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Finding Us (Finding #2)

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Finding Us

Finding Us

Shealy James

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Finding Us

Shealy James

This one’s for you, Karl. Happy endings aren’t possible without the help of good friends who push us to be brave and feel without fear.

Chapter 1




The winter sun snuck past the curtains and woke me from a deep sleep. I had been dreaming about her like I always did, but this time was different. This time didn’t end with her walking away or with her being just out of reach. This time she was safely in my arms when I woke.

When I actually opened my eyes, I was in Maggie’s bed at her parent’s house with the sleeping beauty,
sleeping beauty, wrapped in my arms just like in my dream. It was early, and even though we hadn’t slept much, I couldn’t ignore the sun that was shining through the heavy silk curtains that adorned her wall of windows. I tried to shift my body to block the light, but all I succeeded in doing was waking Maggie.

She stirred then asked sleepily, “What time is it?”

Her warm breath spread across my chest making me instantly harder than my morning usual.
Not now Captain,
I mentally scolded my manhood before I kissed her hair and shifted him away from the girl he was aiming for. We had been fighting with this routine for months now, and the last thing I wanted to do was scare the sweet, innocent girl in my arms away with my excitement rubbing against her leg.

“Early. Go back to sleep.” I kissed the top of her head and pulled her in closer to my side.

Maggie let out a deep breath and lifted her head. “I don’t want Daddy to catch you in here. Maybe we should get up and go for a run.”

Her forehead was creased with worry, so I gently smoothed the lines then traced down her cheeks that had turned pink from the attention I was giving her. “I hate to break it to you, babe, but I think your dad knows. Remember he was the one who told me to go after you and then hours later told Max that I was his future son-in-law. I think he’s on board with us getting together.”

“Hmm…maybe,” she sighed. “What happened to the Parker that just hooks up with girls? This new and improved Parker might be too good to be true.” Maggie smirked as if she was joking, but I could see the question in her eyes when she added, “I don’t know if I believe it yet.”

It had become my mission months ago to erase even the slightest insecurity about me in her head. I pulled her to me and gently bit her bottom lip then quickly kissed it when she yelped playfully. “You better believe it. You’re mine, Mags.” This time my kiss was unmistakably possessive, my hand in her hair and her mouth hard against mine with my tongue sliding against hers as soon as her lips parted.

I kissed down her cheek and neck and reveled in the reaction her body was having until she said, “Not to be Debbie Downer or anything, but what about Alexis and Brandi and Callie and whomever else you had on the side?”

I froze before pulling away.

In an attempt to ignore the frustration that immediately threatened to rise to the surface and transform into anger, I took a breath before speaking again. We hadn’t addressed the elephant in the room, well this elephant anyway. These things had to be talked out or Maggie and I would never make it. My girl was a thinker. I wasn’t foolish enough to think we could sweep my shameful past under the rug. She needed more than that. She needed to understand everything. Maggie was nothing if not logical, and she needed to talk things out. After what I had put her through over the last few years, she at least deserved the opportunity to do just that.

“You know I haven’t seen any of them since last year. I’ve been trying to change Maggie, or haven’t you noticed? I want to be everything you saw in me. I’ve been playing the piano again and dealing with missing my mom instead of ignoring it like you suggested. I haven’t been drinking nearly as much, and I certainly haven’t been hooking up with anyone. You’ve been in my bed every night, and although my instincts have told me to rip your clothes off and have my way with you, I’ve been a perfect gentleman. I love you, and I want to be with you more than anything. You’re my music now, Mags. What the guitar once did for me, I now find in you.”

She smiled up at me, a million dollar smile that would have the toughest of men bending over backwards to see that smile again. “Ok.”

“Ok?” I asked surprised. That was too easy. Most girls would be giving me a harder time to prove myself.

. I just wanted to make sure. In all the talking we have done we hadn’t touched the subject of the girls from your past. I just wanted to hear your thoughts. I didn’t doubt your feelings for me. I love you Parker. I’m just not sure if I could take it if this wasn’t real.”

“It’s real, baby, very real.” As my lips found hers again, I could feel hope blossoming between us. As cheesy as it sounded, I knew Maggie was meant for me from the moment I saw her in my dorm room that first day when Max and I moved in there. It wasn’t something I could identify then, but she threw me through a loop that I never knew existed. Suddenly I was questioning everything I knew about myself. At the time I hadn’t been ready to admit it to myself, let alone anyone else, but after everything, I now felt ready to scream it from the rooftops.
I’m in love with
Maggie Miller!

Unfortunately, our newfound bliss only lasted until breakfast. We all had to head back to school and face the reality of our last semester of college. As we climbed in the car, we all seemed a little downtrodden about the end of our undergraduate years.

Max slammed the trunk of his car once he had pulled out the last of his and Becca’s bags. We had just arrived back at the house we had all shared for the last two years and were all moving in a quiet zombie-like state after our weekend away. “Did that trip seem more depressing than usual?”

“Yeah,” Maggie agreed. “Remember how excited we were the first time we packed the car to come here? Now it just seems like the beginning of the end.”

We knew change was coming, and we were trying to live it up in the mean time. This meant that I played more with the band during our last semester. I had always liked playing with them but could never make it a priority. With soccer over and the end of college hanging over my head, it was really my last chance to let loose and let my rocker roots out to play.

Of course Maggie and I also spent a lot of our time together at our house or at our favorite spot, the Bold Eagle Tavern, with our roommates, Sarah and Max, and Max’s girlfriend, Becca. The five of us were a unit, so they also came up to The Ale House, the bar where the band played, most weekends.

It was bittersweet trying to make the most of our last few months together. Maggie always said we were a little family, and she was having a harder time with the pending change than I was. Max, Sarah, and Becca were her other best friends. She and Max had been friends practically since birth, so I understood why she was already worrying about him moving out. She had never lived without him close by. I, on the other hand, couldn’t look past the fact that we would have a lot more privacy without Max’s bedroom right next-door and Sarah across the hall.

Privacy was definitely necessary now that Maggie and I were finally together. Things had moved forward more quickly than I had anticipated, and I craved alone time with her. After more than three years of wanting her but never thinking I could have her, she was finally mine. It was hard to hold back with her, but Maggie was inexperienced. I wasn’t about to pressure her or try anything before she was ready. In my mind we had time, forever in fact. Apparently she had other ideas.

It started with our kisses becoming more and more heated, which led to experimental touching on her part. I was going crazy trying to be good, and cold showers wore out their welcome, especially after the first night her fingers trailed across the waistband of my boxers. Her hands on me drove me to madness. They gently roamed everywhere but where I wanted them to go. She wanted to explore and was unsure about going too far. I wanted her to grab hold and go for it. I didn’t think it would ever happen with her, but I wasn’t about to say anything to scare her away. Unfortunately every time she touched me, I was getting more and more certain that I was going to have blue balls for the next year or so, not that I would ever complain as long as I still had her.

Turns out I didn’t have to say anything. Nor did I have to worry about blue balls. The first weekend back at home after New Year’s, Maggie was in a pair of shorts that were worn and thin. It was January for fuck’s sake, and she couldn’t bother to put on some hideous flannel pajamas that revealed nothing. Those tiny shorts left little to my imagination when paired with a tiny tank top thingy that just barely covered her perfect breasts that I was sick of imagining. It was time to see, touch, and taste.

After months of abstinence, I was in big trouble already. To make things worse, my boxers weren’t hiding anything when we started kissing and she pressed her perfect little body against the length of mine. There was definitely not enough fabric between us. My sense of sight was limited, but my hands started drifting with a mind of their own, and I could feel every curve and dip in her tight body. My hands ran down her back and then cupped her firm ass pulling her close to me and pressing her into the raging hard-on I could no longer control. When she felt it, she stopped and gave me a coy smile then started kissing me again. I rolled on top of her, and she wrapped her legs around me to pull me down to her and dug her fingers into my back. She wanted to feel me. It was getting to the point where I wasn’t sure if I could stop if we kept going, so I forced myself to pull away.

“What are you doing?” she asked. It didn’t escape my notice that she was breathing heavily and her cheeks were a little flushed. I had always unintentionally noticed
about Maggie, and even this moment was no different. It was both a gift and a curse. I was leaning more towards curse in a moment like this

“If we keep this up, I won’t be able to stop.” I was miserable having to stop, but Maggie was my girlfriend and my future, not to mention a virgin. I had to keep reminding myself of that and the fact that I couldn’t rush with her. “Babe, I’m willing to wait until you’re ready. We’re in no rush.”

“I want to do things with you. I want you, Parker,” she whispered as her hands continued to roam my chest and back.

“Are you sure?” My arms were shaking as I physically restrained myself from her body.

“Parker, I have known you and wanted you for almost four years. I’m ready for this.” She flexed her hips forcing a groan out of me.

I buried my face in her neck. “Let’s not jump the gun. We just got together, and I’ll hurt you if we go too fast. We’ll get there, but for now…slow.”

I pressed my lips against hers, and then slowly moved down her neck. She was very responsive. I could feel her arching her back into me. I slid my hand under her shirt teasing her sides at first, touching her everywhere but where she wanted to be touched.

“Parker,” she pleaded, breathing heavily.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get there.”

I kissed down her neck and her chest, nipping, licking, and gently biting her. She squirmed beneath me and pressed her fingers into my back pulling me close to her. I moved my hand further up her shirt and continued teasing her. She let me push her shirt up further, so I could kiss up her belly to her breasts. I gently bit her, and her body writhed under me. She made quiet noises that made me harder than I thought was possible. I was aching to be inside of her, but I wasn’t willing to hurt Maggie.

“You ok?” I asked when I made my way back up to her neck.

“Yes,” she breathed.

I pulled her up to take her shirt off, and I laid my body down to feel her pressed against my bare chest. I kissed her deeply, passionately, and she laced her fingers through my hair pulling my head closer to her. I pressed my hips harder between her legs, and she whimpered, encouraging me to flex my hips again.

“You are so beautiful, Maggie, so perfect.”

“Parker,” She breathed as she pressed her hips up against me.

I continued to kiss and suck and work my way down her body. I moved off of her to the side, so I could have better access to her. My hand led the way between her legs. I rubbed up her right thigh before moving in between them where I could tell how turned on she was. I pressed on her and her hips shot off the bed.

“Do you like that?” I asked against her neck.

She moaned quietly. I moved my hands inside her ridiculous shorts and continued to explore her with my fingers. “Do you want me to-”


Her eagerness made me smile. I kissed her as I moved my hand inside her panties. I could really feel how much she wanted me, and my body reacted accordingly. After exploring her body and paying close attention to what her body showed me she liked, I kept touching her like that until I heard her breath hitch and felt her body tense all around me. Her eyes snapped shut and she bit her lip before letting out a deep shudder. She came, and I smiled watching her.
That’s my girl!
I slowly moved my hand down her leg then back up her body before moving back between her legs to continue my exploration of her body while she still recovered.

She smiled and pulled me down to her lips. That one orgasm made her brave because her hand moved down to the painful erection that my boxers were hardly containing. She rubbed me gently and smiled shyly.

“You know I’ve never done this, right?”

I smiled at her innocence. There was no doubt I loved that I was the only guy who had ever touched her, the only guy she trusted enough to do so. On the other hand the thought that I was going to be the one to take all of that innocence away was terrifying but not terrifying enough to stop what she was doing.

BOOK: Finding Us (Finding #2)
6.86Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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