Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (8 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

“Does Sissy like riding her cunny over Papa’s shoe?” the Duke asked, voice just as implacably calm as the doctor’s.

Sissy gasped as another shooting spark of pleasure zipped down her spine. “Yes, Papa,” she moaned. She began to ride his shoe faster, dismissing the image she must make as she pushed her clit harder into the expensive shoe. With a final flick of her clit against the toe, Sissy cried out in glorious release as she felt herself come over the Duke’s shoe. Shuddering ecstasy exploded across her body, making her feel as if she was melting from the inside out.

The Duke let Sissy rest on his shoe as she gathered her breath. He admired the porcelain gleam across her slim back and her tiny hips. Despite her earlier disobedience, she clearly was a girl with a submissive nature. Her quick to rouse cunny was a delight to the Duke. He couldn’t wait till he got to experience it himself.

Finally the Duke nudged Sissy with his shoe till she shifted off of him. “Turn around and lick Papa’s shoe clean of your juices,” he said, enjoying himself as he saw the horror and humiliation stain her cheeks. As she slowly turned herself around to face his glistening shoe, he admired the small pink tongue that hesitantly licked the leather, soaked with her juices. He sipped his whiskey enjoyably as he watched this new patient lick his shoe clean.

When she had cleaned his shoe to the best of her abilities, the Duke set down his glass and stood up. Sissy, unable to properly crane her neck back due to the restraints, felt the looming shadow fall upon her. She had never felt so small or defenseless as she did at that moment.

Bending down, the Duke scooped the small girl into his arms, delighting in her quiet gasp of surprise. In a few quick strides, he had reached the large four poster bed. He dropped Sissy on her back onto the covers. With her ankles still chained to her collar, her legs were spread wide and her nether lips completely exposed.

The Duke stood against the bed, admiring the petite frame, bound and exposed, for his taking. With thick fingers, he grabbed and pinched her swollen and sensitive clit. Sissy immediately arched her back and screamed.

“Papa likes polite little girls who ask permission before coming. It is rude to come at your own will,” he said calmly, squeezing the abused tissue even harder. Tears poured down Sissy’s cheeks as the pain only inflamed the hunger that was beginning to grow again within her.

“I’m sorry, Papa! I’m sorry!” she cried out desperately.

The Duke felt his cock hardening as he watched her try to futilely squirm away from him. He let go and slowly rubbed around the swollen clit, hardening further as he listened to her pitiful mewling cries.

He plunged a thick finger into her cunny. The doctor had been right. She
tight. Sissy gasped as she felt the Duke’s finger plunge in and out of her wet hole. She had never felt such heat from between her legs. With her clit still pulsing from its torturous pinch and her entire pussy wet with hunger, she felt overwhelmed by the Duke’s finger invading her and stoking the burning passion growing within her.

Pulling out his finger, the Duke sucked his finger clean, which only widened Sissy’s eyes in further shock. “Mmm,” he murmured. “What a sweet tasting cunny we have.”

Feeling like his cock was about to burst, the Duke quickly undid his trousers, freeing his enormous erection. Sissy, straining to catch a glimpse of what the Duke was doing, suddenly understood why the training dildo had been so large. The Duke was enormous. With a bulbous round head, glistening with his arousal, and a long thick shaft ribbed in veins, suck a cock would surely never fit within Sissy. She whimpered fearfully.

The Duke gently hushed her fears as he pulled her hips closer to the edge of the bed. “Now, now,” he soothed. “Papa is about to make you his special little girl. This will be painful but Papa knows you are going to be a good little girl and take his cock regardless.”

Sissy shook her head, trying to mumble a protest, but all she could do was lie back with her arms and legs bound and her pussy wide open for penetration.

Positioning himself, the Duke leaned over Sissy slightly as he guided his enormous cock towards her entrance. Slowly, he began to press himself forward. Sissy hissed and tried to scoot back but had no balance to do so. Even sopping wet, her little cunny was just too tight to make any entrance of a cock so large easy and pain-free.

The Duke groaned as he felt the head of his member enter the tight warm vise of Sissy’s pussy. With a slow steady pressure, he began to plunge his entire length into her, enjoying the feel of her body tightening and arching in reaction. He felt as if he could explode right then, feeling the unbelievable tightness of her warmth around his manhood.

Fully sheathed within her, the Duke looked down at Sissy, her face reddened with pain and pleasure, her eyes wide in fear of what was to happen next. Unable to help himself, he captured her lips. Roughing plunging his tongue into her mouth, he explored her wetness and left her feeling totally owned and invaded.

As he continued to pull at her lips with his teeth, the Duke slowly eased himself out of her before plunging back in. Sissy cried out in distress as the pain seemed to only increase with each stroke. Despite this, the Duke carried on thrusting with all his strength, too aroused to slow down.

The Duke rolled and pinched Sissy’s nipples, causing her to clench her pussy walls against the Duke’s cock. They both groaned in satisfaction. As the Duke sped up his rhythm, he pinched both Sissy’s nipples hard. “Beg Papa for his seed,” the Duke said, panting as he felt himself nearing the edge of his climactic drop.

Sissy felt the pain of her stretched cunny and the pleasure of each thrust roil within her till she felt like she was losing touch with the world. But she had heard the Duke’s command. Feeling only a tinge of lingering shame, she cried out, “Please, Papa, may I have your seed? May I have your seed inside me?”

The Duke roared with pleasure at her words and he pumped harder into her. But before he lost control, he pulled out at the last minute and grabbed a baby bottle that had been kept warm in a bowl of hot water next to the bed. Pulling off the loosely capped nipple, he pumped his cock a few times before spilling his seed into the warm milk. The Duke groaned as he unloaded a huge spray of his essence into the bottle.

Regaining his breath after such an intense release, he did up his trousers and unbuckled Sissy’s ankles from her collar. Sealing the nipple over the warm bottle, the Duke gathered Sissy into his arms as he took a seat on the large bed, leaning against the intricately carved headboard.

Shaking the bottle, he made sure to mix his seed in with her milk. Lifting the bottle against her lips, the Duke smiled down at her and ordered again, “Beg for Papa’s seed.”

Sissy shuddered as she felt the complete ownership of the Duke over her body. Because of his will, she had been stripped, bound, and diapered. Over the course of many days, she had suffered freezing enemas, painful punishments, and had ridden an enormous training dildo that felt as if it would split her in two. But she had also received cooing praise and pampering from two loving yet firm nurses and had learned obedience and submission from a diligent doctor. She had experienced mind-shattering pleasure and had learned what her body was truly capable of achieving when she proved to be an obedient little girl.

Sissy opened her mouth. “Please, Papa, may I have your seed inside me?” she asked, sincerity ringing through every word.

The Duke smiled and pressed the nipple into her mouth and watched as she sucked in large mouthfuls of the seeded milk.



An Announcement


Sissy woke with a smile the next day. Sore and lame from her night with the Duke, she let herself be lifted up by Nurse Woods and carried into the bathroom for her morning wash. She even giggled as the nurse tickled her with the scrub brush. Nurse Woods pinched her cheeks and praised her loveliness and sweetness.

In her room, Sissy obediently opened her mouth and ate every bite of her breakfast without complaint or tears. And when Nurse Woods revealed her breakfast bottle, Sissy leaned against Nurse Woods’s full bosom to drink. She could taste the unique muskiness of the milk and knew the Duke had added his seed into her bottle again. Closing her eyes, she drank contentedly as Nurse Woods lovingly stroked her back.


Later, when Sissy had been led to the doctor’s office, she found him standing by his desk, murmuring with a much smaller man. As she walked forward and the doors were closed behind her, Sissy watched the smaller man turn around and smile. It was Mr. Tinson!

“Ah, little Sissy! I knew you were a special one when I first saw you!” he cried happily, not a bit distracted by her new attire of diapers and straightjackets. Turning back to the doctor, Mr. Tinson nodded and gathered his leather satchel. “What a boon, what a boon, Dr. Denton! Your reputation will now be known far and wide with this success!”

Pinching Sissy’s cheek with a fatherly wink, he rushed out the door, leaving Sissy alone in the office with Dr. Denton.

Dr. Denton leaned against the desk and smiled. “You did very well last night, little one. I am quite pleased,” he said, his voice warm and his eyes creased in approval.

Sissy felt herself glow at the praise. She wondered where the Duke was. He must still be here since he had fed her his seed for her breakfast.

As if able to read her thoughts, Dr. Denton smiled and shook his head. “His Grace left soon after you were awoken. He has quite a bit of business to attend to now after having met you,” he said.

Sissy looked up at the doctor confused. “Me, Uncle?”

The doctor nodded. “You have proven yourself to be my most successfully rehabilitated and matched patient yet, little one. The Duke was so charmed by your obedience he has gone at once to plan your wedding.” Seeing the confusion still lingering in Sissy’s eyes, he added gently, “You are betrothed to the Duke of Wainwright, child.”

Sissy gasped.
was betrothed to Papa? She could hardly believe her ears. The tall and domineering man had been charmed by
Quickly she thought of what her callus uncle would say when he heard about her engagement to a duke. But just as quickly she dismissed the thought and wondered about what her future held now.

“Does...does that mean I’m no longer a patient, Uncle?” she asked timidly. A sharp pain cracked her heart at the idea.

The doctor’s face sobered at the question. “Well, not quite. The Duke of Wainwright is master of an enormous estate and will require a wedding suitable for such an illustrious man. Planning will take a bit of time. In the meanwhile, you are to abide here in the Asylum. The Duke has stated he would like you to continue training so that by your wedding night, your little ass will be good and ready for him.”

A shadow of a blush stained Sissy’s cheeks at the doctor’s words. She was to be married! And to her Papa! She felt a small bubble of happiness and hope well up within her. Never had she even hoped for such an outcome but glad she was of its arrival.

Dr. Denton watched the emotions play across his patient’s face. He felt extremely accomplished. When people soon heard that one of his patients had not only reentered society but had done so as a duchess, his career as a renowned doctor would be solidified.

Reaching out he pulled Sissy towards him. Gently, he turned her around and unbuckled her straightjacket. Loosening the sleeves, he pulled the entire binding garment off. Dr. Denton heard Sissy’s sharp intake of breath as she felt the freedom of her limbs for the first time in weeks.

Turning her back around, the doctor smiled into the delicate heart shaped face. “My child, you have truly learned the meaning of being a good and submissive little girl. Now that we have established this important foundation, we are now able to move to the next level of training.”

Sissy felt the air brush against her arms. She felt so exposed. She felt more naked and vulnerable with her arms unbound than with having her small titties exposed. After having her arms so tightly restricted, Sissy no longer knew what to do with them. She slowly wrapped them around her midsection again, feeling comfort in the position.

The doctor smiled at her reaction. It was a common one after being released from the jacket. He led her to the sofa and had her face the large leather couch. Standing behind her, he ordered, “Bend over and spread your buttocks for Uncle.”

With only a moment of humiliated hesitation, Sissy then reveled in the safety of the order and bent at the waist, reaching back and pulling her cheeks apart, showcasing her tiny anus for the doctor.

Pulling out the small tin of cream from his pocket, Dr. Denton thoroughly lubricated Sissy’s asshole, pushing his finger every so often past the tight ring of muscles. She grunted with each penetration.

Finally, satisfied that she was well greased, he undid his trousers and pulled out his own quite respectful cock. Steadying her hips with his hands, he thrust into her in one hard sudden plunge. Sissy cried out as she felt the searing strain of her anus stretching around the large member.

Dr. Denton groaned in pleasure as Sissy’s ass clenched reflexively against his invading cock. With deep long thrusts, he began fucking her ass. Sissy grunted with each thrust, her puckered hole still too tight to feel any great pleasure from this kind of taking.

Feeling himself rising to the cliff edge of his orgasm, he reached around and stroked Sissy’s wet pussy. With forefinger and thumb, he pinched her swollen clit as he buried his cock one last time, deep into her tight bottom.

Both doctor and patient cried out as they came hard into each other. Sissy had never felt so whole and complete. She couldn’t imagine why she had ever thought to leave this life of pleasure and love and discipline.

When Nurse Woods came to gather her, the doctor ordered for Sissy to be readied to be moved into the Big House.


Big House


“The Duke will call upon you when he visits and you will be ushered back into the Little House. But otherwise, you will stay in the Big House with the other little girls till your wedding day arrives,” Nurse Woods said as she held Sissy by the wrist up the sloping lawn.

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