Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series) (5 page)

BOOK: Dr. Denton's Asylum For Little Girls (Complete Series)

Dr. Denton opened up his arms, motioning for her to climb onto his lap. Sissy bit her lip, shamed at the idea of climbing onto a man’s lap when nearly naked. But feeling her breasts still raw from her earlier punishment, Sissy climbed onto the doctor’s lap, shifting awkwardly since she was without her arms to hold her balance.

The doctor helped her by gathering her to him. Against such a large body, she truly felt like a child. He held her easily with an arm around her back and an arm across her legs. His forearms seemed the width of her thighs.

“Little Sissy, greet me properly for the day,” the doctor ordered, his voice rumbling through his chest sending low vibrations through Sissy.

Swallowing against the dryness of her throat, she said quietly, “Good afternoon, Uncle.”

Dr. Denton smiled. “Good afternoon, little Sissy,” he replied. Looking down at her chest, he ran a hand across her swollen nipples, making Sissy moan involuntarily at the competing sensations of pain and novel pleasure. “It looks like my little Sissy was a naughty one. Look how swollen your little titties are.”

Lightly, he began rolling each nipple between thumb and forefinger. Sissy moaned and felt her toes curl. It was still so painful and sore yet she could feel a growing moistness between her legs. She felt a heat radiate through her that had nothing to do with pain.

The doctor abruptly let go of her nipples and reached across her to a small table by the sofa. Standing in a bowl of warm water was another bottle of milk. Picking it up, Dr. Denton gazed down at Sissy with a look of stern command.

“Since being admitted to my asylum, you have been learning the important lesson of dependence. I took your clothes because you should depend on me for shelter. I bound your arms because you should depend on me for nourishment. I wrapped you in a diaper because you should depend on me for your cleanliness. Everything you need or want is dependent upon your master. And at the moment, you are my charge and my patient. That means,
am your master,” he said, his voice deep and implacable in its authority. Sissy quivered at being the target of such a voice.

“There is another thing you will be dependent upon your master for and that is pleasure. Your joy, your delight, your pleasure all comes from my power. But to experience those sensations, you must earn it. You must show your understanding of your dependence and be reconciled with it. Do you understand?”

The doctor waited for a response. Sissy, completely dazed at the sheer strength of his words, nodded, unsure if that was the response he wanted. Creases fanned the doctor’s eyes as a small smile tugged at his lips. “You don’t quite understand, I know, little Sissy. But that is what our lesson is about today--dependence. Your everything, including pleasure, depends on me. And I will show you.”

With that, he popped the bottle into Sissy’s mouth. More from surprise than anything else, she began sucking against the nipple, warm milk flooding her already full tummy. As he held the bottle with his left hand, his right hand began to quickly unpin her diaper. Sissy made a small whimper as she felt the air brush against her naked privates but the doctor only seated the bottle more firmly into her mouth.

He admired the soft pink lips of her little pussy, so delicate and small in its beauty. He could see that she would be one who would need a lot of training for stretching. With such a small cunny, a large cock could surely rip her. With a thick finger, he probed her naked folds. Sissy gave out a louder cry making the doctor cruelly pinch her inner thigh to reprimand her. Tears instantly sprang to her eyes.

Stroking her cleft, he found his fingers glistening with her wetness. Ah, so the little one had enjoyed having her nipples punished earlier today, did she? He looked up and saw her staring at him in open mouthed shock. “Keep sucking on your bottle, little one,” he ordered. Sissy hesitated only for a moment before she resumed sucking her bottle.

So this little girl was as responsive as she was beautiful. What a combination! The Duke must be told immediately. Surprised and pleased at finding her wetness, Dr. Denton stroked her wet folds. As he continued to finger her, rubbing her swollen clit, the doctor looked to see Sissy’s cheeks suffuse with a delicate pink as her eyes widened against the new sensation of arousal flooding her body.

His eyes darkened in similar arousal as he watched her bite back a moan as she felt her entire body clenching for the inevitable crash. Leaning in close, he firmly held the nearly empty bottle against her lips and whispered thickly, “This pleasure you’re feeling is mine to give. I choose to give you this. This pleasure, this sensation, is dependent upon my will. Remember that, little Sissy. My will owns this little cunny of yours.” Sissy moaned at the words, feeling her insides roiling with a heated pleasure she had never felt before. The doctor sped up his pace and then plunged his thick finger into her tight and virginal canal, careful to not go too deep.

Suddenly Sissy cried out and arched her back as everything within her shattered into a million pieces of raw ecstasy. Her toes curled as she felt a flood of intense warmth ooze out through her body as every muscle loosened within her. Dr. Denton smiled. How quickly she had come! This was marvelous. Rubbing a large thumb over her swollen and now overly sensitive clit, he enjoyed watching Sissy cry out at the overload of sensation. “What a good girl, making a cummy like that so quickly,” Dr. Denton said, approvingly.

Sissy would have blushed if she hadn’t felt so incredibly depleted. She had never felt such a rush of relief before. Her head drooped and her eyelids fluttered as she struggled against sleep and lost.

Dr. Denton smiled. He laid her out on the sofa and repinned her diaper. As soon as she was refastened into the cloth, he heard the soft and steady trickle of urine as his patient loosed her bladder and wet her diaper. He couldn’t have been happier with her progress.

Quickly, he began penning a letter to the Duke. As he wrote, he realized he must quickly prepare Sissy for His Grace’s arrival. Tomorrow, he decided, she would learn the trying lesson of submission.




Thorough Cleansing


Sissy awoke this time to Nurse Fairfax unstrapping her legs from the crib sides. Picking her up and setting her on the ground, Nurse Fairfax firmly grasped Sissy’s delicate shoulder and led her out into the corridor.

“This morning, you’ll have your breakfast after your wash,” the nurse informed as she briskly walked her to the large bathroom. Sissy, tired and feel quite complacent after the string of exhausting battles, could have cared less when or where breakfast happened.

But she snapped awake when she saw Dr. Denton sitting on a stool inside the bathroom. Immediately she felt a tightening of nerves within her stomach. The doctor raised an eyebrow, waiting in expectation.

“Good morning, Uncle,” she said.

“Good morning, little Sissy,” he replied, nodding in approval. He nodded towards Nurse Fairfax. “Please, arrange the patient onto the table.”

“Of course, doctor,” the nurse replied. Quickly Sissy was ushered towards the large changing table. She was lifted and set on her knees with Dr. Denton pushing down between her shoulder blades till her cheek was pressed against the changing table cushion with her bottom raised obscenely in the air, her arms uselessly bound to her chest.

Nurse Fairfax unpinned her diaper and tossed the cloth. “Shall I begin, doctor?”

Dr. Denton nodded. “Please,” he replied politely. Looking down at Sissy, he ordered, “Today will be a hard lesson for you, little one. You will be learning submission. Because dependence alone is not sufficient for rehabilitation. It must be accompanied with submission. And true submission often means bowing to the will of your master despite your own pain or discomfort. We will begin our lesson right now. You will maintain this position as you are or you will have your bottom blistered till you will not be able to sit for a month. Either way, blistered bottom or no, what will happen will happen. So learn to submit to Uncle’s will and remain still.”

The words did nothing to command submission. It only heightened Sissy’s fear and anxiety. What was about to happen? What were they going to do to her?

She soon found her answer.

Sissy felt the nurse’s cold fingers spreading her bottom, spreading a cold cream over her tight anus. She whimpered at this extremely public invasion of her body. Spreading the cream lightly with her finger, Nurse Fairfax then began pressing an oblong nozzle into Sissy’s rectum.

Sissy cried out at the burn of the entrance. The tight ring of muscles fought against the invading nozzle but Nurse Fairfax was persistent. Against her tears and cries, the nozzle finally entered her virgin bottom.

“In, sir,” the nurse replied, a smile of satisfaction clear in her voice.

Dr. Denton stroked Sissy’s hair. “What a good girl to stay so still. Show Uncle how submissive you can be.”

Nurse Fairfax quickly attached a rubber hose to the nozzle and turned a little knob, allowing a flush of warm soapy water to enter Sissy’s bottom.

“You are about to feel quite full in the tummy, little Sissy,” the doctor explained, stroking her hair. “You will be required to hold the water for a good five minutes before you are allowed to evacuate your bowels. We will be doing this three times so be a good obedient girl.”

Sissy could already feel her stomach beginning to bloat. Her arms, which had been bound right below her breasts, began to rise a bit as her stomach grew in size. Sissy moaned as she began to feel a tight cramping in her sides. “Oh Uncle, it hurts,” she whispered.

Dr. Denton’s eyes gleamed as he watched her flat stomach bulge with the warm water. “Of course it does, little one. But you will stay in this position because I will it so,” he replied, stroking her soft hair.

Once she had completely been filled with the water, the nurse unhooked the rubber hose and pulled out her watch fob. Together they waited ten agonizing minutes while Sissy suffered the worst cramping she had ever had in her life.

After ten minutes, both the doctor and the nurse helped her down and guided her to the water closet where she evacuated her bowels. So exhausted from the pain, Sissy had no energy to feel embarrassed about having either person be witness to one of her most embarrassing acts of nature.

They did this one more time with the warm soapy water. Sissy moaned and cried quietly as the cramping started all over again. After another ten minutes, she was again led to the toilet to release her bowels.

When she was lifted onto the table a third time, the doctor brushed away a few stray locks. “You have been doing beautifully, little one. Now we will test how truly submissive you will be for Uncle,” he said and nodded towards the nurse.

This time, instead of the warm soapy water, ice cold water flooded her rectum. Immediately Sissy screamed as the cramping started right away and with great force. She shook her head against the table and tried to crawl away.

Dr. Denton pressed a hard hand down between her shoulders. “Show your submissiveness, Sissy, or I will strap you down and keep the ice water in you for an hour,” he ordered.

Sissy screamed and cried and begged. She could hardly feel anything but the frozen cramps twisting through her abdomen. Finally Nurse Fairfax turned off the knob and said, “Done, sir.”

Still holding a firm hand down on her back, Dr. Denton ran his hand down her bottom. The nozzle was still sticking out and he could see Sissy’s cheeks clenching reflexively against the invasive thing. It made his own cock hard to see the sweet bottom milking this phallic shape. Clearing his mind, he reached down and ran a finger down her soft folds.

Sissy moaned loudly. “No, no, no,” she cried out in a soft chant.

Ignoring her, the doctor slowly began stroking down her cleft till he felt the slick wetness coating his finger. He marveled at how wonderfully responsive she was even during an ice cold enema. Truly a treasure!

Sissy began crying in earnest. The arousal she felt only heightened the pain of her cramps. With every new wave of pleasure, her intestines gave a cruel twist, causing her to moan in pain. But the doctor’s hand was relentless. He forked his fingers, rubbing against either side of her swollen clit.

“Please, please, stop!” Sissy cried, afraid that if she were to come, she would surely rupture an organ. But the doctor’s fingers continued stroking her. Roughly, he captured her clit between his two fingers and squeezed.

In a breathtaking cry, Sissy screamed as she felt herself explode and twist into a painful and gut wrenching orgasm. Her cramps only seemed to make her orgasm more pronounced and overwhelming which only made her insides twist more against the freezing pain. Tears flooded her eyes as her body was completely torn between such pure agony and ecstasy.

Dr. Denton breathed in deeply, feeling supremely satisfied. He had instantaneously hardened as he watched her writhe in delirious pain and pleasure. He could see that with such a responsive patient, the rest of the lesson today would be just as enjoyable, if not more.

The doctor nodded to Nurse Fairfax, allowing her to help Sissy off the table so she could relieve herself a third and final time.

Standing, the Doctor straightened his tailored black coat. “Make sure that after she is washed and fed, she is brought directly into my office.”

Nurse Fairfax inclined her head respectfully. “Of course, doctor.”




Third Session: Submission


As Nurse Fairfax led a washed and fed Sissy into the doctor’s office, Sissy immediately noticed the chair. Nurse Fairfax pushed her towards the center of the room before bowing and closing the doors on her way out.

In the middle of the room was a wooden chair with a delicately curved back and a heart cut out in the middle. It was a small chair. Though not as small as her tea set chair in her room, it was still smaller than a normal dining room chair. And the feminine chair was painted a pale pink and varnished till it glowed in the firelight of the room.

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