her pink tongue. Steve couldn’t wait to feel it licking his cock.

“Follow me,” Pam rasped and headed toward a darkened hallway.


In her bedroom, it all started to seem too real. When she’d picked the cute pink and white floral quilt with the lace trim, Pam had never expected to be sharing her bed with two virile firemen at once. Now, she kind of wished she’d chosen something in bold colors, something less girly.

Steve approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Cute bed,” he remarked.

“Oh, shut up.” Pam’s lips twitched at his teasing. “I’m a girl and sometimes I like feminine things. So sue me.”

“I’d rather do you,” Steve quipped. “And I’m going to. Right on that virginal-looking bedspread.”

“Oh, yeah?”

He lifted a hand to cup her jaw and turn her head so she could see him over her shoulder. His blue eyes glittered in the low-wattage light from the bedside lamp. “Yeah,” he said and kissed her.

Pam wound her hand into his hair, twisting it through the strands as Steve devoured her mouth. Good Lord, the man could kiss. Every time he did, he completely fried her brain. When he settled his free hand over her breast and squeezed sensuously, Pam forgot all about her quilt and the fact it was too feminine. Feminine was good when a man kissed you like his life depended on sampling your lips. Feminine was downright sexy.

The sound of her zipper being lowered barely penetrated Pam’s lust-fogged mind. She was remotely aware that it must be Rob undoing her jeans, sliding them off her legs. Steve just didn’t have that many hands. Rob sent his tongue out to lick her clit and Pam’s knees almost gave way. Steve’s mouth had been different too, more demanding and sure when he’d done the same thing to her earlier in the night.

She gasped, instinctively pulling out of the kiss with Steve. He held her steady, both hands kneading her breasts now as Rob drew her legs farther apart to improve his access to her intimate spaces. He buried his head between her legs and started licking her in earnest, stroking his tongue over her burning clit with languorous delight that made her channel contract and release.

All the while, Steve plucked at her nipples. The onslaught of sensation washed over her, almost too much to bear. She needed something inside her. She needed a long, solid cock to pound into her until she came. “God, please,” she moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Rob groaned, the sound vibrating against her clit in a way that made Pam’s hips buck. He pulled back to drag in a breath. “God, Pam. You make me so horny.”

“Good.” Pam stared down at him. “I’m so horny I’m about to explode, so one of you fuck me already.”

Steve gave her nipple an impertinent pinch. “Nice mouth for an English teacher.”

“As a teacher, I believe in making optimum use of all words in the English language.”

“As a fireman, I have to caution you against playing with matches, sweetheart,” Steve said. “You have no idea how hard I want to fuck you. You talk dirty again and you’ll get what you’re asking for.”

Wresting herself from between them, Pam half walked, half stumbled forward until she reached the bed. She climbed onto it and scooted into the middle. She swept her camisole top off. Propping on her elbows, she looked at them both staring at her mesmerized. The heady sense of power she got from the twin blasts of male desire made every last ounce of modesty she possessed disappear. She parted her legs, a blatantly inviting pose. “Come here and fuck me. Now.”

Steve was the first to rip off his shirt and Rob wasn’t far behind. In no time, they were both naked, their erections proudly saluting her. Rob’s was long and straight, as smooth as marble and blushed pink. Steve’s was thick and impressive, with a bulbous mushroom head and a long blue vein running down the front of it.

Pam licked her lips, wanting to take them both in her mouth, one after another. The notion excited her so much she had to slip a hand between her legs and press it to her aching pussy.

“Damn, sweetheart.” Steve had taken his cock in a hard grip and was squeezing it at the base, as though to stop himself from coming. He looked at her with a lusty intent that stole her breath. “Condoms?”

“I have some,” Rob quickly volunteered.

Pam pointed to her dresser. “There’s a box in my drawer.”

Rob sent her a smile and halted his search through his trousers, opting instead to open her drawer and take the pack of twelve from inside. While he was there, he found the lube and took it out as well.

Pam laughed, thinking of how wet she was. “You won’t need that.”

Rob tossed Steve a foil packet and kept one for himself. As he ripped it open with his teeth, he winked at her. “It’s not for your pussy.”

Pam’s rear entrance puckered as she remembered what Rob had said in the living room.
“I want to fuck that sexy ass.”
God, would he really do that? Take her ass while Steve was buried tight in her wet pussy? She’d had anal sex a couple of times, but not like that. Not with both her most private places crammed full. Would it hurt?

She was so aroused she figured even if it did she wouldn’t want to stop. Anticipation spiked as Steve climbed onto the bed and covered her body with his. His rigid muscles felt fantastic pressed against her softer flesh, and his turgid cock felt even better nudging at her wet entrance.

“Open your legs.”

Pam responded to his primal command, parting her thighs. He angled his hips forward, entering her carefully. But Pam didn’t want careful, she was too far gone for that. She grasped the taut globes of his ass and drew him forward, digging her fingernails in so he’d get the hint. With a muttered curse, he plunged into her all the way.

Pam bit her lip against the jolt of sensation. Steve twisted a hand in her hair, staring into her eyes with a look of surprise and wonder that she couldn’t begin to interpret, not when all she wanted to know was the feeling of having Steve’s cock driving into her, pushing her towards fulfillment.

“Steve. Please. Please move.”

He let out a breath that shuddered over her cheek. Then he began to stroke, creating a delicious friction that set off sparks inside her. Her cunt was electrified with pleasure, with ecstasy and agony as she absorbed every spectacular thrust and yet still craved more, waited with breath suspended for each one.

“Sweetheart,” Steve groaned and bit her ear.

Pam was really beginning to like the way he called her sweetheart. “God, I can’t hold on.”

Abruptly, Steve stopped thrusting. “Yes, you can.”

Hooking his leg around hers, Steve rolled her so she was on top of him. A moment later, Rob’s hands found her ass. As he kneeled on the bed beside her and Steve, he molded her cheeks in his hands. Pam’s inner muscles clamped on Steve’s cock, making him groan and grasp her hips. He lifted her off his staff and slammed her back down, sending arrows of delight through her womb.

“You look so sexy, Pam,” Rob murmured in her ear. He started to play with her tight back hole. “I want to fuck you here while you’re fucking Steve.”

“Yes. God, yes,” Pam said, forgetting completely her trepidation that it might hurt.

The coolness of the lube made her jolt, and Steve steadied her with his hands on her face. She looked down at him and his expression held none of the brash teasing or overt cockiness it usually did. All she saw in his eyes was worry.

“Are you sure?”

Rob inserted a finger into her lubricated ass. A moan fell out of her and she rocked her hips convulsively as Rob started a rhythmic stroke. She smiled at Steve, strangely touched by his concern. “I’m sure. Don’t stop.” She threw a look over her shoulder. “Either of you.”

In response, Rob added a second finger to the one he already had inside her. Pam swore, her pussy grasping at Steve’s cock. He moved his hands to her breasts and fondled them, heightening her already stratospheric arousal. When Rob stood at the side of the bed and placed his rock-hard member at the entrance to her ass, Pam held her breath, her heart pounding out a wild tattoo.

“Easy, Pam.” Rob smoothed a hand over her back, soothing her. “Relax.”

Pam let out the air in her lungs, forcing herself to release the tension from her muscles. Rob waited until she was calm, then he pushed his cock into her slowly, an inch at a time. The more of him she took in, the tighter her pussy muscles wrapped around Steve’s cock. He groaned and squeezed his eyes shut, the picture of agonized bliss. Pam could only imagine she wore a similar expression the whole time Rob was easing into her.

When Rob was fully seated, they all three stopped moving to breathe in great gulps of air. Pam had never felt such fullness, such taut and intense fullness. Both men were buried deep inside her, as far as they could go. She felt she could burst apart from the tension and pleasure of it.

Rob was the first to move. He withdrew a little, giving Pam some room to maneuver. She rocked her hips, rubbing her inflamed clit on Steve’s pelvis. He raised his hips, pumping into her slowly, slowly enough that Rob could find his moment to move back into her ass. Just as Steve pulled back, Rob advanced, filling her back passage.

They moved like that, pleasuring her in turns while all Pam could do was sway between them and experience every glorious thrust and parry. Each time Rob moved forward, the motion pushed her clit harder against Steve. When Steve ground into her, she felt it all the way to her womb. Her nipples throbbed while the men took turns stroking them.

Steve reached between them and found her clit with his thumb at one point, and Pam nearly took off like a rocket. “Oh, God, God. I’m going to come.”

“Yeah, do it,” Rob said. “You’re so damn tight. You’re killing me.”

Steve kept up the insistent pressure on her pulsing nub, kept staring at her face like he couldn’t bring himself to look away. “Come for me, sweetheart. I want to feel you milking me dry.”

His words were the last straw. Pam’s orgasm rushed through her, filling every extremity with tingling pleasure as her muscles clamped Steve tight. She jerked convulsively between the two men, gripped by spasms unlike any she’d ever known, spasms that seemed to reverberate everywhere while the men continued to plunder her body.

Rob held her back to his front as he too released himself, pounding his cock into her ass as his climax overtook him. The knowledge of his powerful orgasm set Pam off again, although she didn’t think she’d come down yet anyway. She gripped Steve’s chest, digging into his pecs with her fingernails while she and Rob rode it out together.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Pam opened her eyes to see the taut lines of Steve’s face morph into a mask of pure sexual relief as he finally let himself go. As the orgasm washed over him, he wound his fingers around Pam’s neck and pulled her down. Their lips collided in a kiss that was almost violent, a clash of teeth and tongues that conveyed the intensity of the passion between them. Pam’s muscles fluttered on Steve’s cock, drawing his essence from him with the last of what had been the longest, most drawn-out release of her entire life.

BOOK: Burning Up
13.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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