Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (4 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

With a hand under her chin, he lifted her face towards him. Looking down, he admired her large doll-like eyes, fringed with dark sooty lashes. Her delicate cheekbones gave her an air of fragility. And her small pouty mouth, pink and soft, only added to the image. “What a pretty little patient we have,” Dr. Denton murmured, running his large thumb against her bottom lip.

Sissy looked up at him, completely confused. Was this how all asylums were run? She didn’t understand why this man should be called Uncle or what right he had to so intimately hold her. But remembering that she was without fortune or family now, she realized he had every right to do what he wished with her.

Brushing his hand lower, Dr. Denton slowly massaged and examined her modest breasts. Sissy moaned in shame at being so completely exposed. “Hush now. There is nothing a little girl should hide from her Uncle,” Dr. Denton quietly reprimanded as he squeezed each tiny mound. So small and delicate, just like the rest of her. With her petite stature and her modestly developed form, she truly was the physical embodiment of a childbride. Dr. Denton could hardly hide his pleasure.

“Such lovely little titties,” Dr. Denton murmured making Sissy moan again in shame and denial. “Uncle will enjoy having such lovely titties to teach you lessons with.” Sissy hardly heard him through the rush of embarrassment roaring through her mind.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” the doctor answered. Sissy gave a small cry and tried to awkwardly scramble up to hide herself but stopped when she saw the quelling look Dr. Denton gave her.

Nurse Woods walked in, smiling as if nothing was amiss. She carried a silver tray with a glass baby bottle complete with a nipple. Sissy looked in horror. They couldn’t possibly think that she would drink from that.

“I brought in the patient’s evening bottle,” Nurse Woods said pleasantly, setting the tray down by the doctor on the couch.

Dr. Denton nodded. “Thank you, nurse. And see to it that any drink is bottlefed to her from now on,” he ordered. Nurse Woods nodded, as if having anticipated the command. Quickly she shuffled out the room, shutting the doors once again.

Dr. Denton returned his attention to the teary Sissy in his arms. “Now before Uncle feeds you your evening bottle, do you have any questions, little one?” he asked.

Yes, Sissy thought. When could she go home? Could she write to her uncle? Was there anyway she could pay her way out? But deep inside, she knew it was useless to ask such questions. She could see by the firm control exerted by all staff members that she was meant to stay.

“Why are my arms strapped down?” she asked, her voice quivering with the fear of such a tumultuous new life.

Dr. Denton tugged at one of the strapped down sleeves, ensuring its secure placement. “This is to teach you one of the most important lessons you can learn, little one, and that is dependence. You will have your arms bound until you learn that there is nothing that you may have without myself or an adult giving it to you.”

Sissy bit her tongue when she wanted to cry out that she was an adult as well. Instead she sighed in defeat. At least for now, she didn’t think she had any more energy for a fight.

But her defeated exhaustion quickly turned to panicked fear when she felt the doctor press the baby bottle nipple against her lips. She tried to turn her head away but a sharp pinch against her own nipple made her cry out in pain. Quickly the nipple invaded her mouth and Sissy found herself sucking on a bottle, like a true baby.

Wanting to be embarrassed but too exhausted now to even try, she drooped against the doctor’s broad chest. Despite the nap from earlier, Sissy was tired. She had gone from an ill-received niece to ward of an asylum all in the span of a day. Sissy was sure she’d never have the energy to get up again.

Slowly she sleepily sucked against the bottle, unable to reconcile herself with the fact she truly was drinking from a baby’s bottle right now. “Good girl. That’s what Uncle likes to see,” he murmured approvingly. With the turmoil she had been battling within her, his remark of approval sent a small wave of comfort through her.

After finishing the bottle, Dr. Denton quickly pinned back her diaper and laid her on the couch, near the warmth of the fire as he returned to his desk to finish writing his notes for the day.

Within a few minutes a nurse came and took the sleeping Sissy back to her crib. Sissy slept the entire night, dreaming of waking up in the far lands of the north. But instead she would soon wake up to the infantile truth of her reality.


First Changing


“Did little Sissy sleep well?” Nurse Woods asked as she began unstrapping Sissy from her crib. Still asleep, Sissy blinked, forgetting again where she was for the moment. But seeing Nurse Woods standing above her, her plump arms against her crib, Sissy remembered exactly where she was with a groan.

Shocking Sissy, Nurse Woods’s hand shot down between Sissy’s legs and squeezed the thick diaper. “Oh, it looks like we haven’t gone potty yet,” the nurse said disapprovingly. She sat Sissy up in her crib. Sitting up, the crib rails were just at the level of her head.

Sissy looked up at the nurse pleadingly. Speaking of potty, she felt her bladder extended and sore. She really did need to use the water closet. “Nurse, if you could take me to the bathroom--”

“Bathroom? Little girls wee in diapers,” Nurse Woods said matter-of-factly. Sissy shook her head desperately, sending her curls flying. The nurse couldn’t possibly expect her, a grown girl of nineteen, to actually use a diaper!

“Oh please, Nurse! You must let me use the toilet,” she begged. She could feel the urine pressing against her, ready to flood her.

“I will do no such thing! Babies use diapers. Now have yourself a good wee or,” the nurse said, a dark gleam coming into her eyes, “we can tell the doctor how obstinate you are being today.”

Remembering the blistering her bottom had received the day before, Sissy felt the fear unlock her bladder. A river of warm fluid filled her diaper, making Sissy utter a small squeak in surprise. She had done it. She had wet herself like a child.

Satisfied, Nurse Woods immediately lifted Sissy out of her crib and led her down to the bathroom. Setting her on the changing table, the nurse quickly cleaned her up and pinned her into a new diaper.

Holding onto her shoulder, Nurse Woods led Sissy back to her room.


Back in her room, the nurse brought Sissy back to the rocking chair set in the corner of the room. Lifting Sissy onto her large lap, she settled her comfortably against her bosom. With her arms still bound down, Sissy fit perfectly against the plump woman. It was eerie how easily she was beginning to truly feel like a little girl. She could still feel the heat of a full wet diaper pressing against her. How childish of her have actually used a diaper to relieve herself! Her cheeks burned with horrifying shame.

Pulling close another cart topped with a meal tray, Nurse Woods revealed this time a small bowl filled with a fried egg mixed with rice. It was a simple and plain meal. Sissy remembered dinners at the Pevins. If there were no guests, a normal four course meal would be served complete with very good wine. If there were guests, a luxurious eight course meal filled with pheasants, quail eggs, and tender boar would be served, complemented with extremely good wine.

But since being admitted into the Asylum, Sissy had only been fed food fit for children. Nurse Woods lifted a loaded spoon and held it up to Sissy’s lips. Sissy thought about protesting, crying out one more time that she was a grown woman. But she felt the painful scratching her sore bottom endured as it sat upon the nurse’s skirts. She had paid quite dearly last night for fighting back. This morning, she felt no energy to continue to do so. Obediently, with tears of shame rolling down her cheeks, Sissy opened her tiny mouth and allowed Nurse Woods to feed her.

“What a good little baby,” Nurse Woods cooed. Her pleasant round face was aglow with delight at her patient’s compliance and appetite. She quickly fed Sissy the bowl’s entire contents. When that was gone, she picked up a warmed bottle of milk and lifted it towards Sissy’s mouth.

Sissy could feel her embarrassment only intensify as she saw the baby’s bottle one more time. She looked up, eyes wet with tears and full of desperate pleading. “Nurse, please,” she whispered.

Nurse Woods pressed the rubber nipple against Sissy’s lips. “Now, now. Little girls need their milky to get nice and strong. Drink up,” she said.

Sissy shook her head, spitting out the nipple. “Nurse,
,” she whispered with more urgency. She surely could not drink from a bottle again. She had already lost the power of using her arms which had dramatically decreased her level of independence as an adult. But she just couldn’t fall so low as to drink from a bottle. Desperately, she tried to beg with her eyes for the nurse’s understanding.

Nurse Woods narrowed her eyes. “Little girls who refuse their morning milk get punished. Now drink before you soon regret it,” she said, her voice severe with warning. Again she pressed the bottle to Sissy’s lips.

Desperation leading to reckless courage, Sissy clamped her lips shut and turned her head away. “No! I won’t, Nurse, I won’t!” she cried. She pulled against the tightly bound linen sleeves, trying to free herself from her modified straightjacket.

“That is it with your insolence! You have earned your punishment,” Nurse Woods cried. Standing up suddenly, Sissy almost tumbled off her lap without being able to stop herself in anyway with her arms. But Nurse Woods caught her just in time and dragged her over to a small stand next to the door where empty glass baby bottles and small bowls were kept. From a small tin, Nurse Woods plucked out two wooden clothespins. Roughly grabbing Sissy by the shoulder, she steadied her as she snapped one pin onto a puckered nipple. Feeling the immediate pinch of the clothespin onto her sensitive nipple, Sissy howled in pain. She struggled in earnest but Nurse Woods grabbed her and clipped the other pin onto the other nipple.

Heady bursts of pain shot through Sissy’s entire body, all seeming to culminate between her legs. Hot tears flowed freely down her cheeks as she wailed against the cruel pinching pain.

“Don’t you moan so loudly!” the nurse reprimanded pitilessly. “Naughty girls get their little titties pinched!” With that she plucked the petite Sissy up into her arms and carried her back to the rocking chair.

Picking up the bottle again, she said in a stern voice, “Let’s see if we can try this again.” She pressed the nipple against Sissy’s lips but she could only cry and shake her head, feeling as if her poor nipples would burst from the pain.

Nurse Woods flattened her lips in annoyance and pressed down hard on a clothespin with finger and thumb. Sissy’s eyes widened as she gasped at the acute pain. She had never felt such an intimate punishment before. The screaming pain zoomed straight down to her crotch, confusing and alarming the distressed Sissy.

But confused or alarmed, it didn’t matter. The pain was too great and she was too small against the large and formidable Nurse Woods. With small hiccupping cries still choking her, Sissy opened up her little mouth, letting Nurse Woods bottle feed her her milk. She closed her eyes as she sucked against the nipple, her humiliation and shame flooding her cheeks with hot tears.

“Thatta girl,” Nurse Woods said encouragingly, once again the face of pleasantness and sweetness. “Drink up all your milky.”

Sissy sucked the bottle dry, feeling her stomach puff out a bit from the great amount of fluids she had just drunk. The nurse set down the bottle and wiped Sissy’s face clean of her tears. “What a good girl,” Nurse Woods smiled. “Now let’s fix your hair before we take you to see the doctor.”

Setting Sissy down on her tiny tea set chair, Nurse Woods combed her long curls and pinned up each side with two small pink bows. Finished grooming her, the nurse stood her up and led her towards the door. Before walking out, she paused to take off the clothespins.

Sissy let out a quick sigh of relief before she felt the blood rushing back into her abused little nipples in a ripping tide of pain. Her screams echoed down the corridor.











Second Session: Dependence


Sissy sucked in a breath as Nurse Woods opened the doors to the doctor’s office. She had the tremendous urge to want to pull her shoulder out of the nurse’s grip but she still felt the pulsing pain of her nipples and thought better of it.

Inside, Dr. Denton sat behind his desk, scribbling away at one of the many charts stacked on his large and impressive desk. As the doors opened, he glanced up and smiled quickly at the nurse.

“Set her on the sofa, nurse,” he said, returning back to his charting. Nurse Woods nodded and pulled Sissy onto the large sofa. Setting her down and making sure her hair was properly framing her face, the nurse bowed to the busy doctor before walking out and closing the door firmly behind her.

Nervously, Sissy sat on the sofa, her arms bound and her diaper bulging awkwardly between her legs. She peeked from the corner of her eye as the doctor finished writing up his last chart.

He was a handsome man. The years had only hardened his features into one of cutthroat authority. One look and anyone could see that this was not a man to be trifled with. The bruises on Sissy’s bottom bore that lesson.

Dropping his pen with a quiet clack, Dr. Denton stood up. Sissy felt her body cringe in shock as she saw how tall the man was. He was enormously large. In a normal crowd, Dr. Denton must stand at least a head taller than any other man. Sissy felt overwhelmed. Being so petite she always felt quite small and easily towered over. But with Dr. Denton, she seemed absolutely minuscule.

The leather sofa creaked a bit as Dr. Denton sat down, his weight considerable against the thick squabs. Leaning back he looked down at the nervous little girl. Her large doll-like eyes looked up at him in fear and curiosity. She was so petite that the diaper looked quite large on her. Dr. Denton could feel his body stretch with eagerness. She would most definitely be a delightful patient to treat.

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