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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (2 page)

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At Holidays?”


Yeah, especially those. Christmas was
the worst,” I said, falling back nearly out of breath in my wooden
high chair at the kitchen bar area. “Bunch of people showing off,
trying to outdo everyone else with how “Christmas” they could


Sir, did you ever think you could
stand to think less and just, as they say, “go with the


I tried holding back a full laugh, but I
failed. Martin, an old guy from Wales, using young people slang.
But that was him. Adaptable as hell. He had to be to work for my
screwed up family.


Martin. Did anyone ever tell you take
your job too seriously,” I said searching the giant steel fridge
for another Mellow Yello.


I thought twice about whether it was good for
me, but grabbed one anyway.


No, but many say you work too hard
sir. I worry. You are so alone.”


There was a lot Martin didn't know. When he
brought up the helping poor people, I got nervous. I guarded that
part of my life super close. I had to because Martin had a way of
knowing everything. Some things were just personal.


Sure I was “alone” or whatever that meant.
But I wasn't unhappy. The thing that made me more unhappy than
anything was being bored. The endless string of women I had been
with might have been hot, but they all bored me. I felt like I was
always a phony, chasing phony women around.


There was the daughter of the New York real
estate mogul. Then the actress. Then the NFL cheerleader. Even the
Playboy Playmate of the Year. Followed closely after that with the
princess of the small Europeon kingdom.



They all were just too agreeable. They never
challenged me or made me think. There was no work in being with
them. It was flash money and fame, get date, then get laid. A
three-step process.


The whole rich guy lifestyle frustrated me. I
couldn't wait to get the hell out of that big house and back to my
place in the city. I only came because I knew Martin missed my
parents. The big place was empty and cold. Like it always felt when
I was growing up. But for Martin, I'd do anything. He basically
raised me.


I remember one morning after I spent the
night doing a Sports Illustrated bikini cover model.


I thought we might have had a chance. Then
she said something out of the blue at breakfast.


You know you are very


I don't know why that stuck with me nearly a
year later? I was caught because I knew she was right. But I wasn't
going to be something I wasn't. That's what I believed with every
fiber of my being.


Well only a few more days. Then I was going
to send Martin and his daughter on a trip to the Caribbean for a
couple weeks. Guy hadn't had a vacation for years. He waited on my
miserable parents hand and foot. For decades.


I know it was a hell I could never have


He knew I'd grown to hate Christmas. The
parties. The empty gift giving. The holiday spending on people who
needed nothing..


By just ignoring it, I never felt like I was
missing out.


It was the house I grew up in but it wasn't
mine. I wanted to put all this behind me. I wanted to get away from
Philadelphia. Be anonymous. I was nothing special. And everywhere
people found out who I was, they'd make too big a deal out of


Fighting back boredom and feeling bloated
from the meal, I went upstairs to my gym. I flipped the space
heater on. These rooms were so drafty. Place was like an ancient
castle. Heat escaped everywhere.


I needed to eat better. But it was all
fattening comfort foods that week. Nothing Christmas related.


I took a deep breath that could have been
mistaken for a gasp. I'd packed on some fat. I turn away from the
mirror and threw on a tee shirt.


The snow blew around outside the window in
the darkness. I felt a longing to be anywhere but where I was.


Only a few more days. Tyler you can do



Chapter 3—Beth



Don't. Stop. Fucking. Me,” I panted,
his thick cock pushed perfectly against the inside of sensitive
pussy lips and drove me to such pleasure I thought I was losing my
ability to breath on my own.


It never failed to take my mind off work. Our
private forbidden hookups made me feel whole. They were basically
my justification for everything I had chosen in life.


He growled like he always did and then went
into a deep “oh yeah”, repeating it over and over again. His
slightly jello midsection didn't look better and it didn't look
worse then the last time earlier in the wek. It was flabbier than
the first time we gave into temptation a year earlier.


But his body didn't matter to me. He could
have put on a bunch more weight and it would have been find. Andrew
Kincaid was a man of power and men of power didn't have time to
work out or care about what they ate. That was for pretty boys or
nine-to-five types.


I wasn't interested in those guys.


Keep it in. Andrew keep it


I yelled louder than I ever wanted to when
we'd grab time in my office. I feared being heard, but he assured
me the walls, doors, and windows were totally sound proof. The
malpractice insurer demanded it to protect client secrets.


I knew we were about done with round one. And
we almost always did two. Even in the office.


He didn't comply with my plea and slid
himself slowly outside of my throbbing pussy and fired his hot
juice onto my clit. Then pushed a final might rope between my
breasts and the bra supporting them.


I fell back to the corner of the leather
couch in my office. He got to his feet, moving a few feet away to
fish a drink from the side drawer in my desk.


God there is nothing like your pussy.
And if anything your body is more amazing than it was the first
time we were together.”


He spoke so controlled and eloquently even
when he was talking dirty. It was obvious why he was considered the
greatest wills and estate lawyer in the state of Florida.


You like it so much, why don't you
keep it in? I want to feel you. I want your sperm in me. I want
your baby. I want what Shawna has,” I said becoming more agitated
with each word I spoke. “You know you want it too.”


That needy side of me. That paranoid side of
me. I was always wondering where I stood. The reason was simple. At
the end of the day, he belonged to her and his perfect little
family. I went back to my condo and told myself he was just waiting
for the right moment to leave them behind.


Bethany, we've been over this too many
times to count,” he said. “I have to create the system here at the
firm. Load up the client base. Then I sell and we'll go off


My judgment was so clouded, I wasn't seeing
how that scenario defeated the whole purpose of letting Andrew fuck
me. I was climbing the ladder. But my goal wasn't to cash out and
go live on an island somewhere.


I had a larger point to prove and
disappearing and retiring rich all sounded boring. Plus I wanted to
flaunt my success.


Of course I was also paranoid because he
could have just been leading me on when he had no intention of
busting up his family. He knew I was hooked and I knew I was


What if I want to keep being a lawyer
and what if I don't want to leave the firm?”


Well that would be up to the new boss,
now wouldn't it,” Andrew said before taking a final belt off the
glass of peppermint Schnapps he'd made himself.


None of this works for me Andrew,” I
said, coming to my feet after sliding my pants on.


He said nothing, but I saw him smirk. His
facial expression told me I was expendable and he could have given
a shit.


It hurt. But only for a moment.


I knew from the way he'd put his pants back
on after he was done that he wasn't interested in anymore.


For the first time in our secret
relationship, I was relieved this was going to be the only


The fucking holidays. Especially Christmas.
Everybody was so into it and how my life “should” have been. It
messed with my mind and my emotions. I hated the season more than
ever that year. Probably because being the other woman who was
screwing the boss to get ahead, felt especially empty and


It was all because of damn Christmas. Any
other time of year, I wouldn't have been thinking so much.




It was true that night, and it was true from
the very beginning. Andrew knew what was on my mind. When he made a
move on me at one of those continuing legal education weekend
conferences, he had to know I was be up for it.


I don't know how? I didn't realize he knew I
existed until the afternoon of our first night together.


I thought he was so sexy the way got up in
front of hundreds of lawyers and spoke with such power. He was a
bigger man, not a boy, dressed in perfectly tailored clothes. Any
woman would have swooned over him. He certainly did it for me. But
the fact that he could take me places in that sweat shop of a law
firm didn't hurt his chances either.


I think I fell in love with him those first
couple times. I felt like a needy little girl who was having her
whims well attended to. He did everything with control and power,
including the way he touched me.


But that Christmas, I needed to get away.
Because my feelings for him didn't have a home. I couldn't stand
another year hanging out with my well-meaning but simpleton
relatives, knowing he was showering Shawna with jewelry and taking
her out for an expensive dinner on Christmas Eve.


Then I just knew they probably came home and


I needed an excuse to get away and it was
like he knew it too.


This is yours. Merry Christmas,”
Andrew said dropping it on my desk at nine at night on the last
Friday before the holiday. “ I want you to relax about everything
and handle this case. It's a biggie with a huge client. Old money
people from the Northeast. But the little prince who you'll be
dealing with is wanting it to be his new money. Remember, the
partner meeting is coming up. I'll take care of you. You're a great
lawyer. But you are more than that clearly. Your patience will be
rewarded on all fronts.”


With my office door open, there was a limit
of which gestures he could give me. But that confident smile was
the one that made my vagina ache the first time he flashed it to me
before we made love. And that's the one he gave me as headed out
the door.


I quickly scanned the file like it as food
and I hadn't eaten in days.


It was an engrossing case. But the guy who
inherited the money, this Tyler West, sounded like a real nerdy
wimp. He was kicking back, living off mommy and daddy, and
presumably all their money.


Even though I would technically be working
for his family, I already despised him.


My direct office phone rang as I furiously
jotted notes I'd study on the next morning's plane to


The ID showed that it was the Marquez family


The fucking indigent case I agreed to take
on. Those people wouldn't leave me alone. It was only a few
thousand dollars at issue. Jesus Christ, get a job.


I just didn't want to deal with it. Not until
I completed the Philadelphia deal. On the back end of that would
I'd be assured the most one year billed hours of any associate in
the firm's history. With the partner meeting taking place right
before New Years, I was a lock to have my name on the door as a
full partner.


I let the phone ring until voice mail took
over, visions of my name on the stationary dancing through my every








“I have it Martin. I have it,” I bounded
down the ornamental staircase that ran straight from the massive
door into the West family castle.


Standing there was a guy in a dark suit. I
knew he was a cop and I knew why he was there.


I never feared any issues with the law
despite my love of edgier night life. Basically I never gave a damn
about my reputation. If I did something wrong, I was not going to
be one of those rich guys who bought their way to an easy ride.


I was nothing special. No matter how much
money I had and no matter how I'd actually made it, I was just like
everyone else.


“Mr. West, I am detective Altobelli,
Philadelphia PD. Good day sir,” he said, flashing his


“I know why you are here and I know I
shouldn't have done what I did detective.”


“Sir we received a witness complaint that
you pushed a man who was soliciting for charities outside the Main
Line Super Market last evening. The witness said she recognized you
from the CNBC. You were on a financial show?”

BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
6.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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