Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (6 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

But the most striking part of the chair as Sissy walked closer was the object sticking straight up from the center of the seat. It looked to be made of leather and was a smooth oblong shape. The dark shape gleamed in the light as if it had been greased. Hesitantly, she looked up at Dr. Denton who was leaning against the fireplace with an appreciative gaze.

“That is a dildo, little one,” Dr. Denton said, answering the questioning look in Sissy’s eyes. His eyes had darkened as Sissy had walked towards the training chair, her face blank with naive ignorance. It had been a while since he had been this excited about treating a patient.

“It is a replica of a man’s cock. This one and the actual one are what will be used to give you pleasure at the discretion of your master.” Dr. Denton paused, feeling himself hardening at Sissy’s growing hesitation and fear. “And who would that be right now?”

Sissy looked up at him, her eyes wide and dewy with sweet anxiety. “You, Uncle,” she replied softly.

Dr. Denton’s eyes warmed in approval at her words. “Correct, little one. And tonight you will show Uncle your dependence upon him through your submission. That training chair will be painful.” He savored the widening of her fearful eyes. “But you will obey and submit because you depend on Uncle to love and care for you. Do you understand?”

Sissy couldn’t believe Dr. Denton had so baldly stated that she would be undergoing another painful trial with expectations of her full submission. Hadn’t she already proven herself to him? Hadn’t her freezing cold orgasm been enough proof?

“Little Sissy,” he said, voice low with disapproval at her hesitancy.

“I understand, Uncle,” she whispered.

“Good,” he said straightening up. “Then turn around.” He quickly walked over to Sissy and steadied her by her shoulders. Although still a little wobbly from the lack of balance her arms would’ve normally supplied, she was getting better at moving without stumbling.

Quickly he unpinned her diaper and pushed down her back till she was bent at the waist and nearly nose to nose with her knees, her hair tumbling over and shielding her face. “Now stay perfectly still,” her ordered.

Pulling out a small tin of ointment from his trouser pocket, he scooped out a generous dap of the cream and spread Sissy’s buttocks to apply it onto her tight little anus. Unable to resist himself, he pressed his greased finger against the ring of muscles and smiled at hearing Sissy’s soft gasp. Holding her upright by her waist, he pressed his finger into her till his first knuckle entered her. My goodness how tight she felt! This tiny ass might never stretch properly enough to accommodate a cock without some pain on her part. Dr. Denton pulled out his finger quickly. That was just Sissy’s unfortunate luck and she would have to learn to embrace the pain and the pleasure that would come from such invasions.

Her bottom just as well greased now as the dildo, Dr. Denton positioned Sissy over the chair, her legs spread wide and her hips in a ready squat. Holding onto her shoulders, the doctor’s heated gaze bore into Sissy. “In the Asylum, we only train a patient’s ass until they are deemed completely unfit for rehabilitation and are lifetime patients of the Asylum. I have always felt it my responsibility to save the deflowering of a sweet little one’s cunny for her husband. So tonight we will begin training your tight little ass to take a man’s cock.” Putting pressure on her shoulder, he order, “Now squat till that dildo is fully inside that trim little bottom of yours. I don’t want to see any bit of that dildo exposed.”

Sissy cried out in fear. The dildo was huge! So much larger than the enema nozzle from earlier! It would surely split her in two! Sissy shook her head, crying, “It will never fit, Uncle! It’s too big!”

Dr. Denton’s jaw tightened, displeased with her refusal. He immediately grabbed her by her nipples, using them to guide her down to the chair instead. Sissy screamed at the sudden rush of pain that consumed her. “Uncle knows what is best for his little Sissy and it is not in a little one’s place to question my authority. That is
submission. That is
dependence.” With a firm, unrelenting pressure, Dr. Denton pulled Sissy down by her nipples.

With no other choice, Sissy began to lower herself down. She soon felt the bulbous head of the leather dildo press against her clenched buttocks. Squeezing her eyes against the terrified tears rushing down her cheeks, she pleaded once more, “Please, Uncle, I beg you. It will not fit.”

With a firm grip, Dr. Denton twisted her nipples cruelly. Sissy saw blackness edge her vision as she gasped at the overwhelming pain of the twists. “Question Uncle once more and you will soon be sitting on that dildo with a blistered and bruised bottom. The choice is yours, little one,” he threatened.

Sissy sobbed as she felt the thick head pushing against her tight anus. Trying to take in a shaky breath, Sissy tried to lower herself upon it. The searing pain was immediate as the dildo stretched against her ass. She cried piteously as the burn only increased as the leather phallus slowly began to penetrate her. Once the head was in, the grease aided Sissy in helping her slide down against the thick cock. But the grease did not do anything to relieve the pain of the stretch. She cried aloud as she slowly slid down, her entire bottom feeling like it would surely split in two.

When she finally had the dildo completely up her ass, Dr. Denton released her nipples. Sissy howled as she felt the blood rush painfully back into the abused nubs. She desperately wanted to rub her aching nipples but could do no more than struggle uselessly against the straightjacket sleeves.

Dr. Denton could hardly believe how breathtaking the sight of Sissy atop the training chair was. The dildo, being so large, was spreading her bottom wide apart. So wide apart were her ass cheeks that she could not close her legs. She sat straddling the chair.

He let her cry herself hoarse. It would do for her to let her body acclimate itself to this new invader although he doubted any measure of time would allow for such acclimation for her tiny body. But nonetheless he gave her a few minutes to collect herself.

When it looked like she had completely exhausted her tears, Dr. Denton spoke again, “Tonight I will not have you ride the chair. It is enough that you have sat on it. Your riding lessons will come soon enough assuredly. But for tonight, you will continue in learning to swallow your own discomfort and pain for the submission of your Uncle.”

Standing between her legs, Dr. Denton unbuckled his pants, freeing his thick cock. It was just as thick and even longer than the dildo. Sissy’s teary eyes widened at this new member. A normal chair would have raised her too high. This chair matched her mouth perfectly at crotch level to the doctor.

“Open your mouth,” the doctor ordered huskily. Sissy whimpered but the doctor waited with implacable silence till she felt herself crumble against the face of his command. Slowly she opened her tiny mouth. Huffing a laugh at her barely opened mouth, he inserted three large fingers into her mouth, spreading her lips into a large ‘O’. Sissy gasped at the invasion of his fingers but knew well enough to keep her mouth open.

“Now you will mouth and suck Uncle’s cock,” the doctor said, voice thick with his lust. Holding his heavy cock by the base, he thrust the full length of it into her tiny mouth, widening her lips even further.

Sissy felt the cock brushing against the back of her throat. She immediately began gagging and choking. She couldn’t breathe! She couldn’t take any more of the huge member. It was too large for her mouth. She frantically tried to shake her head against the invasive cock in her mouth.

The doctor sighed in exasperation and pinched her nose shut, effectively cutting off her best source of oxygen. Sissy panicked and tried to gasp against the doctor’s thick shaft, trying to suck in as much air as possible. Desperately, she widened her mouth till her jaws ached, sucking as hard as she could for some precious oxygen. But instead, the doctor took advantage of her widened mouth and pushed in deeper till she felt him penetrate her throat, past her gag reflex. He let go of her nose.

“See? You
take more of Uncle’s cock but you did not look past your own discomfort to submit to my wants. Whether it is an excess of cold water in your stomach or a lack of oxygen in your lungs, you will submit yourself to the pleasures I demand of you.” Dr. Denton paused and kept his dick pressed deep into her throat. He closed his eyes and luxuriated in the feel of her throat reflexively swallowing against his cock, milking the length of it like a warm wet vise.

“Now Uncle will soon give you his seed. You must swallow every drop of it. Anything spilled and you shall receive a harsher punishment than anything you have suffered yet,” Dr. Denton warned ominously.

Sissy could only gag as tears ran down the corner of her eyes. She could breathe again but just barely. Her bottom still burned with the thick dildo planted firmly within her.

Holding onto the back of her head, the doctor began to evenly plunge into her throat, setting a rhythmic pace. Sissy could only keep her mouth open as she tried her best to take the thick cock without choking.

Soon, the doctor panted and pulled his cock out. Pumping himself by hand, he sprayed his seed into her open mouth. Her tongue was soon covered in his salty cum. Seeing her mouth full of his essence, he wiped the tip of his cock against her lips and ordered her to swallow. With no other choice, Sissy obediently swallowed the doctor’s seed.

With a breathless sigh of release, the doctor patted Sissy’s cheek gently. Grabbing her by her shoulders, he slowly lifted her off the giant dildo. Sissy cried in relief and felt her bottom gaping and clenching from the loss of the painful phallus.

Scooping her up into his arms, Dr. Denton sat on the sofa. Together they quietly gathered themselves for a moment. Brushing a hand across her temples, hair matted down with sweat from her trying lesson, the doctor gently kissed her forehead. “I know this session was painful and without much pleasure for you, little one,” he said. Sissy sniffed and kept her gaze low, looking down at her swollen and abused nipples. “But this kind of lesson is necessary for you to learn to submit yourself properly. And understand that this will certainly not be the last lesson in submission for you either.” Sissy gave a low moan at the promise. Dr. Denton soothed her brow.

“But do not worry. Tomorrow the Duke of Wainwright arrives. Tonight you learned the pain of submission. But submission is a double sided blade. Tomorrow, the Duke will show you the pleasure of submission.”

The doctor held and comforted Sissy till Nurse Fairfax came to fetch her for bed.





Sissy woke to a flurry of activity the next day. Nurse Fairfax hurriedly rushed in and unstrapped Sissy from her crib. Picking her up, the nurse nearly carried her all the way down to the large bathroom.

Inside, she was again placed on her knees on the large changing table. With a firm push, Nurse Fairfax pressed Sissy down till her cheek met the changing table cushion, leaving her bottom pointing directly up in the air. Still dazed from sleep, Sissy let out a low moan, knowing what was coming.

Nurse Fairfax quickly unpinned Sissy’s diaper and then gave her a quick swat on the bottom. “Hush now, child! Today is not the day for your tantrums! The Duke is arriving specifically to see
We must get you presentable,” the nurse said, quickly spreading Sissy’s ass cheeks to spread a dab of cold cream around her anus.

Sissy gasped at the cool touch and the invasively thorough fingers of the nurse. Before Sissy could even draw in a shaky preparatory breath, she felt the wide pressure of the enema nozzle pressing in against her bottom. She groaned and bit her lip as Nurse Fairfax relentlessly pushed it into her, stretching the tight ring of muscles in a searing burn of pain.

Soon, warm soapy water was flooding her bowels. As she knelt there, readying herself for the eventual cramps, she pondered over the nurse’s words. The Duke was coming to see
Even in her former life with her cold aunt and uncle, Sissy had never garnered the attention of someone so illustrious or well-born as a duke. Once an old earl had shown interest in Sissy but her uncle had immediately squashed any calls from the man when he learned of the earl’s diminished fortunes.

But now, as a patient of an asylum, diapered and straightjacketed, she was about to receive the attentions of a duke. How was that possible?

And not just any duke. This was the Duke of Wainwright, the founder and patron of Dr. Denton’s Asylum for Little Girls. He was the sole reason behind Sissy’s misery and pain these long many nights. Because of his institution, Sissy was now without family or favor within society. She could not think of a man she’d like to meet less.

Sissy gave out a long cry as her stomach cramped painfully so. Her belly was grotesquely distended and she could feel her innards twisting in agony. But even as tears of suffering fell in heated streams down her cheeks, she felt the water still rushing into her. She didn’t think there was any more room within her to take all the fluid.

Finally, when her stomach felt like a twisted ball of sharp knives, the nurse pulled out the rubber hose, leaving the nozzle still in her anus. Pulling out her watch fob, Nurse Fairfax waited the required ten minutes before helping Sissy down off the table.

By the time Sissy returned from the toilet, completely empty, the nurse was ready for her second of three enemas. As she was again filled, Sissy felt sweat drip down her back and under her arms as she tried to endure yet another painful session of intimate cleansing.

As the water filled her, Sissy felt the nurse’s cold fingers probing her nether lips. Nurse Fairfax murmured a pleased sound. “What a good girl to be so wet during her enema,” she said, voice filled with approval.

Sissy would’ve tried to kick back at the nurse if she didn’t think her stomach would explode from the movement. How could Nurse Fairfax just examine her like that? Even if she did sleep in a crib and wear a diaper, didn’t she deserve at least some small modicum of privacy by now?

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