Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (2 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

Marissa felt tears stinging her eyes. How could they do this to her? She had
to move far away from them! She had given them every opportunity to make themselves and her happy by sending her away to college. But instead they had made sure to squash all hopes of happiness and freedom for her and had only thought about themselves.

Lady Pevin could hardly contain her smirk. “Perhaps you may learn enough manners to rejoin proper society,” she said, fanning herself in triumph.

And as hot tears of betrayal and pain spilled down her cheeks, she watched her aunt and uncle climb into their carriage and ride away, leaving her completely and utterly alone.





As Marissa stood watching her only family leave her behind, she felt a gentle arm around her shoulder. “Now, now, dear, we need to get you inside and processed before the day is through,” the thin woman with the apron said.

Marissa let out a small cry, feeling completely lost after the surprise and shock of today’s events. “But I’m not crazy. I don’t need to be in an asylum,” she protested weakly, feeling like she was in a dream.

The woman patted her on the arm and firmly turned her back towards the building. Marissa wanted to fight, to argue, but all she could think about was how utterly alone she felt.

As they walked back inside, another woman in a white apron smiled and cooed at Marissa. “Ah, so this is the new patient, Nurse Fairfax. What a darling little thing,” she smiled.

Nurse Fairfax squeezed Marissa’s shoulders. “Isn’t she just? I do think she will fit right in, Nurse Woods,” she replied.

Marissa was confused by the childish compliment. She had always hated such words. Like her mother, she was quite petite in stature. She hardly reached the nurse’s shoulder, in fact. Slim hipped with a modest chest, her figure was still quite childish. Marissa had always hated being reminded of such things though because it made her feel even less in control of her life.

She glared at both nurses. “I wish to speak with Dr. Denton,” she said as adult-like as possible. Perhaps this Dr. Denton would see that she was a reasonable grown woman who did not belong in an asylum.

Nurse Woods, a rounder woman with an ample bosom and wide hips, gave her a reproving look and wagged a finger. “Oh shush now, child. Now is not the time for naughty girls to make such demands. We need to get you processed.”

Marissa felt tears threatening to fall again. Why were they talking to her like so? Just a few weeks ago, she had been betrothed! If she was old enough to become someone’s wife, surely she was old enough not to be reprimanded as a child.

But before she could come up with a reply, Mr. Tinson reemerged from his office. He had a leather satchel and a coat on. With a warm smile he put a hand on Marissa’s cheek. Although just barely taller than Marissa herself, Mr. Tinson still exuded a sense of authority.

“Now, child, I am glad you are free of such wretched guardians,” he said gently. Marissa stared at him in open-mouthed shock. He was? Hadn’t this man just been shaking the hands of both her aunt and uncle?

Mr. Tinson smiled. “Yes, I could see right away how much you must have suffered under their hands.” He put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed reassuringly. “But you were also wrong as well, my dear. Insolence, independence, disobedience—those are terrible qualities in such a charming little girl as yourself. We need to correct that.”

Marissa shook her head. “But, sir, I am not a little girl,” she pleaded.

Mr. Tinson patted her arm in farewell as if he had not heard. “Now mind the nurses and be a good girl for the doctor. Chances are I shall not see you again any time soon. Work hard to better yourself.” And with a final few words to Nurse Woods, he walked out and was met with his own horse and carriage.

Marissa was so confused by Mr. Tinson’s words she hardly felt herself being pulled along by Nurse Fairfax. As she was turned to the left, down a long corridor, she saw above her another large sign that was hidden from the front entryway, Dr. Denton’s Asylum for Little Girls.

The sign was similar to the one out front but the additional three words sent an ominous chill down Marissa’s spine. Where was she? What little girls was the sign referring to? She had seen Mr. Tinson read her age from her chart. Surely they knew she was an adult woman.

Nurse Fairfax led her into one of the first rooms off of the wide corridor. It was a large tiled bathroom with a clean claw foot tub in one corner and a water closet in another. A large wooden table, similar to a changing table, stood to the side next to a small table filled with stacks of white cloth and jars of creams and ointments. It was a large bathroom with enough room for Nurse Fairfax and Marissa to stand comfortably with room to spare. Marissa wondered by the bathroom would need to be so big.

Sharply turning her around by the shoulders, Nurse Fairfax immediately started unbuttoning her dress. “Excuse me, Nurse!” Marissa cried out when she realized what was happening. “Stop, Nurse, stop!”

Nurse Fairfax easily kept the small Marissa in place and continued to unbutton her dress. “Now, now, let’s be an obedient little girl before we get punished,” Nurse Fairfax warned mildly as she began pulling Marissa’s dress down.

With an alarmed cry, Marissa squirmed and tried to wriggle away but Nurse Fairfax was relentless. Soon the dress was in a puddle at her feet, leaving her in her corset and chemise. Turning around, she held out a hand. “Please, Nurse, stop!” she cried. She had never been so undressed in front of anyone except a childhood maid. This was unbelievably humiliating.

Nurse Fairfax gave her a stern look. “Little girls who continue to disobey get punished. I suggest you keep that in mind, child,” she said as she unlaced the corset. Marissa hardly felt the restrictive garment fall away as she began to cry in panic. What was going on here? How far were they going to undress her like this?

The answer soon became evident when the nurse began to take off her chemise. Feeling helpless and completely cornered, Marissa screamed for help. Surely someone would come in and see the terrible mistake that was happening here.

Instead Nurse Fairfax just stood by impatiently, waiting for Marissa to scream herself hoarse. “Are we quite done now, young lady? We must get you processed and you are only making the whole ordeal harder on yourself,” she said.

Clutching what little fabric she had covering herself, Marissa bolted for the door. She had to find the doctor. Once she pled her case, surely he would see how wrong they had all been to treat her like this!

But Marissa hardly made it out into the corridor before Nurse Fairfax caught her around the waist and hauled her back. “That is it! You have earned this, child!” she cried and tossed Marissa over the large changing table. So high it was that Marissa’s feet didn’t come close to touching the ground. Her legs dangled in panic as she was bent over and pressed down.

Ripping away what little fabric there was in covering her, Marissa was completely bared to Nurse Fairfax. Her exposed bottom was now perfectly angled over the changing table. “Ten swats for being such a naughty little girl,” Nurse Fairfax said and loosed the first hard spank.

The air immediately was lost from Marissa’s lungs as she realized she was receiving a
Never in all her years had she ever received corporal punishment, not even from her uncle. As soon as the searing burn of the spank began to dissipate, Marissa began crying and kicking her legs in earnest. But the older nurse was much stronger than she had anticipated. Suddenly it was quite clear why the bathroom was so large. It had to accommodate a wide swing and kicking legs.

With no mercy, Nurse Fairfax let loose a string of hard, cracking spanks. Each one sent a fiery burst of pain across her bottom. Marissa felt tears spilling freely down her cheeks. Never had she felt such pain or humiliation before. She cried till she had no more tears or energy to cry.

Finally, after the tenth spank, Nurse Fairfax lowered Marissa onto her feet. Completely drained, she stood limply. “There now. Let’s see if we can have a more obedient little girl get into the nice warm bath,” Nurse Fairfax said, as if she hadn’t just spanked a grown woman.

Without protest, Marissa let the nurse lead her to the filled tub. Before she could try to step in though, the nurse lifted her up from under her arms and lowered her gently into the warm water. Marissa hissed as the water hit her abused bottom but she made no other protest.

As the nurse began scrubbing her, Marissa felt as if she was totally removed from her body. She hardly felt the soap against her skin as the nurse industriously bathed her. What was happening? Where was she? She couldn’t believe how completely changed her life had become since this morning. From thinking she would be leaving for college to waking up in the south to entering an asylum and being abandoned by her aunt and uncle to now, being stripped and spanked by a stranger, Marissa felt like she was in a terrible dream.

Soon, the bath was over and Nurse Fairfax plucked Marissa out of the tub with a soft towel and thoroughly dried her off. Thinking she would finally be dressed again, Marissa leaned down to pick up her discarded and ripped chemise. But instead the nurse lifted her up again and set her down on the changing table.

Quickly, the nurse pulled out hidden straps from underneath the table and strapped Marissa’s wrists down by her side and her legs up and open wide, bent at the knee and strapped at the thigh.

“Nurse! Nurse! You cannot leave me so exposed,” Marissa moaned.

Nurse Fairfax picked up a cup and brush, mixing a frothy mixture of shaving cream. “Nonsense. I am your nurse and there is nothing a nurse shouldn’t see of her little girl,” she said. Calmly she began brushing the shaving cream over her exposed parts.

“What are you doing?” Marissa cried in panic, feeling the cool cream against her.

“Why, I’m taking off all that hair covering your sweet little pussy. Little girls should always have their pussies exposed,” the nurse replied, as she carefully covered Marissa’s most intimate place with the shaving cream.

Taking a razor blade, the nurse gently pulled against Marissa’s skin, giving her a good taut angle to start shaving. “Now unless you want an accident, I suggest you keep quite still,” the nurse cautioned. Frightened, Marissa froze, hardly daring to breathe.

Satisfied, Nurse Fairfax began shaving. With quick efficient strokes, Marissa’s pussy soon was pink and bald for everyone to see. “There now, much better!” the nurse said in satisfaction. “Why don’t you have a look?”

Marissa lifted her head and moaned as she saw how completely and utterly exposed she was. Humiliation poured through her in hot waves. This was more than she could bear. Was this how her uncle and aunt had wanted to punish her?

As she bemoaned her situation, Marissa did not feel the nurse tilting her hips back a bit to slide under her a thick cloth. Quickly, Nurse Fairfax wrapped the cloth around Marissa, pinning it at her sides. Marissa gasped. A diaper! She was in a diaper!

“Please, please, Nurse! I’m a grown woman,” Marissa cried hoarsely, her voice and tears running dry.

Nurse Fairfax didn’t even look up from pinning the diaper. “Oh silly rot. This asylum is for little girls and that’s exactly what you are.” Finished with the diaper, the nurse pulled out what looked to be an oversized jacket, cut short like a bolero. Marissa remembered when two seasons ago, boleros were all the rage in town. She felt her eyes well up again at the thought of her former self, still free and innocent of this ruthless invasion of her privacy that she was undergoing in the present.

Freeing Marissa’s arms but not her legs, Nurse Fairfax managed to slip the jacket onto Marissa’s arms. The jacket stopped midback and only had long sleeves without any more fabric to cover her chest. It was made of the finest linens, Marissa could feel, but it was so awkwardly cut. There was no

With the jacket on, the nurse buckled a small leather strap across her chest, above her modest breasts. The strap, bunted in soft wool, seemed to act to hold the two sleeves together in the front. Then grabbing the long sleeves which were almost a foot and a half longer than they needed to be, Nurse Fairfax crossed Marissa’s arms underneath her chest and wound the sleeves around Marissa’s waist. With her arms crossed firmly underneath her breasts, she was giving her tiny mounds a little lift as if she was offering them up to someone.

After releasing Marissa’s legs, the nurse lifted her and set her back down on the floor. Standing barefoot in nothing but her bulky cloth diaper and this tightly wound jacket which exposed her breasts, Marissa had never felt such burning shame. As she tried to cover herself with her arms, she realized how securely the sleeves had been pinned down. Then it hit her. She remembered an etching she had seen in the town papers of a local asylum. The man in the drawing had worn something quite similar to this jacket except it had gone down to his hips in length. A straightjacket! She had been put into a straightjacket! Although it had been modified to indecent levels, Marissa recognized it for what it was.

Silent tears fell down her face. Would there be no end to her humiliation today? She looked to the nurse, hopeful that she would receive something else to cover her but she was only met with a pitiful look. “I think you’re ready for a nap, young lady,” Nurse Fairfax said, not unkindly.

Marissa shook her head even as she let the nurse take her by her shoulder (her hands being bound by the straightjacket) and lead her back out into the corridor and down to the end towards another room. “Please, Nurse, couldn’t I have something to cover myself?” she begged.

The nurse opened a door at the end of the corridor. “Little girls only need their diapers to play. You’re as covered as you shoulder be.” And without allowing further discussion, she pushed Marissa into the room.

This room was almost as large as the bathroom. To one side was what looked to be a large crib. To the other side of the room stood a rocking chair and a child’s tea table and tea set surrounded by dolls and blocks and soft pillows. And in the corner by the door stood a table filled with empty bottles and bowls.

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