Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (9 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

As soon as Sissy and the nurse had arrived back in her room, Nurse Woods pulled out a pair of small pink mittens that tied around Sissy’s wrists. They were so small that Sissy was required to make a fist to make the mittens fit. “This is so that you little ones don’t hurt yourselves or touch yourselves in naughty places,” the nurse explained as she bound up Sissy’s hands.

Sissy was happy to have the mittens on. It gave her a small sense of the same comfort she felt from being in the straightjacket. She never thought she would miss the binding garment but she truly did.

As they neared the large building, Sissy could hear noise echoing from the building. Her ears perked up at the novelty of the sounds. In the Little House, she had been the only patient and the building had always been quiet except when she was screaming in pleasure or pain. But now she could hear the giggles and cries of several little girls and nurses.

They walked through the wide entryway and turned left down a long corridor. Towards the end was an open door. As they rounded the entrance, Sissy stood stunned.

Inside was a large playroom. The floors were carpeted in a soft pink and toys and cushions were scattered across the room. Small cots were lined up against the wall, presumably for naps. The walls were papered in a cream color with pink horses and bows designed along the edges.

But what most took Sissy’s breath away were the dozen little girls playing in the middle of the room, all naked except for their diapers and their mittens. Breasts of varying size jiggled freely as the girls played with their dolls and trinkets.

Slowly the room quieted as the playgroup noticed Sissy and Nurse Woods by the door. Pulling Sissy into the room, Nurse Woods placed her hands gently on Sissy’s delicate shoulders. “Children, this is little Sissy. She is our newest patient at the Big House. Please be good little girls and welcome her into your playroom.”

There was a moment of silence as the girls in the room regarded this new addition. But slowly, one by one, smiles lit up their faces as they shook their dolls and stuffed animals at her, welcoming Sissy into the warm light of the playroom.

Sissy sighed happily.

She was truly home.


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Table of Contents



First Session: Introduction

First Changing

Second Session: Dependence

Thorough Cleansing

Third Session: Submission


The Duke of Wainwright


An Announcement

Big House

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