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"I……….. kinda hate the city."

"I see. but since you’re already here there’s no choice you gotta cope with it"

Hiyori who was taking a cute sunshade without a single  perspiration on her, said with a flawless pokerface.

So this is the severe test of the city huh….. This sentence that had already appeared four or five times in my brain today just appeared again.

Still, since I had determined to live a happy city life with Hiyori, how can Hiyori turn back to look at me just because I say discouragements about these things, if I give up now I’m afraid I can’t even go back alive.

That’s right, forget those negative thoughts. From the moment when this big door opens our unforgettable life together will be about to began.

That’s right, later on in the 2 week’s time, if I still cannot get Hiyori to turn her head at me, there won’t be a second chance for me anymore.

Not only that, my remaining long life will be all wasted by the useless exploration of India tradition. 

About this I really need to avoid it.

I have to use up all my ideas to catch her heart during the stay, in the future she’ll be my bride, then we’ll live our life at India together as monks.

Just that only.

"Uhm~ Excuse~ me"

While I was drowned in my lame imagination, Hiyori started to call the interphone without caring anything.

"No, you don’t need to press a lot of times…….."

"Eh? That’s because no one comes to open the door. There isn’t any choice right. Hell~lllooo!"

Stubbornly ringing the doorbell without stopping, she looked exactly like a Yakuza who came to claim debt. 

If it is such a small and cute Yakuza comes to claim debt, I’d totally want her to look for  my house. Then, if can I’d like her to claim me away.

"Hey, hey Hiyori, did he went out or something?"

"Impossible. Unlike you, he wouldn’t mess up the date and time we’ve promised."

"No, I’m not saying that………"

Hiyori kinda ignored my advice and kept on furiously calling, at that moment the opposite of the door came an unlocking sound.

"Ah. I knew that he’s in isn’t he. Speaking of it it’s been a long time since I ever met brother-in-law."

"U-uwahh….. I suddenly feel nervous"

After all it was going to be the first time meeting up with my possibly-future-brother-in-law.

And of course my heart started to pump loudly. I have to give an awesome look as good as possible.

I straightened up my body, even the tip of my toes were infused with power i waited for the door to open for around 30 seconds. 

I could still hear unlocking sounds from the door, but the door didn’t seem to open at all.

"……………….What’s going on"

The power in my body was slowly reaching the limit, as a result because of the side effect my body started to shiver.

Don’t know because the power infused into my face or not, when Hiyori who was standing beside me looked at me she gave a surprised look as if she wanted to say “uwahh…..”, I saw this scene with peripheral vision.

Patience, be patience. Don’t give brother-in-law a bad impression. MUST STAY AWESOME TO MEET HIM.

"Ka-cha" as the carefree sound came by, the door slowly opened.

"Huh. I don’t know what’s going on but the door finally opened. Seriously brother-in-law what’s up with you……….."

Behind the ajar door, there stood a white-haired teenager with perspiration on his forehead as if he had achieved something, he gave a happy look.

His looks looked younger than I heard of.

I remembered that the difference of age between Hiyori and her sister was suppose  to be quite an amount. If that’s the case, if the guy in front is her brother-in-law means that it was a pretty distanced-aged marriage.

"S-sorry. I didn’t know how to unlock….."

Didn’t know how to unlock? whatthehell? Was that something a person who lived here for a long time will say.

Questions started to appear in my brain one by one. No, nonowait. Stop thinking about that. 

What if he’s really Hiyori’s brother-in-law?

If I use a rude attitude towards him it might affect my future.

"Y-your brother-in-law is really young, Hiyori….."

I smiled and looked at Hiyori, but I saw Hiyori made a face that I had never seen before.

Her eyes were glowing like small diamonds, and her cheeks were red like being dyed by plum pigment.


With what Hiyori said and the envy gaze she made, it was obviously towards the white-haired guy.


Facing my question, she shook her head without leaving her sight at the guy.

"Nope. First time seeing this guy. SO GREAT……….."

PA-CHA, I heard a ceramic furnisher dropping down, breaking into pieces. Long time no see those Asahina mad fans who were buried by Hiyori’s own hands, after a long time they once again came down from the sky naked and wanted to bring me away. what the hell is the problem now. 

This is definitely Hiyori’s sister’s house.

Then why, is there someone Hiyori had never meet before in the house?  No, This guy totally looks suspicious.

Or to say he IS.

Anyway, if I don’t quickly eliminate him in front of Hiyori……!

"I-I say who are you! This is Hiyori’s brother-in-law’s house isn’t it?! Why are you here?!"

Being roughly questioned, the guy just made a confused look.

A tall long body with good looks, the more I looked the more it pissed me off.

"Eh? Hiyori is…….. ah, teacher had once mentioned."

The guy made an understood look, and walked toward Hiyori from the entrance without his shoes on.

"Nice to meet you. My name is….. uhm, I think it’s Konoha."

"Ehhhh….. oh my, what to do…..! Ah, nice to meet you! I’m Asahina Hiyori, teacher…….. are you saying that you are my brother-in-law’s student?"

"Eh? Hmmmermm…… you can say that"

"I knew it! So you have been staying in the house watching the door all the time? Looks like brother-in-law is really busy………"

"Yea, since you are here then come in"

No, wait. Why did it turn into a happy atmosphere so fast. After talking to the guy named Konoha, as if she had met her prince charming, Hiyori’s face once again shone.

And I’m afraid that in her eyes,  I don’t even exist anymore.

gutsugutsu, my heart boiled because of anger and boiling sounds echoed in my head.

"A-about that Hiyori. Isn’t he suspicious~……. I feel that everything he said are all fake….."

"Huh??!! Watcha’ saying??!! There’s no reason for such a hot guy to lie to us right?! Are you stupid?!!"


Every single word from Hiyori pierced into my heart. I was totally defeated by her ultimate capricious theory.

Before that pressured attack, my old theory defences all became useless, nothing could help but to just shrink into a small lump.

"Nee, Konoha. Ignore this boy here, let’s go in kay?"

"Eh? No, I was also told to kindly welcome this boy here."

As he said the guy again, this time he walked towards me.

"Uhm I’m Konoha. that, best regards?"

"……….I’m Amamiya Hibiya. yoroshiku……!!"

I tried my best to refrain furiously mad flame of jealousy from my chest, and used up all the effort to say these two basic lines.

"Wow~ this is great Hibiya. He greeted you with such a friendly manner! Then, let’s go in kay? Right Konoha!"

"Ah, yea"

Without faking, I glared at Konoha who his back was pushed by Hiyori and walked into the house.

what’s with this dude?

Calling Hiyori’s brother-in-law as “teacher”, also been told to welcome us into the house, I guess he was a student or something after all.

No, even if it’s that.

Now the important thing is to get rid of this guy from the house ASAP, then figure a way to make Hiyori’s eyes turn at me.

I pointed the middle finger towards the Asahina mad fans who were teasing me in the air, then I went into the house, and slammed the door using backhand.






































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In the room echoed tick-tocking sounds of the clock.

The time, was  almost 9 pm.

Bulbs were hanged everywhere on the bald ceiling, creating a perfect living space that wasn’t over-bright.

In the kitchen stood Kido who was deftly washing 6 person’s dinnerware for a few minutes. A mountain of dinnerware was neatly stacked in the cupboard.

At the opposite of the sofa which the table was placed between them, Konoha who just finish his meal had a fight with his eyelids, drowsily as he was gonna sleep, he even said “nopenope” and continue his combat to open his eyes.

"nnnnyyaa…… can’t eat anymore……… ah, can’t eat enimurr………"

While at my left side, my pathetic lil sis slobbered while she was deep in her sleep with a happy face on her.

…………. wait a sec. whattheheck are we doing. are they children. or is it Kido  remarkably looked like a “mother”.

seriously, I don’t know when did this totally felt like a sleepover at some friend’s house.

This morning I even frowned and said  those Mekakushidan people “Who are these people? So suspicious”, but after only a day I can already get along with them.

Even me who hadn’t been talking to someone for a while, can even get along with them easily, these people can be really friendly at this kind of standard.

"She even eating in her dream wow that’s really lil sis…… but speaking of it she immediately slept just after her meal, whatisthemeaningofthis master"

"Just ignore her. I think she’ll become some sort of cow?"

Maybe because she was pretty tired, after finishing her meal Momo slept just within a few minutes.

"She was even so angry when she was called fat, what’s wrong with this kid here………"

I’m afraid that she herself had completely forgotten  that. It’s  been a while since the moment she noticed that even if to think “I haven’t even marry yet you’re too exaggerating…….”, it’s still useless.

"Ah, it isn’t that bad. Perhaps she’s too tired. Hey Kisaragi, wake up. If you wanna sleep come to my room."

After washing the dishes Kido took off her apron that had a “

” in front which gave a carpenter feel, and walked towards towards Momo.

She gently knocked Momo’s face, but Momo only said “Ehh~, surprisingly still can eat…….”, and continued her happy feast in her dream.

"Ah~ sorry. Once this girl sleeps she’ll never wake up till the day comes. Just ignore her she’ll be okay"

"Still it isn’t good. No choice I have to carry her…. Hmm!?"

Just when Kido wanted to carry Momo, her expression slightly twisted as she didn’t expect something.

"S-surprisingly…… much from Kisaragi…….!"

Kido tried to carry Momo, but compared to how she can easily carry Hibiya, her breathe became rapid.

Speaking of that I once read Momo’s profile that was uploaded in the idol dictionary, there wrote her “weight” which couldn’t refrain me from laughing at the moment.

Seeing how Kido breathlessly carried Momo and moved forward, this time it was Konoha on the sofa snoring.

This dude is pretty unbelievable. From his dumbfounded look, it’s really hard to understand what is he thinking.

He’s now in someone’s house who he met for the first time yet he take no caution, and just slept soundly like that.

………………….. pretty much like a child who immediately grew big.

From Hibiya’s behaviour, these two people seemed to be involved in some complicated “incident”.

No, not just these people, Ene too, Mekakushidan too, have something happened to them that was unexplained too.

I kinda forgot about it, but when I looked at Ene’s face back then I remembered, that this girl might also had something that happened in her past. Even hiding such a special identity, it is pretty incredible.

"Just before I came here, what on earth happened to this girl" Not  that I’ve never considered things like that, but even if I question her, she’ll just hesitatingly fudge over it.

Suddenly, when I slowly looked at my phone screen, Ene who couldn’t know my thoughts, was excitingly preparing a blanket.

"………………………What are you doing" 

"Eh? what I’m preparing to sleep"

"Ah, aahh I see"

I remembered Ene once boasted saying “I am highly powered so I’ve no problem even if I don’t sleep at all!”…………………

Fine, if I insult her it’d be troublesome, it’s best to just ignore her.

"Huu, sorry for waiting"

Along the closing sound of the door, Kido said while turning her shoulders.

"Speaking of it, it’ll be better if she can slightly reduce her appetite."

"Haha, I’m really sorry. for disturbing you all these days"

"No, it’s all our doings. Please don’t mind. but today………… this situation is totally done"

Kido murmured as she looked surprised, and sat on the sofa opposite me. 


For the current moment those who were still awake were only me, Kido and Ene. Konoha who just dropped off, was softly lying on the sofa beside Kido, with both his arms lazily stretched out.

"Arara, looks like Mr. Impostor is already sleeping~. how willful"

Ene sneaked into her blanket, with only her face uncovered, and muttered while she glanced at Konoha’s face.

"What’s with ‘Mr. Impostor’?"

"Erm. It’s a nickname for that guy. It’ll be easily mixed up so I decided to call him that."

"Ah, about him looking the same as your friend right. Speaking of it actually your friend………."

Just when I almost spill out my question, Ene suddenly glared at me sharply.

"W-what the….. Ah~ I know I know. As long as I don’t ask right……?"

As I said that, Ene gave a satisfied smile.

"Good for you to know that. Hey, the one being confused here is me. but I’ll explain to master kay. Next time"

And this time she looked a lil bit sad.

She completely prevaricated it as usual, but to hear something like “I’ll tell you later” from her, I guess it was the first time.

wait no, this brat is herself. Perhaps she was just saying it for fun.


"Well, everyone has their own situations. Say,  I was thinking if I should say about those things so I brought him over………"

Kido looked beside her, Konoha was completely deep in his sleep. What’s with all the struggles for trying not to sleep. It’s a failure no matter what. “Haa….” Along with Kido’s sigh, Konoha eventually fell from the sofa to the floor.

"Can’t help with that now. Well actually we can’t do anything right now anyway."

Kido heavily leaned on the sofa, put her hands on it, and crossed her legs. 

"Tomorrow…… huh. That child, how’s he doing"

"Hmm? Ah. You mean Hibiya right, The thing that appeared in his eyes, I’m afraid it’s a symptom of a "power" like ours"

Kido said as she stared at the ceiling.

Apparently Hibiya had never wake up, but it seems that he’s not in an unstable condition, Seto who had understood the situation volunteered to guard him just for in case. That’s the current situation.

"I see…… well, since it’s Seto taking care of him, there’s nothing to worry about"

I unconsciously stared at one of the naked bulbs on the ceiling as I said that, but Kido quietly laughed.

"nopenope, that guy sure is reliable, but he also has a weak spot. Perhaps, he might be sleeping now."

From the first time I met Seto, he gave me a “reliable” impression, but there’s also something that someone like Kido who had knew him way longer  will feel about.

Can’t be blamed, I just met him this morning, so there’s no way I can deeply understand him.


"Nee, say you all…….."

"Hmm? what"

Kido gave a dazed look, and looked at me who stopped my words half way. Is it okay to question something like this. Is there any way to turn back if I ask. As I was thinking, I started feeling sleepy, that made my mouth slowly opened.

"Those eyes of yours…….. To be honest  I don’t know if I can ask this but, that is unusual isn’t it. Same goes to Momo’s condition. She said she didn’t remember since when she became like that, but I don’t think this is totally unrelated to you all."

Facing my straight-forward question, Kido still had the dazed look while listening, but after I finished saying, she gave a warm smile. 

"…….. I should have told you earlier before this kid. sorry"

Kido bent her body forward, and crossed her fingers of both her hands between her knees.

"Eh, no. It’s okay. I just think that I’m concerned about it…"

I suddenly blushed, and moved my sight.

"No, I should have explain it to you……. just that, like what you said it’s not some common topic, not something you can freely discuss about. Because of this power we even got abused. Therefore, to protect ourselves, we cannot say it immediately"

As I heard what Kido said I lifted my head.

She didn’t look sad, just that her eyes had no darkness, as if there was a strong awareness in it.

"T-that’s also right. Also something that I don’t know. That also….. yea."


That’s right. After knowing about their matters, what can I even do. That’s right, that’s the reason why I stopped my question half way.

Why am I interested in listening to this?

What can I even do?

That “incident” Hibiya was involved, according to him it might cause death.

Perhaps even the cops cannot solve it.

Hibiya will awaken his power like Kido and the others do, while Kido and the others will protect that power and help him.

What else can I do anyway?

Is it really okay to just ask.

If I don’t ask anything here, tomorrow morning I’ll just go back home like nothing happened, and just get back to my own usual life, perhaps there’s also that kind of choice.

That’s right, this has nothing to do with me. I’m……….


That moment, I had a chill on my spine. My heart ached as if it was grabbed by something, and my forehead slowly oozed cold sweat.



"Shintaro? Oi, are you okay. You don’t look well to me…….."

"Ah, ahh. no no nothing. I’m okay. sorry"

"…… I see. Perhaps you’re tired too. Let’s continue tomorrow okay?"

Tomorrow, will I still be here tomorrow. Ene even said “Let’s go home” earlier. Perhaps no, but she might be worried about me.

However, but…………….

"……….. no, a little is also fine, tell me then."

If I go back to that room again, what can I even do too.

Maybe, it was because I don’t want to leave these guys. Maybe I was afraid to be alone again.


"I understand. I’ll say it then. This is how I got my power"

Kido, as if understood something, she smiled again, and blinked her eyes, to make her eyes red.

"Eye concealing power….. that’s what Kano called, it’s basically to reduce the existence of myself and my surroundings"

While saying, Kido took a magazine from the side of the table. Kido handed it towards me, the magazine started to become transparent from  its edges, and eventually disappeared without a single trace.

As I stared at it, once again I understood that it is an incredible power. It’s reasonable that Kido couldn’t tell it straight forwardly.

This power,  if it is known by the public, it’d be busy for the media for days. Eventually she’ll be brought to some research center or whatever, and perhaps might be the worst ending ever.

"Before getting ‘this’, I also had parents. Although I don’t have any blood relation with my mother. My father was a cruel person. Because he was a womanizer his company bankrupted. Before he died he even burnt the whole house."

"W-what the heck………"

It was really extreme to hear Kido’s past within only a few seconds. However Kido didn’t look like she’s in a pain because of these memories, she was just like “yeah that happened before”, saying so calmly as if she was talking about her elementary school memories.

"Hahah. Cruel story right? However, the real topic begins here"

"Oh, oh………"

"When my father set fire, my family and I were all in the house. In the end me and my sister couldn’t escape the house"

"T-that’ll cause death……"

To be honest I was quite scared when I listened to her, Kido kinda  realized that, she made a slightly nasty smirk and continued.

"Ahh, of course I died. Bit by bit I couldn’t breathe, even my body was burning"


"And then, that moment I saw it. The wall twisted and separated, LIKE A BIG MOUTH WITH SHARP TEETH WIDELY OPENED!!"


Kido excitedly said as if she was telling a precious horror story.

And perhaps it was a good timing, she successfully picked up my fearful heart.

Being freaked out by this person who showed embarrassing poses in the haunted house today, made me regret a lot.

However, after picking up my curiosity Kido didn’t continue her story, she just folded her arms and made a happy look, as if she was asking how was the story.


I finally asked, Kido remained her pose, and happily replied.

"Hmm? The End" 


As if I’ve been trolled, I shut my mouth as I couldn’t say anything.

According to the story the protagonist should have burns all over her body, after that she almost got eaten by a mysterious huge creature, but this girl right now doesn’t look like she was being digested, no matter what I couldn’t even connect the point here.


"Ahh, I got that after I woke up from the debris of my house. In some way the burns that I should have had disappeared, how unbelievable."

"T-then what’s with the big mouth thingy"

"I only saw it, my memories after that were totally gone. Maybe I was swallowed, the only one who was saved was only me, about how it happened, I have no idea too"

Kido lifted her hands and made a gesture saying “nope can’t help with it”.

At the end although I had listened to the whole story, she herself also has a lot of parts she couldn’t understand, and this mystery just got deeper than before. 

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