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She frowned but nodded, placing her hand into his. He turned it over and traced a small rectangle shaped mark on her wrist.

“Well damn! When did that happen?” she said, glancing at her wrist.

“Most likely on Friday. Your mark is in a place I don’t believe you would want to see right now?” Gunner glanced down to his crotch.

“Um, no, I don’t what to see it now. So you both have this mark? But what if there was another woman for one of you?” she asked, but already Rogue was shaking his head, as he came into the room.

“Our marks are identical and they are not supposed to be the same. That is one of the reasons we had to find out what was wrong,” Rogue knelt down in front of her. “We don’t want to hurt you Lea, but we can’t be separated from you. Where you don’t feel it yet, we do. The thought of being apart from you after finding you tears us up inside. What if someone hurt you and we weren’t there to protect you?” He reached out and squeezed her leg above the knee.

“Fine, you can stay here, but I have to work. I love my job, and until things change, I won’t give it up yet. Now, please move, so I can change clothes,” she said. “What are you doing?” Lea squealed as Gunner pulled the pillow away from her.

“We’re going to help you dress, plus we want to see what is ours,” Gunner stated as Rogue pulled her up into the middle of the room. “Your breasts are full, perfect for our hands.”

“What? Stop it. I’m not here for you to tell me what you like and don’t like. Are you going to let me look at you and point out your flaws!” she was furious that they were treating her like an object.

She didn’t like the way the smile appeared on Gunner’s face. “Of course,” he said and started to strip out of his clothes, as did his brother.

“Wait!” Lea shouted, her face burning up with embarrassment, but they continued until they had nothing on. And boy, there wasn’t a single flaw on either of them. “That is so not fair,” she mumbled looking back and forth between brothers.

They were any women’s fantasy. Gunner had to be close to seven feet tall. He didn’t have an overabundance of muscles, but his eight pack (yea, she counted twice—it was an eight pack, all right) was damn amazing. And his cock, jeez, was thicker than her wrist and… “My God, you think that’s going to fit?” she squeaked, seeing it harden before her eyes.

They laughed but their gaze locked on her. “Strip, little human woman, and show us what is behind those strange clothes.”

“I will not! What’s wrong with my clothes?” Lea glanced down at her skirt. “It’s by one of the best designers around.”

“Would you allow us to show you what our women wear on our world? We know you couldn’t wear it here, well maybe inside your home, but I believe you will like it.” Rogue asked.

“I’d love to see what your females wear, but we don’t have much time. I promised to meet my friends tonight. I’ll tell you what. You can stay here. Come with me tonight and see my world with me. We’ll take this slow.” She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground, glad she had put on her sexy, high rise panties and matching bra. She heard both men say something but Lea had no idea what it meant. By the expressions on their faces she thought she had a pretty good idea.




Gunner stared at his woman. They had thought her clothes were frumpy. “I’ve changed my mind. You could wear this around our home. Beautiful long legs, and she has meat on her, not like most of these human women. She’ll be able to handle our loving and we won’t have to be afraid of hurting her.”

“I’m standing right here, jeez. Now that’s all you are going to see. We have to get ready. So get dressed. And please guys, remember that these ladies are my best friends. They grew up with me. Mom kept the door open for all my friends in case they needed us,” she said, moving to the small room where she kept her clothes.

“Would you wear something this color? I believe you call it red. It’s our family color and I believe it would look great on you.” He pointed to a blouse.

“Sure, I can wear that with my jeans,” Lea said, as she pulled the shirt off the hanger. “You know it’s going to be hot in there…” As she walked to the dresser at the end of the closet, her ass had just a little swing to it, but when she pulled open a drawer at the bottom and bent down he couldn’t help but…”

“Hey what do you…?” She slapped at his hands that gripped her rounded globes and glared over her shoulder. “Gunner, stop,” Lea yanked a shirt out of the drawer and tried to step around him, but Gunner wanted to hold her. Just a little tug and Lea was in his arms, staring up at him.

“I have to say we were very lucky to have found you. You are beautiful, different from our woman and I wouldn’t change that for anything. When our friends see you, they will all be jealous of what we have.” He bent his down, covering her mouth with his.

Rogue stepped up behind her, kissing her shoulders. “I agree with my brother. I believe more warriors might come here to seek their

“Stop!” Lea broke away from them both and glared at them. “You promised courting. You are not getting to second base or more now. Go get clothes on or I’ll leave you here” She marched out of the closet, but not before she glanced over her shoulder. “I hope you like to dance, because if not, don’t get pissed if others are dancing with me.”

Gunner went to grab her, but his brother stopped him. “No, we’re pushing too hard. You know what father told us. Their courting is different. What the hell did she mean about second base? We weren’t playing their game of baseball.”

“Let’s get going. We can ask her later. Contact Sader and have him send the package. Also tell him to get the main compound ready. I want security in place when we take her there,” Gunner said, making his way out of her room. With just a thought black jeans and a black tank shirt covered his body, along with cowboy boots, as the human called them.

The clothes were restrictive, but in them they would fit in from what he had seen from images in Lea’s head. As he stepped out into the main room, Gunner sought out Lea. Sure enough, she was putting on her coat.

“We have just enough time to get there. We can eat there, they have the best prime rib sandwiches.” She glanced at him, then at Rogue. “Be prepared to be hit on by every girl in that place, because you guys are hot, damn.” She grabbed her keys and purse, tilting her head to the side. “Are you sure you want me?” She asked. “I mean you two could have your pick of women tonight.” She stepped out into the evening air and took a deep breath.

“I love the smell of lilacs.” She nodded to the flowered tree in her front yard. “Your father and my mom gave that to me last year. I’ll say one thing; your father is just what my mother needed. Someone who can take control, but do it with love.” Her little sigh had Gunner looking at Rogue, and he nodded.

Their woman wanted the same thing her mother had with their father, and who better to give it to her than his sons. He reached out and took her car keys from her. “I will drive.” Gunner nodded to the Cadillac Escalade parked at the curb. “My father dropped off his car so we could use it while we are here, and yes I know how to drive. We’ve been to your planet a number of times and have had to learn your ways.”

His brother wrapped his arm around her and escorted her around to the passenger side of the car. “In the back you go where it’s safer.” Rogue started pulling the seat forward for her to get in.

“Really?” Lea rolled her eyes, but got into the back seat.

“Yes, really. Father has all the statistics to prove it. What is the address of this place we are going?” Gunner listened to her directions as he pulled out onto the road.

“Do you have vacation time that you can take off from work?” his brother asked, sitting next to him and staring at Lea in the back.

“I used some of it to help mom with her wedding, but I have a week or two left. Why?” She held her hand up as her phone went off in her bag. “Hold that thought.” Lea glanced at her phone and shook her head before answering it.

“Yes, Tara we are on our way and make sure to grab a big table. Those two gentlemen that were in the office with me earlier will be joining us.” Lea tapped her fingers on the middle console. “No, that is not acceptable. Don’t worry, I’ll deal with Daniel tomorrow. He has some damn nerve to think just because I took half a day off that he could…ugh that just pisses me off. I suppose Mr. Andrews believed him too, didn’t he? No, don’t tell me now. I want to enjoy my night. We’ll see you in a few.” Lea tossed her phone into her purse. “Stupid male chauvinist asshole.”

Their female was furious and all Gunner wanted to do was pulverize the man who had caused this. He glanced into the rear view mirror. “We can feed this person to the Canx if you want?”

Her gaze met him and she smiled. “I take it this Canx is really bad?”

“It’s a man eater on our planet. We have our homes protected from it, and yes it’s deadly. So can we send him back to our world?” Gunner asked and she laughed.

“No, he might be a total jerk, but I don’t want him dead. Everyone has a jerk where they work, but you have to live through it.”

“Can we visit him then?” his brother asked.

“No.” she rolled her eyes, but there was a smile on her face and that was good.




Chapter Three


Lea stepped out of the car, smiling. Both Gunner and Rogue had teased her on the different things they could do to Daniel if she would give them the go ahead. Her bad mood was now gone. She looked up at Rogue who stood next to her with his arm around her waist as they waited for Gunner to park the car.

“Thank you for cheering me up in the car,” she said and watched as Gunner walked around the corner of the bar. Every female in line for the bar turned and watched him move, but his gaze was on her and nowhere else.

“There is no need to thank us. We would do those things if you asked us.” Rogue placed his fingers under her chin and applied a little pressure till she glanced up. “Know this, our little human
. If any man hurts you, ever, he’ll have to answer to us both. Now, let’s go meet your friends.” Rogue leaned down and gave her a quick kiss on the lips at the same time Gunner kissed her cheek.

“I think your friend is waiting at the door?” Gunner teased and winked at her, before stepping to her other side.

Sure enough, Tara stood at the door with a huge smile on her face. Lea moaned as she walked up to Tara. “Don’t say a word or I swear I’ll have you typing up Government contracts for the next week. Tara, this is Gunner and Rogue, they are brothers. And yes, I met them this weekend at Mom’s wedding. Now, show us to the table. I’m starved.”

“Wait,” Tara yelled and grabbed onto her arm, halting her movement. “I wanted to warn you. He’s here, and from what he’s been saying, the company has been sold.” Tara’s words were a jumble.

“Wait! Our company was sold and I’m just now hearing about it? Why would Daniel know before me?” Lea snapped and pushed into the bar with Gunner, Rogue and Tara behind her.

“He and a bunch of the board members are here talking with the new owner,” Tara quickly caught up to her and pointed to the huge table in the back of the room. But what surprised her the most was seeing her stepfather there, talking.

She looked up at Gunner who wrapped his arm around her. “We knew he was going to buy it, but didn’t know when. Come, let’s go see what’s going on,” Gunner pulled her around the bar to the end of the table.

Before Gunner or she could say a word, the asshole Daniel stood, beaming from ear to ear, and she knew it was going to get ugly.

“Well, I see your true colors are coming out, Lea. If I knew you were kinky, I would have tapped into you myself,” Daniel said into her ear which didn’t matter because her stepfather had heard, and so had his sons.

Her stepfather stood abruptly, his chair flying backward, but his anger was nothing compared to Gunner’s and Rogue’s. Rogue got to Daniel first, lifting him off the ground, his hand around his neck, and shaking the man.

“Apologize to our woman now!” he snarled and Lea could have sworn sparks of gold danced in Rogue’s eyes.

Bouncers came running and people moved away from Rogue, afraid to make him angry. Lea stepped forward and placed her hand onto Rogue’s shoulder, squeezing it. “Let him go, Rogue. Everything will work out fine, besides, he’s not worth it.”

Rogue glanced over his shoulder at her, frowning. “He insulted you, but I will do this for you.” He dropped Daniel and stepped back to her side.

“Daniel, you’re fired. You will find your severance pay in the mail. I suggest you go collect your belongings now, before the new bosses, my sons, take over,” her stepfather moved towards them. “Gentlemen, these are my sons, Gunner and Rogue. They are the new owners of your company and will be taking over on Monday.” At seven feet tall, with eyes equally as dark as his sons, her stepfather turned to them and winked at her. “Boys, everything has been set up. I’ll see you three next week for dinner?” he asked and Gunner nodded.

“We’ll be there,” he stated right before his father walked away leaving them to face all eight board members, as well as the president and vice president of the company and other higher management including her boss, who was glaring at her right now.

“Ms. Clark do you have any idea any of this was happening?” her boss, Edward Swartz the third asked.

“No, she did not, and I’d watch the attitude. Our woman is just as surprised as all of you are and, yes, I said our woman. If you have a problem with this, pack your bags and leave. If anyone, and I mean anyone, attacks or disrespect Lea, they’ll answer to my brother or me. We’ve read the reports. She has made this company over a quarter of a million in just last year. We will hold a meeting Monday morning at 8:00. I suggest every one of you be there as things are going to change. Now, if you will excuse us, we’re going to enjoy the rest of the evening,” When Gunner was finished speaking he took her hand and pulled her to where Tara stood with her mouth open.

“Please show us to your table, Lea is hungry,” Rogue requested. Lea was about to say she wasn’t hungry when her stomach growled so loud both men glanced down at her, as did Tara.

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