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3 weeks later


He went down in one hit. I grit my teeth, I’d hoped the
arsehole would have taken a couple more hits before he conceded so easily. I
needed to hurt some fucker and the twat who had assaulted one of the NSC
runners was a drug to my need. However, the prick was a small fry, a mockery of
a man who could only hurt women and gave me no satisfaction nor fed my rage.

“Take him down to my office and wait with him until the
police arrive,” I ordered Denny, one of the security men under my command. He
gave me a nod before he and another guy dragged him away.

“You okay?” my dad asked, his eyes narrow and questioning.

I nodded and rolled my head around my neck as I rubbed at
my temples, “Yeah, just a headache. I’m fine.”

He acknowledged my lie but I knew he didn’t believe it.
“You okay to take Mary down to personnel?”

I knew what he was asking and the skip in my heart with
the mention of taking the poor girl who had been assaulted to see Beatrice to
make an official complaint verified that my soul knew it too. “Yep.”

Mary smiled awkwardly at me as I led her to the elevator.
“You alright, love?”

She swallowed before her knees gave way and she went down
like a lead weight.


The lift doors opened and the mass of people waiting to
enter shifted to one side as I stepped out onto the human resources floor with
Mary in my arms.

“Oh great!” Fran groaned as she directed me to the
medic’s room. “Pop her on the bed and I’ll bleep the doc. Can you nip to my
office and let them know what’s going on?”

I nodded, glancing at Mary before I left and strolled
down the corridor. My feet weren’t sure if they wanted to go fast or slow, my
need to see Bea overcome by nerves. I’d heard she was back at work but I had
yet to cross paths with her after what happened at my house a few weeks back.

My skin tingled and I breathed out a frustrated sigh. I
needed my fix but Belinda was currently holidaying with her friend in Spain. I
knew I’d have to visit the Black Panther soon or I’d tear off the skin on my
back myself.

My hand hovered over the office door handle and just as I
took a deep breath the door opened and Robbie stood staring at me. “Can I help
you, Carter?”

I lifted both brows at his look of disgust. “Again,” I
growled with disdain, “I am looking for the organ grinder, why you keep
thinking you’re important enough to deal with me is beyond my comprehension.”

He scoffed, his mouth opening in shock at my statement.
“Who the fuck do you think you are, Carter? Just cos’ daddy gave you a job when
everyone else in this country was wise enough not to doesn’t give you the right
to look down on everyone else!”

I smirked at him hoping to God that the fucking arrogant
bastard was ready for a fight because I certainly was. “Aww, I think someone’s
a tad jealous that I managed to get into Bea’s knickers when….”


I closed my eyes and growled low when Beatrice screamed
at me from the confines of her office. I had forgotten all about her sat
listening to us. Robbie had that effect on everyone in NSC and the stories I’d
heard about him made me dislike him even more. The twat had come on to all the
female employees in the building, and it seemed Beatrice was his latest objective.

Surprisingly, Robbie grinned at me, something in his eyes
making the beat of my heart still. He leaned towards me, his rancid breath
trickling over the skin of my neck and making me shudder with revulsion. “Ahh,
I think you need to catch up with Miss Vine. Seems you weren’t quite good
enough to keep her stunning little pussy sated…”

He went down in one punch – much to my disappointment,
yet I wasn’t surprised with the force of my fist in his face. Blood trickled
from his nose as Beatrice screamed loud and shot out of her chair. She gasped
when I snatched hold of her arm as she bent to aid Robbie. “Have you fucked
this… fucking bonehead?”

She froze yet didn’t look at me. Her knees were bent
halfway, her face fixed on Robbie. I could feel the guilt and self-hatred
pouring from her. My stomach vaulted and I hissed with rage. “For fucks sake!”
I roared as my fingers bit harder into her flesh. “What the fuck is wrong with

She turned her face to look at me. My whole body
stiffened as my heart stopped. The tears in her eyes weren’t what held my heart
in my throat, nor was it the hollowness of her eyes or the sallowness of her
skin – it was the huge bruise covering her right eye and the dark purple mark
over her right cheekbone that turned my soul to ice. It was obvious she had
tried to camouflage it with make-up but it glared at me like a bloody beacon in
the night.

“Beatrice?” My voice was choked as I released her arm and
reached for her face. She jolted back, falling onto her backside as she
attempted to shuffle back from me, her hands and feet moving frantically as she
scurried backwards on the floor. I chased her, dropping to my knees when her
back hit the wall and she couldn’t escape further. “Beatrice?”

“Leave me alone,” she hissed as she turned her face to
the side, trying to hide her bruises.

“Who did this?”

Her head shook wildly. “Leave – me – alone!” The pain in
my gut at the sight of her abuse made me wince involuntarily. She turned her
face slowly to mine, the desolation in her eyes mirroring my own. “Please Jay.
I told you to cut me out!”

“I can’t!” I whispered when she finally allowed me to
touch her, my hand cupping her beaten face tenderly. “I can’t.”

Her eyes saddened and lowered. “You must. I’m not the Beatrice
you fell in love with anymore. I’m a different person, and believe me, you
won’t want to see who I have become.”

“You’re wrong,” I disputed, “You’re just hurting Bea. You
need to move past this.”

She laughed with so much bitterness that I had to swallow
back the bile that rushed up my throat. “Move past it?” She shook her head and
scoffed. “I can’t move past it you fool. It’s inside me now, it’s buried so
deep in my soul that it owns me. It’s who I am now.” She smirked with a glint
in her eye that made me shiver with the ice radiated around us. “And I happen
to like the new Beatrice Vine. I respect the animal inside me because it’s the
only thing that gets me through the day, Jay.”

I stared at her for a moment, stunned by her revelation.
“Where has all this hatred come from?”

She laughed again before she leaned forward towards me, her
sweet breath whispering over my mouth. “I’d rather hate than hurt.” Her words
were cold and full of misery, identical to the truth in her eyes.

I nodded slowly, moving away quickly before she saw the
horror cover my face. Spinning round I walked to the door, stepping over the
prick that was still laid unconscious. “You’re wrong, hurt makes your heart
beat, Beatrice,” I whispered, blinking back the tears, “I should know.”

I left her mute and staring as I walked away.




The Black Panther was bristling when I walked in that
night. My blood was already bubbling with anticipation and need, the craving
for pain becoming more and more unbearable by the second.

“Jay!” William greeted me with his customary huge white
smile and a hefty slap on the back. “Haven’t seen you for a while. How are

“I’m… good.”

One of his eyebrows raised with the sound of my voice,
his amazing ability to read people and what they needed securing a future in
his business. “Are you after both tonight? Give
take?” I closed my
eyes, blowing out the breath I seemed to have held inside for weeks and nodded.
He nodded in reply, understanding what I desired. “We have a new girl tonight.
Are you okay with her or would you rather wait until Valerie is free?”

I shook my head, clenching my fists at the hunger
building inside me. “The new girl will do.”

William nodded and smiled. “It’s still all new to her so
go steady,” he chuckled as he directed me up the stairs and along the corridor
to the last door. “I can see you’re eager, I’ll let you get on and we’ll fill
in the forms when you’re done.”

“Thank you. The girl’s name?”


“And her thing?”

“The whip, as you. I wouldn’t partner you with just
anyone, Jay. We know each other. I know you and what you like, trust me.” He
grinned as he tapped me on the shoulder and walked back down the corridor.

The room was dull, the lighting subdued when I walked in
and softly closed the door behind me. My dick jumped in my trousers with the
sight of the girl. Her back was to me, her wrists already secured to the
dangling chain and her long blonde hair was brushed over her shoulder in a
plait. Her curves were delicious, her arse rounded with a layer of womanly
softness. Her back was already marred badly and I frowned as I moved towards
her. It was obvious her previous sessions under the tools had been administered
by an amateur and I growled under my breath at how the cunt had massacred her
supple skin.

She remained quiet but I could sense her anxiety, after
all it was her first time with me. She shivered under me as I ran my finger
down the centre of her spine, my touch igniting her hunger as she writhed and
started to pant eagerly.

“Sshhh,” I breathed as I ran the tip of my nose along her
shoulder. The familiarity of her scent sent my heart rate into overdrive and my
legs wobbled when awareness slammed into me. For a long moment I couldn’t draw
breath, my lungs solidifying with disbelief as my mouth dried and my tongue swelled

But as I grabbed her arms and spun her round, shock found
my voice and I cried out, “BEA!”



I stared wide eyed at Jay, my heart beating out of my
chest. His shock was transparent, his disgust and upset evident as his sad eyes
fixed onto my resolute ones. I couldn’t allow him to see my hunger or my
devastation. Why couldn’t anything in my life run smoothly? I’d heard about the
Black Panther from a few friends and I had hoped it would be the place I needed
to stop this thing inside that was killing me. Robbie, although reluctant at
first, had attempted to give me what I had asked for but his lack of experience
and pig-headedness had seen him gorge the flesh from my back without giving me
the relief I needed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jay roared at me, the rage
on his face matching that in my soul.

“Get off me!” I struggled beneath his hold but because my
hands were restrained above my head it gave Jay the upper hand over me.

His fury was palpable, his whole face red and furious as
his tense body vibrated with an anger I had never seen in him. He was breathing
heavily, his chest heaving with each of his substantial breaths. “Is this what
you meant?

I didn’t answer him, I couldn’t voice any words with the
pressure in the atmosphere around us.

“IS IT?” he screamed as he shook me.

“I don’t…” I choked out, shaking my head as reluctant
tears started to form with the contempt he spat at me with.

“The animal!” he spat, his teeth bared as he growled at
me. “The animal inside you?”

I nodded, unable to answer as my throat constricted.

“You stupid…” He halted, his eyes fierce on me before
they swung to the wall where the instruments hung in the dark BDSM room within
the Panther. For a moment I witnessed the dilemma in his gaze, the need and the
denial fighting against the other but I shivered when a cold glaze bled down
his eyes and he cranked his shoulders straight, his hateful gaze shifting back
to me. “Is this what you want?”

I was stunned by the sudden shift in his mood, my lips
parted to allow the hefty inhales of oxygen struggling to keep me calm. I knew
to Jay this was serious, he relished in and hungered for pain, to both give and
receive it yet for a brief moment I questioned myself, whether or not it would
stop this hate inside me. I wasn’t sure if it was actually what my soul called
for but when I saw the hope and desire in Jay’s expression, I nodded. I needed
to give him something for all the pain I had caused, and at that second, I knew
it was what he needed.

“This isn’t a game, sugar,” he mocked with a slight
amused smirk.

Glaring at him, I braced myself and gave him a firm nod.
“This is what I want.”

He regarded me with questioning eyes for a minute as we
both stared at the other, however when he finally moved and strolled across the
room towards the whips and canes, my heart ceased to beat in my chest and my
soul sat down and wept. What had I become? What was inside me that would allow

“Safe word!” Jay barked at me.

I blinked, confused for a moment. I knew what a safe word
was but I was surprised by his request for one. “I’m sorry, what?”

He sighed loudly then scoffed, “I gather by the state of
your skin that your previous partner didn’t have any knowledge of one. Tell me
what your safe word is Beatrice!” His voice was cold, unfamiliar and I shivered
by his lack of empathy. Gone was the soft and gentle man who had once caressed
my heart and soul, now a dark and evil man took his place, a man that had
removed his emotions to do what needed doing. I took heed from him and shut
down my own spirit, refusing sentiment and meaning to push in.

“Dragonfly,” I whispered as I closed my eyes and allowed
my soul to shift away.

He paused then nodded. “Dragonfly it is.”

Then he moved behind me.

And then he rained hell upon my soul with each thrash
upon my skin and each union of leather and flesh. His hits were hard but
regulated, firm but yielding and after the first agonising fifteen lashes I
started to feel the pain merge into something new, something arousing and
stimulating. My heart beat quickened the rush of blood through my veins with
each of Jay’s fierce cries every time he brought down his arm and gave me what
he had desired for so long to give me. My skin became hyper-sensitive, each
flay building the pressure inside me until I started to shiver with each beat,
my screams subsiding into erotic groans of something sexual and raw.

Jay’s deep pants morphed into similar moans of ecstasy as
we both let go and lost ourselves to the other. The world and air disappeared
around me and everything that had grieved my mind was lost to the heat bursting
through my bones and the bliss controlling every nerve ending within my body.

Suddenly, my hands were snapped free, my body falling
until I was hoisted upright and dragged across the room. Jay bent me abruptly
over a frame of wood that was shaped like an upside-down ‘V’. He bound my hands
to the joint at the top and then yanked at my legs, tying each one to the
sides, the positon opening my legs widely. Pushing at my back he forced my face
to the wood, the action lifting my bottom high in the air.

I squealed when a sharp crack burnt the skin on my arse,
the pain radiating from it making me gasp. Another harsh whoosh through the air
told me the cane he had started to use was coming again and I braced myself,
this time readying for it. The hot smarting pain it left behind made me cry out
but he pasted me over and over until I was screaming with the pain, my heart
hurting with his cruelty. I had thought I could handle the darkness within us
both, but I hadn’t realised what exactly controlled Jay deep down inside. With
each of his enraged shouts as he lashed me it was evident this was exactly what
lay beneath his soul, the sadist inside him allowed for the first time to be
free with a women he had prayed for.

“Jay!” I screamed when the willow of the cane tore into
my flesh, the itch of blood trickling down my thighs making me sob louder.

I couldn’t breathe, the agony now unbearable as my whole
body wept in pain. But still Jay gave me the punishment we both knew I
deserved. However, that was nothing to what was to come and when I saw him
throw down the cane and I heard the yanking of his zip, I allowed myself to
feel again.

His cock thrust inside me and the agonising roar that
burst from Jay with our connection made my blood heat and my belly throb. My
mind was in turmoil, the amazing sensation of having him inside me grappling
with the heat of pain on my skin. His fist twisted in my hair and he yanked it
hard, the blazing heat across my skull making me cry out but his deep fierce
thrust pushed me away again, his hold on my hair crippling me with a pain that
made my eyes water. But when my orgasm tore through me with a power I had never
felt before, my soul burst with another emotion and another agony.

“You see!” he shouted at me as his fucking deepened and
his brutality powered him into a primal animal that saw no surrender or
compassion. “DO – YOU- SEE – BEATRICE – VINE?” He roared as he drove so hard
inside me I could feel the spill of his cum in my heart, the vicious force of
it detonating another mind-blowing climax to rip through every single one of my

“I see,” I sobbed. “I see it, I bear witness to it like
you always wanted me to!”

He stilled behind me and for the longest time we remained
wordless and numb, both of us trying to figure out what the hell had just
happened. My heart beat pained me, the frantic thud of it making my throat hurt
as I struggled to hold back the emotions drowning me.

“Oh my God,” Jay suddenly choked out, his fingers yanking
at the ropes that tied my body to the frame. “Beatrice? Bea?” he anguished.
“Why the hell didn’t you use your safe word?”

He pulled me round and framed my face with his hands, the
despair on his face showing that his humanity had returned and his dark side
once more had been sated. “Because I didn’t need it.”

He frowned, his eyes frantically moving over my face as
he checked me for any signs of distress. “What?” It was clear he was shocked
with my answer and when I shifted round and winced at the pain in my buttocks
he gently manoeuvred me until I was laid on my stomach on the deep thick rug in
the room. “Keep still,” he demanded as he crossed the room and snatched up a
tub of ointment that was housed on a high shelf beside other medical balms.

“I don’t understand why you didn’t say it,” he mumbled
again as he delicately applied a layer of soothing cool cream to my bottom.
“You should have said it, Bea.”

“Why?” I asked as I peered over my shoulder to look at
the guilt on his face.

“Because…” he swallowed, “Look at what I’ve done to you.”

“We both asked for it, Jay. I asked for it and you needed
it. Why would I say the word when it was a word to make you stop?”

“You didn’t want me to stop”? He looked confused as his
eyes lifted to mine.

I sighed but smiled, “I know how to use a safe word Jay Carter.
I might be a dumb blonde at times but I’m not entirely daft.”

He quirked an eyebrow and smirked. “I dunno, sugar, you
bedded Robbie the fucking lame reindeer!” He tried to make it sound like a joke
but I could see the hurt on his face.

Shifting around and ignoring the sharp sting to my back,
I reached up and cupped his cheek. “I didn’t screw Robbie, Jay. I couldn’t go
through with it.”

He blinked at me, his head tipping to the side. “But, he

“I know what he said, I heard him. He was winding you up,
and I have to say, he did a good job of it. Yes I admit, I was going to, I
admit I used him. I thought he could give me what I needed but…” I shrugged,
“turned out he couldn’t.” Smiling, I winked at him, attempting to lighten the
mood. “But you did.”

He didn’t smile back though and his finger trailed across
my bruised cheekbone. “Then who did this?”

I winced, turning away from him when shame blushed my


I dragged in a deep breath as I attempted to control the
grief inside me. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Like fuck!” he raged. “Tell me! Tell me!”

“It doesn’t concern you anymore Jay.”

He looked like I had slapped him, his face paling with
both outrage and indignation. “Oh believe me, it does, it so fucking does.”

“Why does it?” I shouted back, his annoyance at how I
lived my own life angering me.

He scoffed, his mouth dropping open before he clenched
his jaw and grasped my arms, pulling me closer to his enraged face. “Because
you’re mine, Bea. You’re mine and I love you. I love you damn it!”

“You shouldn’t love me,” I whispered, finally unable to
control the grief inside me as a heartbroken sob broke free. “I’m damaged Jay,
I’m ruined and dead from the inside.”

“No,” he cried back, his own tears now spilling down his
face. “No you’re not, you’re just hurt and angry at life. You’ve been through
so much, Bea. Noah, rape and then… what that bastard did to you. There’s no
wonder you’re angry, you should be furious!”

I scoffed, shaking my head slowly. “How can I be furious
when I’m tired? I don’t have any energy to be furious, Jay. I’m tired, I’m so

He huddled me up, pulling me against his strong chest and
attempted to soothe my distress when it came in great big heaving waves, the
hatred and misery granted freedom and tearing my soul in two. But Jay held it
together with soft kisses and tender words as he rocked me against the
explosion of my devastation. His strong arms protected me from myself when I
clung to him and let everything that was locked inside me free, hope and
aspiration taking over until my sobs died and my heart once again beat inside

“Come home with me,” Jay pleaded when I quietened in his
arms. I looked up at him but didn’t answer. “You need to repay the favour.” I
frowned and shook my head in puzzlement. He stroked his finger over my back.
“It’s my turn.”

“But…” My gut twisted and I grimaced. “I’m not sure I

He smiled and ran his thumb over my jawline. “You can
still use your safe word if it becomes too much but I need you, Bea. Please.”

I swallowed. He had given me what I’d begged him to and
as I looked up at his hopeful expression, I nodded. “Okay.” I whispered.

Taking my hand in his, he pulled me up off the floor. “Thank
you. You’ll see that it’s what I want when you bear the whip, sugar. You won’t
hurt me, I promise. I’ll be yours to command.”

I smiled at his eagerness, took a deep breath and allowed
him to once again lead me into the depths of his forbidden pleasure.

BOOK: Forbidden Pleasures (NSC Industries Book 11)
9.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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