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Her Stepbrothers Are Aliens

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Her Stepbrothers are Aliens
© 2015 by Trinity Blacio


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Chapter One


Lea Clark sat in her large office in Cleveland, Ohio and stared out at Lake Erie, still not believing that her mother had remarried again and to whom. No, he wasn’t your normal foreigner from a different country; the man was actually from a different planet. “Aliens, jeez mom, only you.”

“Aliens, where?” her receptionist and best friend, Tara asked, glancing around the room, before shutting the office door and coming in. “I came in here to tell you there are two very, very hot men waiting to see you outside and you’re talking aliens? Are you okay?” Tara asked.

“Shut up, dork, I’m fine. I was comparing mom’s new husband to aliens. I mean come on, it’s her fourth husband and this one has actually been with mom for over two years. Can you believe it?” Lea shook her head.

“Nope, and you’re right, he has to be an alien to put up with her,” Tara teased. “But he takes care of her?” Tara asked, and Lea nodded.

“Yeah, that is one thing I can say for certain, this man treasures mom. He doesn’t put up with her little tantrums, but he knows how innocent at heart she is. For once I can actually relax and not worry about her, you know?”

At the age of 30, Lea had been taking care of her mom for the last six years, making sure her bills were paid, and that her apartment was cleaned. She never understood how her mother had made it as far as she had in life. But one thing was for sure; her mother had been the best Mom ever. Always there for her and her friends, making sure there was plenty of food for their family even if the dickhead father of hers didn’t do shit but work. Then he had left ten years ago, divorcing her mom, which has almost destroyed her.

She shook her head and smiled at her friend. “Sorry, just still amazed she found someone to take care of her, who actually loves her so much he’d do anything for her. Hence the alien comment. You know how rare it is to find a man, period, but to find one who is an alpha male and caring, nope, very rare. My mom got very lucky.”

“I’m just sorry I missed the wedding, stupid ass mom.” Tara laughed. “Oh well, should I send the gentlemen in?” Tara waved her hand, dismissing the conversation about Lea’s druggy mom.

“Yes, but Tara, drinks at the club tonight?” Tara laughed.

“Oh yeah, I need it after the weekend I had. I’ll call and have Melody and Tina join us.” Straightening her shirt, Tara opened the door, and turned on the professional Tara.

It had always amazed Lea how much her friend could flip a switch and be a totally different person. “Gentlemen, please come in. Ms. Clark will see you now,” she said, holding open her door and turning back to give her a wink.

Lea stood laughing and held out her hand, but all laughter died as the two hottest men she had ever seen came walking into her office, her alien stepbrothers. Damn, did her panties just get wet?

“Yes, they did. I can smell you from here,” Gunner, the oldest brother said, when he walked into the room.

Her best friend gave her a questioning look and she waved her away. “Later Tara. Gunner that was not nice. Sit,” she glared at the man and his younger brother, waiting for them to sit down.

“You have a nice office, you are important here?” Rogue, the youngest asked, going to her large window and looking outside.

“I’m just a small part of this company, but I do hold a somewhat higher position. Now, what can I do for you? Is something wrong with mom?” She looked from Rogue to Gunner.

“No, your mother is fine. My father wouldn’t allow anything to happen to his
. We needed to speak to you and you left before we could.” Gunner sat down on the corner of her desk and stared down at her. “Has my father told you what will happen with your mother now that they are, what is your word for it? Oh, bonded together?”

His dark, almost black, eyes stared at her and she shook her head, plopping down in her seat. “No, what’s going to happen? Is he taking her away? He promised he wouldn’t.” Lea started to jump up out of her seat when Rogue moved behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, squeezing.

“No, he’s not going to take your mother to our world, but he should have told you the effects of the bonding.” Rogue stated from behind.

The lock on her office door clicked and both men released their human facade. The first time she had seen her stepfather’s true form she had been shocked. Sure he was still a stud, but he had purple skin and blue hair and oddly hot fangs that reminded her of characters in the old vampire movies.

“It would be easier if he took her back to our world, but my father won’t because of her love for you. You see, your mother will slowly start changing. She’ll live as long as my father does, and over the years, her skin will change and so will her body. In other words, your mother will not be the 60 year-old you saw last week. Within the next year or two her body will change to what it was when she was at her… peak?” Gunner glanced at Rogue who just shrugged.

“Prime maybe? On this world her prime would have been around 30, I believe.” Rogue stated.

“What? You mean she’ll look like when she was younger?” Both men nodded.

“Yes,” Gunner continued. “That is one of the reasons I think it would be best if they left.”

Tears filled her eyes and she looked down at her lap. “But I wouldn’t be able to see my mom,” she whispered.

“Yes, you would,” Rogue said coming around to stand next to his brother. “We’ll be taking you there when our courtship is done.”

Everything stopped, a single tear rolled down her cheek, as she looked up at the two men. “Courtship? What? I don’t understand,” she whispered.

Gunner leaned down touching his nose to hers. “Yes, you do. You are ours.”




Being the oldest sucked sometimes, but right now Gunner was enjoying it, as he watched the play of emotions over their
as she reacted to his news. Yes, it was extremely rare for him to find his mate so early in life, and to share her with his younger brother was unheard of, but after speaking with the ancients of their world, they had seen it as a blessing. One of the reasons why they had missed it was that their
did not live at his father’s temporary home on this world. But like the woman his father had mated with, Gunner would not leave Lea alone on as cruel a world as Earth. She was not only family to him through his father’s mating, but now would be connected to him through the blood of their children, when they came.

“There is no way. You don’t even know me. What do you mean ‘We’? The both of you?” her last question came out as a squeak.

“Yes. Even though it is rare on our world, the ancient council believes it to be a gift that we both will be joined to you. You’re smart, strong and quite capable of handling two warriors of the king’s line.”

“Well thank you very much, but what about my choice? Do I not get a choice on who I want to be with? Maybe I have someone I’m seeing. Did you ever think of that?” she crossed her arms over her chest, pushing up her lush breasts.

He smiled and nodded to her nipples. “Your body is already seeking us right now, but who is this other man you speak of? We will take care of him.” Gunner stood and stretched. “I haven’t had a good duel in a long time. I wonder if father would allow me to borrow his armor since everything we have is at home?” he glanced over at Rogue.

“I don’t see why not. I don’t want to leave our female to go and get anything. The last time we left, she travelled all by herself across this land and could have been hurt.” His younger brother said, and he nodded.

“You are right and that is why we are here now.” He looked down at their woman and noticed her right eye was twitching. “Are you okay?”

“Get out! How dare you think for one minute you are going to take over my life. I have been on my own for ten years, taking care of my mom and doing quite well.” She stood, placing her hands on her hips.

“And I’ll tell you what. Even if I was seeing someone else, you would not be dueling anyone. What gives you the right to come in here and start throwing out orders!” she shouted so loud her friend outside started to bang on the door.

“Lea, are you alright? Do I need to call security?” she asked, trying to open the door.

“I’m fine Tara, but would you cancel the rest of my appointments for the day? I have some matters at home to take care of,” Rogue stated, using her own voice.

“To her home, I take it,” his brother asked and Gunner nodded.

“Yes, I’ll meet you there. Let me clear the way here,” Gunner said as Rogue covered Lea’s mouth and vanished from the room. Using his gifts, Gunner altered his appearance so that it resembled his human mate’s and headed to the door, his image and the image of his brother’s following behind him.

“Tara, I’ll call you later about that drink,” he mimicked, and waved, getting into the elevator with the illusion of the two men that were not there. As soon as the doors closed, he transported himself to their woman’s home.

His brother glared at their female and rubbed his hand. “She bit me. Our female is lucky we’re not bonded yet or I’d spank her butt. How are we supposed to court her, if she won’t even listen to us?”

Gunner frowned and moved around the room to sit in a chair across from her. “I’m surprised you’re not screaming, if you are so unhappy with us.” he stated staring at her.

“Why waste my breath when it’s obvious you can stop me. So how long am I going to be a prisoner in my own home?” she sat back, glaring at him.

“We do not wish to hold you prisoner. I’m sorry we have offended you somehow. I’m positive my father has informed you what it means for a man from our land to find his
?” he asked.

At that, she got up, and left the room.



Chapter Two


The things these two males had done in the last few hours shocked the crap out of her. Sure, she knew they had some unique abilities, but pretending to be her, even sounding like her, was a little scary. And the question Gunner had asked her still hung in the air as she marched into her bedroom and slammed the door.

She unbuttoned her blouse and threw it over the chair in her bedroom, intending to change into jeans. It was obvious Lea was not going anywhere today, or however long the sexy goons decided to keep her.

“Sexy goons? I don’t know if I should be offended or flattered,” Gunner stated coming into the room.

“What the hell? I locked that door for a reason.” Lea snatched up her pillow and covered her breasts. “This is my private room. You have no right to be in here unless I invite you.”

“You are ours. What is ours is yours and what is yours is ours. You do not need to hide. We will be exploring your body soon enough, but we really need to get this talk done. Do you understand what it means to be our
?” he asked again, ignoring her words.

“Yes! I understand, but you need to give me more time. Courtship takes time and you can’t just barge in to my place of work and kidnap me,” she sat down on the bed and shook her head. “Couldn’t there be a mistake?”

The warrior, Gunner, came over and sat next to her on the bed. “No there is no mistake. When one of us is in close proximity to our mate there is a change in both parties. May I?” He asked, and nodded to her hand.

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