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Just, just one more step………. no, it was too late.

My last step, was so unhesitating it made myself surprised. 

Such strong step towards Hiyori, had it ever happened before.

From Hiyori’s surprised look I could tell that she completely didn’t expect what happened next. Because I’ve never expect that too, so we were the same.



Before the truck approach along the loud beep, 

I finally did wish till the very end to hold Hiyori’s hand.







(translated by Diagonal, not yet complete


On the endless wide field, a cooling breeze blew.

My body was so light. So light as if I grew wings.

Just slightly kicked the ground, and my body highly bounced up like it could fly to anywhere.

Pon, pon as my happily flew on the field, and suddenly I don’t know since when there were cows scattered everywhere.

Is this a gathering. Is some kind of steak buffet starting.

As I didn’t want to care about that and wanted to jump so that I could fly happily, suddenly my body became heavy, and THUMP as I fell onto the ground.

"OUCH! W-Why suddenly…….."

My butt came by an intense pain.

As I wanted to rub my butt to relief the pain, suddenly I heard a laughter from somewhere.

"AHAHAHAHA! Auntie, watcha doing!"

I turned my head, Hibiya was hugging his stomach rolling on the floor laughing.


It was embarrassing to show such foolish pose to someone, but it was really unlucky to coincidentally let this kid saw me.

"Eh? Because you made such a loud noise when you fell down, who wouldn’t notice it"

My face slowly became hot. Being teased by this kid, I really regret a lot.

”t-THAT? You may not know about it, but  I’m an idol okay!?
I. D. O. L

As if I thought he will be speechless, I made an arrogant pose that I had never done before.

It was slightly……. or should I say quite embarrassing, but if I did this even this slow kid, will acknowledge my charm.


"Eh? Nope, what are you saying? Auntie you are a cow"

"Y-you still said that……….!"

"No, see for yourself if you don’t believe it"

Hibiya quickly handed a hand mirror and there reflected………………………









I was shocked my touched my face. The  cow in the mirror did the exact same thing as me, its hoofs on its face.


"See? You ARE a cow. 







I suddenly woke up.

My whole body was stained with perspiration, My brain was blur like it was blended by something, it couldn’t work.

I was surrounded by a thin layer of darkness, I could see a long and thin ray of light shining in, was it because of the curtains.

What in the world actually happened to me.

Even if I tried to slowly rearrange the situations in my head, I couldn’t remember what happened that brought me here.

I felt something fluffy at the lower part of my body, possibly that it’s a bed.

Still, what happened, since WHEN am I lying on this bed? I completely don’t have any memory about that………


Because I couldn’t see anything, so I had to touch and knocked the bed first, but when I knocked at something it moaned “wuu……..”.

I was shocked and quietly shouted “Eek!”, and then I realized that Kido was sleeping beside me.

Then I recalled that I kinda hit her hard, and I felt nervous from my spine.

"W-why is it Leader!? That means……. don’t tell me this is Leader’s room?"

Slowly, my memory became clearer.

Yeah, I remember we brought Hibiya from the hospital back to the basement, later I ate the dinner Seto made, and then………..

"………….. I slept on the sofa"

"ZOOM", a gloomy sound effect rang in my head.

Since a long time ago brother always sourly say “Before you get married you can NEVER EVER show your sleeping posture and your dream talk to ANYONE”, my sleeping posture IS that bad.

No, at first I didn’t believe him,   and I even said “Brother you said that, but actually you’re scared to leave me outside aren’t you?” or something.

However, after that prank that I was being recorded while sleeping and saw in the video tape I was saying weird dream talks that I felt like cutting my belly to suicide like “Ah, it came out from the butt” and “If I hear some funny talks my stomach will fly away~ Just kidding

, I never sleep in front of anyone ever again.

Of course i burnt that video tape.

Thinking about at the center of the living room, me talking that kind of dream talk in front of everyone, it almost made me puke.

No, because I told brother “If my foolish posture is exposed in front of anyone just kill me”, so for now that I’m sleeping on the bed, I guess it didn’t happen.

However I should be cautious from now on. I never know that I will immediately sleep after my meal……… Immediately………… after my meal……………….



"Because Auntie you are a cow"



I suddenly thought about that dream, and “BOOF!” as I punched the blanket.

"Wuuu………." as if Kido was making a respond she moaned.

"O-Oops…….. by the way, it WAS that kid’s fault. Kids these days are really presumptuous………”


As I said that, a sudden guilt attacked my heart, and I shut my mouth.

That’s right, yesterday Hibiya collapsed at the entrance of the hospital, and Kido brought him back to the basement.

At that time Hibiya’s anger wasn’t to be described as “just a presumptuous kid” .

For me who’d never use such glare, I completely couldn’t imagine what kind of feelings were piled in this kid’s heart.

"That kid, what had actually happened. By the way………."

The thing that made me surprised, was “those eyes”.

Those eyes that became red at that time, surely it’s some kind of symptom of a new born  ”power” just like me and Kido and the others.

Although when I met Mekakushidan, I get to know people who also have powers besides me, however it was my first time seeing how a power has been discovered.


"Those eyes, I wonder what is the reason. Is it some kind of sickness……… impossible"

Slowly,  an attention at a far spot I was staring at gathered at my eyes, and the surrounding of my eyes slowly became hot.

"It’s a troublesome power, but I wouldn’t have met everyone if it wasn’t because of this. Because it helped a little, so I think I kinda like this power a little"

Anyway, it’s true that I still cannot use it perfectly like Kido and Kano.

Practice…………. huh. Well eventually I just ran a lot, basically I didn’t even learn to use it.

Now to think of it, I don’t know what kind of power it is but, I believe Hibiya will also have a hard time………..

"………. NO, I will not forgive him until he apologizes"

That’s right, the guilt for calling a pure teenage girl as a cow or auntie is deeper than the sea.

No matter what, if he don’t sincerely apologize and correct himself I will never forgive him.


"Well then, I should get up from bed now~ Anyway what time is it"

I took out my phone from my parka pocket, and confirmed the time, it was 7 am.

"Oh! Mhmm. Feeling good to wake up at this kind of time. I’ll take a shower before the others wake up"

I lifted the blanket at the side against the wall, and came out from the blanket.

As I crossed Kido and went out of the bed, I looked at her face to ensure that she wasn’t awakened.

"………… Hmm~ She’s a pretty girl indeed"

Kido wore normal female pajamas and slept sweetly and soundly, she had such a pretty face that can make girls jealous. 

"Because of this face so it’s even incredible when she talks in that way"

She’s always cool but sometimes a dere. Somehow I heard that from someone before, what’s going on.

No, just that there are times when you couldn’t remember about something, you’ll think that you’ve heard it before! I guess it’s right to think like that.

By the way I should quickly take a shower.

I couldn’t open the curtains, so I had to touch and feel in the dark to move forward.

On the way my waist kinda banged onto a table, and I accidentally ached, but it seemed that it didn’t wake Kido up.

She’s the leader yet she sleeps like a log…………… this person…………..


I finally reached and opened the door, the living room was quite bright, finally there was a morning feel.

Because of that brightness I got pumped up, and happily went to the bathroom.

As I simply looked at the floor, I noticed Konoha who was under the sofa, and brother who was grabbing his phone tightly on the sofa opposite, sleeping soundly.

"huhu……. brother must be tired after all these outings"

Seems that brother had get along with Mekakushidan, it feels like I did a huge contribution to help brother to return to the society.

After brother return to the society, I’ll let him build a cute house for me. It’s decided.

Passing by the living room, I switched on the lights of the changing room and bathroom and then I opened the lowest shelf, and put my clothes which I brought from home beside the sink.

And then I took out a towel, locked the door, took off my clothes, just when I was entering the bathroom, “KNOCK KNOCK!”, violent knocking sounds from the changing room door were heard.



I panicked and wrapped my body with the towel, and just for in case I kept myself from the door.

"S-sorry! I’m Momo! I’m taking a shower!"

However, there was no reply outside and the person continued to aggressively knocked the door.


I felt a different atmosphere.


If it’s someone from the basement, he or she wouldn’t be continuously knocking the door as I’m already inside. If that’s the case………………..




Don’t know whether my words were heard or not, “BAM!” as the door was knocked violently.

Because of fright and fear my legs went weak.

"u-uwahhhhhhhh……… s-sorry!!! NO! I mean erm there’s nothing valuable in here okay!? NO, REALLY! Y-yeah, I was even teased as ‘you’re a cow’ yesterday oh my~ That’s really bad……. a-AHAHAHA……"

I sat on the floor and started to chant to beg for my life, and at the opposite of the door, came a voice that I heard before.



”Auntie……..? So you knew it yourself anyway huh?”.



At THAT moment, “DANG!” as I unconsciously hit the door with violence.

"Uwahhh!?" as a shout was heard from the back of the door.

With anger and indecision my voice trembled severely, no, of course that happened. Who wouldn’t be mad about it.

"C-calm down a bit okay. Sorry, uhm………. is my vest inside?"


I looked at the highest shelf, and there was something like Hibiya’s vest on top of it.

"Ah? This one? It’s here"

"R-really?! Give me back!! There’s something important in it!"

"Important stuff in it you say……… haha. You’re so anxious because you’re worried about it huh. What important stuff is it~ ……….. What is it inside~?"

I said with smoldering and resentful sourness, and Hibiya did a pretty good reaction when he noticed my evil intention.


"However I feel like stealing it when you said that. What’s inside this bag~"


As I ignored Hibiya who was continuously knocking the door, I put my hand into the vest pocket, and my hand felt something like a paper bag.

"OH OH I found it I found it. What’s inside this bag~"




I couldn’t remember what happened after I took out the thing from the bag.

Just remembered that I ran out from the changing room and said “PLEASE!! GIVE THIS TO ME!?”, and then I saw Hibiya’s face went red when he saw me, and a slight scent of a seaside. Although I reflected about it, I never regret.



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