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Gradually she felt herself taking control, felt the darting tingles begin to ebb away as she concentrated hard on the self-discipline that Carlos was trying to teach her. Despite Livia redoubling her efforts, the moment of crisis passed and Chloe’s head fell forward again.

‘Excellent!’ exclaimed Carlos. ‘You’re clearly going to be a good pupil. That’s enough, Livia, you can stop now.’ A wave of relief swept over Chloe, because Livia was clever and had begun tapping the side of Chloe’s clitoris with the soft pad of her index finger, an exquisite sensation.

Carlos unbuckled the belt holding Chloe to the stool and pulled her upright. She stood in front of him, naked, still handcuffed, and swaying a little from the effort of subduing her body’s natural responses.

His lips parted and then the almost detached expression on his face changed abruptly as his eyes grew bright. ‘That’s how I wanted to see you,’ he muttered thickly. ‘That’s how the discipline works.’

As he spoke, he grabbed her round the waist and threw her roughly on to the bed, pushing her fastened hands above her head and pinning them down with his right hand, while his left pinched her right nipple hard.

She didn’t dare make a sound in case he stopped. Her skin was burning, and she ached so badly between her thighs that when he thrust into her she wanted to cry out with gratitude because at last he was satisfying the dreadful need that was beginning to consume her.

He’d never taken her so abruptly, without a single caress or kiss, but she wrapped her legs round his waist and tightened herself around him so that they both climaxed at the same moment, and she shuddered with the painful intensity of her orgasm.

Carlos was breathing heavily when he withdrew, and he glanced down at her with a look of surprise in his eyes.

‘No wonder you gave up the idea of becoming a nun,’ he remarked drily. ‘Tomorrow, you and I must talk.’

Before Chloe could reply, he got off the bed and left the bedroom, taking Livia with him.



he next morning Chloe got up early, determined to be out of the house before Carlos had a chance to speak to her. She didn’t want to talk to him, couldn’t face any discussion about what had gone on the night before. All she wanted was to get away from the house, and then try to come to terms with what she’d allowed to happen to her.

Quickly she boiled the kettle and made herself a cup of coffee. It was still only eight o’clock, so she felt quite safe; eight-thirty was the earliest she’d ever seen Carlos up and about, and Mrs Clarke, the housekeeper, didn’t start work until nine. However, when she heard the kitchen door open, she knew, even before she turned her head, that he’d decided to make today an exception, and her stomach fluttered.

‘You’re up early,’ he commented. ‘Will the office be open if you go in now?’

‘I’ve got my own set of keys, because I’m often the last to leave.’

‘What a diligent young lady you are. I hope your supervisor realises what a little treasure she has working for her.’

‘Lizzie appreciates what I do, if that’s what you mean.’

Carlos looked at her with interest, his eyes once more
seeming to assess her. She found this habit of his unsettling, but at the same time exciting. It was as though he wasn’t seeing the persona she presented to the world, but some private part of her that she didn’t yet know about herself.

‘I want you back here by seven tonight,’ he said after a pause. ‘I hope that won’t present any difficulties?’

‘Actually it will. We’re having a committee meeting to discuss the dinner. It won’t be over by then.’

‘In that case you’ll have to leave early.’

‘I can’t do that,’ replied Chloe firmly. ‘What does it matter to you when I get back?’

‘There’s something that I want you to do tonight, and it’s planned for seven o’clock. Punctuality is in itself a kind of discipline, as I’m sure the nuns taught you.’

‘I don’t think I want to bring the nuns into this discussion. Your kind of discipline has nothing to do with religion,’ she said hotly.

‘I never said it had. There are many kinds of discipline, and after last night it’s clear to me that you can adjust to them all very well. Watching you was a revelation,’ he added softly.

Immediately Chloe became aware of her right nipple, which was still sore from when he’d pinched it just before she’d climaxed. A blush of embarrassment stained her cheeks, and she had a job to stop herself from touching the tender breast.

‘I’ve changed my mind about your form of discipline,’ she said, hoping he couldn’t hear the slight tremor in her voice. ‘I don’t think I do want to learn about it after all.’

Carlos stepped closer to her. Very slowly he put out his right hand, and then began to stroke her dark hair, pushing it back off her face. ‘What’s the matter? Are you afraid of learning the truth about yourself?’

‘I don’t belong in your world. I told you that when you asked me to stay here. I’m not sophisticated like Livia, I’m—’

‘You’re a sensualist, Chloe. Don’t try and deny it, especially to yourself.’

‘Why shouldn’t I deny it, if I want to? Why is this so important to you?’

His blue eyes darkened. ‘That’s a good question. You fascinate me. I want to know more about you, the real you. Also, I want to set you free.’

Chloe shook her head. ‘I think you want to imprison me.’

Catching hold of her shoulders, Carlos stared into Chloe’s eyes. ‘You’re wrong. I can liberate you, but you have to trust me.’

‘After what happened last night?’

With a smile he released her, and turning away started to make himself a cup of coffee. ‘Are you trying to tell me that you didn’t enjoy last night?’

‘No, what I’m trying to tell you is that I don’t want it to go any further.’

‘What are you afraid of if it does?’ he asked quietly. ‘Think carefully before you reply.’

Chloe bit on her bottom lip. ‘I’m afraid of myself,’ she confessed.

‘Don’t be; let me release your true sexuality, and I’ll help you come to terms with what you discover.’

‘But why does learning about my sexuality have to involve rules, and discipline?’

‘Because it heightens all the sensations, and multiplies all the pleasures. Delayed gratification is far sweeter than instant satisfaction.’

Chloe shivered. ‘What happens when it’s all over? When I’ve learnt all there is to know about myself?’

‘Then we think of how you can best use your gifts. Don’t
worry, I’ll be here for you. So, will you be back at seven tonight?’

Chloe wished that she could just say no and walk away, but this morning Carlos was like a magician weaving a magic spell around her, and now she did want to be part of his strange world. ‘Yes,’ she murmured.

‘Excellent. When you’re discussing the charity dinner, tell your supervisor that I want to sit at the same table as you on the evening.’

‘I can’t do that!’ exclaimed Chloe. ‘You’ll be at the top table. I should think I’ll be at the one nearest the kitchen door.’

‘If we’re not at the same table, I won’t attend. It’s as simple as that.’

‘I don’t think they’re expecting you anyway. Like I said, it’s too low-key for you.’

‘Arrange it, Chloe. I want to sit beside you for the evening. I promise that I shall make it worth the charity’s while if they indulge my wish.’

‘This may come as a surprise to you,’ said Chloe slowly, ‘but your money won’t buy you everything you want in life.’

He laughed. ‘Of course it won’t, but it will buy me most things and it will most certainly buy you a place at the top table – especially as I’ll be the patron by then!’ Glancing at his watch, he raised an eyebrow at her. ‘Won’t you be late if you don’t leave soon?’

Chloe looked at the kitchen clock. ‘Oh no! I was early too.’ Running out of the house, she heard Carlos calling out after her, reminding her to be back at the house by seven o’clock.

‘You want a place at the top table?’ asked Lizzie in astonishment.

All the committee, who were seated round the table, were staring at Chloe, and she wished the earth would open up and swallow her, but she had no choice. She had to do as Carlos had asked, if only for the donation to the cause that her success would bring.

‘It’s not that
want to sit at the top table. Carlos Rocca himself has requested it,’ she muttered.

Lizzie looked thoughtfully at Chloe as the rest of the women whispered among themselves. ‘I see,’ she said slowly. ‘Well, he’s a very generous and important man, and I’m sure none of us had even expected him to come, so unless anyone objects, I’ll seat you next to him if that’s what he wants. No doubt you’ll find an opportunity to pass the good news on to him,’ she added.

‘I’m really sorry,’ apologised Chloe. ‘I’d much rather be somewhere obscure, but …’

‘We get the picture,’ said one of the older committee members, and the look she gave Chloe was far from friendly. ‘You don’t have to work day
night for the charity, dear.’

Lizzie gave Chloe a quick smile. ‘Don’t take it to heart,’ she whispered, reaching out and giving the younger girl’s hand a squeeze. ‘They’re all jealous.’

Glancing down, Chloe caught sight of Lizzie’s watch, and saw that it was nearly six-thirty. ‘I’ve got to go,’ she gasped. ‘Sorry, I have to be somewhere by seven.’

‘But we haven’t finished,’ said Lizzie.

‘Tell me about it tomorrow,’ Chloe called over her shoulder, and then she was running out of the building and off down the street.

It was one minute to seven when she closed the front door behind her, and she leant against it for a moment, trying to catch her breath and waiting for her heart to stop racing.

‘You were nearly late,’ said Carlos, coming out of his study.

‘I was on time.’

‘Yes; I’m almost sorry. I was quite looking forward to devising a punishment for you.’ He smiled as he spoke, but only with his mouth; his eyes showed his true feelings, and Chloe offered up a silent prayer of thanks to Lizzie and her watch.

‘You can eat later,’ continued Carlos. ‘Come upstairs. I’ve got someone waiting for you.’

Slowly Chloe followed him up the wide staircase, and there was a fluttering feeling in the pit of her stomach that was a mixture of nerves and excitement. He led her along the landing and into a small room at the far end of the passage, a room that she’d never noticed before.

The curtains were drawn and the room was dark except for a small spotlight set high in the wall directly opposite the door. She’d half expected to find Livia waiting for her, or even Livia and another girl, but nothing had prepared her for what she saw.

Standing erect in the spotlight, his tanned, muscular body gleaming with oil, was a young man. His hands were fastened behind his back, and around his impressive erection there were three metal rings.

‘This is Felipe,’ said Carlos. ‘Livia has been getting him ready for the past hour, but from now on he’s all yours. Say hello to Chloe, Felipe.’

‘Good evening, Chloe,’ said Felipe, smiling at her as though their meeting was the most natural thing in the world.

She glanced at Carlos, not knowing what she was expected to say or do. He smiled back at her, but it was a different kind of smile. ‘He’s all yours. Enjoy yourself for as long as you like. Livia has trained him well. He won’t come
until you’ve finished entertaining us. I think it would be nice if he gave you four orgasms, don’t you?’

‘What’s he going to do?’ asked Chloe nervously.

‘That’s entirely up to you. He’s your slave, you instruct him.’ He turned away to speak to Livia, who was standing by the wall. ‘Livia, sit here with me and let Chloe take over now. You can have him at the end, when Chloe’s finished.’

‘But I can’t … I don’t know …’

Carlos began to look impatient. This isn’t difficult, Chloe. Use him to pleasure yourself. Everything you need is in the room here. Please get started. We don’t want Felipe to lose his enthusiasm for the task.’

‘Does he have to stay tied?’

‘Yes. If you need him unbound for anything in particular, then you must re-fasten his hands afterwards. Hurry now.’

Realising that Felipe couldn’t help her undress, Chloe began to unbutton her blouse, but then Carlos took over, almost tearing the buttons off in his haste. Within seconds she was naked, and she saw Felipe’s erection harden as he looked at her body.

Seeing this, Chloe felt a rush of power. The handsome young man clearly desired her, but she would be in control, able to choose exactly how he pleasured her. Forgetting the two watchers in the far corner of the room, she walked over to Felipe.

‘Kneel down,’ she said softly, and immediately he fell to his knees, looking up at her anxiously. She could feel her juices starting to flow, and stood over him with her legs parted. ‘I want you to use your tongue on me,’ she murmured.

‘You give him orders, not requests,’ said Carlos. ‘You have authority, use it.’

‘Use your tongue on me.’ This time her voice was stronger, harsher, and it had the desired effect. Felipe
moved his head between her parted thighs, and as she opened herself with her hands his tongue swept upwards, searching for the tight bud that was already throbbing sweetly.

BOOK: Discipline
13.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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