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Lea jumped behind Gunner, burying her face in his back, as a cold chill ran down hers. Her hands gripped his dress shirt and held on, shaking. She didn’t know what it was, but one glance into those eyes and Lea swore she’d never stop shaking. Even her teeth started to rattle.

“Tate, release her now!” Gunner snarled, his muscles tightened under the shirt.

“If she’s your woman then she should have known better than to look at another warrior. You go lax. When I find my woman, she will know the rules and listen to them or she will suffer the consequences.”

A warm body came up behind her and she screamed, afraid. “Easy
, I’ve got you. Release Gunner’s shirt,” Rogue whispered in her ear.

She shook her head as her teeth rattled “I’ll…fall…so…cold…” Lea said.

“Release my daughter now!” Lea heard her stepfather, then her mother’s squeal, before she felt her mom’s hands rubbing her.

“Baby, listen to Rogue. He’ll help you. Take her to our house, Rogue,” her mother said, stepping back when Lea released her hands. At once Rogue caught her and lifted her into his arms, once more vanishing from the place they were.

“You know this disappearing thing…let me know when you’re going to do it, please,” she moaned curling close to him trying to get warm.

“You’ll be warm here in a minute. I’m sorry this happened, little one. It was wrong of Tate to discipline you. It was our job. You had no way of knowing what you were doing,” Rogue said, as he pulled the blanket from her mom’s couch, covering her with it. “Soon your friends will be here along with your mom and my father. We’ll explain things to you.”

“Gunner?” she looked up at Rogue and he leaned down, kissing her nose.

“He’ll be here as soon as he teaches Tate a few lessons about touching what isn’t his.” Rogue tucked the blanket tighter around her. “When there are other warriors around, especially on our world, never look them in the eyes. They will think you are challenging them.” He sat back, pulling her tight against him.

“Our world is tough. Our homes are protected at all times because of the creatures that live there. But it is also very beautiful and supplies us with everything we need. We are well ahead of your times and that of many other worlds. Twice we have had to fight others that wanted our technology, but they were no match for our warriors,” Rogue started rubbing her arms, telling her about his world.

“What do the women do if you are away fighting? Are they allowed out in public? Do you have malls or stores?” She looked up at him; her shakes were not half as bad as they had been.

“We have an underground city where the women can go and meet with other women. It is always guarded. If you wanted to walk in the sun, one of us would have to be with you.” Rogue kissed the top of her head. “Your mother comes with your friends.”




“Baby, are you alright?” her mom came to her, at once sitting next to them on the couch. She leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m fine, Mom, but why is your husband glaring at you?” she asked, noticing her stepfather leaning against the wall watching as the rest of her friends came in.

Her mother waved her hand at him. “He’s just pissed because I kicked that asshole who did this to you. No one hurts my babies.” Her mom looked at her friends who all sat around the living room. “And that includes you all.” She pointed at each of them.

Rogue had gone quiet and was staring at his father. “What?”

Lea glanced at her stepdad. “Krios, what’s going to happen?” Lea turned as Gunner came into the room heading right to them.

He leaned down, lifting her chin with his finger. “Are you alright?” he asked against her lips, kissing them softly.

“I’m fine now. I’m sorry if I caused trouble, I really didn’t know, Gunner,” she rubbed her cheek against his hand, before Lea realized what she was doing. At once she pulled back, frowning. “What is wrong with me? First I hide behind you like a coward, then I act like a love sick cow,” she muttered.

“It’s a normal reaction to your
or mate. Where we come from the man always takes care of his family. The women know when one of them is hurt we will handle the problem.”

“Well I’m sorry, but anyone touches my children, and these are all my children, their going to answer to me.” Her mom got up and went to her husband, placing her hand onto his chest looking up at him. “I trust you Krios, with everything including my children, but for so long it was just me taking care of Lea and her friends, each one of them needing something that their parents didn’t provide. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

Lea could tell mom’s last words were filled with emotion. A single tear ran down her cheek. She tried to get up, but Rogue held her still and shook his head. “Watch,” he whispered into her ear.

Krios placed both of his hands on her mom’s face and kissed away her tears. “Aimee, my little
you didn’t embarrass me and I know it will take time, but you must learn not to confront warriors.” He pulled her into his arms, holding her.

“Did you find out why he was here?” Gunner’s father asked him holing her mother, rubbing her back.

“It would seem our king sent eight of our warriors here to allow them to search for their
. Our king is here himself and would like a meeting with us.”

“I will invite him to our home to have dinner with us tomorrow. Maybe he can find his
. He’s been looking longer then we have.” Krios glanced at her friends. “Please, I’d like you all to stay here for the rest of the week until we find out for sure what is going on. Tara, you have been here before. Show everyone to a room in the west wing. Gunner, I think you three should stay, also. With so many warriors in this area, and the king close, I’m calling in all of the family. I want my family here in case trouble comes. We are too open on this world, if our enemies decide to attack, the humans wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Now wait a minute, I need to work tomorrow,” Lea said.

“Have you forgotten we own the company now? You will stay here with your mother. Tara, consider it a paid day off and Michael, John, not to worry, you will also be paid. Melody, Tina, I will personally contact your places of work for you, but until this is cleared up, I want you all safe here.”

“It’s too bad we can’t just take them home,” Rogue stated and placed Lea on the couch as he stood. “I’ll gather our belongings and bring them here. Michael, John, I’d appreciate it if you would keep an eye out for the women until this is taken care of. I know it is much to ask for you, but we really could use your help.”

“We will do what is needed,” John stood and glanced down at Tara. “I have to make some calls and cancel a few plans. Tara, why don’t you show us where we’ll be staying. Is there any chance we could gather a few things from our homes and meet back here?”

Her stepfather frowned, but nodded. “You should be okay for tonight, but come right back. Maybe each of you could accompany the women to their homes so they can gather what they will need?”

“I’ll go with Tara and help her. She lives close by,” Lea stood, ditching the blanket.

“No,” Gunner stated coming up behind her and put a hand on her arm. “You are not going anywhere. Rogue, take Tara to her home and bring her back first. Then you can gather our things. That way she can leave her car here.”

“You know I can go by myself. I don’t need anyone to protect me,” Tara stood and patted her handbag where Lea knew she kept her pistol.

“You know Bert didn’t want you bringing that in the bar right?” she teased Tara, who just shrugged. “I go nowhere without since…Well you know.”

“She knows what?” her mother turned and gave them both the look.

They both moaned. “You had to open your mouth,” Lea said, shaking her head.

“Mom, don’t worry about it. We took care of it,” Tara stated, walking toward the door, but stopped when Rogue grabbed onto her and disappeared from the room.

Lea laughed. “Okay Tina you go with John, and Melody you go Michael. When you come back we might as well have a pool party. It will help us relax. I’ll go make some snacks for us and stock up the fridge down by the pool. You,” she pointed to Gunner, “follow me. We need to get the loungers out of the shed.”

Gunner crossed his arms, giving her a stare that sent a chill down her spine, but it was a good chill. Her nipples hardened and her panties dampened.

“Damn, he’s got the look too,” Tina shook her head and patted her shoulder. “You are in so much trouble,” she sighed.

“Hey, you’ll meet someone. And who says I’m going to stay with the big goons anyway? Remember this is all new to me, too.” She hugged Tina and then Melody before they left, then turned to deal with Gunner.



Chapter Five


Gunner watched Lea turn and stare at him. With her head cocked to the side, she glanced down at the ground. “Would you please help me get the pool ready?” she asked softly. Behind Lea, her mother snorted.

“I’ll start making some snacks,” she squeaked the last word when her stepfather lifted her mother up in his arms.

“You will help later. Right now you have a punishment coming to you, my little
” his stepfather stated, leaving the room with his stunned wife.

Lea stood there shocked, her gaze on the door where her mother had just left. “Damn,” she whispered and rubbed her legs together. “Exactly what is a punishment in your world?” Lea asked, swallowing, focusing her gaze on the ground in front of her.

“Come here, Lea,” Gunner held open his arms and she slowly walked into them. “I guess it’s not much different than a dominant or a master would do on your world. You would be over my knees, naked, while I spank your round ass. My brother would fuck you with his fingers, tormenting you to the point you were ready to release your pleasure and then you would be denied until you apologized. Over and over we would repeat this process till you accepted your punishment. Then we would spank you and send you to bed till the next day where we would all make love together, forgiving each other. Coming together as one once more.”

She leaned back and looked up at him. “If they were married, or mated, wouldn’t they still be one, even in punishment?” Lea asked.

“In some ways yes. The bond will always be there, but with any type of fight, argument or disagreement a couple shuts down away from their partner. We, as warriors, give our hearts and souls to our
. We won’t have this separation affect our relationship. If it takes all day to reconnect, then it will be all day. We won’t leave your side the next day, showing you how much you are loved and needed.” Gunner bent down and scooped her up in his arms. “Now, you can show me where these chairs are, but you will not be lifting them. I will be doing the work,” he said, moving out of the living room towards the backyard.

Lea said nothing, watching as he lifted and carried out all fifteen loungers. “You never know who will show up. Might as well have them all out,” he had told her, and she had just rolled her eyes. Then, when he thought she was going to turn to go inside, their little woman surprised him by running full out and shoving him into the pool.

Cool water greeted him all the while he was laughing inside, but Gunner hid it well as he broke the surface of the water. Lea stood at the edge of the pool, smiling down at him.

“I figured with you carrying all of those chairs, you had to be hot,” she teased, but the laugh was on her. Rogue slipped up behind her, picked her up, and tossed her into the pool as Tara stood, laughing her head off, but Rogue wasn’t done. Tara soon joined Lea in the pool.

“Brother…” he didn’t get the words out fast enough as Lea’s friend, Tina, came up behind him, pushing him into the water.

“Just so you know we stick together,” Tina raised her head a little bit higher and Lea busted out laughing.

“You go…Watch out…” Lea didn’t get the waring out fast enough as Tina went flying into the pool next.

“You watch out, little sister. Men stick together,” John stated.

Gunner laughed, climbing out of the water and helping Lea out. “You guys stay put. We’ll get the beer and snacks,” she said laughing as John was pushed in by Melody, who carried a tray of food.

“And you watch it because we always get back at you,” Melody laughed, putting out the tray of chips, pretzels, dip, cut up cheese and crackers.

“We have the food and your parents are bringing down the beer along with Michael. So the three of you should go change into swimsuits. You’re a little over dressed.” Her friend teased. “You should put on that suit you got last year. I bet your men would love that.”

“Really? We’ll have to see now, won’t we?” Gunner bent down and swung his frisky mate up over his shoulder, swatting her ass. “Brother, we have a modeling show for us, come.”

“Who says I’m going to model anything? I pick what I want to wear.” She smacked his butt, laughing, and he swatted hers again.

“We’ll see about that, our little
,” Gunner took off knowing exactly where her room was since he had followed her a number of times at the wedding, making sure no one touched what was theirs.




Lea had never laughed so hard, seeing both Rogue and Gunner in the pool. Her sisters had her back no matter what or who was bothering her. Gunner lowered her down, smiling at her.

“Go on, show us this bathing suit that your friend thinks we will like.” Gunner turned her away from him and swatted her ass.

She had to do a double take, glancing back at him. One minute he was dressed in jeans, the next he had on a swimsuit. “What the? How?”

The brothers laughed. “I told you we can do things. Now go, you’re dripping water all over the place.”

“What! Can’t you do your thing and put the suit on me?” she teased.

“Nope, but we can…” At once all of her wet clothes were gone and she was standing there naked as the day she was born.

“Gunner!” she yelled and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door. Lea grabbed a towel and wrapped it around herself. She needed her suit and it sure wasn’t in here. Thank God she’d left most of her bathing suits here since her mom had the pool.

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