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Gunner nodded to their King. His father touched his shoulder. “We will follow in the next few days as soon as things get settled here. Her mother is going to have a fit, but she’ll have to get over it. Go, take her while she sleeps.” Krios said. “What about Michael and John? You know the girls will not be happy with them back here.”

“There is no way to bring them right now. Their bodies would not survive on our planet. We’ll allow our woman to come back and visit their brothers. That is the best we can do.”

Not wasting time, Gunner and Rogue moved to her room. “We’ll have our staff come back and bring her belongings back to the house.” Gunner lifted Lea up in his arms. “Grab some of her garments for now.”

What seemed like a second was actually an hour long as he left Earth and appeared in his rooms at the palace. One of their staff already had been there and had started the fire in the pit, heating their rooms.

With the bed heated, he placed Lea down in the middle before slipping out of his pants and crawling into it next to her. He stared down at her face. She had an olive complexion and a cute little pert nose with a little dent in it. He frowned wondering how she had broken her nose. He hoped no one had hit her, because he’d go back just to make sure to kill that person.

“The others are here and as soon as they awake, King Jordon will set up the eastern kitchen for them to meet and keep each other company. It’s going to be rough here, but there is enough in the palace to keep them busy. Jordon has opened up his library for them, also. We will have first watch,” his brother said, stripping out of his clothes and joining them on the bed.

Lea’s eyes twitched, she moaned and licked her lips. “Thirsty,” she whispered before even opening her eyes. He reached down and covered their bodies as their servant came in, bringing three flutes of what humans called champagne.

“Where are we?” she asked grabbing the covers and looking around.

“I’m afraid we had to come back home. Our enemies are circling above us and we must get rid of them. Tomorrow morning my brother and I will leave for our ship. You are here at the palace in our rooms. Your sisters are here too. You’ll see them in the morning,” Rogue said handing her the drink.

“It’s your champagne. I thought we would toast to our joining. Afterward if you would like there is what you would call a spa tub in the next room. It would help with your soreness.”

Lea didn’t say a word as she watched their servant leave the room. “I’m really on another planet? What about all my things, my mom, John, Mike?” she took a deep breath and held up her hand. “Just give me a minute,”

She sat up and swallowed her drink down with one gulp. “I’m sorry I sound like a whiny bitch.” Lea looked up at him and smiled. “Now tell me, am I going to pass out every time we make love?”

He laughed and so did his brother. “No your body was changing and it put itself to sleep while the major changes took place inside. Already your skin is changing and your hair will grow thicker in the next few days.”

“I’d love a nice soak in the tub of yours and maybe we can turn on that human vibrator again, hmm?” she said, climbing onto his lap and kissing his chest, her breast rubbing against his skin, making his cock harden again, but knowing tonight she should be quite tired. “Unless a warrior isn’t allowed to make love to their
before they leave for duty.”

He wrapped his arms around her and got up off the bed, heading towards the bathroom. “On the contrary, the more loving the night before, the more alert and the more energy we will have.” He laughed as she started to kiss his face and neck.

“Hmm, then I suggest you make love to me, wear me out so I don’t flip out that I’m on a new planet.” She leaned back, looking at Rogue, then at him. “You are my alien mates and it feels right in here.” she said, putting her small hand over his heart. “To be here with you in your arms, but I’m afraid once you leave, I might have a few choice words for you when I see your world without you, so be prepared for my temper, my alien stepbrothers and husbands, when you come back.”

Rogue laughed, walking down into the small tub, hearing her moan. “Honey, you can yell all you want; we have all sort of things to fill that mouth of yours.”

She swam over to the other side of their tub, it was that big, and turned to stare at both of them while resting against the side of the tub. “Do you promise me that you will come back to me? That you won’t leave me stranded here on this strange world?” Tears filled her eyes. “God what is wrong with me?”

Both of them came to their woman. “It’s the bonding of our souls. The thought of leaving you so soon after we joined is going to be difficult. It’s one of the reasons your friends are here, close to you. They will help ease the loneliness you will feel, but know this, little human, we are not going anywhere.”

He waved his hand and the ceiling above them moved, showing her the stars above. If you sit here, you will be able to watch the stars and know we are up there protecting you and will be home soon. Because no matter where we live, you are our home.”

“Okay now I am going to cry,” she mumbled against Rogue’s chest, crying. “I love you guys and I’ll always be waiting for you.” Lea promised as she fell right back to sleep as he knew she would.

“Sleep well, our woman, and tomorrow, after our assignment, we will begin our life, together.” Gunner brushed his hand against her head, knowing that their life would be filled with love.




Excerpt from
My Stepbrothers are Demons

(The next Stepbrothers novella by Trinity Blacio)


Alex stood on the balcony of her mother’s house, watching as she and her new stepfather left for their honeymoon. Once more she had volunteered for something she really didn’t want to do.

Why the hell would she have to stay here and show her new stepbrothers around? Her mom acted like they didn’t know their heads from their asses and yet they were both older than she was from what Landon, her stepfather, had told her.

She shivered as Alex remembered the little chat he had insisted on having with her before they had left. “Alex, my sons are very different. I don’t want you to worry about anything. And if you find yourself attracted to them, that’s okay. You are not really blood family anyway. I just wanted you to know you have my permission to go out and have some fun with them.” With that, he had kissed her cheeks and left.

Shaking her head, Alex turned and almost fell off the porch. Two of the biggest men she had ever seen stood in the doorway, staring at her. They were freaking gorgeous, but still, she had no idea who they were. “Can I help you?”

“I see our father just left? My name is Tork and this is my brother Darren,” one of them said, moving out onto the balcony and reaching out to tuck a piece of her long red hair behind her ear. “I take it you are our new stepsister, Alex Cander, if I’m not mistaken?”

Her tongue felt as if it was glued to the top of her mouth. When his fingers had brushed against her skin, the hormones in her body seemed to dance for joy. Her nipples hardened and Alex swore her panties were now drenched. “Yes,” she got out and pushed away from them, heading into the house to duck her head into the nearest sink and splash ice cold water on her face.

“I’ll meet you downstairs,” she got out before running out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. Her stepfather had jinxed her, that is all there was to it!




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Trinity Blacio is the best-selling romance writer of such series as Masters of the Cat and Running in Fear, as well as a number of dark fantasy, erotic romance, erotic horror and ménage titles. She is the bestselling author of Masters of the Cats: Collaring the Saber-Tooth and short stories The Virgin Witch and Vampire King, Hot for Winter: A Christmas Ménage, Surrender Your Independence and Stoned Love. She is also the editor of We Love NY: A Romance Anthology to Raise Funds for Hurricane Sandy Relief. She is the mother or two children and lives in Elyria Ohio.




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Excerpt from My Stepbrothers are Demons

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