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Eventually, when Steve spent himself, the kiss gentled, became a lazy melding of mouths that was hypnotic. Pam felt herself drifting, floating on a sea of bliss that was Steve’s kiss.

Dimly, she was aware that Rob pulled out of her and flopped onto the bed beside them. Pam struggled to find a coherent thought, but when she did, she figured it was probably rude to continue a post-coital make out with Steve while Rob watched. Not that she’d been given a rule book or anything.

Pam dragged her mouth away from Steve’s and turned to look at Rob. He was watching them with the oddest half smile. Or maybe it wasn’t odd at all. Maybe that was his just-had-an-explosive-orgasm face.

“Hey,” Pam said and reached over to touch his chest. “That was spectacular. Thank you—both of you.”

.” Rob clasped her hand and brought it to his lips so he could kiss each one of her fingers. “You were amazing.”

Feeling herself blush for some strange reason, Pam buried her face in Steve’s chest. He had the lightest dusting of dark-brown hair on his pecs, and it tickled Pam’s cheek in a way that made her smile. She brushed her lips over the place where his heartbeat thumped, unable to stop herself sending out her tongue to give it a teasing lick.

Steve groaned and stroked a hand over her hair. Pam’s nipples responded instinctively, hardening against his chest. What was she turning into? A nymphomaniac? “Don’t go.” The words sounded more like a plea than she wanted them to.

Rob tugged on her hand, and Pam tilted her head to face him. He raised one eyebrow. “Are you talking to me?”

“Of course. Both of you.” Pam slid her gaze over Steve’s but wasn’t game to let it linger. Her heart pounded out a nervous rhythm. It might be crazy, but she was scared of being alone with him. Scared that she would be just as turned on by Steve on his own as she was by him and Rob together.

Because that would mean she could easily fall for Steve. And she’d promised herself she would never fall for a player like him.

“If you’re sure,” Rob said as he began kissing a path over her wrist and up her inner arm. “I’d love to stay.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Pam shivered at the resolve in Steve’s words. It was as if he meant he wasn’t going anywhere ever, not just tonight. At last, her gaze connected with his and the seriousness she saw there made her breath catch.

But then Rob was kissing her shoulder, turning her face to seek her lips. Pam sank into the kiss, allowed herself to enjoy it, be turned on by it.

And she completely ignored the fact that, although it was a wonderful kiss, it didn’t pack the same punch as Steve’s.

Steve woke with his morning erection nestled cozily against a soft feminine ass, which was hands down the best way to wake up
. He flexed his hand, drawing the swell of Pam’s breast more fully into his palm. The crest turned into a sharp point almost immediately, and Steve smiled. The woman was so responsive. She’d been going all night and she still had more in reserve.

She wiggled her ass, giving Steve’s cock a nice little rub that made him sigh. She reached around him to grab his butt, drawing him closer to her as she pushed her bottom back.

Steve swept her hair aside so he could tongue the shell of her ear. Pam trembled, the rocking motion of her hips picking up pace. The only thing better than waking up with a hard-on and a beautiful woman was waking up with a hard-on and a beautiful
woman, and apparently Pam had woken up as horny as he had.

No reason not to take advantage,
Steve thought, as he slipped his hand between her legs and found her pussy already slick with desire. He wondered if Rob wanted to take over playing with Pam’s tits while he made her come. He opened his eyes to do the silent-communication thing they’d fallen into throughout the night.

The other side of the bed was empty.

Steve lifted his head and looked around the room. No Rob to be found in the grey morning light. Then he heard the distant sound of water running and realized the other man must be in the shower.

Steve was just wondering if he should wait for his friend to return before taking things with Pam any further, when she lifted her leg and hooked it around his hip. The action brought them close, like two spoons sliding together. The sideways position also gave Steve easy access to the little bud of nerves within Pam’s swollen pussy lips. “Fuck me, Steve.”

Her demand was throaty from sleep and thick with lust. It was the sexiest thing Steve had ever heard, and there was no way he was going to deny her.

She’d said his name. His and his alone.

Another surge of blood rushed to his cock as he reached behind him for one of the remaining foil packets that were left scattered on the bedside table. He ripped it open with his teeth and made short work of rolling on the protection. A moment later, he was at Pam’s slippery entrance, nudging past it. He slid home with one smooth plunge.

Pam gasped her delight, the sound mingling with Steve’s low groan. She felt so good, so warm and snug around him. There was something
about being inside Pam, something that made the sex different than it had been with all the women before her. There was something right about being inside her when it was just the two of them as well. Despite how mind-blowingly hot it had been to share her all night with his friend, Steve still wanted her to himself.

And he had her. For now at least, he had her.

Steve started moving inside her, stroking her inner walls with his cock while he stroked her needy clit with his fingers. Pam purred, a blissed-out sound that egged him on. It wasn’t long before the urge to drive into her harder and faster gripped him, and his thrusts became more harried.

Pam didn’t seem to mind. She reached behind her blindly, grappling the air until she was able to grip his head. She twisted her fingers through his hair and tilted her face, offering her lips. Steve slanted his mouth over hers, plunging his tongue into her with the same desperate force he used to tunnel his cock into her willing body.

One more stroke of her clit, a little roll of it between his thumb and forefinger, and Pam exploded. She bucked against him as the might of her orgasm hit her. Steve released her lips, wanting, needing to hear her cries of fulfillment. “Scream for me,” he said.

“God…Oh God, yes! Steve…Steve.”

“That’s it, sweetheart.”

“Please don’t stop. Don’t stop fucking me.”

Steve swooped down and nipped her ear. “I won’t. I wanna fuck you forever.”

Wow. Shit. Really, Waller?

“So good,” Pam said. She didn’t seem to notice Steve’s little
slip-up. Her voice was a little calmer, but her hips still rocked convulsively, asking for more. “So incredible. I want—”

“More,” Steve finished the thought.

Pam opened her eyes and stared at him, her grey-green irises wide with astonishment. “Yes. More.”

How he held off coming this long, Steve wasn’t sure, but he was going to do everything he could to hold off for as long as Pam needed him to. “Roll over,” he said. “On your stomach.”

Pam did as he ordered, her ready compliance making lust surge harder through Steve’s veins. He moved with her, remaining buried in her clamping heat because the idea of pulling out was repellant. He lifted Pam to her knees, then grabbed a pillow and tucked it underneath her.

When he knew she was comfortable, he gripped her hips and ground his cock deep into her until she moaned softly. “Touch yourself. You know how to play with your clit, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Hmm… yes.” She thrust one hand between her legs. Steve knew when she found herself by the way her backside thrust at him, encouraging his slow, deep thrusts.

Steve felt the dampness of sweat beading his brow. The effort it took not to blow his load at the sight of Pam’s ass coming at him, at her pink pussy swallowing his cock over and over again, was immense. But he wouldn’t come. Not until she did.

“Steve, I’m so close.”

“Yeah, me too. I love fucking you this way.”

“Yes…do it harder. Please.”

Steve did as she asked, pounding into her until the sound of flesh slapping against flesh mingled with their moans of pleasure. At last, Pam cried out, her hips gyrating with her orgasm as her hand moved fast between her legs. This time when she climaxed, Steve went with her, unable to hold off another second. He released in powerful surges, hot bliss bursting from his body, leaving him drained and exhausted and purely, completely happy.

He collapsed onto his hands, straining to stay upright so he didn’t crush Pam with his weight. She came off pretty tough, but she was slender and willowy, soft in lots of nice places. He didn’t want to hurt her.

In fact, he wanted to make sure she never got hurt. By anyone, anywhere, anytime. He wanted to protect her and care for her, love her and…

Steve couldn’t stay upright any longer. Somehow he managed to move sideways before he collapsed, narrowly avoiding crushing Pam. His heart slammed into his ribs as the realizations battered him, body and mind.

He wanted to love her. He already
love her. How had he not known during all these months of teasing and bickering and secretly lusting that he’d been falling in love with her?

He’d been falling in love with her the whole time. With her wicked sense of humor and the proud tilt of her chin. With her ability to give him as good as she got while keeping her dignity intact. With her smile and her eyes…

Steve was crazy about her.

But she wanted Rob. Or at least him and Rob.

Didn’t she?

It had been only the two of them just now. She’d pleaded with
to make her come, cried out
name as she did. And she’d climaxed as hard, maybe even harder, than she had at any time while she’d had two men getting her off.

Maybe, just maybe he was in with a serious shot. As far as Steve was concerned, maybe was a huge step forward. He nudged her shoulder with his. “Hey, Pam.”

Pam turned to look at him, her eyebrows raised. “You called me Pam,” she said.

“It’s your name, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but you call me Pammy to annoy me.”

Because apparently falling in love made him act like a complete tool. His smile turned rueful. “Sorry. It won’t happen again.”

Pam blinked in evident shock. Then her eyes narrowed. “What’s going on?”

I’ve fallen hard for you and it’s time I start being honest about it.
Sober honesty was not Steve’s strong suit. That’s why he fell back on glib bullshit more often than not. It was a convenient mask for all the usual human confusions and weaknesses that no guy really liked to go around admitting to.

But he couldn’t be glib with Pam anymore. He couldn’t tease her and act like a douche if he wanted her to take him seriously. To take the possibility of
seriously. He recalled that look of longing in her eyes at the party, the one she’d worn when Corey and Erica’s love for each other had been so obvious. She wanted more than meaningless sex.

And so did he. For the first time, Steve admitted to himself that having a parade of one-night stands move through his life wasn’t enough for him. He longed for things too, the same way Pam did.

Propping on one elbow, Steve held her gaze and brushed a strand of sex-mussed hair out of her face. His heart thundered with the newfound knowledge of his vulnerability. If Pam didn’t even want to give him a chance, he didn’t know what he’d do. “Pam, I think we should talk about—”

“I heard you were both awake.” Steve’s confessions were quelled when Rob walked into the room wearing nothing but a towel and a few droplets of water from the shower. He took in the sight of them lying in the tangle of sheets and flashed them a grin. “Hope I gave you enough time.”

Pam stuffed her face back into her pillow and groaned. “Oh, no. Was I that loud?”

“Neither of you were whispering.” Rob winked. “Hope you don’t mind me using your shower. I have an early shift today.”

With all the nonchalance of someone supremely comfortable with his body, Rob ripped the towel from his waist and tossed it over a nearby chair. Then, completely nude, he started searching the floor for his pants.

And Pam watched him.

Steve scowled. Did the guy have to parade around like that? Did Pam have to watch with such lascivious interest? It had been okay last night, before Steve had realized how he felt about Pam. But now it wasn’t cool. Not cool at all.

“So you have to leave right now?”

Steve’s scowl deepened. If that wasn’t disappointment in Pam’s voice, he was a monkey’s uncle. His chest started to feel tight, like there was a big-ass python squeezing the air out of his lungs.

Finally locating his trousers, Rob chuckled as he pulled them on. “Yeah. I also used your phone before I jumped in the shower. Cab ought to be here in a few minutes.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“Hey.” Rob smiled at her, showing her those perfect white teeth of his. “I had a great time last night.”

Pam smiled back. “Me too.”

Rob leaned over as though about to kiss her. He caught the look on Steve’s face and faltered. Steve figured his scowl must look damn near murderous, because instead of planting one on Pam’s mouth, Rob merely pressed his lips to her forehead before straightening again.

BOOK: Burning Up
3.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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