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“My, don’t you have a broad chest,” said one, tugging at his shirt.

“And take a feel of these arms,” exclaimed another. Wandering fingertips crept up his sleeve.

Female hands stroked and squeezed, female voices ahhhed and oohed, female bodies rubbed against him like cats in heat.

What the hell did they put in the punch?

He put out a silent plea to John for help, but his good buddy did nothing but smile, hold up his beer in a toast and then turn toward the scantily clad woman standing next to him. “You did this, didn’t you?” Lukas murmured to his friend’s back.

“Did what, dear?” Judy purred. “I haven’t done anything yet, but I will.”

He coughed. “Maybe a little catnip would distract you. I bet they have some at the bar.” He lifted his arms over his head to try to wiggle through the crowd.

Not such a great idea.

The women were basically frisking him. And their search wasn’t limited to his decent parts, either. One gave his balls a squeeze, and he yelped.

“Whatever he’s paying you ladies, I’ll pay double if you stop.”

“Paying?” one woman asked. “No one’s paying me.” She ran her hands up and down his chest. “Why would anyone do that? I’m just enthralled by you, how you look, smell, sound.” She stood on tiptoe and whispered, “I’m getting wet just standing next to you. Wanna fuck, big boy?”

Too much information, there
. “No, but thanks for asking.”

He glared at John, now more than convinced this was his idea.
Paybacks are a bitch!

Someone slapped his ass, and he jumped.

Oh, yeah. Paybacks are a bitch! And if you have anything to do with this, my friend, you’ll


Body Chemistry

Chapter Two

Allie could practically smell the excitement in the air. Sitting at a table watching her best friend get drunker by the minute, she turned to see what all the fuss was about.

Was a movie star making an appearance at the party? Across the room, there was a gaggle of squawking women surrounding someone. And although she couldn’t exactly make out what they were saying over “Tainted Love”—the DJ had excellent taste—she knew by the way they were all jumping around like toddlers on a sugar rage, they were excited.

Curiosity might have killed the cat, but Allie was willing to take her chances.

Something big was happening, and she had to know what it was. “I’ll be right back.

You behave yourself,” she shouted at Carlee. “And drink some coffee to sober up.”

Carlee’s eyes lobbed to one side. “Why would I wanna do that?”

“I’ll be right back.” She stood and shuffled across the dance floor packed with gyrating bodies. But, just as she reached the parquet floor’s end, someone grabbed her arm and pulled. She spun around.

Chuck Marshall, the CEO, had

Surely he didn’t expect a repeat of last year’s performance!

Still holding her hand, he shook his ass, waggled his bushy white eyebrows, and yanked his white button-down shirt out of his pants. “Wanna dance?”

She shuddered. The man looked a whole lot better behind a veil of Peach Schnapps.

“Maybe later, Mr. Marshall.”

He danced, jerking her arm this way and that. “It’s Chuck. Call me Chuck.”

“Okay. But I have to go right now. Catch me later.”

He grinned like the devil. “You know I will.” Then he released her hand, spun around and caught the next woman who happened to dance into his reach. Poor thing.

Then again, that little lady had probably just boogied her way to a promotion.

On a mission now, Allie broke free of the dancing crowd just as the song ended, and the DJ announced a slow song. Good, at least it would be quieter. She’d be able to hear without having to stick her ear on the speaker’s mouth.

“Lukas, dance with me,” a female’s voice moaned.

“No, dance with me.”

What? Lukas?
Allie sucked in a deep breath, found a chink in the human wall surrounding whoever was in the center, and wiggled in.

It was Lukas. Vomiting-rats Lukas. Standing-alone-against-the-wall Lukas.

But now,
was different.


Tawny Taylor

He was sitting in a chair, with women crawling all over him. Two sat on his lap, and others sat at his feet, stood behind him massaging his shoulders, stood at his sides whispering in his ears.

He resembled a king with his harem. Except for one small detail…he looked absolutely miserable. He gave her an empty smile of recognition. “I think I’ve been the butt of a joke.”

She fought a chuckle. “I’d say.”

“Waiting for a Girl Like You” started playing over the speakers and the women on Lukas’ lap started writhing like topless dancers doing a lap dance.

“Want to dance?” he asked Allie, looking as desperate as a drowning man.

She couldn’t turn down a drowning man. Outside of burning to death, it had to be the worst way to go. Besides, she loved this song. “Absolutely.”

He held out his hand and, ignoring the groans of dissatisfaction from the harem, she took it.

A warm zap shot up her arm.

What was that?
She ripped her hand free, shook her arm, and checked all five digits for burns. Lifting her hand to her face, she smelled something sweet and musky, and her face warmed, like she’d just downed a shot of tequila.

He rested his hand on the small of her back, and a strange buzz fanned out from his touch, spreading up and out.

On the dance floor, he took her in his arms, and she rested her head against his chest.

Oh…she was in heaven!

Tingles erupted over her whole body, her head got all hazy, her mouth dry. She hadn’t felt so giddy in ages.

It had to be the song.

Pressed close, she swayed to the music, the song’s beat melding with the sounds of his heart thumping in her ear and his breath whooshing in and out.

She fought to catch her own breath, fought to slow her own heart, fought to find her brain. A thought surfaced from the mire and, like a blinking beacon, it kept flashing through her mind.
Fuck him! Fuck him! Fuck him!

Her pussy warmed.

“Allie?” His voice was deep and rich, like expensive chocolate.

She tipped her head to look at him. Those soft baby blues were incredible. Gray-blue with flecks of gold, they reflected sincerity. Kindness. Raw sex appeal. Her heart did a little happy dance. “Hm?”

“Thanks for rescuing me…” His gaze lingered at her eyes for a moment then wandered over the rest of her face, and her skin heated.


Body Chemistry

She felt her lips curling into a smile as genuine joy blossomed in her heart…and genuine desire burned between her legs. “My pleasure.”
Kiss me!

“John’s joke’s gone a little too far.”

She licked her lips as she watched his mouth form each word. Why hadn’t she ever noticed his lips before? They were very nice. Not so thin they looked like tight lines.

Some guys had very thin lips. She closed her eyes and imagined his mouth on her neck, breasts, pussy.
Oh, yeah!

“Do you know anything about it? What did John pay all those women?”

Breathless, aflame from head to toe, she fought to speak. “I don’t know anything about a joke. John wasn’t here.” Her gaze wandered lower to his jaw, to the beginning of a five o’clock shadow. It gave him a rugged, bad boy look.

At the moment, that bad boy look was very appealing. Her achingly empty pussy clenched and another wave of warmth crashed through her body. “You should take a day off from shaving,” she suggested.

He lifted his hand to his face. “Why?”

“The stubble’s very sexy.”

He grabbed her upper arms and shoved her away, holding her at arm length. “Not you, too!”

Shocked and desperate to get close again, she screeched, “What?”

“Are you part of the joke, too?”

“No. I told you, I don’t know anything about a joke.” She leaned toward him.

“Please! Let’s dance. I’m enjoying this.”

“Just tell me you’re here because you want to be.”

She nodded emphatically. “Believe me, I wanna be.”

He pulled her closer again, and she sighed. Still, even though her boobs were flattened against his rib cage and her mound was grinding against his thigh, that wasn’t enough.

She wanted him, and she wanted him now. “Of course, if you want to know for sure, you could check under the skirt.”

She felt him stiffen against her, and she looked up. And then, knowing she’d probably never get a chance like this again, she reached up, pulled on his neck, stood on her tippy toes…and planted her mouth smack-dab on his.

His mouth was as stiff as the rest of him for a moment. Then, as she slowly, softly, slid her lips over his, they relaxed. She poked her tongue out, teasing his mouth, then bit oh-so-gently on his lower lip.

His deep groan reverberated through her body and her knees got wobbly. His hands dropped to her waist and her heart climbed into her throat. He slipped his tongue into her mouth, and her pussy pulsed.


Tawny Taylor

Her body sang the “Halleluiah Chorus”. Her spirit drank in his every touch. Her soul wept with joy. And the echo of applause sounded in her ears.

And then he broke the kiss, and bewildered, dizzy, horny as hell, she looked around.

The music had stopped. A group had gathered around them. And every single person was applauding them.

She raised her hands in triumph and waved.

“Do you want to leave?” Lukas asked her in a clipped voice.

“Yep. Just give me a minute. Don’t leave without me.”

He mopped his forehead with a tissue. “Believe me, I won’t.”

Hating to leave his side, but knowing she must, she ran to Carlee’s last known location. Sure enough, she hadn’t moved. In fact, she was passed out in a chair.

At least she couldn’t hurt anyone.

Allie made arrangements with Judy to get Carlee a ride home, and Judy begrudgingly obliged. Then she returned to Lukas. “Okay. I’m ready.”

This time his smile was more than convincing. It stretched from one ear to the other.

“So am I. Let’s go.”


Body Chemistry

Chapter Three

Good God! She couldn’t keep her hands off of him, or her thoughts out of the gutter…and every minute was priceless. Accepting a ride home from him, and quite certain he hadn’t been drinking, she let her mischievous hands wander from her lap to his, and to the very large, very warm lump between his legs.

When she rubbed, his neck got a little longer.

She’d bet that wasn’t the only thing that lengthened.

He cleared his throat. “I hope you don’t mind coming to my place. It’s small, but close.” He glanced her way at a red traffic light. “And close seems to be the key word at the moment.”

She scooted in the seat, until her skirt inched up her thighs. “Yes, close.” Then she took his hand off the stick—thank God he drove an automatic—and dropped it in her lap. “I’m very close.”

He dropped his head on the steering wheel, and the horn sounded, making them both jump. She laughed. He didn’t. When a horn blared behind them, he hit the gas and they rocketed down the street.

“Only a few more blocks.”

“Good. Then I won’t need these for long.” She reached up under her skirt and slipped her thong off, then dropped it on the dashboard in front of him.

Two white-knuckled fists gripped around the steering wheel, he gasped. “Sweet Jesus!”

“You know…” She resumed rubbing his cock. “I’ve been watching you for months.

And I’ve heard the quiet ones are wild. Are you wild?”

He visibly swallowed, and she sucked in another chuckle. She’d never felt so bold, so brazen, and damn it was great!

“I wouldn’t call myself wild, but I hold my own.”

“I hope you’ll be holding something else very soon.”

He stopped at a stop sign, and looked her square in the eye. “I will. In about five seconds.”

She parted her legs. “Good. One one-thousand, two one-thousand…”

She didn’t get any further. His mouth crushed hers in a wild kiss, practically knocking the wind out of her. His tongue thrust inside, probing and stroking, as a hand went right to her pussy.

As he found her clit and drew tight circles over it, she moaned into his mouth. “Oh, yes!”


Tawny Taylor

Behind her eyelids, lights flashed. Horns sounded.

Then he broke the kiss. “Oh, shit!” He hit the gas again. “I just need to get us home.


Her legs parted, her pussy still burning from his touch, she asked, “Then what?”

“Then, all bets are off…and clothes too. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.”

“You have? With me?” She felt her heart melting. What a sweetie!

Nodding, he pulled the car into a driveway. “You have no idea.” His hands visibly trembling, he put the car into park, shut it off, and opened his door. “Wait right here.”

She waited. How sweet. A guy who still believed in old-fashioned manners.

He opened the door and offered her a hand out, and she accepted. Then he fumbled with the key in the front door, pushed it open, and waited for her to enter the dark house. No sooner were they both inside and the door closed, she was tossed over his shoulder and hauled through the living room to the bedroom.

She giggled as she bounced on his shoulder.

She had to give it to him. He knew how to take control.

He dropped her on the bed, flipped on a small bedside lamp, and a warm yellow glow cut through the inky blackness.

“Good, just enough light to see, without being too glaring.” In small doses, light was good. “Now what?” she asked, panting under his wandering gaze.

He climbed on the bed, a knee on each side of her ankles, and in one swift motion removed her skirt.

Lying naked from the waist down, she felt her blood pounding through her heart and his legs tensing against her. This man, with his ill-fitting clothes and sexy bad-boy stubble, was going to make her come without even touching her!

He was a god!

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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