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“Because I didn’t love her then, and I don’t love her now.”

Satisfaction ran through Evelyn even if her suspicious nature wouldn’t let her believe what he said quite yet. “Does the SIA know you’re a vampire?”

“The SIA knows. And I’ll prove to you that I’m not an average man in more ways than one. I’ve got talents you haven’t seen yet. You’re ripe for mating, whether you know it or not. A male vampire can sense a woman who is in need of a good fuck a mile away. And when a vampire fucks a mortal woman the fireworks can be something else.”

His husky tone fired her into overdrive. She’d never realized until this moment what an aphrodisiac the word
could be in the right circumstances.


Denise A. Agnew

Trembling with the wildest sexual urges she could remember having, she looked into the heat simmering in his eyes. She itched to touch his chest, his nipples, his stomach, his cock, everywhere and anywhere.

“This is crazy,” she whispered. “What about birth control and STDs—”

“I can’t have children and carry no disease.” Before she could protest, he tugged her closer and back into his arms. “If that banshee had hurt you—” He shook his head. His gaze drew her into a growing spiral of heat, a building roar of sexual energy that needed somewhere to explode. As he caressed her cheek with his lips, he whispered,

“Put me out of my misery, Evelyn. Fuck me until I can’t stand up.”


Maybe she’d been looking for adventure
a special agent for SIA instead of finding adventure
a special agent. Whatever happened between them now would be out-of-this world.

A quick glance around the room said everything. There was nothing romantic about this small lounge area. It featured a couple of nice couches, some tables and chairs and a kitchen area. Plenty of possibilities, though, for making love.

“What makes vampire sex so incredible?” she asked.

His lips moved along her jaw. “Vampires never have erectile dysfunction.”

She grinned. “Really?”

“We can fuck for as long as we want without getting tired.” He kissed the pulse in her throat. “I can give you incredible orgasms.” Again he cupped and caressed her ass.

“Multiple orgasms.”

A shiver of anticipation came over her, and she made a command decision. Before he could say a word or do a thing, she reached up and pulled his head down to hers.

Lip lock.

Mission control, we have ignition.

A primitive moan rose up in his throat. His mouth coaxed hers open and his tongue stole inside. If she thought the last kiss felt exquisite, she found her heart and mind moving into the most tantalizing and beautiful world imaginable. His mouth did more than explore, he tormented, stoked and maddened.

He slipped her jacket from her shoulders and it landed on the floor. With a quick flick of his hand he opened her blouse. She gasped and tore her mouth from his. The intensity in his eyes mingled with passion raging out of control.

No turning back.

No easing into the flames.

She was here, consumed, ensnared in a brimming sexual volcano of immense force.

Seconds flowed into minutes, time of no concern. She melted into him, at one with his desires. His hands skimmed over her blouse and anticipation tingled over her skin. He cupped her bra-clad breasts. One passing sweep of his thumbs over her erect nipples, and she gasped into his mouth.


Night Scream

He backed her toward the kitchen area. With no effort he lifted her and sat her down on the counter.

As he parted her thighs and stepped between them, all coherence departed. He drew her close, his lips traveling across her face. He pulled her blouse out of her waistband. Big and warm, his hands caressed and cherished as he palmed her back and sides.

He nuzzled her hair aside and tongued her earlobe. “So soft. So hot and sweet.

Evelyn, I want you.”

The way he said her name came out guttural. As heat moistened her, she arched against the relentless stroking of his body against hers. Her blouse slipped off her shoulders and onto the counter and with a swift movement her bra came undone. He slipped the bra off her arms and tossed it away.

He stared at her breasts. “Beautiful.”

Then, as if he’d once again read her mind, he clasped her hips and gave her what she wanted, pressing his cock between her legs. Surging pleasure throbbed through her clit, a deep ache that demanded quick fulfillment.
God, yes.
She didn’t know if she could stand it as he swiveled his hips, rubbing against her clit again and again.

Feel it, Evelyn.
He licked her neck, pressing endless kisses to her flesh. Seconds later he clasped her breasts, caressing.
Hmm, delicious. Let it take you. Let me take you.

He flicked his thumbs over the tips with steady, intoxicating rhythm. Her breasts felt plumper, heavier under his constant attention. His hips kept her legs parted wide.

She ached for release, all points in her body screaming for a finish. He kissed her face, her neck and her lips, building intensity with each caress. Conall toured down her chest, taking one nipple into his mouth and starting a pattern of suck, then lick, suck, then lick. She shivered and moaned.

He reached between them. She held her breath in excitement. Seconds later his touch brushed against her wet panties and she moaned in delight against his lips.

I can smell you, Evelyn. So lush and slick. So ready to be fucked.

He caressed her clit with his middle finger, the touches featherlight and brushing over her cloth-clad flesh with circular motions until she panted with excitement. She shuddered and undulated with screaming need. It wouldn’t take long…wouldn’t take much to send her into the stratosphere.

He suckled one nipple into his mouth while plucking and stroking her clit without mercy. She clasped his shoulders, holding on for dear life. Desperate, she moaned, her panting breaths coming faster and faster.

“That’s it,” he whispered. “Take it to the next level.”

Higher and higher her desire rose. With a reluctant sound he drew back and she moaned in protest. But he didn’t go far. He reached under her skirt and drew her panties off her hips.


Denise A. Agnew

He slipped the panties down off her ass and over her thighs and down her legs. A wicked smile curved his mouth as he dropped the panties onto the floor and kicked them aside.

She trembled under his slow, hot touch as he knelt down and started to slide up her skirt. He spread her thighs wide. Awash in expectation, she leaned back on her palms and closed her eyes. As he caressed the insides of her nylon-clad thighs with lush, gentle kisses, she allowed feelings to course through her body.

He pressed a kiss to her labia and she shivered and sighed. “Oh, Conall.”

Heat filled her face as her abandon momentarily embarrassed her.

Let it take you. Don’t be afraid, Evelyn.

At his husky appeal she allowed all inhibitions to dissolve.

Red-hot need jolted into her as his tongue licked with delicate precision around her labia, circling with the most exquisite touches. Burning satisfaction built inch by inch as Conall tongued her with unrelenting strokes. He parted her and dipped inside, French-kissing her with slow stabs of his tongue. Her head fell back in building ecstasy.

“God, Conall. Oh, God.”

He didn’t relent, his tongue an invader that swept and dipped over every inch, then flicked over her clit.

She moaned as his tongue became a relentless force, but she couldn’t seem to quite reach the plateau. She ached with it, died for it, but it eluded her.

Her cunt felt hot and slick and plump, begging to be filled with something big and hot.

As if reading her mind once again, he worked two fingers slowly and deeply into her as he continued to suck and lick her clit. As his fingers plunged, she gasped with pleasure, her hips moving involuntarily. With gentle pressure he finger-fucked her, using the heated moisture to move smooth and steady inside her warm depths. His inexorable touch drove her toward a new insanity.

God, I want to come.

How do you want it? Do you want me inside you?

His husky question required one answer. “Yes. Now.”

Without more preliminaries he slipped his fingers from her and stood up. He pulled his sweater over his head. A thrill darted into her belly as she looked at his wide, muscular shoulders, rippling arms, and incredible chest. Dark blond hair fanned over his chest, over a six-pack stomach and down into his waistband. She palmed his exquisitely honed body, loving the sensation of his maleness under her fingers.

Evelyn felt more than physical pleasure, she experienced a commanding connection and a rousing exhilaration that fulfilled a part of her she hadn’t known was missing until now. Vampire or not, immortal or not, the SIA agent with little respect for the rules could make love like no one’s business.


Night Scream

As she stared at him in fascination, he opened his pants and freed his cock. It was larger and harder than she expected. She imagined with a delicious shudder what his erection would feel like sliding inside her. She wanted to put her mouth on him.

Later we’ll do more
, he whispered in her mind.


Mmm. Right now I need to be inside you.

“Oh, yes,” she said as he slipped between her legs again and nudged her wet opening.

He kissed her, and as his tongue plunged deep, he eased his cock slowly and surely into her aching, wet channel. She groaned at the magnificent feeling of his body tunneling deep into her center. My God, no man had
filled her this way before.

Continuing to kiss her with hot, drugging touches, he reached between them and caught her nipples between his fingers. As he plucked and teased, he rubbed inside her just that tiny little bit, a teasing designed to drive her wild. Each slow stroke tantalized but didn’t complete, the friction rubbing relentlessly until she quivered. While he tormented one breast, he pressed his other thumb against the creamy surface of her clit and barely brushed and circled against it.

With a jolt she moaned into his mouth. She panted for more as he tugged her nipple and manipulated her clit, and his hips stirred with a rocking motion that threatened to send Evelyn over the edge.

It did.

With stunning force, she rocketed into a spasm of unbelievable orgasm. She screamed against his mouth as her body tightened and released over his erection. He stopped thrusting and circled his hips, grinding his cock deep in her center.

As she sailed downward from the summit he thrust again, this time with a harder, deeper pace. As he plunged, his thrusts urgent, renewed excitement lifted her up. His mouth found her nipples and pulled, tweaking and sucking on the hard points until her need for him reached fresh heights.

“Please. Please. I can’t stand it,” she said.

Conall quickened the pace, burrowing between her folds with thrust after thrust until his tempo pounded between her legs. By now her world had melted down to one sensation, one glorious realization. With stunning force the tightening inside her built with each merciless plunge. She hung on the edge, about to fall off.

When he pulled out of her, her eyes opened and she murmured a frustrated protest.


He lifted her off the counter, stood her on her feet and gently urged her to lean over the counter. He slipped his legs between hers and parted her thighs wide.

With gentleness he inserted his thumb deep into her cunt. She jerked with the sensation, needing the pressure. She wanted to beg him to put her out of her misery, but 31

Denise A. Agnew

he pumped his thumb in and out with slow determination. Finally he removed his thumb and seconds later his cock plunged deep into her.

As her body welcomed him she groaned her pleasure. “Oh, my God. Conall.”

He pulled her hair away from her neck and whispered against her ear as he thrust with determination. “There’s more.”

He leaned back again and rimmed her anus with his wet thumb. The tickling felt so good she writhed back against him, desperate. No man had ever done this to her before.

He tested her snug hole, dipping inside a little ways, going deeper each time.

“More,” she gasped.

He did as told, pushing, pushing so slow until she realized his entire thumb entered. It felt so damned good she closed her eyes and surrendered.

With short, reaming pumps of his cock, he fucked her, his thumb buried in her ass.

Without warning an orgasm burst inside her, filling her clit with sweet tingles and her feminine channel quaking with mind-melting orgasm.

She shivered and rippled in his hold, but he didn’t stop. Thrusting into her continuously, he took her to a new world. Another orgasm burst into another and another until she thought the last one would take her breath forever. She screamed at the same time he gave a last Herculean thrust. He growled deep in his throat.

She realized several moments later that she must have passed out, for he sat on the couch with her cradled in his arms. She opened her eyes and looked up at his serene expression, all traces of the wild sexual animal sublimated in tender lover.

“Okay now?” he asked.

Evelyn smiled and brushed her fingers through his hair. “I’ve never fainted during sex before.”

He cleared his throat and looked a little sheepish. “That happens sometimes in vampire sex if a mortal is involved.”

“All I can say is that was the most incredible sex of my life. Can I keep you?”

He laughed. “Sounds great. Why don’t we take this to your place or my place and see if we can spend the weekend making it happen again?”

He kissed her tenderly, and she heard his thoughts.
I think I love you, Evelyn.

Wow. A vampire in love with me? Imagine that.

The question is, do you think you could love me?

His mental voice sounded tentative, a bit vulnerable in a way she never would have thought with this big, potent vampire.
Oh, I think I’m more than halfway there.

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
5.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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