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Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client (9 page)

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“She also said you were obsessed with
getting rich,” she said.


“What do you think Beth?”


“I think that this estate money needs to be
put away for safe keeping and I am not sure that should involve
you,” she said.


I so wanted to tell her everything, but I
wasn't about to compromise my beliefs. I wasn't going to say
something to seek approval. Not from her. Not from anyone. I kept
my “everyday people” website development idea to myself.


It was a billion dollar idea and I already
had an offer for almost ten million to sell the beta program and
the patent.


But I could have cared less about the money.
I cared if she really did give a damn. I cared if she would love me


I was obsessed with testing that with every
woman I was interested in. I was giving Beth the most rigorous test
I could dream up.


Would she look past the myth to see the


It was up to her because I wasn't going to
go out of my way to sell her on anything. Not a chance.


“It's your call on that. That's why they put
you in charge,” I said, making sure she knew I was unconcerned
about it either way.


“I got you something,” I said changing the



“A fruit cake?” She smiled and shook her
head. “I got you something too. Look outside. A snowman just like
my sweater. I used some olives to make the silly smile.”


I was so into her and couldn't take it
anymore. I had her in my arms and the tenseness of moments before
was gone.


“Not the paper. Tyler no!”


I pushed aside a couple of carefully
organized piles of paper sitting on his desk.


Her dress was off and her panties pealed to
the side before I could say another word of protest.



Chapter 25-- Beth


He was animal and there was primal intensity
to the way he attacked my pussy on that desk. First with his mouth,
then his fingers, then his massive cock.


I yanked at his shirt, hoping to see that
sculpted chest above me as he rapid fired inside my hot box.


But I lost control of my arms. I let them
flop down to my side. He gripped both my hands with his, in a show
of gentle love amid the wild torrid pounding. It was wild, chaotic,
and totally breathtaking.



“You've given me the greatest gift of all.
You want me for me and never asked for anything return. I've never
felt so free,” Tyler said to me on Christmas afternoon.


We fucked one more time as the sun went
down. I crawled out of bed and saw water dripping outside from
above the windows.


I looked back at my gorgeous perfect lover
sleeping soundly in his bed.


I didn't know where we would end up. But my
plan wasn't changing. I had to go back to Florida. I'd put too much
into my goal to turn back now.


I gathered my red cocktail dress, shoes, and
overcoat from the guest room. I returned to his bedroom And for one
final look. He was still sleeping soundly and still in the same
position. He was my fantasy, but that was all he was. And reality


I grabbed his cell phone. I needed a




Chapter 26-- Tyler


I heard noises from the front foyer


I ran downstairs and saw her walk out the
door. She carried a few folders in her right hand.




She turned and looked, acting surprised


“Do you love me? I'll stay if you do,” she


I felt like I was going to erupt. Bullshit.
It was total bullshit.


“What does that mean? We could have a good
thing going here,” I trudged down the last few stairs to meet her
at the open door.


“Brad wouldn't tell me he did either,” she
said before slamming the door behind her.


I felt dead on my feet.


She had made me feel like every moment was
the most wildly exciting thing in the world. But I wasn't going to
lie and say what she wanted to hear just to get what I wanted. It
was against everything I believed to be right.



Chapter 27--Beth


Tyler was right.


I was assured I was going to be partner. All
my dreams came true. And then some.


When I got back to my hotel, Andrew was


When he told me the news that I was voted a
yes and it was because of my fine work on the West Estate, we
kissed on the lips. I thought I was thanking him. But I also still
had feelings for him. I was still competing for him.


“I am leaving Shawna,” he said.


“I heard, but I heard it was the other way
around,” I said, turning for the bathroom of my suite, but really
just looking for proper distance.


Being right next to him at that moment
wouldn't have been right. It would have sent the wrong message. I
wasn't going to be the available other woman subject to his


“I know you know about Gabrielle,” he said.
“But this is hard for me to admit. I was using her. I wasn't going
to let you be the other woman. I wanted to protect you. Shawna
thinks it's her. We're done. Me and Shawna, but also me and


I froze, suddenly feeling like we had a
chance. I didn't give the ethics of what Andrew did any deep
consideration. I just loved the idea of winning. I loved how great
it felt to be that important to him. I turned and looked at him,
holding myself up against the door threshhold of the bathroom.


“I got us this,” he said holding out a key.
“It's a condo. In Miami Beach. One key for you and one for me. It's
an address with my name on it. I want to add your name. If you'll
have me?”


I reached out my hand. It hit me I had one
more stop to make before I left Philadelphia.




The twenty sixth was more autumn or spring
like. Everything was suddenly brown outside the West mansion. Where
before there was pristine clean white snow from an artist rendition
of a Hallmark card, by the time I was ready to head south, there
was just mud.


Christmas in the north, as I grew up to know
it in the paintings and in movies, was gone.


I gave the cabby ten bucks and asked him to
wait outside. At the last moment, I grabbed a suitcase. I rolled it
behind me to the massive door of Tyler's mansion.


Martin answered and greeted me warmly.


“Mr. West is gone to town Ms. Frey,” he
said. “He didn't give me any indication as to when he'd


“Did he take the motorcycle?”


“I am sorry ma'am,” he said. “I don't share
private information when it comes to Mr. West. He did leave
something for you. It's wrapped and sitting on the desk in the home
office upstairs.”


Martin moved aside, apparently inviting me
in. I left the suit case outdoors on the steps.


Everything in my intuition told me the
fantasy was ending. That this gift was going to be the period on
the last sentence of the last chapter.


The package was on the desk, Underneath it
was a set of clothes neatly folded.

“Which is mine?”

“Both from what I was told,” Martin said,
leaving me alone in the room.

I opened the box.

“Oh my God. How?”

It was a tiara. One almost identical to the
one I wore the night of homecoming. The one I threw in the trash
outside the school when I found out Brad was done with me.

The note inside the box read simply:

You will always be the queen of my
holidays. Thanks for helping me believe in the magic once again.

I was so stunned, I almost forgot about the
clothes under the package. I ruffled through them.

There was a dark pea coat and black
longshoreman's cap.

I'd made the right decision in taking the
estate away from Tyler.

At that moment, I knew beyond a shadow of a
doubt he was a common thief.

Chapter 28--Tyler


I allowed myself the rare outrageous
expenditure in the name of convenience.


I was on a private charter jet steaming
south for Florida. The next day was New Years.


The days since Christmas had been hell. I
kept telling myself it was Philadelphia and the dingy mud and dirt
everywhere. But it was more than that.


I still thought of Beth. It wouldn't go
away. But she left. Probably went back to her man she had before
our Christmas together. I was just the trust fund kid to her. I
wasn't the man who started with nothing because his parents would
never give him anything, but became a self-made millionaire


I thought the Keys sounded nice for New
Years. But really who was I kidding? I thought of south Florida
because I still wanted her.


But I knew that was only in the movies.
People are who they are. And she chose what she was. I had to let
it go.


Florida wouldn't have let me do that.


I pulled out the remote radio and told the
pilot to veer west. I was craving Mexico for some cave diving and
fun Senoritas.


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BOOK: Holiday Naughty: My Alpha Bad Boy Client
6.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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