Collared: Ashton [Collared Lovers] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Collared: Ashton [Collared Lovers] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Collared Lovers

Collared: Ashton

BDSM club owners Ty Hollis and Nathan Marquez have loved one another for six years without regret. The only thing missing has been a woman to complete their relationship. When feisty little auburn-haired Ashton Harris comes barreling into their home one Sunday morning, she throws them into a tailspin. Without a doubt this is the one they have been looking for—the problem is she’s not a sub and obviously has qualms about their lifestyle.

Can the emotionally damaged Ashton submit to two sexy Doms? Desperate to feel a connection, she begins a journey into their world, and learns there is so much more to the lifestyle than whips, restraints, and domineering jerks. The men struggle to remove all her preconceived notions about BDSM. Will their desire for her teach her to surrender to love or destroy her world? When a stalker strikes, will they lose this once-in-a-lifetime chance?

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
42,983 words



Collared Lovers






Angela Wray










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To my husband, your love has made anything possible. Thank you for all of your encouragement. I’ll love you forever, baby.

To Jennifer Denys, you are my hero. I wish you huge success in your writing career, never doubt you are a phenomenal writer. I don’t have the words to express my gratitude, and I hope you know I couldn’t have done it without you.

To Lee and Talby, I can’t wait to write your story.

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Kimberly C. you are the fan that every writer hopes for. Because you didn’t forget me, I kept submitting until I got the news we wanted. So thank you!

To my readers, remember BDSM should be taken seriously and not rushed into. Please take your time, have a safe word, and remember that good Doms and subs are hard to find. Remember safe, sane, and consensual aren’t just words.


Collared Lovers



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Chapter One


Ty Hollis looked out the kitchen window, the ceramic tile cold against his bare feet, feeling tired yet restless. Having paused only long enough to slide a pair of worn jeans over his nude body, he had slipped quietly out of the room he shared with Nathan. He hadn’t wanted to wake Nate, who hadn’t gotten to bed until five thirty that morning after working at the BDSM-themed club they owned together.

When Nate had arrived home, Ty had only been vaguely aware at first when Nate had rolled his sleeping body over onto his belly. The feel of Nate’s hands running over Ty’s body, fondling him in a way only someone as familiar as they were could do, before prepping Ty’s anus with lube.

Nate’s ruminations had caused arousal to hum in Ty’s body. As his dick begins to throb, Ty clenched his hands on the countertop, widening his stance and letting the memory wash over him.

The cold liquid had finally pushed away any lingering sleepiness. Nate knew him and his moods so well, and there had been no gentle handling. The hard fucking was exactly what Ty had needed to shake off his sulky temper, at least for a time, and it was all Ty could think about as Nate’s huge cock had rammed in and out of Ty’s backside, the pleasure so extreme that he had shot all over the top sheet after only a half dozen of Nate’s powerful thrusts. Nate was so good at making him lose control, something no one else had ever been capable of.

All through their late-night lovemaking, Ty had felt Nate’s desperation to break through to him to convey his love. He loved Nate more than he had ever loved another human being in his life. Growing up in foster care, Ty didn’t have any kin and floundered in Nate’s huge family. He cared about them, but Nate was his whole world.

He and Nate had been in Special Forces for six years, a career field that was so full of death that each man swore afterward the only light in his life was the time they had spent with one another. Like so many of their brothers-in-arms, sharing women was a normal act for them. It somehow stemmed from the buddy system so often in place in the world of the Corps. When Ty and Nate realized they only shared to be with one another, it was a truly scary, wonderful discovery. They didn’t have difficulty hiding their feelings for one another. The difficulty came with all the blood and death continuously around them.

Saying good-bye to their fellow grunts, they had set off on their own, taking odd jobs in security to help make their business venture more financially sound. The desire to create a safe environment for other like-minded people, the dream of a BDSM-themed club, seemed nothing more than a pipe dream at first, but they strove to make it a reality.

The next five years had been almost magical, though neither man could deny he knew something, or rather someone, was missing in his life. What each wanted was a woman to be a third to them. After years of discussion, he always feared she wouldn’t be able to understand his feeling for Nate. This was huge concern for them, knowing she would have to accept how much they loved one another. He nor Nate had ever felt an attraction for other men, but Ty couldn’t deny what he felt, having developed such a phenomenal relationship with Nate during some of the most hellish times of his life.

Turning to Nate may have saved both their sanities, if not their lives. The simple gestures were what mattered to them both, the way Nathan always took care of the finances and him the cooking. Both men worked in perfect harmony, but despite how happy they were, Ty couldn’t help but want something more, the other side of the triangle he knew was out there ready to complete them and their union.

Nate and he usually shared the duties at work, but last night Ty had been too restless to focus on work, so Nate had kissed him hard on the mouth and had walked out without another word to take care of their responsibilities at the club.

People from all walks of life came to the bar so they could take a peek at the life without jumping in. The ones who frequented the bar and dance portion were generally never allowed into the real party inside the club itself. The patrons that attended the club either had to join and go through the four-month process it took to become a member, as well as pay the huge initial membership fee and the yearly retainer all members paid to stay active, or they had to be a guest of a member.


* * * *


Nate stood in the doorway and watched the only man he had ever loved struggle with the need for something more. Part of him should be angry that he wasn’t enough anymore, but he couldn’t bring himself to be. He actually understood the desire for a woman. Ty’s needs mirrored his own. The need to soothe Ty and fix his problems was choking him, but he couldn’t fix this. Watching Ty’s broad shoulders bunch and shift, Nate was awed by how stunning Ty was. His six foot three inches and two hundred and fifty pounds were just the beginning of his beauty. They both had kept the short military haircut they’d become so accustomed to in the service. Where Nate was a typical dark-haired, dark-eyed Latino, his Ty was a dark blond. His beautiful green eyes went from spring-grass green to a blue-green of the ocean when he was hot and bothered.

Wanting to connect with the best part of his life, he stepped into the kitchen. As Ty turned, Nate gave him his best “God you look gorgeous” look. Ty grinned, and Nate watched him lean back on the counter, undo his jeans, then let them fall, his erect cock standing up to his navel.

Coming forward, Nate dropped to his knees and, palming Ty’s balls, he swallowed his cock in one downward motion, taking him nearly to root. Feeling Ty’s hands move to his head, and with an increase in thrusts, it didn’t take long for Ty’s cock to erupt in Nate’s mouth. He could feel each pulse of his cock and the drawing up of his balls with each burst of cum. The taste of Ty’s release was so good, making Nate want to milk him of every drop.

Ty’s hands caressed Nate’s face and moved to grasp his biceps. Ty’s grip pulled him up. Nate looked Ty in the eye, trying to convey his love for him. Ty broke eye contact first, closing his eyes, and took Nate’s mouth with rough aggression, his tongue searching Nate’s mouth like it was seeking remnants of the release he’d shared with him. Coming apart, Ty rested his forehead against Nate’s, trying to slow his ragged breathing.

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