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“Come on, Waller,” Rob complained as his lips inched toward Pam’s mouth. Against her lips, he murmured the most seductive words Pam had ever heard. “I want to lick every drop of juice from her sweet pussy.”

Pam whimpered and drove her tongue into Rob’s mouth. He kissed her back, more ferociously than he had before. They fed on each other’s passion for a moment, for as long as Steve let them before he interrupted. He peeled Pam’s body from where it was plastered to the wall, forcing her to break the kiss with Rob.

His gaze was determined, so fucking stubborn that it was somehow sexy, as he deliberately wrapped her legs around his waist. His lips tilted arrogantly. “That’s a great idea.”

Steve strode with her toward the bed and laid her flat on the mattress. He reached for the waistband of her jeans and tugged them down her legs until they came off. Her thighs opened as though they were waiting to be free of the restricting denim, and both men gazed down at her flimsy satin panties. If it weren’t for the raw hunger in their expressions, Pam might have been embarrassed by the thought of how drenched they must appear.

“Fuck,” Rob swore. “I have to taste her.”

Steve sank to his knees on the carpet so he had a closer view of the action. “I said I’m going first.”

As strangely arousing as it was to have two men so keen to make her come, Pam didn’t really want to play referee. She wanted Steve’s mouth on her, wanted him to channel all that tenacity into eating her until her mind was well and truly blown. She lifted her hips when Steve urged her too, allowing him to slip her panties off.

“Rob,” she said and waited until he looked at her. She showed him a small smile and made a confession she knew would settle his argument with Steve quick smart. “I’m dying to taste your cock.”

As predicted, Rob forgot all about her pussy as all the blood rushed to his overeager sex organ. He hastened to undo his pants. “You don’t have to say that twice.”

Pam laughed at the comical haste with which Rob shucked his khaki trousers. When his boxers went the same way, the laugh turned into a moan. Rob’s cock was straight and thick, so long she knew she wouldn’t be able to swallow it to the root.

But she couldn’t wait to try.

Rob climbed onto the bed and shuffled toward her on his knees. Pam remained propped on her elbows, watching as he approached, as that bulging erection got closer and closer to her face. She had always enjoyed giving head, and the thought of wrapping her mouth around Rob’s huge staff made wetness gush from her center.

Her body’s reaction didn’t escape Steve’s notice. He gathered the cream that spilled from her with his fingers and stuck those fingers into his mouth. Pam writhed in frustrated arousal, her gaze darting between Rob’s approach and Steve’s enthusiastic tasting of her essence. Her clit pulsed, growing so tight with need it hummed like it had an electronic stimulator attached.

Pam met Steve’s gaze, let him see the plea in hers. “God, Steve. Do it. I’m begging you.”

Steve smiled in satisfaction and lowered his head. The path he licked from her dripping core to her swollen labia made Pam cry out. Rob took advantage of her open mouth by pushing the tip of his cock past her lips.

Pam swirled her tongue around Rob’s bulbous cock head while Steve used his tongue to bathe her clit in wet sensation. Pam’s hips bucked, begging for more. Steve gave it, setting his mouth fully over her at the same time that Rob pushed more of his turgid shaft into her mouth.

Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
It was overwhelming having Steve’s tongue doing those wicked things to her clit while Rob grasped her head, holding it in place so he could start tunneling in and out of her mouth. She would have sworn out loud, screamed the house down, begged for more if her mouth hadn’t been too full to allow speech. Probably just as well. Better that her rapturous cries didn’t draw the attention of everyone else at the party.

What if someone’s already heard? What if someone walks in?

To her shock, the idea added an edge to Pam’s arousal, an edge so sharp she nipped at the sensitive skin of Rob’s shaft in her excitement. He didn’t pull out, but swore as though he liked it and started moving faster and faster until he was all but fucking her face.

Pam felt her orgasm approaching even before Steve rammed two fingers into her channel. He drove them in deep, sucking on her clit with skillful force while Pam continued to suck hard on Rob’s hot, thrusting cock. She rocked her hips, unable to hold off her orgasm. Her inner muscles clenched around Steve’s fingers and her clit spasmed against his tongue. She writhed, letting out a scream of release that was muffled by the pistoning cock shoved halfway down her throat.

“Oh, Jeez, Pam. Gonna come in your mouth.”

It was all the warning Pam got before the salty splash of come filled her throat. Pam could do little but swallow it down as Rob jerked a climax that seemed to go on and on. When at last he was spent, he withdrew, allowing Pam to take in great gulps of air.

Her head spun as the aftereffects of orgasm mingled with shock over what she’d just done. She’d actually done it, taken on two men at once. And she’d loved every minute of it. That orgasm alone was enough to dispel any embarrassment she might have felt over her actions. Steve had taken her to heights she’d never experienced before.

Steve. Had he…? Lifting her head, Pam assessed his face. The taut set of his jaw told her he hadn’t come. And the sapphire-hard glitter in his eyes telegraphed clearly that he wanted inside her. Badly. Like

Propping on one elbow, Pam reached down between her legs and grasped the collar of Steve’s shirt. She was about to pull him on top of her when the sound of the bedroom door opening made all three of them freeze.

It was Corey, walking in like he owned the place. Which he did. They were sprawled out on his bed, no doubt looking like an especially explicit picture of debauchery. He halted in his steps, his eyes widening. “Holy shit.”

Pam squealed and tried to hide her face in Rob’s shirt, only to remember he wasn’t wearing one. She probably looked like she wanted to bury her face in his crotch again.
Great job, Pam,
she thought as mortified heat surged through her. Had she really thought it might be a little exciting to get caught doing this?

Steve swore and leaned over her in an attempt to cover her up. “Fuck. Sorry mate. We didn’t mean…it just happened.”

“It’s all right, I get it,” Corey said, wry amusement lacing his words. “I only came in for… You know what? It can wait. I’ll leave you lot to it.”

The sound of the door closing again was welcome, but it didn’t ease Pam’s embarrassment one iota. Was it possible to die from humiliation? Perhaps not, but at the very least, she doubted she’d be able to look Corey in the eye again. She had enough trouble looking in Steve or Rob’s. She sat up straight and covered her face with her hands. “Well, that was a disaster.”

“Worked for me,” Rob said, brushing her hair back so he could plant a kiss on her forehead. “You were amazing.”

“Not that. That was fine.”


Pam parted her fingers, peering at Steve’s cocky expression through them. “Okay, it was much better than fine. Nice to see you can use your tongue for something other than teasing me, Waller.”

Steve’s lips tilted. “My pleasure.”

His words reminded Pam that he hadn’t had his pleasure yet, not by a long shot. But no way could she carry on as though Corey hadn’t walked in on them doing the nasty in his bedroom. She pulled her hands from her face and pushed out a sigh. “Where are my pants? I need to get out of here.”

Steve plucked them off the floor and handed them to her. He didn’t let them go immediately, compelling Pam to look at him again. The hungry determination in his eyes sent shivers of delight down her spine. “We’re not done yet.”

Pam’s pussy throbbed, reminding her she hadn’t had either of them inside her. She’d exploded in a powerful orgasm, but her body’s response to Steve’s words told her one orgasm was not going to be enough. She wanted more. She wanted to experience everything she could possibly think of with two men at her disposal. She felt like she could come twenty times.

If she took these two back to her place, she just might.

Pam’s thighs quivered, turning her legs to jelly as she started putting on her jeans. Steve and Rob watched her in silence as she stood and, deciding not to bother to search for her panties, pulled the jeans over her naked ass.

“God, that’s sexy.”

Pam turned to find Rob staring at her ass like he wanted to take a bite out of it. A few moments ago, he’d released all he had into her mouth, but now he looked ready to go again. The raw hunger remained in Steve’s expression as she adjusted her cami top back over her breasts. Having the both of them watching her dress was almost as arousing as having them undress her had been.

“You’re right,” Pam admitted breathlessly. “We’re not done yet.”

Pam’s house was a cute two-bedroom cottage painted sky blue. Six stairs led to a narrow veranda overflowing with pots of flowering plants. Steve could imagine Pam sitting on the top step, watching the sleepy suburban street wake up as she sipped her morning coffee. A mental picture of sharing that step with her, sharing her quiet morning moments, imprinted itself on his brain.

He frowned as Rob knocked on the door. He couldn’t start visualizing things about Pam’s life as if he was going to be in it. It was one thing to realize that he liked her a little more than he thought he did, another to start dreaming dreams that had no chance of coming true. Pam didn’t like him. She only wanted him to make her come. After this was over, she’d probably want to date Rob.

All the more reason to enjoy this while it lasts, Waller. Make her come so hard she can’t think of Rob without thinking of you.

It was kind of a nasty thing to do to his friend and colleague, but before Steve could correct his thinking, the door swung back and Pam stood there wearing the same thing she’d left the party in not forty minutes ago—the tight jeans with no underwear and the silky camisole with no bra underneath. She hadn’t bothered with the cardigan, and Steve could see the imprint of her pebbled nipples against the shiny material of her top.

Any decent intentions that might have surfaced disintegrated at the sight of her. His cock—which had been hard since he’d been left unsatisfied at the party—strained against his jeans, protesting the confinement and the lack of female attention. He had to have Pam, had to leave an impression on her she wouldn’t forget.

Steve crossed the threshold, possessed by the need to kiss her, to taste her like he had back in Corey’s room and find out if the mind-blowing effect of that had been a fluke. He framed her face with his hands, ready to take her mouth like it had never been taken before.

The way Pam’s eyes widened stopped Steve in his tracks. Confusion swirled in her grey-green irises, maybe even a touch of fear. Damn, he was scaring her. Forcing his touch to gentle, Steve rubbed his thumb over her cheek in a soothing motion and showed her a faint smile. “Sorry, I’m a little wound up.”

She returned his smile. “I see that. I was going to offer you boys some wine before we…” her glance took in both him and Rob, “…you know.”

“Wine sounds great,” Rob said.

“Yeah,” Steve agreed, his thumb still stroking over Pam’s cheek. He studied the smattering of freckles that decorated her face. He liked them. They were cute. “Whatever you want, sweetheart.”

She trembled beneath his touch—because of the way he stroked her face or the endearment, Steve wasn’t sure.

“The truth is, I want to say to hell with the wine and kiss you instead, Waller.”

Steve’s heart thumped a wild rhythm. Had he ever really found her tendency to be brutally honest off-putting? It was a massive turn on. “What’s stopping you, Spencer?”

Pam reached up and grabbed two fistfuls of his hair, pulling him down to her lips. He parted his, showing his willingness but letting her control the direction and speed of the kiss. She traced his lips with her tongue and then dipped it inside his mouth. She sighed, drawing an answering sound from Steve. He moved his hands downward to cup her ass. He drew her body to his, letting her feel the persistent desire that hadn’t waned all night.

She rubbed herself against him, telegraphing her own needs with a boldness that drove Steve to the edge of his control. He was going to lose it and take over the kiss if she didn’t stop—

Something nudged him in the leg, making him pull back with a start. “What the hell was that?”

Pam blinked, her gaze cloudy with passion. Then she glanced down and giggled, a throaty, sexy giggle that Steve felt all the way to his toes. “Oh, that’s just my pussy.”

Steve cocked a brow at her response. He followed the direction of Pam’s gaze and saw a tabby cat staring up at them both with curious, unblinking eyes. “Very funny.”

“I have reserves of funny you don’t know about yet.”

“I don’t doubt it.” One thing that had been consistent about Pam since he’d known her was that even when she was ragging on him, she managed to make him laugh.

“I’ll just put her in the laundry.” She gave him a seductive smile. “Be right back.”

BOOK: Burning Up
13.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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