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‘Naughty!’ remarked Livia. ‘It seems that you need further punishment. Your lack of self-control is disappointing, Felipe, particularly as Senhor Rocca is watching you. He’ll think I’m a very poor teacher.’

Felipe stared silently at her, his eyes imploring her not to humiliate him further, but Livia was now so excited that nothing could have stopped her. In any case, it was evident that Felipe’s body was enjoying itself, even if it was against his will.

‘I know!’ she exclaimed, with a laugh of delight. ‘I’ll pleasure us both at the same time. You know what I mean, I’m sure, Felipe. I remember your response to this particular form of punishment was most impressive when I last used it.’

‘No, senhorita, please! I beseech you, not again.’

‘You’re so sweet when you beg,’ replied Livia, rummaging in a box on the bedside table. ‘Ah yes, here it is,’ and she took out a long, thick, double-ended dildo.

As Felipe whimpered helplessly, she lubricated both ends with a clear gel and then ordered her victim to turn over on to his front.

Felipe knew better than to disobey Livia now. He knelt upright, and then lowered his upper body until his forehead was resting on the duvet. His hands were still fastened in front of him, and all he could do was wait.

Livia began to ease one end of the dildo between his tight buttocks, spreading the cheeks apart and rotating it as she pushed it in. Unluckily for Felipe, he couldn’t stop himself from uttering a cry of pain, and this made her lose patience. She pushed it harder, and as soon as it was inside him, climbed on to the bed herself.

Her breathing was quick and shallow as she positioned herself over the servant lad’s lower body, and when she impaled herself on the other end of the dildo she shuddered
with delight. Her shudder made the dildo vibrate, causing Felipe to moan again, but Livia ignored him.

She was caught up in the delirious excitement of having a man at her mercy. Every time she punished Felipe, she was suffused with a deep, throbbing ache that was only satisfied when she finally climaxed, preferably in a way that caused him pain as well as pleasure. It was a complete reversal of the way things were between her and Carlos, and the contrast between the two men made it all the more exciting.

Lost in the pursuit of her own pleasure, she thrust against the dildo with such force that it moved deeper inside Felipe. He gave a sharp cry, and then his hips started to move with frantic speed as his own climax approached.

‘Wait!’ gasped Livia, as she felt her internal muscles starting to tighten, but she could tell that Felipe was out of her control now. The sensations were too much for him, and nothing she did could halt his body’s ascent to release.

It was then that Carlos made his move. Crossing to the bed, he reached beneath his servant’s sweat-streaked body and gripped the young man’s pulsating cock with his right hand, squeezing his thumb on the delicate underside while at the same time pressing hard on the opposite side with his forefinger.

Livia guessed what Carlos was doing, and the thought of Felipe’s frustration and discomfort increased her own arousal. She bucked hard against the dildo, grabbing Felipe around the hips as she pushed herself closer to him.

He was sobbing with disappointment, unable to ejaculate because of Carlos’s grip, and she’d never felt so powerful and commanding before. Her body’s response was instantaneous. Within seconds of Felipe’s first sob, she seemed to explode in a series of wrenching spasms of hot, liquid
pleasure that left her exhausted and spent when they finally began to fade.

As she slid on to the bed, Carlos released their victim, but Felipe was no longer being stimulated and he remained kneeling face down on the bed, moaning quietly to himself.

Eventually Livia took pity on him. She untied his hands, then rolled him on to his back and lowered herself on to his erection. ‘Come quickly,’ she ordered him. ‘But make sure I come again too.’

Felipe pushed his hips upwards and she felt him deep inside her, re-arousing her with the urgency of his movements. ‘Yes!’ she shouted in triumph, and seconds later they climaxed together. Flopping down on top of Felipe, she felt his tongue licking her nipples. This was something he always did after he’d climaxed, and she enjoyed it, but Carlos clearly didn’t.

‘That’s enough!’ he snapped. ‘Training is over for today. You can go.’

Lazily, Livia rolled away and Felipe clambered off the bed, collected his clothes and hurried out of the room.

‘So, you too enjoy controlling a person’s pleasure,’ remarked Carlos.

Livia wasn’t certain if he was pleased or not. ‘Only as a change,’ she explained.

‘Of course. In that case, you should enjoy helping me with Chloe’s training.’

‘I think I might,’ she admitted.

Carlos ran his hands over her body, still damp from her lovemaking with Felipe. He massaged her breasts, stroked the sides of her belly and then began to tease the skin of her inner thighs until she felt herself starting to respond. With a contented sigh she closed her eyes, and immediately he removed his hands.

Tomorrow, I want you to spend the night with friends,’
he told her as her eyes opened in surprise. ‘I don’t think Chloe will relax if you’re here the first time.’

‘Why did you stop touching me?’ she asked plaintively.

‘Perhaps I didn’t enjoy watching you and Felipe,’ he said casually. ‘Remember now, tomorrow night I want the house to myself. You understand?’

‘Of course,’ she agreed, but after he’d left she didn’t know how she felt about Chloe joining their household, or if she’d been wise to let him see her and Felipe together. With a man like Carlos Rocca, it was always hard to tell.



hloe felt uncomfortable as she got back to the London house where she was now living, and as she put her key in the front door she wondered how long it would be before she got used to it. Admittedly this was only her third night in her new room, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising that she still felt like an intruder, but there was something about the atmosphere there that was putting her on edge.

‘You’re late,’ called Carlos, coming out of the drawing room. ‘You work too hard.’

‘We’re busy arranging next month’s charity dinner. It’s taking a lot of organising.’

‘Remember to get me two tickets.’

‘I don’t think you’d enjoy it,’ remarked Chloe, glancing around her. ‘It’s a little downmarket for you and Livia. The Covent Garden function will suit you more.’

‘I’d still like tickets.’

‘Lizzie will be pleased. She told me today that you’d offered to become our patron when Lady Somerville retires next month. She was very excited about it.’

‘I hope she realises that it’s because of you,’ he said with a smile.

Chloe felt embarrassed. ‘That’s not true. You gave money
to the Brazilian branch of the charity long before you met me.’

‘I never went to any of their social functions.’

‘Well, I don’t want you doing things just because of me,’ said Chloe. ‘You’ve done quite enough already, by letting me live here and—’

‘That wasn’t for your benefit, Chloe,’ he said softly. ‘It was for mine.’

She felt her stomach lurch, and started to walk towards the kitchen to get away from him, but he put out an arm and caught hold of her left wrist. ‘Wait, don’t go. We need to talk.’

Her chest was getting tight, making it difficult for her to breathe, and she could feel herself trembling. She wished that he’d let go of her; his fingers seemed to be burning into her flesh. ‘What about?’

‘I think you already know the answer to that.’ His fingers tightened their grip.

‘Let me go!’ cried Chloe, twisting in his grasp.

Immediately he released her. ‘It’s all right, I didn’t mean to scare you, but you must know how I feel about you. I want you, Chloe, I’ve wanted you from the first moment I saw you.’

She had known – deep down she’d been very aware of his desire – but it frightened her because she couldn’t make sense of it. ‘I’m not your type,’ she protested as he took a step towards her. ‘I don’t know anything about people like you. I come from a different world, it’s—’

‘You mean you’re not attracted to me?’

‘That’s not what I said, but it wouldn’t work. You’re used to women like Livia, sophisticated, experienced women. I’ve never slept with a man,’ she added miserably.

His eyes were bright. ‘That doesn’t matter. It only makes you more special.’ As he spoke, he started to run his hand
up and down her bare right arm and the hypnotic movements soothed but also aroused her.

The skin beneath his fingers felt as though it was on fire, and when he lowered his head and kissed her gently on the mouth, she trembled violently as desire coursed through her. Instinctively, she put her arms round his neck, and immediately his kiss hardened and deepened.

He was murmuring in Portuguese, and although she had no idea what he was saying, the sound of his voice excited her. Then, as he picked her up and began to carry her up the stairs, she remembered his mistress. ‘Where’s Livia?’ she gasped, freeing her mouth for a moment.

‘Away for the night. Don’t worry, relax. Leave everything to me.’

She was incapable of doing anything else. He took her into his bedroom, put her on the bed and then lay down beside her, making soothing sounds as he started to remove her clothes.

It was only when she felt his hands tugging at her panties that she began to feel frightened. ‘No, wait!’ she said hesitantly. ‘I don’t want … I’m not sure … ’

‘I just want to look at you,’ he promised her, and then she was naked, and watched his eyes travelling over her. ‘I’ll make this good for you,’ he promised her, as his hands began to move over her body.

Every feather-like touch, every soft, stroking movement made her flesh leap in response. She was almost overwhelmed by the intensity of the feelings he was arousing in her, and after a time she felt a strange ache between her thighs and started to move restlessly on the bed.

‘Good, that’s very good,’ he said encouragingly. Then he quickly removed his own clothes before pulling her close to him so that her breasts were pressing against his chest. He kissed her hard for several minutes, before
moving her on to her back and slipping a pillow beneath her hips.

When he moved over her, supporting himself on his forearms as he looked down at her, Chloe again felt a moment’s fear. ‘It’s all right,’ he assured her, and when she shivered, he moved down her body until his head was between her thighs.

‘I want you to relax,’ he said quietly, his hands spreading her legs further apart. His fingers moved gently, opening her up, and she moaned in shamed pleasure, then jumped as his tongue touched her delicate tissue with the lightest of movements.

Coloured lights flashed behind her closed eyelids as his tongue continued to excite her, and now she was moaning with desperate need. Her body felt swollen and tight, and her breasts were aching.

When he lifted his head she uttered a cry of disappointment, but then he was sliding up her again, and now she could feel his erection pressing against the opening where his tongue had been only moments before. For a second she stiffened against the invasion, but he fastened his mouth around her throbbing right nipple and her hips pushed upwards in response, enabling him to ease himself inside her.

Chloe felt a tingling begin between her thighs, and then a liquid heat started to spread through her lower belly. Carlos began to move his hips in a steady rhythm, increasing the pace gradually as Chloe’s hips ground hard against his. She could hear herself uttering tiny cries of excitement as the tingling grew stronger and her entire body grew tense.

The sensations were wonderful, but she knew that they were leading her on to something even better, a pinnacle that was proving elusive as she struggled to reach it.

‘Relax,’ whispered Carlos. ‘It will happen. Don’t try too hard.’

She didn’t know what he meant, all that she knew was that her body was clamouring for relief from the terrible tension building up inside her. She began to gasp as the heat spread through her, threatening to overwhelm her.

‘No,’ she cried. ‘It’s too much, I don’t—’

Before she had time to finish speaking, Carlos pulled his head back, drawing her nipple out until it started to hurt, and then he closed his teeth around it and nipped at the rigid, delicate peak.

For a brief second, red-hot pain lanced through Chloe’s breast. Startled, she began to cry out in protest, but almost immediately she felt her whole body draw in on itself, as though the centre of her was being pulled tightly upwards. Then her body was shaken by a series of violent muscular spasms and at last she was swamped with wave after wave of flooding pleasure.

Once she’d climaxed, Carlos put his hands under her hips and lifted her higher off the bed, plunging deeper inside her, lost in his own pursuit of satisfaction. She watched his face, saw the dark intensity of his desire, and when he came his head went back as he let out a tiny sigh of release.

A few minutes later he was lying beside her, stroking her hip with one hand as he pushed her dark curly hair back off her face with the other. ‘Welcome to my kind of discipline,’ he said quietly.

BOOK: Discipline
5.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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