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Carefully placed my “Hiyori voiced plushie” on the table, I spinned my chair till it faced the door and jumped down from the chair.

I opened the door, ran down the squeaky stairs, reached the phone that was located at the corridor of the first floor, the receiver of the old dial-up disc phone was violently thrown on the counter top.

"Just what the hell who actually calls at this moment….. AND JUST WHO THE HECK IS IT?! Why didn’t mom state it clearly….."

Although I was curious, still I picked up the receiver and spoke. Someone who calls at this kind of time, I guess it’s someone I can’t easily handle with. I think I should be a bit rude to this person.

"Ah~ hello, I’m Hibiya who is this……."

"damn slow."

I was about to rudely response this person, my rudeness towards this totally unexpected person became indecisive.

At that same time, that person’s “voice” just spoke that really short sentence, had gave me a overwhelming huge impact until it doesn’t matter what kind of attitude was it.

"Eh? Wha…"

"I said you’re damn slow. Imma standing while calling you right now. So Imma freaking tired now."

This, attitude, voice, it won’t be wrong. I am definitely sure.

That one and only Asahina Hiyori, with that one and only proud attitude, at the other end of the phone.


"Are you listening? Hello~~ Is anyone there…."


Facing this kind of situation, my brain stopped working.

"Wh, why are you so excited you gross…. Ah~ whatever. I have something to discuss with you."

"Di, Discuss???"

"Yea, discuss. Or to be precise, a deal? Whatever it is."

Who would actually expect such a development. That was me on the bus. Me, who was thinking “I wanna do it…..”


But then, why discuss something during midnight?

"If you wanna find me no prob I’ll completely welcome you… Ah, nothing, no prob, anyway what’s with the discussion ?"

"You dropped your pass right? I found it at the school corridor today, it has your name written on it."

This is a very clearly understandable reason. I was thinking about the making of “Hiyori voiced plushie”, that I totally forgot about my pass, and now unexpectedly it’s found in this kind of way.

Oh wait no, it should be the driver’s fault.

I wanted to forget about that unlimitedly wretched driver so bad that I kinda erased my memory about the pass too.

But now, I’ve found the connection.

And because of that, she actually purposely called me because she found my pass. Such  a nice person. I knew it, Asahina Hiyori is ANGEL….

…..No, wait a sec.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Something extremely…..


—-Before going to school, I’ll once again strictly choose the best “Hiyori photo” that I like the most, carefully slot it inside my pass holder, then go to school with a smile.—-


"…Nee, are you actually listening?? You oddly stuttering since just now really pisses me off. Oh and, inside the pass……"



It’s until the state where my sweat can accumulate into a puddle and just spurt out like rough waves.

My brain kept rolling on “i’mdoomedi’mdoomedi’mdoomedi’mdoomedi’mdoomedi’mdoomedi’mdoomed" until there’s this "i’mdoomed" festival grandly starting, and at the tower at the centre of the festival, Amemiya Hibiya right there, being nailed on the pole, neck being placed on the guillotine.

I’m doomed.


And what a coincidence, that photo I placed into my pass holder today, was her skirt being slightly lifted by the spring wind, a slightly dirty, REALLY NOT GOOD PIC.

I could still live my life with that picture in my pass, but now she herself has found out. Everything is over. Rightly over.

What “Hiyori voiced plushie” you idiot. This is totally a self-defeat.

If I don’t do something….. What should I do…..

"How can it be? There’s your name right there dude. Say, you didn’t notice that you dropped your pass…… How did you even get off the bus?"

”M, Maybe it’s someone who has the same name as me~~ LOOK! You can simply find anyone who’s name is Amemiya Hibiya righhhttttt”

"I don’t think there’s anyone who has such weird name besides you. Back to the topic. That thing inside the pass holder…."

Too late. Here comes the climax of the “i’mdoomed” festival.

On the tower, those strong men with their face covered, wearing a  loincloth, were taking a big knife, heading for the rope of the guillotine, the tightened rope was making “gachigachi” sounds.

And Amemiya Hibiya there making a happy face as if he already knew his faults.

It’s useless. I can’t hide anymore no matter what I say. At least, make it a clean cut.

"Ahh, AHHHH that’s right!!! I know it’s possible, but at least I can daydream about it right????"

I wanted to honestly tell my feelings but I don’t know why I said it so damn awkwardly.

I know I’m guilty but still at least I gotta defend a bit huh.

"Ehh, why so agitated?? Really gross."

Andddd as usual my thoughts were simply crushed into dust.

My last tear of my Asahina fan life, quietly ran down my cheek.

I closed my eyes, thinking about those guys being a weakling like me right now, floating on the air naked, welcoming me.


I’m sorry for taking you all as idiots back then. Take me along with you pls.

And if can at least let me bring along my plushies and photos.

As I was thinking about those lame delusions, beautifying my death look, Asahina Hiyori said something that was totally unexpected.

"What impossible what, why are you so assert?? I even purposely call you to help you to achieve it dude."



This, reply of hers, has become the TOP 3 most creepiest things I’d ever experienced this year, and I don’t heck understand it.

But I did hear the word “help you to achieve”. WHAT’S GOING ON?!

"Help me to achieve……. don’t tell me that……."

”Eyy, I meant it literally kayy. I understand that enthusiasm of yours, that’s why I said I’m gonna help you kay.”

That “i’mdoomed” festival in my brain, the tower at the centre just hugely exploded into dust.

The nailed Amamiya Hibiya suddenly, as if he has awakened an incredible power, gathered his breath, took the blade of the guillotine and easily bent it into a useless piece of metal.


"You’re too loud ughh you’re damn noisy and damn gross!! Don’t make me repeat kayy!!"

"R, roger that!!"

"Good. Ugh, nevermind. I knew that you’ll make that kind of response. Well, you really want it that bad huh? You’re always thinking about that huh?"

As for this unexpected speech, my heart was intensively pumping. Today’s the day my heart goes busy huh.

"Want"?! Is it okay to say things like that?! I don’t think the morals lately allow things like this??!!

Nonono, what was I thinking. I shouldn’t be doing those indiscretion things.

If I do that I’ll be like a monkey. And that’s not good.

"Ahh, I really want it."

Annndd after thinking, the conclusion is Amamiya Hibiya decided to enjoy becoming a monkey. 

Who wanna be a good boy when there’s such a big opportunity in front of you dude.

Aahh!? Not suitable?! WHO CARES!!

"Yeahh, even until the standard that you placed it in your pass holder huh. I see that obviously you want it. Well then I’ll help you to achieve it."

"Y, you can….?! Really…?!"

My perspiration that moment was gorgeously covered by my nosebleed.

Those naked dudes who were about to welcome me started to glare at me, but of course IDC. You monsters. Disappear now.

"In one condition. Ah, that’s the deal I mentioned before. I’ll like you to help me to achieve my wish." 

Hiyori lightly said that. Normally talking about this kind of thing, she should be at least a lil bit shy. Ah no, I’m just being ignorant, love these days has become smarter than I thought.

But this kind of trend, I suppose will only appear on the surface of love huh. Yea, she must be feeling shy now. As a guy I should conduct her.

"Of course no prob! As long as I’m able to do it, it’s fine! Leave it all to me! Well then, what’s your wish?"

"You, you sound quite energetic huh…… hey, I know it’s a deal but, in a nutshell this is to achieve your ‘ardent desire’. Say, are you free for this summer hols?"

"I’m free! Yup! All I do is help at home, no appointments at all!"

"O, okay, I see. Well then. I want you to free out all your time during summer hols. We’re going to town. Ah, just the two of us."



Although I’ve prepared to face hard questions at some standard, still what Hiyori requested was just extremely strong.

"Let’s date somewhere nearby" is still acceptable, but now she said "Go to the town", at a village that  even "hey I’ve found a beautiful valley let’s go there and eat some onigiri" is a rampaging invitation, even a high school student wouldn’t dare to request such thing.

What’s more she said “just the two of us”, wow she is daring isn’t she. However upon this kind of request that I can’t easily answer……

"Wh, why to the town? Plus, just the two of us…."

"It’s nothing, just that I wanna get something from there so I decide to do so, plus, I’m missing a "luggage carrier" so I invited you. Why? You don’t wanna go with me?"

"Of, of course I wanna go!! But then….. My parents are very strict…. so about the travelling fees….."

"You don’t need to worry about that. Since my family is rich, I’ll help you for that. Heyy, I also wanna go out without letting my parents know….. ah! Of course you’ll have to keep it as a secret. Don’t tell anyone kayy?"

"Not even parents?!"

"That’s right. Plus it’s easier if you wanna achieve your ‘ardent desire’ right? Since your parents are strict?"

She’s right, if I were to tell them I’m gonna accompany a girl, it’d be scary, it’s impossible. “Hiding from your parents, travelling with girl you like”, well that will completely grant my ‘ardent desire’.

I see, the fact that Hiyori is rich, it’s well-known around this area, I guess it’ll be easily to handle the travelling fees of two children only.



If it’s to buy things, why don’t she just ask her parents for it.

To achieve my ardent desire….. It still doesn’t make sense if it’s used as an explanation. Even if the date is in the village and not in the town, I’m already satisfied with that.

Why so daring, that she wanted to go alone with me. For this question, the only reasonable answer appeared in my brain.

"…………She’s so fascinated by me until this kind of standard."

"Eh? What did you just say?"

"Ah, ah~ no, I said nothing! Yeap!"

As I was immersed in my narcissism thoughts, I suddenly woke up.

Long story short, Asahina Hiyori was so fascinated by me that no one could help her at all.

Just when she’s thinking about me day and night, what a coincidence she found my pass and the photo of her inside, therefore she used these “discussion” and “deal” excuses to approach me.

I’m afraid that, on the outside she said “help me to achieve my wish”, but  in her heart she wanted to hug me right now.

Wishing that “Just the two of us on a far trip” is the best evidence. Saying things like “luggage carrier”, is actually just to cover up her shyness huh.

"I understand now, your feelings, I’ve accepted it…!"

"Fe, feels so gross…. Listen here kay? You’ll need to try your best to find the thing I want, too, okay? If you’re useless, I’ll send you back immediately."

Asahina Hiyori’s attitude is cold and dull as usual, but when I thought of it as her show of love, I found it even cuter.

Still, just what exactly was “that thing” she wanted.

Although it might be only an excuse………

"Ah, yeah! Of course……… but what’s "that thing" that you actually want?"

"Eh? It’s an autograph from a new popular idol. Haven’t you seen her before?! ‘That sixteen years old cutie, who can capture your heart!’ that CM. I really like that person~ REALLY DAMN FREAKING CUTE YEAA?!"

"Ah, nope, I don’t watch TV so I don’t know…….Eh, ah~ I see……."

All of a sudden my feelings stumbled.

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