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As if he’d read her mind, he smiled, gripped her ankles in his hands and pushed them back and up, until her thighs were spread wide and her pussy open for his taking.

She gasped. “Oh, God!”

“Sweet Jesus, look at you. So wet and ready.” He licked his lips, and she mirrored him, licking hers. “I’m going to eat away every sweet drop.”

His gaze raked over her sensitive flesh, and she gasped for a breath. He lowered his face and she clamped her eyelids against the overwhelming sight.

His first touch to her pussy was tentative, and thoroughly intoxicating. With a slick tongue, he skirted her folds.

Blind in her need, she drew her legs back further, opening to him. “More.” His tongue flickered over her clit, and she gasped. Her back spasmed, arching to tilt her pussy up. Oh, how she wanted him inside! Her pussy was ready. She could smell the scent of her own arousal in the air. “Oh, yes! More. Fuck me.”

“Not yet. Patience, love.”


Body Chemistry

That was not what she wanted to hear. She reached for his head and tangled her fingers in his hair, tugging slightly and thrilling in the feel of his silky hair in her hands, the way his tongue danced over her pussy, the warmth pulsing through her body.

He sighed.

She sighed.

And then he stopped, and she blinked to focus her eyes.

He stood, and with his unwavering gaze planted on her face, he stripped his jacket and shirt off.

Oh, my! What the man was hiding under those clothes!

Her hands itched to explore his broad chest, cut into two by a deep crevasse. Dark curls sprinkled over his firm pecs and arrowed straight down his stomach between rows of abs. The line of hair disappeared under his pants waistband.

As he moved, his shoulder muscles flexed, his arm muscles tensed, his abs bunched. Oh. The sight of it all!

She slid her hand down to her pussy, and touched herself.

“That is a beautiful sight,” he murmured.

“So is that. More. Show me more.”

“You first.”

She slowly drew circles over her clit. Smooth liquid warmth seeped from deep inside. “What do you want to see?”

“Your tits.”

She sat up, removed her jacket, and unbuttoned her shirt, slowly. With each button unfastened, his gaze heated more. His limbs visibly tensed. The lump under his baggy trousers grew more obvious. When her shirt was fully opened, she shrugged out of it.

“If you want to see more, you have to take off your pants first.”

As quick as a flash, he was standing in his skivvies, snug athletic boxers.

And that bulge was enormous!

“Your turn!” He tipped his head toward her, his gaze fixed at the center of her chest.

She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, and then held the cups up over her boobs. The shoulder straps dropped down her arms. “I…uh…” Her boobs were too small. Would he be disappointed?

“Show me.”

She let the bra fall down and waited for his reaction.

Plain, unadulterated awe spread over his features. “They’re beautiful. Absolutely perfect.”

“They are?”


Tawny Taylor

“Yes. So firm and round, I can’t wait to feel them in my hands. I can’t wait to suck those lovely pink nipples…” He reached to touch her, but she backed away.

“Uh-uh! You still have your underwear on.”

Off they came, and out sprung a cock that practically made her drool. It was thick, long, and ready.

And she couldn’t wait to feel it buried deep inside.

She leaned back, opened her legs, and touched her pussy. “I want you.”

“How much do you want me?”

“This much.” Her attention focused on his flushed face, she plunged two fingers inside her pussy and pumped them in and out. Seeing him watch her was almost enough to send her over the brink, and she fought the urge to come, even as that telltale flush shot from her belly to every distant part of her. She closed her eyes.

“How much? Open your eyes, love.”

She opened them.

He gripped his cock in his hand and squeezed, then slid his fist up and down. As he worked his cock, she could see his body tensing. His features drew into tight lines. His forehead glistened with sweat. His hand ran up and down his cock, the sound like satin rubbing against satin. He moaned, and the sound hummed through her body. “I’ve wanted you for months, but I never thought…”

“Me, too.”

He kneeled on the bed, his cock still in his hand, need still etched over his face and body. And he rested his hand on her knee. “I…uh… Before we… I should…”




He rummaged through the nightstand and produced a string of black foil packages, and with shaking hands fought his way into one. He dropped it on the bed, and grumbling, searched for it among the rumpled bedding. “Oh, shit!”

“Here.” She sat up and searched the folds of the coverlet, closing her hand around it. “Please. Allow me.” She looked up into his wide-eyed gaze and then dropped her head and licked the head of his cock.

Pre-come! She licked every last bit of it away, and teased the underside of his cock with the tip of her tongue, then ran it down to the base and back up again.

His cock twitched against her mouth and his groan of pleasure made her smile. A hand found her pussy, and fingers tiptoed around her folds. On all fours, she opened her mouth and took him inside, as he stroked her pussy, circled her clit and pumped his fingers in and out.

Another finger teased her anus and, as she swallowed his cock, she relaxed and he breached her hole.


Body Chemistry

The glorious agony!

Breathless, on the throes of ecstasy, she lifted her head, slid on the rubber, and released his cock.

His tongue followed his finger, leaving a slick trail from the small of her back down the crevice between her parted ass cheeks. And then it delved into her tight hole, and she bit back a cry of joy. What this man did for her!

He eased her onto her back, grabbed her knees and pushed them back and up, and teased her empty pussy with the broad head of that glorious cock.

Her inside muscles tensed and relaxed as anticipation ripped through her body.

“Fuck me,” she demanded.

A muscle twitched on his cheek. “My pleasure.” He drove into her hard, and her cry of pleasure and need echoed through the dim room. His gaze fixed to hers, he growled, “Damn, woman.”

She gasped, tightened her pussy around his rod, and fisted the bedcovers as her blood pumped like liquid fire through her body. Her head spun and her eyelids grew heavy, still she fought to keep them open to see the raw heat on his face.

His jaw muscles clenched and his gaze become impossibly hotter as he hammered her roughly, on his knees, his hands pressing her legs wide open, his hips slamming against her ass. She felt the last of his self-control snap as he fucked her, heard his growling acquiescence to his need. He fucked her hard. Rough. Yet she drank it in, her own body welcoming the onslaught, the bite of his fingers on her thighs, his mouth on her breast, suckling, biting. His steel-hard cock ramming into her.

Each part of her body tensed and frenzied heat burst from her center, spreading out, and then she exploded. Her insides pulsed, her heartbeat careened out of control and she rocketed to the stars. She cried out, “Oh, yes!”

He hollered, his cock swollen inside, pounding in and out with each pulse of her pussy, and he exploded, dropping on top of her and driving his throbbing cock deep inside. His arms slipped under her back and vised around her, squeezing the air from her lungs. Still riding the wave of her own orgasm, she wrapped her legs around his waist and welcomed him inside, closing her eyes and absorbing every scent, sound and flavor that tread upon her senses.

Sex. The room smelled of sex.

She licked her dry lips. She tasted of sex. Of man. What a wonderful flavor. She sighed as her body grew limp under his still knotted one. Her breathing slowed from shallow gasps to deep nourishing breaths, and sweet giddiness spread through her body, tickling her insides.

She wanted to giggle.

It didn’t take long until he too relaxed. His cock still deep inside her, he pulled her with him as he rolled onto his side. His erection hadn’t slackened a bit.

The man was animal! She loved it.


Tawny Taylor

Yes, the quiet ones were wild. And sex with Lukas, resident genius, had been absolutely unreal. She wanted more.

Tensing her inside muscles around him, she tested the waters. Would he fuck her again? She watched his face for a response and wasn’t disappointed. His eyelids lifted, his eyebrows shot to the upper regions of his forehead, and his mouth quirked into a naughty smile.

“Again?” he asked.

The bubbling giggles shot from her belly. “Yes. Please.”

He made a show of sighing, stretching his arms over his head and cracking his neck, first tipping his head one way then the other. In a swift stroke, he pulled out, removed the used condom, reached to the bedside table for another one, and slid it on his still concrete-hard cock. Then he sat up, rolling his shoulders backward then forward, like he was warming up for a workout. “All right, then. I’m game. But I’ll warn you. I can’t be held responsible for what I’ll do. It’s been a long, long time.”

She couldn’t help staring at his cock. It was as big and hard as ever. “You are a medical wonder.”

He smiled, crawled on top of her, pinning her shoulders to the bed with his broad hands, and licked his lips. “You’ll be thinking I’m more than that in a few minutes.”

She grinned, tipped her pelvis up and rubbed her mound over his sheathed cock.

“Promises, promises.”

His expression changed in the blink of an eye from playful to intense, still she knew it was a game. “You don’t believe me?” he said in a deep voice she assumed was meant to be menacing.


He bent his arms and lowered his mouth until it was a fraction of an inch from hers.

His warm breath heated her mouth. “Well then, do you have a few surprises coming.”

She licked her dry lips, waiting for his kiss, needing his kiss. And in the next breath she was left wanting his kiss. He jumped off of her and left the room, shutting the door behind him.


Body Chemistry

Chapter Four

Well, if this wasn’t the worst! What man walked out on a willing woman just because she teased him a little? Allie wrapped a blanket around herself and sat up.

“Lukas? I was just teasing. I thought we were playing a game…”

He didn’t answer.

Guess it hadn’t been a game. Anxious to make nice, to apologize and kiss his hurts—and a few other parts—she stood and headed toward the hallway.

But she didn’t get much past the doorway. Lukas stood just outside, still naked as the day he’d been born, except for the rubber. He was hiding something behind his back and smiling like the devil.

Giddy with expectation, she asked, “What are you up to?”

“Nothing.” He tipped his head toward the bedroom. “Back in you go.”

She hesitated for a moment, not sure whether she should go ahead with the apology or not. Was he still playing?

He grinned, relieving her of the doubt that had her stomach in knots, and she spun around. He gave her blanket-covered ass a smack as she took a step back into the room.

“Now you’re in for it. You don’t know what you started.”

“Can’t wait to find out.” She jumped forward as he smacked her again. When she reached the bed, she prepared to climb back in position.

“Uh-uh! We’re playing my way.”

She froze right where she was, two hands and one knee perched on the mattress, the other foot on the floor. “Okay. What does that mean? What game are we playing now?” Returning the other foot to the floor, she turned around to face him.

“You’ll just have to wait to find out.” The devil-grin returned, his erect cock reared up toward his stomach, and her heart did a little hippety-hop.

“Oh.” She laughed, but her nervous chuckles cut off somewhere between her stomach and throat when he lunged forward and caught her by the waist.

He flattened her on the carpet and yanked hard on the blanket. Off it came, leaving her naked, sprawled stomach-down on the carpet. Then the sharp sound of a slap echoed off the walls, and the burn of his strike on her ass spread up her spine.

Her back tensed, and she cried out in surprise. “Ouch! What was that for?”

“I told you. You’ve forgotten already?”

“Told me what? I thought we were playing a game. You said we’re playing a game, but I don’t like games involving pain.”


Tawny Taylor

“Are you sure you’re feeling pain?” His voice was low, smooth and sexy, and immediately her pussy warmed, even as her ass flamed hot and angry.

“There’s no doubt it’s pain.”

He lightened his weight from her. “Don’t move,” he ordered.

She didn’t move, although she was beginning to wonder where he was headed with this. “As long as you don’t hit me again, I’ll be still.”

“I won’t spank you if you do as you’re told.” He got off of her.

“I’ve never been into S and M. Maybe I should have told you that.”

He laughed. “Okay, I admit it. Neither have I, although I’m all for experimenting.

It’s the nature of a scientist, I suppose.” He leaned close and she could feel the warmth of his body against her back. The tiny hairs on the back of her neck stuck up. And when a string of blue beads materialized before her eyes, swinging like a pendulum, she gulped. “Want to experiment with me?” he asked.

“What is that?” She hesitantly reached out to touch them.

“Anal beads.”

She jerked her hand back. “Oh, God!” In an instant, she was up on hands and knees, her spine pressed against his stomach and chest as he kneeled on all fours above her. Heat spread over her face, down her neck and over her chest, and her lungs constricted, forcing her to take shallow breaths. “Let me up. We don’t know each other well enough for this.”

He didn’t budge. “I’ve seen every part of you. I’ve tasted every part of you.”

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
6.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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